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Jem and Friends: The Animated Series, by Kenny Eugene McCall!

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by Kenny E. McCall, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. Kenny E. McCall

    Kenny E. McCall We fight like cats!

    Aug 3, 2002
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    And Friends, Season Five
    Arc Two: Week Two
    (The standalone episodes)​

    Episode 5-56: Raya Allonso, Will You Marry Me?

    Remember the message Raya is about to give Luis on the phone back at Starlight Mansion? Well guess what? Carmen Allonso and Luis Geraldo are gonna get married! The place, Mexico City. The date, eight weeks from now (in the series finale!)! And, everybody is invited! Here is the big mindfreak: Just like Raya has three older brothers living in East L.A., Luis has three younger sisters! And Raya's about to meet them in this episode! But, there's a new menace coming to Mexico in the form of a dangerous Inhumanoid named D'Compose (Frank Welker)! And for the Holograms, Misfits, Stingers, Limp Lizards and Starlight Girls, the Inhumanoids will be the biggest challenge of their lives! Luckily for them, Senator Edward Augutter and the Earth Corps have arrived in Mexico, and the bands are about to help them fight the monsters in Week Three!​

    Episode 5-57: A Bad Case of the Roxies

    Johnny Blaze's girlfriend, Roxanne Simpson (voiced by Eva Mendes) comes to Los Angeles to visit the Jem cast so that she can get them to perform at Johnny Blaze's Stunt Spectacular. But what happens when one girl named Roxy (Simpson) meets another girl named Roxy (Pelligrini), and the two of them become fast friends? Yo, throw Stormer into this Roxy sandwich, and you got Mary and the Roxies caught up in an adventure where they tangle with the returning Zomboys and a creepy biker named the Stunt Master (Eric Roberts), who's looking for the Ghost Rider! Lucky for them, Hellion and Mindfreak are with Platinum Blonde Roxy and Stormer to help Golden Blonde Roxy deal with this motorcycle-riding creep in this episode!​

    Episode 5-58: Minx, Jinx, and the Stormshadow

    Minx gets a visit from a young girl from her past named Kimiko Arashikage (Shuko Akune) when she stops by Stingers Sound on her furlough from the G.I. Joe team! But, as Ingrid and Kimiko talk about old times as students in a German high school, they come face to face with Kimi's cousin, Thomas "Stormshadow" Arashikage, and a band of ninjas looking to take Jinx back to Japan and their ninja clan! Lucky for the similarly-named girls that Snake-Eyes is here, as Minx and Jinx take on Slice and Dice, and we get the obligatory Snake-Eyes/Stormshadow sword fight in this Stingers episode, yum!​

    Episode 5-59: And, They Call Me... Darkhawk!

    Ashley and the Starlights are hanging out with Ashley's boyfriend, Alex Mann (Mark Hildreth) at an amusement park when Becky meets a cute boy by the name of Christopher Powell (Daryl Sabara). But, there's something strange and heroic about this boy, for when he and Becky find an alien amulet inside a fun house, and decides to put it on, Christopher finds himself transformed into the cyborg superhero Darkhawk! And, Darkhawk faces his first test when he helps Action Man and the Starlights deal with the criminal Mister Hyde (Keith David)! Plus, the Starlights sing the Bette Midler hit Wind Beneath My Wings, in this episode!

    Episode 5-60: Elizabeth Rawson: Soul Train Dancer!

    The worlds of Jem and Soul Train are about to come together for the first time ever, as the show's host, Don Cornelius, voices himself in this episode where it is Don's final season on the show as Soul Train is airing for the first time on KJEM-TV! And to celebrate, KCOM-FM's Joanna "Frenzy" Cargill (Gabrielle Union) has started a dance contest where the winner becomes the newest Soul Train dancer! Not only that, Joanna's sisters and friends, the girl group Hard Candy, have been asked by Don Cornelius to appear on the show with Lena Lerner! And for Femme Fatale Elizabeth Rawson (Gina Torres), it's a chance for her to bust out her mad dancing skills! And when she wins the contest, Elizabeth and Joanna find themselves on the Soul Train set helping Don Cornelius search for one of the dancers, only to come face-to-face with the Hypno-Hustler, who's looking to recruit this young Hispanic girl (Francia Raisa) into the Mercy Killers! That is, unless Don, Frenzy, Knockout and Hard Candy can throw this Marvel villain off the set pronto! Plus, what happens when Anthony and Shana Julian meet Don Cornelius on national television to help him and Joanna introduce Hard Candy to the show for the first time ever! And, Hard Candy performs "You Make Me Sick" while Lena Lerner performs "Angel of Mine" with the girls in this special crossover episode with the now-cancelled series!

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  2. Kenny E. McCall

    Kenny E. McCall We fight like cats!

    Aug 3, 2002
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    And Friends, Season Five
    Arc Two: Week Three

    Episode 5-61: Jem/Inhumanoids: Music, Magic, and the Monsters That Lie Within, Part One

    Two popular Super Sunday cartoon segments meet for the first time ever, as the men of the Earth Corps finally meet the ladies of Jem and the Holograms in a five-part adventure! And, it begins with Harvey Gabor having to answer questions before SHIELD Director Nicholas Joseph Fury and the Black Widow, Natalia Romanova. But, Harvey's greatest challenge will be to face his own daughter and son-in-law, Phyllis and Glenn Danson, at the maximum-security supervillain prison called the Vault, as it pertains to the recent acquisition of Stark Enterprises technology for business rival Justin Hammer! And, Harvey's got another shocker for his little girl, and Fury as well, and it concerns this story arc: He is about to tell Pizzazz that he has brought in a new business partner to Gabor Industries, a man named Blackthorne Shore! He is a dangerous corporate raider and environmental terrorist whose family shares a past with the Raymond family! And, that has got Phyllis Margaret Gabor angry and pissed off, since she knows her sister, socialite Sandra Shore, from childhood! But, are the Misfits, and Holograms, ready for the appearance of the male Shore's gigantic and monstrous allies, the Inhumanoids? That's what the entire Jem Universe will have to find out in Part One of this multi-part tale!

    Episode 5-62: Jem/Inhumanoids: Music, Magic, and the Monsters That Lie Within, Part Two

    News of Harvey's alliance with Blackthorne Shore has hit his daughter Pizzazz like a ton of bricks, and the reveal and worry would've doomed her second pregnancy if not for the calming influence of her loving husband, Glenn. But, unaware to Glenn, an old friend of his named Bradford "Ace" Armbruster (Patrick Fraley) has just joined SHIELD! And, this G.I. Joe is ready to help his old USC college buddy deal with the Inhumanoids! Meanwhile at Starlight Mansion, News of the Inhumanoid invasion of Mexico City from both Hector Ramirez on VNN and Luis Geraldo from his phone conversation with Raya concerning their engagement has hit the Holograms camp, as an old childhood buddy of Rio and Jerrica's named Jonathan Slattery (Bill Callaway) has arrived at the Pacheco residence with his new wife Sandra (Vanessa Marshall, replacing Susan Silo), and four other big strapping men and a scientist including a sitting U.S. Senator from Washington State and Jem fan named Edward "Auger" Augutter (Michael Bell)! The mission: Bring down the Inhumanoid threat, which has now reached California's Yosemite National Park system! But, that nothing compared to the jaw-dropping news that John and Sandra are pregnant with their first child, a boy, and the Earth Corps' first meeting with the girl group's Autobot representatives, the Starlight Transformers Assault and Reconaissance Squadron, and Synergy, the band's amazing Automated Musical Personality computer! Yo, Music, Magic, and Monsters come together as the Holograms and Earth Corps, like the Misfits and Centurions before them in previous seasons with Doc Terror and his goons, join forces to take on Metlar and the Inhumanoids in Part Two! And don't be surprised if Optimus Prime and the male Autobots join in this battle in the next episode!

