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Let's give Yakko, Wakko and Dot an Encore

Discussion in 'The Warner Bros. Club' started by Yum, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. Yum

    Yum Active Member

    Dec 29, 2016
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    Honestly, If I were the president of WBA, I would cancel anymore Tom and Jerry and Scooby-Doo projects and refocus the studio's priorities of reviving the one property people have been asking for, a NEW version of Animaniacs.
    I am well aware that it would be near impossible in THIS day and age to pull off the humor they got away with back then, but if we find the proper people, I feel this could work. I can't help but feel sorry for these 1930's anachronisms known as the Warner Brothers and Sister had to miss out on the 21st century, while WB is falling flat on their face trying to reinvent and reboot probably the only two franchises they have left, wasting money on these new half-baked DTV movies. Not to mention DTA is preparing a DuckTales reboot next year which is being hyped big time.

    Just like how Sega turned to Christian Whitehead to develop Sonic Mania, I would turn to the one internet celebrity who time and again has professed his love for the original show and has also hobnobbed with quite a couple of the original voice actors: the Nostalgia Critic himself, Doug Walker. His own web series is just as irreverent and comedic as the original series, in my opinion, and I believe Walker would do a perfect job as a showrunner; since most reboots seem to succeed with passionate fans of the source material, it would be a crime to NOT include Walker into some part of the production, either screenwriter, director, producer, consultant, anything. Dave Alvarez would be a perfect art director/character designer, and Mark Christiansen would also serve the show well. Joanna Davidovich, I want to make animation director, Eric Goldberg as animation supervisor/director, and Mark Kausler could be the one to redesign Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, given his preference for the 1930s style cartoons. If an emotional episode needs to come into play, another great director would be Andy Beall(Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown).

    As I am aware that it would upset the fans of the original, I feel like Kristen Li(PPG 2016) would make a perfect Dot; her take on Bubbles is a little more assertive than the original Bubbles by Tara Strong. Since I find that Tress MacNeile and Kristen Li sound similar, would anyone really notice if Li voiced Dot rather than Tress? I feel Li would slip into the role of Dot like a glove, not only successfully replicating the voice, but redefining it, given that her voice stays the same if an actual reboot were greenlit.

    As much as I'm aware she was never a prominent or well-received character in the Animaniacs universe, for a potential reboot, I feel that maybe Minerva would have better reception if she had a more Spongebob-esque personality, as opposed to her predecessor's narcissistic personality. Lately, girls in modern animation have taken on either a Wildstyle-esque attitude or a Mabel-esque attitude, or Star-esque attitude.

    Minerva in the old show was nothing but a sex symbol, an object, and proud of it; a trophy wife, if you will, whose only major priorities were her looks, and maintaining her looks, and using her looks to attract the hottest guy possible. Compared to Kitty Katswell of TUFF Puppy, she's a selfish misanthrope beneath all the curves and makeup. And that is what got her kicked off the original show after two episodes. My hypothetical version of Minerva would take many of the traits presented in characters like Wander and Spongebob and imbue them with her character; traits like loyalty, optimism, kindness, geekiness, stubbornness, generosity, and Star's hyperactivity. Somewhere along the lines of Bessie Higgenbottom, or Be Cool Scooby Doo's Daphne. Or pair her with a more active female lead with those qualities, that way, she could be presented as being more human and relatable, similar to Bugs and Daffy.

    The point is, that I want her to do SOMETHING on screen rather than treat herself like an object. By making her less shallow, I feel that audiences will be able to sympathize with and care for her, placing less focus on her looks and beauty, and more on how she handles situations and her relationships with other characters, as well as present some positive aspects of her character. You see tons of girls doing a lot more than shopping nowadays in cartoons, why not her? I understand that she was materialistic so it's easier to laugh at her when she loses herself just staring at a hot guy, jewelry, or money. But she becomes easy to hate when those traits are supposed to be the main focus for over 7 minutes. She's kind of materialistic in most of the comics I've read featuring her.

    I've been thinking lately, of pairing Minerva with Dot Warner in this reboot, so we can display how materialistic and negative a role model Minerva is compared to Yakko. Yakko and his siblings were rabble-rousers and proud of it, but at least he never told Dot to treat herself like an object to be ogled over. Compared to Minerva, Yakko might be considered more of a positive role model.

    Suppose Minerva played a scout leader of a troop of girl scouts, which Dot happens to be in. This could present Dot as a straight-man to Minerva's materialistic and vain behavior, skewing classic girl scout activities like taking care of the elderly, taking care of nature, and survival quests, all day long, just selling cookies and looking cute. We would then see how Yakko is a more positive influence on Dot than Minerva, as we see Dot taking control of many situations in the same way her brother might, rather than Minerva, who'd rather sit back and tend to her image.

