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"Justice League: Gods and Monsters" Digital/Blu-ray/DVD Talkback (Spoilers)

Discussion in 'The DC Comics Animation Forum' started by James Harvey, Jul 14, 2015.


Discuss and Rate the Home Release of "Justice League: Gods and Monsters"

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  1. James Harvey

    James Harvey The World's Finest
    Staff Member Administrator Moderator Reporter

    Apr 23, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Discuss the bonus content and home viewing release of Justice League: Gods and Monsters! Warner Bros. Home Entertainment unleashes the latest DC Universe Animated Original Movie to Digital HD first, followed by a Blu-ray/DVD release two weeks later!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Justice League: Gods and Monsters Home Entertainment Release
    Warner Bros. Home Entertainment
    Release Date: Digital - July 14th, 2015; Blu-ray/DVD - July 28th, 2015

    Synopsis: In an alternative history Zod is Superman's father, Batman is a vampiric Man-Bat, and Wonder Woman is the child of Ares, God of War. When these dark heroes form an alliance, the question everyone asks is will they save the world, or rule it?

    Blu-ray Bonus Features
    -Alternate Realities: Infinite Possibilities - Justice League: Gods & Monsters falls into a category of storytelling where our well-known characters and the worlds they inhabit are re-imagined. This documentary explores the various attempts by writers to have a little fun and tinker with the characters, resulting in exceptional storytelling that posed thought-provoking questions to audiences.
    -Calculated Risks: The Making of Gods and Monsters - Justice League: Gods & Monsters was an idea that pushed the boundaries. It began with that challenging question writers face: "What haven't we seen before?" Bruce Timm and Alan Burnett audaciously answered that challenge, resulting in a fresh and exciting film that forces us to think differently about the DC Universe.
    -The New Gods - Encore presentation of 2010 documentary about Jack Kirby's New Gods.
    -A Sneak Peak at DC Universe's Next Animated Movie - An advance look at the next DC Universe Original Movie
    -Bonus cartoons from the DC Comics Vault
    *Some bonus feature above are included with the digital release of the film.

    Single-Disc DVD Bonus Features
    -A Sneak Peak at DC Universe's Next Animated Movie - An advance look at the next DC Universe Original Movie

    Discuss the bonus content and home release presentation for Justice League: Gods and Monsters!

    Note: This thread is to discuss all aspects of the multiple releases of this title, including the home video release and legal download options. Please discuss the feature film in the proper talkback, as linked below.

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    Note: We appreciate and encourage discussion, but please keep your posts civil, relevant and insightful. Please do not post any improper or inflammatory material, as we will issue warnings if we believe it necessary. And remember to keep the discussion ON-TOPIC!
    #1 James Harvey, Jul 14, 2015
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2015
  2. Pfeiffer-Pfan

    Pfeiffer-Pfan Makin' Whoopee!

    Jul 24, 2007
    Likes Received:
    The deluxe edition was a fair little package this time around. The Bekka/Wonder Woman figure isn't the most extravagant looking thing, but it's a nice addition. It doesn't look as if WB will be continuing these moving forward, but I guess we'll have to wait until the Batman: Bad Blood press release to see what they have planned.

    Speaking of Batman: Bad Blood, as always, I enjoyed the sneak peek, and it promises to be a very different Batman feature with the introduction of Batwoman and Dick under the cowl.

    The Making of God and Monsters featurette was fantastic and is something that is always sorely missing in the other DTV's. I only wish they would delve into the production even more. Storyboards, casting, editing, music, etc. The other two feaurettes were fine and pleasantly passed 40 minutes or so.

    The iTunes extras have a section which states; 'Machinima Presents'... anyone know if that's the three Chronicles shorts?

    Also, this needed a commentary badly.

    WB have done a lot worse, but they've also done much better.

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