    Episode 5-63: Jem/Inhumanoids: Music, Magic, and the Monsters That Lie Within, Part Three

    In this episode, Stingers Sound finds itself under attack from dangerous Tendril clones, and Rom and Rapture ain't having it! Lucky for them Machine Man and Jocasta (Jeff Bennett and Grey DeLisle) are there to help the Spaceknight and the Stingers! Meanwhile at the Vault, the nightmarish Inhumanoid Sslither has taken out the Vault's security systems outside, just as Brad Armbruster and Glenn Danson reunite inside, causing the two college buddies to change into Sabre Jet and the Emerald Guardsman, and lead the Guardsman Corps into battle against the monster! Lucky for the Guardsmen that the Misfits Stormer, Roxy, Jetta and Clash, as well as Hellion, Mindfreak, Nightraven and Slipstream, have arrived, courtesy of KAREN, who sends Jadewind to pick up Pizzazz! And, the Scene and the Tinsel Town Clubs are under attack from the menacing Gagoyle and his flying goons, bringing in the Abominatrix, the Grapplers and the Limp Lizards into the battle to protect their beloved clubs! But the real action happens in Mexico City, where the Holograms (with Video replacing Jerrica) and the Earth Corps join Luis Geraldo, Anthony Julian, Craig Phillips, Rio Pacheco and Sean Harrison, as well as Elita-One, Firestar, Chromia, Moonracer, and Botanica, in fighting D'Compose! And in the Yosemite National Park system, Techrat, Fitz the Cat (Fitzgerald Beck), and the Femme Fatales join Spike Witwicky and the Autobots in taking down Metlar, only to have the Decepticons rescue the Inhumanoid leader in the process! But, what does Metlar's rescue by Starscream and Vixen have to do with Blackthorne Shore's reunion with the Raymond brothers, and Ultron's and Alkhema's alliance with the Inhumanoids? And what about Harvey Gabor? will he ever help SHIELD deal with the Inhumanoid/Decepticon alliance, and will he help his daughter fight the Inhumanoids and expose Blackthorne Shore for the criminal that he is? Plus, the Starlight Girls get a visit from the Langastoids when they help Synergy deal with the murderous AMP Cypheroid next episode!

    Episode 5-64: Jem/Inhumanoids: Music, Magic, and the Monsters That Lie Within, Part Four

    It's an adventure with Ashley and the Starlights, as they stay with Jerrica Pacheco and Sandra Slattery to help with the ladies' pregnancy needs. But, they get a visit from Dr. Derek Bright's wife, actress Stella Bright (Andrea Taylor), who helps with Sandra and Jerrica's situation. But meanwhile, Synergy gets a visit from a virus courtesy of Blackthorne Shore's AMP, Cypheroid, and begins attacking Jerrica, Sandra, Stella and the Starlights! But, Pizzazz, Jadewind and KAREN quickly arrive to confront the now-Decepticonized Cypheroid in an attempt to save Synergy from his control! But, will a visiting Ba Nee, Terri, the MiniCon girl bands Holographix and the Electric Femmes, and the mollusk-like Langastoids be the ones helping Synergy, KAREN, Jadewind, and their friends defeat Cypheroid and save Starlight Mansion before it's too late? Plus, Ultron and the Decepticons, and Metlar and the Inhumanoids, launch their biggest attack on the Autobots, Earth Corps, Mutores, SHIELD, and their rock-music allies in the conclusion of this five-part story arc next episode!

    Episode 5-65: Jem/Inhumanoids: Music, Magic, and the Monsters That Lie Within, Part Five

    Justin Hammer (Jess Harnell) has just welcomed Blackthorne Shore into the new Alliance of Evil, just as Eric Raymond's henchman Zipper is released from prison and reunited with Raymond and an old friend of Zipper's named Herman "Nightcrawler" Manglar (Michael Rosenbaum)! Now, Ultron and Metlar has recruited Obadiah Stane, Doc Terror, the Skulls, the Chessmen, the Zomboys, the Panther Claw gang, and the Dreadnaughts to help the Decepticons and Inhumanoids take down our heroes! Meanwhile, Jerrica and Pizzazz are now with their respective bands, as Crystal Kane (Molly Culver) and the Centurions arrive onto the SHIELD Helicarrier to meet the Earth Corps and Sandra Shore-Slattery, as both teams become part of SHIELD! At the Scene, Tinsel Town, and Le Klub Kool nightclubs, Glenn, Rio, and the Guardsman Corps, Rom the Spaceknight and the Stingers, and the Limp Lizards are fortifying defenses against the evil robots and monsters! And at the Ark, Stunner and the Grapplers, Techrat and the Femme Fatales, and Ashley and the Starlights, meet up with Optimus Prime and the Autobots as they are introduced to Magnacore and the Mutores, who quickly agree to help their Cybertronian counterparts and human allies in the final battle! Now it's a battle for the Earth as Autobots, Mutores, Earth Corps, Centurions, Holograms, Misfits, Stingers, Limp Lizards, Starlights and Femme Fatales try to take down the Inhumanoids, Decepticons, Dreadnaughts, Terrordrones and their human allies once and for all in the conclusion of this five-part special event! And, what is the connection between Stella Blaze-Bright and a certain flaming skull-headed, motorcycle-riding hero? Find out in Week Four of Jem and Friends!

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  3. Kenny E. McCall

    Kenny E. McCall We fight like cats!

    Aug 3, 2002
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    And Friends, Season Five
    Arc Two: Week Four
    (The Ghost Rider segment)​

    Episode 5-66: Blazes of Glory

    Last week's nightmarish mission has taken a lot out the Holograms and Misfits, so thank God for Derek and Stella Bright staying around, because both bands are going to Albuquerque, New Mexico to visit Stella's stuntman cousin, Johnny Blaze, and for a week of rest, relaxation, and a little event called the Blazing Rock and Roll Stunt Spectacular! But when they get there, Dr. Derek Bright is introduced to Johnny Blaze and his family by his wife Stella, the Roxies are back, as Pelligrini and Simpson reunite and try to get Jetta into some trouble, and Jerrica and Kimber are introduced to Johnny's brother Danny (Sam Vincent) by Johnny himself! But, Stella and Johnny's familial legacies are about to collide when members of the Slade (Phantom Rider), Kale (Witches) and Blaze (Ghost Rider) families all come together for the event, and Rio, Sean, Anthony, Craig and Luis all meet Carter Slade (Sam Elliott), Hamilton Slade (Kirby Morrow), and Jennifer Kale (Jennifer Hale), all in this episode! ​

    Episode 5-67: Ghost Riders in the Sky

    Continuing with the Ghost Rider storyline in New Mexico, Pizzazz has been getting some bad dreams concerning her family as of late! And, despite the loving comfort of both her husband Glenn and sister Karen (KAREN possessing a Synthoid wearing a zebra-print biker outfit), it's getting worse! but Roxanne Simpson may have an answer for her: It has something to do with a Faustian deal that Pizzazz's mom Margaret made with Mephisto thirty years ago, and a year prior to Pizzazz's birth! And, Mephisto has come back to collect on Margaret Gabor's debt! Too bad Glenn and Johnny will be teaming up to stop him from taking Pizzazz's soul! Watch for Ghost Riders Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch as they join both Glenn Danson and Rio Pacheco in battling Mephisto and his demon forces in the New Mexico desert in this episode!​

    Episode 5-68: Kimber and Stormer and the Return of the Witch Woman

    Astral has arrived in New Mexico to meet old friend Jennifer Kale in a Kimber and Stormer tale that also stars Satana Hellstrom (Rose McGowan) and Lady Topaz (the sorceress, not the Ultraforce character, voiced by Fairuza Balk)! And, when these six ladies get together as part of the Rock and Roll Stunt Spectacular, the rules as it pertains to music and magic completely go out the window, as Kimber, Stormer and Astral team up with the Witches to tangle with the returning Linda Littletree (Roselyn Sanchez), who has just gained some dangerous new powers to use against Astral, Kimber and Stormer, courtesy of Mephisto! But, will the Great Kimberdini be the one that puts the magical screws on the Witch Woman - by possessing Miss Linda's powers? Plus, Kimber and Stormer perform "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" and "Witchy Woman," in this magically strange episode!​

    Episode 5-69: Water Wizard, Water Witch, Firestar, Firebrand!