    The way this plot would play out, Dot would angrily remind Minerva that this troop is the worst troop in all of scouting, showing off their image to guys and shopping rather than actually earning badges. This would play on Minerva's insecurity and force her to make an effort to prove herself a capable leader. The aim here is to expand Minerva's role in the Animaniacs universe, maybe evolve her into Yakko's substitute or number 2, but then this is probably wishful thinking.

    I also hope that this reboot will integrate the characters into other mediums of animation, to excercise their recognizability, test story limits, and make the show more visually interesting. Aside from the obvious hand-drawn traditional animation featured, the show will also use claymation, stop-motion, toonboom harmony/Adobe character animate cc, anime and maybe even faux-Pixar CGI. Give Yakko, Wakko and Dot a new visual playground to play in. Sort of reminiscent of 2011's MAD or The Amazing World of Gumball. My main hope is, that I want to receive another installment with these characters and rejuvenate people's interest in them, sort of an apology for Teen Titans Go.
  2. Yum

    Yum Active Member

    Dec 29, 2016
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    I actually have a few sample cartoons in mind for the reboot. Please feel free to let me know how they sound.

    "Good-Ol' Bologna-Pants"

    Yakko Warner has to buy a new pair of pants when his old pants, filled to the brim with nearly 30-year-old bologna, stinks up the Warner Bros movie lot.


    Pinky and the Brain attempt to launch the president's yacht into outer space in another attempt for global domination.

    "Slappy Generations"

    A parody of Sonic Generations, where Slappy ends up running into her younger, "classic", self from the 1930s.

    "I was a twilight-aged Warner"

    After being bit by Wakko on accident, Mr. Plotz transforms into a 1930s character in the vein of the Warners. However, after experiencing the rather exhilarating life of the Warners, Plotz refuses to return to normal.

    "Invincibility Irritation"

    Based on the classic video game invincibility trope, Wakko finds various lucky charms on the ground and becomes invincible. Unfortunately, due to his good fortune, the invincibility song(Animaniacs theme) won't stop, driving him and the rest of his siblings crazy.

    "Pixellated Pests"

    In their latest world domination scheme, Brain attempts to capitalize on the video game industry, creating a brand new powerful console and using Wakko Warner to promote it.

    "Lawn Mow-rons"

    In exchange for invitations to a pool party, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot agree to clean the yard of a dishonest Minerva Mink.


    Random micro shorts are done in the style of ASDF movie, Lazer Collection, Robot Chicken, etc. featuring the Animaniacs cast.

    "Get Snitched"

    A Get Smart parody featuring Yakko Warner as Agent 86, Minerva Mink as Agent 99, Mr. Plotz as Chief, Hello Nurse as Dr. Steele, and Brain as Ludwig Von Sigfried.

    "The Lost Episode of Animaniacs"

    In this psuedo-90s episode, Yakko leaves Minerva to babysit Wakko and Dot, which proves to be disastrous, as Minerva has never watched children before. As a result, Wakko is replaced by Chicken Boo, and Minerva dresses up as Yakko and tarnishes the eldest Warner's good name.

    "Plug n' Play"

    A spoof of the toys into video games genre, where the Warners are brought into the 3-dimensional world of video games.


    While on her way to visit the Warners, Minerva is held up by The Mime, forcing Minerva to follow suit and engage in an epic mime battle.


    Chicken Boo replaces Scooby-Doo. 'Nuff said.

    "Take a psyche!"

    The Warners and the rest of the Animaniacs do a parody of Mickey Mouse's "Get a Horse!", where the Warners are thrown out of the standard definition 1990s and into the widescreen, HD 1080p present.


    A parody of Disney's Paperman, where Yakko tries to get the attention of Minerva Mink, through bologna. Obstacles include Dr. Scratchansniff, Katie Kaboom, Mr. Director, and Wakko.

    "Slappy goes CG"

    Trying to find the appeal in Pixar, Slappy attempts for a change of pace when translating herself into a CG character.


    After breaking yet another paddle-ball, a behind-the-times Yakko Warner is pressurized to update himself to a video game console or tablet by the WB studio staff.

    "Triple Warner Trio Water Tower"

    Trying to capitalize upon the preschool demographic, the Animaniacs cast parody Mickey Mouse Clubhouse by transforming the WB movie lot into a child-friendly, CGI playground.

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