    Marina Eldritch (Kaley Cuoco), the Elementrix member known as Water Witch, is joining Ashley and the Starlights as they arrive with Firestar and Mrs. Bailey in Albuquerque for the Stunt Spectacular! But as Mrs. Bailey, Marina, Angelica and the Starlight Girls meet up with Jerrica and the Holograms, Peter Van Zante (now voiced by Brian Krause), the man known as the Water Wizard is attacking the hotel looking for Ghost Rider and Roxanne Simpson! And, Astral's little sister has a rematch with this creep! And, if that's not enough, Gary Gilbert (Michael Rosenbaum), the terrorist known as Firebrand, has just burned another resort to the ground as part of a separate matter involving his sister, also named Roxanne, bringing Angelica into conflict with the Iron Man villain! But Ashley, Dierdre, Becky and Krissie, and the other Starlights have a plan to help Firestar and Water Witch deal with their two male villainous counterparts! Plus, Mrs. Bailey meets Johnny Blaze (Richard Grieco) at the site of the event as he is being interviewed by local media, all in this Ashley and the Starlights episode!

    Episode 5-70: The Rock and Roll Stunt Spectacular

    The whole Jem cast is in attendance for Johnny Blaze's Rock and Roll Stunt Spectacular! And it's going to be an exciting time for all, as the STARS and MASS teams join the Holograms and Misfits in kicking off the event with Johnny Blaze, Stella Blaze, and Danny Ketch! But Mephisto (Robert Englund) has dark plans for the performers involved, and he has brought his evil daughter Mephista (Robin Tunney), and nearly every Ghost Rider villain to the event to deal with the music celebrities and supernatural heroes involved! But, Mephisto is in for a surprise when the Allspark hits Johnny and Danny's bikes, and two brand-new Autobots named Hellfire (Juliet Landau) and Brimstone (Mark Calloway) arrive on the scene to help the Ghost Riders, the Witches, and the bands bring down Marvel's Lord of the Underworld to his knees(Just check out the battle between Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze and the returning Inhumanoid D'Compose near the end)! And, the Misfits perform the song "Ghost Riders in the Sky," while the Holograms perform the song "Don't Fear the Reaper, in this episode!

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    Aug 3, 2002
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    And Friends, Season Five
    Arc Two: Week Five

    Episode 5-71: Jem's Truly Outrageous Spider-Man Adventure, Part One

    It is two weeks after the Ghost Rider adventure in New Mexico, and Rio and Jerrica, and Glenn and Pizzazz, are celebrating their children's birthdays (Glenn Harvey and Phillip Glenn, and Jacqui Lynn are all two years old now), and the Starlight Girls are watching an episode of the then-new Spider-Man cartoon on the Fox Network with baby Jacqui Lynn and the recently engaged Raya. Meanwhile in New York City, conceptual artist, film director, and Techrat's twin brother Fitzgerald "The Cat" Beck (Greg Cipes) is on the run from his supervillain cousin Quentin Beck (Gregg Berger) and the Sinister Six, who want something that Fitz gave to his genius brother Terence a while back! Luckily for him, Techrat quickly grabs his twin and escapes, just as Spider-Man (Josh Keaton) arrives to dispatch of the Sinister Six! And, back at Fitz's apartment in SoHo, Techrat makes a call to Jessica Drew (Alyssa Milano) at Justice Magazine in L.A.! But, what Jessica's about to tell Jerrica concerns the Holograms, because it involves their friend Fitzgerald Beck! Pizzazz Danson has also got the call, since it also involves Techrat as well! But, there's also one other thread to this as well: Spider-Man himself, Peter Parker! And, with Glenn and Phyllis Danson negotiating a deal to buy out J. Jonah Jameson's stock in the Daily Bugle for Gabor Industries, and Starlight Music looking to join forces with a New York-based hip-hop label called Drummline Records (run by Jericho Drumm, who appears in Week Six), the Misfits and Holograms are headed for New York City! And, with Roxy and Jetta looking forward to seeing May Parker and her nephew Peter again after a few years, and the Stingers already in the Big Apple meeting the Fantastic Four at the Baxter Building, this is going to be one hell of an episode, as all three bands join Spider-Man on a quest to stop Mysterio and the Sinister Six in a five-part story arc, starting with this episode!

    Episode 5-72: Jem's Truly Outrageous Spider-Man Adventure, Part Two

    The Holograms and Misfits are back in New York City, where the Beck brothers and the Femme Fatales are greeting them at JFK International Airport! But, trouble comes in the form of the Enforcers, who want to make short work of the bands! But, they're gonna have to deal with the Femme Fatales instead! At the Daily Bugle, things have cooled down since the Inhumanoids incident, as Glenn and Pizzazz arrive at the Bugle to see Harvey Gabor out of SHIELD custody, and about to help his daughter and son-in-law take control of the tabloid from J. Jonah Jameson. In Forest Hills, Queens, the bands are at the Parker and Watson residences, where Jerrica and the girls meet Anna Watson (Barbara Goodson) and Mary Jane Watson (Vanessa Marshall), while Roxy and the Misfits are reunited with Peter Parker and his aunt, May Parker, who suddenly remembers a member of Jetta's family that once knew Ben Parker. And Roxy is at the Bugle later on to see Pizzazz in final negotiations to buy the Bugle, only to run into an old friend of her family named Joseph Robertson (Rodney Saulsberry), who is the paper's editor-in-chief! Meanwhile, the Sinister Six return to their base of operations, only to find Eric Raymond there, with Norman Osborn (Neil Ross) no less! But, what does the Green Goblin want with Eric Raymond? Scratch that! What does Gobby want with Jem and the Holograms? What does it have to do with Techrat's new invention, and with Mysterio in general? And man, wait until Spider-Woman and Stunner get in on this case, all in this and the next episode!

    Episode 5-73: Jem's Truly Outrageous Spider-Man Adventure, Part Three

    The Beck Brothers and Femme Fatales have already taken out the Enforcers (which resulted in Fancy Dan's legs crippled beyond repair and Ox beaten into a coma by Knockout), and now, they are on their way to Forest Hills to meet with the Holograms and Misfits. Meanwhile, Jessica Drew and Angelina Brancale (Stacy Keibler) have arrived in New York to meet Jerrica and Kimber at the Watson residence, only for the two ladies to tangle with the Shocker (Jim Cummings) at the offices of Marvel Comics! Meanwhile, the Sinister Six brings Eric Raymond into the offices of OsCorp Enterprises and Norman Osborn, only to find Osborn with art/jewel thief Maria Castello (Marlene Aragon) and a dangerous new lesbian strongwoman named Man-Killer (Lisa Marie Varon), who both have a beef with Jem and Pizzazz! Meanwhile, everyone is at the Watson and Parker residences, where at Anna Watson's place, Anna tells the Benton sisters the story of how she met a young Emmett and Jacqui Benton in California some thirty years earlier when they were first married! At the Parker home, Terence and Fitzgerald Beck arrive to meet Harvey and Phyllis Gabor, and Phyllis' husband, Glenn Danson, who quickly recognizes both Peter and May Parker from his past (check out the big connection between the Parker and Danson families at the end of this storyarc)! But as they all get to know each other, eight superpowered individuals launch an attack on both bands and Spider-Man, resulting in both bands taken out of the picture by the Green Goblin and the Sinister Six, Techrat and Fitz the Cat, and the Femme Fatales, defeated by Mysterio and Man-Killer, and Eric Raymond's Zomboys taking Harvey Gabor, Mary Jane Watson, Anna Watson and May Parker hostage! Now, it's a race against time, as Jem and Rio, and Pizzazz and Glenn, team up with Spider-Man and Spider-Woman to fight off the new Sinister Seven and rescue their fellow bandmates and friends! And, Angelina runs into an old friend in Dr. Carolyn Trainor (Susan Eisenberg), and the two ladies head for the Baxter Building to find Riot and the Stingers hanging with Johnny Storm, and unaware that Jem and Pizzazz are in danger! And, Kimber Benton is forced to deal with fellow redhead Katrina Van Horn in a vicious steel cage match, especially when both Kim and Kat have known each other before, while Mary Phillips and Mary Jane Watson find a way to take Maria Castello down and free the elderly hostages! And, the bands attempt to take Eric Raymond out of action so that they can help the arriving heroes and lead singers with the Sinister Six, all in this episode!

    Episode 5-74: Jem's Truly Outrageous Spider-Man Adventure, Part Four

    Maria Castello and the Zomboys are finally taken down by Stormer and Mary Jane, thanks to the arrival of Spider-Man and the Dansons, who quickly free the other Misfits and take out the Rhino (Clancy Brown)! Eric Raymond and the Chameleon are taken down by Spider-Woman and the Pachecos, with an assist from Synergy, who fries Vladimir Smerdyakov's holographic belt, knocking him out and freeing the other Holograms except for Kimber (more on her later). Doctor Octopus (Alfred Molina) makes his escape from the Oscorp complex, only to run into some old friends in Stunner and Octavia! And, the Vulture and Shocker run right into the arriving Rapture and Minx, while Riot leads Harvey Gabor, Anna Watson and May Parker out of Oscorp proper (but not before Harvey uses his contacts to access Osborn's computers to transfer a buttload of Oscorp stock to his Gabor Industries account)! But the real action is between Mysterio and his cousins, as Techrat sends Mysterio straight to hell by turning his battlesuit and special effects equipment against him, driving the Master of Illusion to the brink of suicide and into the hands of Fitz and the Femme Fatales! And, two beautiful redheads are at war with one another, as Kimber Benton has been taken hostage by a psychotic Katrina Van Horn, and placed in a sadistic ring where the little Holograms keyboardist is in the fight of her life against her crazed lesbian rival, who towers over Kimber by a foot and a half and outweighs her by 150 pounds! Will Kimmie be able to reason with her emotionally scarred friend before she kills her? Where's Angelina when you need her? Ah, there's still that Osborn fella to deal with, and that's next episode!

    Episode 5-75: Jem's Truly Outrageous Spider-Man Adventure, Part Five

    Norman Osborn and Maria Castello's forces have been taken down by the bands and heroes, and handed over to SHIELD, as the Green Goblin quickly retrieves Maria and Eric Raymond from custody! Now that everyone is back in Forest Hills, Stunner and Jerrica begin the search for Kimber and Katrina, unaware that Maria Castello has a plan to destroy both redheaded girls! Meanwhile, Harvey Gabor and the Dansons use their new influence at the Daily Bugle to ruin Oscorp while Harvey himself makes a pass at Peter's Aunt May. Rio and Mary Jane decide to accompany Spider-Man and Jem to Oscorp to deal with Eric Raymond and Norman Osborn, but they may have an ally in Osborn's son Harry, who is one of Jem's biggest fans! With Jerrica busy, Angelina goes it alone in the search for both Kim and Kat, but not before grabbing her friend Dr. Carolyn Trainor to accompany her to where they're held! It's all bodyslams, chokeholds and dropkicks as Kimber Benton tries to fight off the lewd and vicious advances of Man-Killer! But, even if either Kimber or Katrina emerge victorious over the other, will both girls be able to deal with a hidden Maria Castello, who is about to eliminate her own henchwoman in the process! And Spider-Man and Jem finally battle the Green Goblin and his cyborg Goblin Troopers, while Eric Raymond finds himself dealing with Rio Pacheco and Mary Jane Watson! But, will everyone survive these battles? And, Glenn Danson reveals the shocking connection between his parents George and Louise Danson, and Peter's parents Richard and Mary Parker (they're family), and it sends the relationship between the Spider-Man and Misfits universes in a whole new direction in this episode!

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    Aug 3, 2002
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    Epilogue One: Katrina
    By Kenny Eugene McCall
    Man-Killer character: 2010 Marvel Characters/The Walt Disney Company, all rights reserved.

    We take a short break from the Jem and Friends series to tie up some threads in the previous storyarc. First one deals with the relationship between Kimber Benton and Katrina Van Horn.

    New York University Medical Center - May 15, 1993 - 10:17am.

    Kimber Benton and Angelina Brancale arrive at NYU Medical Center to see about their friend, Katrina Van Horn, who suffered a beating at the hands of Kimber.

    Kimber: My name is Kimber Benton, and this is Angelina Brancale. We're here to see a Ms. Katrina Van Horn. Can you tell me what room she is in please?

    Receptionist: Sure. She is in Room 1205. There's the elevator to your right. It will take you to the 12th floor.

    Angelina: Thanks

    Later, in Room 1205, there is a smile on Katrina's face as Kimber and Angelina come into the room to see her.

    Katrina (in bed): Well, well, well. If it isn't Little Red Riding Hood herself and her big, busty blonde friend. You couldn't come and see me alone? You were always scared of me, ever since you were a kid, Kimmie.

    Kimber: Back off Kat! You're always getting into trouble doing stupid things, hoping that I or Robyn would bail you out! Now look at you Kat, you're in the hospital, all because of your stupidity!

    Angelina: Whoa Kimberlina! You and Robyn actually helped this red-headed Wonder Woman wannabe? She was a real creep all throughout junior high and high school! It's a miracle that she would grow up to become a champion skier!

    Katrina: Back off, Angie! If you were still that chubby little cupcake that I used to step on, I would have no trouble smashing your face in! And, Kimber, I heard you got married to Sean Harrison recently. What's the matter, little Red, am I too much for you?

    Kimber: No Katrina, I decided to grow up. If you remember, ever since we were kids, we were always inseparable. Me, you, Robyn, and Justine! We all had older sisters and brothers who used to get on our nerves all the time. While I had Jerrica, you had that skank sister Lisa Maria to deal with!

    Angelina: Whoa Katrina! Your sister is Lisa Van Horn, the gymnast? I didn't know that! Lisa was the best all-around gymnast in the country! I thought she was going to make the Olympic team back in 1992!

    Katrina: Yeah Angie Marie! And I hated her for it! She thought that she was better than me in everything we did together! Whether it was gymnastics, skiing, wrestling, even basketball of all sports, she knew that I could own her in all those sports, but she was too stupid to realize that!

    Kimber: Angie, wait outside for me. I want to talk to Katrina alone please.

    Angelina: Okay Kimber. I'll find a phone and contact Jerrica at the Watson residence.

    Kimber: Thanks, Angelina.

    (Angelina leaves the hospital room to call Jerrica.)

    Kimber: Now, as for you Kat, what is wrong with you, Red? Have you gone bonkers or something? You haven't been yourself since the accident five years ago, and even when you came back into my life at the Scene, you were becoming more loopier than ever! Has your warrior queen attitude made you plain-jane psycho or something? Even though you never cared for men, you were never this way towards my family, especially my dad, Emmett.

    Katrina: Kimmie, that's because your parents were the only good people in my life. My no-good father never took the time to pay any attention to me. He always showered Lisa and my stupid brother Jason with all that praise, even though my brother was a sexist jerk!

    Kimber: Look Katrina, my sister Jerrica was the same way at times. I love her, but she can come across as a conceited jerk, especially around her husband Rio. I've been trying to get her to tell Rio the truth about Jem.

    Katrina: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute, Kimberlina! You mean to tell me that the Pink Princess of Pop, the one that I idolized ever since she came on the scene, Jem, and that blonde bimbo sister of yours, Jerrica Emily Michelle Benton, are one and the same?

    Kimber (sigh): Yeah.

    Katrina: Jeez, Kimmie! That means your dad finally completed the Synergy project he was working on! I didn't know that he was leaving it to you girls after his death! Jem's music was the only thing that kept me going during my skiing career. I still listen to her music though.

    Kimber: Katrina, I know what happened to you. That male sexist jerk skier that almost killed you in 1988, he made you this way, didn't you?

    Katrina: That's part of it, Kim. You should know by now that I was always a militant lesbian. I was always into women. It's just when that jerk caused my accident, and I was outfitted with that exoskeleton that your father made for the military years ago before he created Synergy, it just made me more dangerous than ever. I was surprised the thing even worked on me!

    Kimber: But, then you had to chuck your professional skiing career away and become a supervillain, and a pretty bad one at that, didn't you!

    Katrina: Yeah, so! I decided to call myself the Man-Killer, so what's it to you Kimmie? And another thing, why are still wearing Justine's lame-ass outfit after our little catfight two days ago?

    Kimber: Oh great! You had to code-name yourself after that butch activist, Wilma Mankiller! You're just as bad as Roxy Pelligrini, of the Misfits! And, our little friend Justine Hammer gave me this outfit to wear, as well as her alter ego, the Crimson Cowl!

    Katrina: Look, Kimber. I didn't mean to become all Amazon Queen-like on you like that during our fight, or when I first saw you again with Angelina at the Scene a while back, but I had been going through a rough time with all these macho male superheroes and villains putting their paws all over me. So, when Maria Castello offered me a chance to join her on a little mission after I got her out of prison, I just jumped at the chance to help her out, that's all. I didn't know that the target of Maria's hit was my favorite band, Jem and the Holograms, or I would also be working for a creep like Norman Osborn, or worse, that pompous creep Eric Raymond. After what he did to that rock goddess Pizzazz and her then fiancee, Glenn Danson, I thought that jerk would've stayed in federal prison!

    Kimber: So, you're a Misfits fan also?

    Katrina: Yeah. I was always a fan of girl groups. Hey, you've become quite the songwriter and singer over the years. I always liked your duets with Stormer Phillips though. I have that Kimber and Stormer: Back 2 Back album at my house in Los Angeles.

    Kimber: Outrageous! Me and Mary have become good friends since then. But, as for you Kat, you are still one of my best friends besides my sisters of course. But, you have got to stop doing stupid things and getting into trouble with every Marvel superhero in the world, because you know damn well that you're not that good at being a villainess! My cousin Robyn tried that route, but even she knew that she wasn't that good! Neither was Angelina after she took those strength-enhancing treatments and worked for that six-armed freak, Dr. Otto Octavius!

    Katrina: I guess you're right, Kimmie. Anyway, how are Jerrica and your sisters, and your husband Sean?

    Kimber: They're all doing okay. We're all married and have kids now. Say Kat, have you ever thought about becoming a heroine and changing your code-name? You would be better off!

    Katrina: I guess so. I always wanted to own my own lesbian-themed bar in L.A., but being a bona fide superhero, that's even better. Thanks, Kimber. Now come here so I can kiss you!

    (As Kimber approaches Katrina, the two redheads share a kiss, just as Angelina Brancale comes in with Jerrica Benton)

    Angelina: All right you two, quit it! Kimber's got to go now!

    Jerrica: Angie, it's all right, I know Katrina Luisa Van Horn very well. Hello, Katrina.

    Katrina: Hello Jerrica. Come to take your sister from me again?

    Kimber: Please, not again Jerrica.

    Jerrica: No, Kat. We're coming to take you home, back to Los Angeles and your sister Lisa Maria. You two have a lot of talking to do to each other. You can stay with us at Anna Watson's place until we're finished here in New York City.

    Katrina: I would love to. Besides, I've got a lot of making up to do. Maybe I'll talk with Spider-Man (or his alter ego, Peter Parker) while I'm there. Got any Jem videos with ya?

    Jerrica: No, but I bet that Anna's niece Mary Jane has some of our cartoon series when we get there.

    Katrina: I would like that. And, it's Amazonia now, not Man-Killer.

    Jerrica and Kimber: Sure, Katrina.

    End of Epilogue One. Executive Producer: Kenny Eugene McCall.​

    All Jem characters: 1985-2010 Hasbro Entertainment/Sunbow Productions, all rights reserved.
    All Spider-Man characters: 1962-2010 Marvel Characters Inc./The Walt Disney Company. All rights reserved.
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    Epilogue Two: That New Parker Luck
    By Kenny Eugene McCall

    With the situation concerning best friends Kimber Benton and Katrina Van Horn settled at the hospital, we go to Forest Hills, Queens, and the home of Peter Parker and his kindly Aunt May, where the Misfits are staying. Pizzazz is sensing that her longtime best friend and husband, Glenn Danson, is one worried dude, having to reveal his family's connection to the Parkers.

    Parker Residence - May 16, 1993 - 1:30pm.

    (Pizzazz walks into Peter Parker's room to console her husband, Glenn.)

    Pizzazz: Glenn, it's me, Phyllis. What's wrong?

    Glenn: Phyllis, Roxanne and Sheila's previous visits to May Parker's place reminded me of a visit me and my parents made to New York many years ago to see a man named Ben Parker.

    Pizzazz: What! You know this Ben Parker person Peter keeps talking about?

    Glenn: Phyllis, my mother's maiden name is Louise Parker. Benjamin and Richard Parker are my uncles, making Mary and May Parker my aunts, and Peter Parker my cousin! I just never told Peter this when he was a little boy!

    Pizzazz: Oh. My. God! Do you know what this means Glenn? It means that me and the Misfits have just become...

    Glenn: ...Yep! Spider-Man's adopted cousins by marriage!

    Pizzazz: Who else knows besides us Misfits?

    Glenn: Your dad, Harvey Gabor, and my parents, George and Louise Danson. When I heard that Gabor Industries was buying the Daily Bugle from J. Jonah Jameson, I knew one day that the secret would come out concerning my own family's connection to the Amazing Spider-Man! And, with the way Jameson's been railing against Peter's superheroic alter ego, he better watch himself around me, you or your father when it comes to stories involving Spider-Man or the Misfits!

    Pizzazz: Damn! Of all the things my father did in his life, this is the first thing he's ever done right by someone!

    (Peter Parker has overheard Glenn and Pizzazz's conversation, and decides to come into the conversation.)

    Peter: Glenn, Glenn Danson? Is that you? I haven't seen you since I was seven years old! So, this is your wife, Pizzazz, of the Misfits! Ms. Gabor...

    Pizzazz: Don't Peter. We already met before.

    Peter: Oh yeah, at Dazzler's concert! I'm a big fan of two of your band members, Roxy and Jetta.

    Pizzazz: I know. those two bimbos are always talking about you and your Aunt May. No wonder my dad is so smitten with her!

    Glenn: Peter, do you remember your Aunt Louise?

    Peter: Oh my God! Your mom is my dad and uncle's sister? That makes you...

    Glenn: ...your cousin.

    Peter: Whoa! Then I guess you heard about Uncle Ben's death! It was a good thing you didn't come back to Forest Hills and stayed in Los Angeles. I know about your sister Karen. She died the same day my uncle was murdered!

    Glenn: Man, we really do have something in common. At least you caught the creep who killed our uncle Ben. I still haven't caught the guy who ran over my sister Karen years ago!

    Peter: Glenn, is it true that you were the one that founded the Misfits years ago?

    Glenn: Yep, I actually gave up my control of the Misfits to the creep that you met days ago, Eric Raymond. But, I got it back with the help of my wife, our band, and their rivals, Jem and the Holograms!

    Peter: I know. The trial was all over the pages of the Bugle! I wished that I was in Los Angeles covering the reopening of your Tinsel Town Club, and the marriage that followed it! But, you've become some sort of armored superhero yourself! But, isn't the Guardsman name taken already?

    Glenn: Yeah, but two of my best friends buried the original prototype suit under my club. A series of supernatural circumstances led to me powering the suit and wearing it!

    Peter: You know what Uncle Ben said to me, and now I'm saying it to you, buddy: With great power, comes...

    Pizzazz: ...great responsibility! Funny. That's what my dad used to say to me!

    Peter: Then you and your father must've met my Uncle Ben years ago, Pizzazz!

    Pizzazz: We did. You weren't around at the time. My father had known Ben Parker for years!

    Peter: Then you must have known my parents, Richard and Mary Parker, as well.

    Pizzazz: My parents did at the time. Gabor Industries was supplying high-tech components for SHIELD at the time when they met them in England.

    Peter: Whoa Pizzazz! Did you also know that my parents, Richard and Mary Parker, were agents of SHIELD before their deaths?

    Pizzazz: Afraid so, Pete. My father told me about it, and so did Glenn's dad.

    Peter: Just my luck. Just when things start to turn from bad to worse for me, here you guys come along and cheer me and Aunt May up. Sometimes the old Parker luck works for me, other times it doesn't, especially when it comes to supervillains and girls!

    Pizzazz: Mary, Roxanne, Constance and I have been to New York many times before, and Sheila more recently. And, even though we had our run-ins with Jem and the Holograms, I've been a witness to many of your battles with the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, the Vulture, Kraven the Hunter, the Scorpion, Venom and many more! You got the most diverse group of villains ever! And I should know. Glenn and I have met some of them in Los Angeles!

    Peter: And now that your father owns the Bugle. Ol' JJ is going to find a fire lit under his ass, now that you guys are going to causing problems for him in the media! If you think Spider-Man was a problem, wait until the Misfits come back to the Big Apple! Say Phyl, have you met my girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson?

    Glenn: We did. Mary Phillips introduced us to her at Oscorp. Marry her, dude! She's the best thing that happened to you since Gwendolyn Stacy, your late girlfriend.

    Peter: Don't remind me, cousin Glenn. I still have nightmares about what Osborn did to her that day!

    Pizzazz: I know what you mean, Pete. Glenn and I still have nightmares about our sister Karen. But we're at peace now that she is with us both physically and spiritually now. Look Peter, we're gonna be around for a long while. So if you ever need to talk to us or need help with Jameson or the bad guys, you know where to find us, okay?

    (Aunt May and the Misfits, and Harvey Gabor, come into Peter's room together.)

    Harvey Gabor: Hello Peter, my name is Harvey Gabor. Phyllis' father.

    Peter: I know who you are, Mr. Gabor. You're my new boss at the Bugle! I saw you with Aunt May earlier.

    Clash: And, I'm Constance Montgomery, aka Clash. Nice to meet ya' Petey!

    Peter: Aren't you Vivian Montgomery's cousin? Terry and Fitzgerald told me about her yesterday.

    Clash: Fraid so! I'm Video's cousin. I guess they told you about her current relationship with that Mysterio dude!

    Aunt May: Peter, I was showing Harvey your great Spider-Man photos for the Bugle, and he wanted to present you with a job offer for you!

    Harvey: Peter, I know that you're already attending Empire State University on a science scholarship. I've known the man in charge of the biology department there, Dr. Curt Connors, and his family for years. And, I want you to continue in your studies at ESU. But during the summer, I need your help in Los Angeles at Gabor Industries and Land of Mischief Musicworks concerning some special projects that I have!

    Peter: Thanks, Mr. Gabor. But I'm worried about Aunt May and our home, and my job at the Bugle.

    Harvey: I don't think you'll have to worry about that. I've been observing your adventures for years, and I had to pay back a debt to the Parker family from 40 years ago. That's why your aunt won't have pay the mortgage to her home, cause it's all been paid up by me. Actually for me, I've invited May to stay at my guest house this summer. I'll be watching Jonah and the Bugle when the Misfits do their concerts in New York, because I have a bad feeling that Jonah may be working with Norman Osborn and Eric Raymond on a plot to eliminate my family in the future.

    Peter: Norman Osborn is one thing, but Eric Raymond is another story! Jerrica Benton told me about him before, but when I met him at Oscorp that day I was with Jem, I finally saw how creepy he was! So, before I question your motives, sure, I'll help you. Even if it means protecting JJ from that creep Raymond! If it's all right with Phyllis and Glenn?

    Phyllis/Pizzazz: Sure Peter. It will be my pleasure to have your aunt stay with us! Lord knows that Matilda need someone to talk to!

    All Misfits: YES!!!! Spider-Man's gonna be a Misfit!

    Peter: Just for a while, girls, just for a while. Until Eric Raymond is back in prison!

    Glenn and Pizzazz: It's settled then. Welcome to the Misfits, Peter Benjamin Parker, our cousin and friend.

    End of Epilogue Two. Executive Producer: Kenny Eugene McCall.​

    All Jem characters: 1985-2010 Hasbro Entertainment/Sunbow Productions, all rights reserved.
    All Spider-Man characters: 1962-2010 Marvel Characters Inc./The Walt Disney Company. All rights reserved.
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    What an ending, I love it.
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    Thanks. It was a test for me, because I haven't done a long-form fanfic in a long while. So I may use this format for the new Ashley and the Starlights fanfic in the fall.

    But, Week Six of Arc Two will be posted tomorrow.
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    And Friends, Season Five
    Arc Two: Week Six

    Episode 5-76: Banging the Drummline, Part One

    Glenn, Pizzazz, and the Misfits now know that Glenn has a heroic wall-crawler in his family, as Peter Parker was revealed to be Glenn's younger cousin. Also, Harvey Gabor fulfilled a promise to the Parker family from 40 years ago by paying the entire mortgage on May Parker's home! And now with Spider-Man and Aunt May leaving with the Misfits and Femme Fatales for Los Angeles, they say goodbye to Jem and the Holograms and Fitzgerald Beck (they'll join them two days with Amazonia and Mary Jane in tow). But now, Jerrica is headed for Drummline Records, a hip-hop label run by a former psychology student, voodoo practitioner, and hip-hop musician named Jericho Drumm (special voice over by Usher Raymond IV)! It is a record label that wants to join the Starlight Music family, but could a dark force prevent that happening, especially when it involves Jericho's beautiful girlfriend, singer Marian Michaels (Ashanti Douglas)? Not if Jem and Brother Voodoo have anything to say about it? And what is the connection between Marian Michaels and Shana Elmsford? Could it have something to do with Anthony Julian? find out in this episode!

    Episode 5-77: Banging the Drummline, Part Two

    Jerrica Benton and Jem were both put under siege by a dangerous new villain called the Houngan (Djimon Hounsou) and his army of zombie soldiers at Drummline's offices hours earlier, but proved no match for Jericho Drumm's alter ego of Brother Voodoo, and Jem's powerful holograms! Now, with the deal between Drummline Records and Starlight Music completed, Jerrica and Jericho now want to stage a concert with sexy singer Marian Michaels and Jem and the Holograms! But a meeting between Marian Michaels and Holograms guitarist/drummer Shana Elmsford uncovers a familial connection between Ms. Michaels and Shana's husband Anthony Julian! That's right! Anthony and Marian are lookalike boy-girl cousins! But, the biggest surprise for Shana and the band, is that Marian has a superheroic identity of her own - a brand-new heroine to the Jem and Marvel Universe called the Butterfly! And, she makes her debut in the conclusion of this storyarc next episode!

    Episode 5-78: Banging the Drummline, Part Three

    The Holograms have a brand-new female ally in the form of the beautiful Butterfly, as she spreads her wings alongside Brother Voodoo and Jem in this episode that sees the return of the Houngan, who takes control of both Jerrica and Marian and turns them against Brother Voodoo and the Holograms! Now, Jericho and Rio join Raya in finding a way to stop the Houngan and return their ladies back to normal! But, could Jem and the Butterfly have something in store for this creepy witch doctor? And, what happens when the Houngan is revealed to be none other than Jericho Drumm's own older brother, Daniel, who became jealous of Jericho's relationship with Marian, whom Daniel once dated! Plus, Ashanti Douglas, as Marian Michaels, performs the Michael Jackson hit "Blame it on the Boogie" with Jem and the Holograms, in this episode!

    Episode 5-79: Misfits of the Microverse, Part One

    As of this writing, Hasbro has now taken ownership of the Micronauts toy license, as the micro-sized adventurers make their first appearance in the Jem continuity in a tale that involves Stormer and a childhood friend of hers named Mari (Melody Perkins)! One thing though, Pizzazz and the other Misfits are going to find out from both Stormer and Glenn that "Mari" is short for Marionette, a ruling princess from the subatomic world of the Microverse! Another thing for the Misfits to think about is the appearance of a powerful hero named Arcturus Rann (Scott Rummell), a warrior originally from Earth who was once one of Glenn and Pizzazz's punk-rocker friends by the name of Arthur Ransom, before being trapped in the Microverse after his graduation from high school! Now, the Misfits have found themselves in the Microverse teaming up with the Micronauts as they deal with the villainous Psycho-Man (Rob Paulsen) and the overlord of the Microverse, Baron Karza (Frank Welker, using his Darkseid voice from "Superfriends"), in this special two-part episode!

    Episode 5-80: Misfits of the Microverse, Part Two

    The Misfits and Micronauts finally meet as the Guardsman and the Space Glider, and Stormer and Marionette, reunite for the first time in years! And when Pizzazz, Roxy, Jetta and Clash meet up with Acroyear (Phil Morris), Bug (Greg Cipes), Fireflyte (Will Friedle), and Biotron (Gary Chalk), the two groups find themselves taking on Baron Karza and his massive forces in a fight to save the Microverse from his tyrannical rule! But, when Psycho-Man escapes the Microverse and lands in our Earth, he takes control of both Mary and Mari, pitting them against their teams! Now Glenn and Arcturus must find a way to free both girls from Psycho-Man's corruptive control in the conclusion of this special event episode!

    Next Post: Jem and Friends: Season Five, Arc Two, Week Seven!

    Kenny E. McCall [​IMG]
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    And Friends, Season Five
    Arc Two: Week Seven
    (The Thor episodes!)
    Episode 5-81: God of Thunder, Goddesses of Rock and Roll, Part One

    Kimber Benton and Mary Phillips star in their first three-part episode that also stars the Mighty Thor. Jerrica and the Holograms have just returned from New York City with Mary Jane Watson and Katrina Van Horn in tow. But the first thing Kimber and Sean do is to go visit their gynecologist, Dr. Jane Foster (Lisa Edelstein) to see about their upcoming baby, only to run into a prominent neurosurgeon named Dr. Donald Blake (David Boat), who as it turns out, is a big Jem fan. But, the real adventure begins at Kimber and Stormer's concert, as Katrina Van Horn and Angelina Brancale join them for their performance and a group of Rock Trolls look to cause trouble at the Scene! Too bad that in addition to the female rockers involved, one of the patrons drinking his beer at the club happens to be the Asgardian Odinson himself, the Thunder God, Thor (also voiced by Boat)! And, he's about to join the ladies on stage for an Asgard-sized smackdown against the Rock Trolls of Nidavellir! But, unknown to Kimber, Stormer, Amazonia and Stunner, they're about to caught up in a battle between the Frost Giants of Jountenheim and the Fire Demons of Muspelheim when they join Thor in Asgard! Add to that the appearance of a beautiful music mogul named Karnilla Frost (Lucy Lawless), and two wicked sisters named Amora the Enchantress and Lorelei the Seductress, who want to use Jerrica and Pizzazz's significant others, Rio and Glenn, against our two Midgardian rockers in the next storyarc of Week Seven!

    Episode 5-82: God of Thunder, Goddesses of Rock and Roll, Part Two

    Kimber, Katrina, Mary and Angelina's musical performance has caught the attention of the alluring Karnilla Frost, who wants to sign the girls to a contract with her, unaware that Thor knows her as Karnilla, Queen of the Norns, and a master sorceress! Now that the girls and the Thunder God are in Asgard, they meet up with Balder (Brandon Routh), Volstagg (Gary Chalk), Hogun (Peter Cullen), and Fandral (David Kaye), as they team up to take down the Frost Giants and Fire Demons before they reach the Rainbow Bridge and Midgard (Earth)! Plus, Karnilla has an ace up her sleeve when she recruits Minx into her plans to keep Kimber and Stormer on her side!, but could Minx be the one helping our Asgardian heroes and Midgardian heroines deal with Utgard-Loki and Surtur themselves when she takes a look at the Odinson, whom she thinks is more gorgeous than Riot? Find out in this episode!

    Episode 5-83: God of Thunder, Goddesses of Rock and Roll, Part Three

    The Frost Giants have fallen, thanks to the girls - and the arrival of the golden blonde Ingrid "Minx" Kreuger! Strange thing is, Ms. Kreuger has been to Asgard before as a child, and she's looking to kick Utgard-Loki (John Rhys-Davies) in his ass for what he did to his own daughter, Lady Serona, years ago! Meanwhile, Thor, Balder and the Warriors Three have just taken out the Fire Demons of Muspelheim, and now they're going to hit Surtur (Michael York) where he lives! Now, five female musicians and superheroines, and five Asgardian warriors join forces to bring down the two gigantic warlords before they bring Asgard to its knees! Plus, Balder intercepts Karnilla's plans for Kimber, Mary and Ingrid, Ingrid is reunited with her friend Serona (Serinda Swan), who has become the new queen of Jountenheim, and all five girls meet up with the Lord of Asgard, Odin (Sebastian Arcelus), when they give a command performance before him in this episode!

    Episode 5-84: Sisters of Song, Sisters of Seduction, Part One

    Jerrica Pacheco and Phyllis Danson, and Jem and Pizzazz, have the spotlight to themselves in this tale where their husbands find themselves dealing with two scheming sisters named Amora and Lorelei (voiced by real-life actress sisters Jennifer and Julia Morrison)! And, when these two Asgardian sirens magically split Rio and Glenn's wives into their real and stage selves, it becomes a test of romantic wills when both men must choose between the normal women and the rocker chicks they both love! And, can Jerrica and Phyllis deal with their alter egos Jem and Pizzazz when they magically become the real thing and attack them in the process! Find out in this episode!

    Episode 5-85: Sisters of Song, Sisters of Seduction, Part Two

    Amora the Enchantress and Lorelei the Seductress have done it! They split Jerrica/Jem and Phyllis/Pizzazz into two sets of separate beings, and the Pink Princess of Pop, and Green Goddess of Glam Rock, have gone and seduced their husbands in the process! Now, their pasts have come back to haunt them as Synergy and KAREN must help them deal with the women in the mirror, and try to merge their two halves back together before their Jem and Pizzazz selves ruin each of their marriages! But, could their children, at two years of age, be the ones to put an end to Amora and Lorelei's shenanigans, and bring their parents back together with the help of an arriving Thor? Plus, Jerrica Pacheco herself sings the classic "Who Is He Kissing," while Phyllis Danson herself sings her version of Jem's "The Real Me" in this episode!

    Next Post: Jem and Friends: Season Five, Arc Two, Week Eight!

    Kenny E. McCall [​IMG]
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    And Friends, Season Five
    Arc Two: Week Eight
    Episode 5-86: Elements of Beauty, Elements of Evil, Part One

    Spider-Man's in Los Angeles, and already working for Harvey Gabor when he is assigned to Jessica Drew's Justice Magazine as a photographer. Aunt May finally meets Matilda Trakker, who quickly recognizes her from Matilda's days in New York as a teenager. And, Peter Parker comes into the Gabor residence, only to meet his girlfriend Mary Jane and the Dansons, who introduce him to their Automated Music Personality, KAREN (who quickly changes into a black and red Spider-Woman bodysuit), and the couple's two twin boys, Glenn Jr. and Phillip. Later, at Stingers Sound, Ingrid Kreuger is with her new band, The Elementrix, when the girls check out a VTV newscast in which Eric Raymond has acquired the services of four of Spider-Man's most dangerous foes, Molten Man (Loren Lester), Sandman (Thomas Haden Church), Hydro-Man (Rob Paulsen), and Cyclone (Adam "Edge" Copeland) to deal with the wall-crawler! And, they have a name: the Elementrons! But, Spider-Man and Spider-Woman are about to get some help from the villains' female counterparts, as Rom and Minx head for L.A.'s Sunset Strip to help them in this episode!

    Episode 5-87: Elements of Beauty, Elements of Evil, Part Two

    Just when you think that Peter and Jessica's fortunes are about to turn sour against the villains, here come a Silver Spaceknight and a Golden Goddess of Rock to save the day! Rom and Minx have arrived with the Elementrix to deal with the Elementrons! But, things get all wacky when Spidey find himself attracted to Minx, the Spiderfemme looks to beat the crap out of Minx, and Rom witnesses an elemental love connection between the two genders of teams as Molten Man and Sunstreak, Sandman and Quicksand, Hydro-Man and Water Witch, and Cyclone and Windblaster, all pound on Eric Raymond and Zipper in this episode!

    Episode 5-88: The Day Ingrid Kreuger Met Mary Jane Watson at Gabor Manor

    Minx has done it! She now has control of both teams of superpowered individuals as the Elementrons and Elementrix ended up attracted to one another romantically! Now, she finds herself attracted to Spider-Man (and Peter Parker), forcing Rom and the other female Stingers to join Spider-Woman in following the mischievous and obnoxious Stinger and the Web-Slinger to Gabor Manor! Bad mistake Ingrid, for you'll be dealing with not only Jessica and Pizzazz, but an angry Mary Jane Watson as well! And, even if you get past those three hellcats, there's still Aunt May and her wheatcakes, and Matilda and her Olympic-level wrestling skills to deal with! Hey Riot,you have your Galadorian twin brother and Pizzazz's armored husband to deal with if you try to hurt Spider-Man over Minx, all in this episode!

    Episode 5-89: Welcome to the Hub, Part One

    Anthony and Shana, and Flint and Lady Jaye (Bill Ratner and Mary Lewis), get this spotlight episode where the Faireborns bring their three-year-old son, Nathaniel Dashiell (who will make his speaking appearance as a member of the new Zomboys in Episode 4-48 of Jewel and the Illusions), to see the Julians and their two-and-a-half year-old son Antonio. But, strange things are happening as the couples and their children discover a mysterious resort called the Hub, in a town called Springfield, California! It's an all-inclusive resort where every known fantasy is presented to its patrons by holographic and synthoid lookalikes of various Hasbro Universe characters! And, when Allison and Shana, and Anthony and Dashiell, uncover the real masterminds behind the Hub, Destro (Arthur Burghardt) and the Baroness (Morgan Lofting), it becomes a battle for survival, as all four must deal with the various G.I. Joe and Jem clones attacking them! Plus, what happens when Raya and Luis arrive at the Hub complex with some very special people they've met - Jesse and Mara (yes, the real Mara) Delgado, and they end up joining the other two couples in the fight against the clones and holographic defenses themselves? Find out in this and the next episode!

    Episode 5-90: Welcome to the Hub, Part Two!

    It's a Real American Truly Outrageous battle that's going on at the Hub, as Shana and Lady Jaye, and Anthony and Flint, find themselves battling mutiple clones of various Joes and Holograms characters, in addition to a crapload of Cobra soldiers on their tail! But some unexpected help is coming from nearby Chula Vista, California, as Raya and her fiancee Luis have arrived at the complex inside Botanica (Kathleen Barr), Raya's plant nursery Autobot van, along with a very angry Shipwreck and his new wife, the mermaid Mara (who has since left Cobra and evolved to the point that she can breathe in and out of water) inside of the Autobot hovercraft Seaspray (Frank Welker), to even up the odds! Now, the Julian, Faireborn and Delgado families, along with Raya and Luis, must bring the hammer down on James McMullen and Anastasia Cisarovnia (Destro and the Baroness), and their massive armies before it's too late! But, could the discovery of Shipwreck and Mara's twin daughters Althea and Alyssa by Antonio and Nathaniel lead the toddlers (and Seaspray and Botanica) to shut down the Hub computers in the Romper Room sector without getting caught by the various clone Romper Room Mistresses in that sector? Find out in this tribute episode to Hasbro and Discovery Kids' new entertainment channel of the same name, which premieres on October 10, 2010!

    Next Post: Jem and Friends: Season Five, Arc Two, Week Nine!

    Kenny E. McCall [​IMG]
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    And Friends, Season Five
    Arc Two: Week Nine

    Episode 5-91: Welcome to the Amazon Club

    Katrina Luisa Van Horn (Lisa Marie Varon), the red-haired lesbian strongwoman known as Amazonia, has just opened a rock club for women called the Amazon Club! And for the grand opening, Katrina has invited all of her superpowered and nonpowered female friends, including the Holograms, Misfits, Limp Lizards, Femme Fatales and many more! But, the real story of the episode, is the appearance of Kat's older sister, Lisa Maria Van Horn (Amy Jo Johnson) - herself a lesbian, even though their parents don't know about both daughters being "butch!" And, they have a lot of pent-up feelings to let out to one another! But, will the Wrecking Crew give them all the ammunition they need to turn their childhood anger outward - on the male villains themselves? Yep, that's what happens when so much estrogen crowds out so little testosterone, as two beautiful athletic sisters bury the hatchet, Roxy and Jetta perform a raunchy striptease on the stripper pole, and Dirk Garthwaite and his boys get the biggest beatdown of their lives from over 300 of the smallest, biggest, baddest, boldest and most beautiful women in both the Hasbro and Marvel Universes in this episode!

    Episode 5-92: The Robotix Adventure (or, What Roxy and Jetta Did on Their Skalorrian Vacation), Part One

    Everyone's two favorite monotone Misfits, Roxy and Jetta, visit their friends Stretch Armstrong (Sam Jones III) and Davidia DeVito (Joanie Laurer) on the beach during a fitness modeling shoot with Darci (Samantha Newark) and Erica (Liza Jacqueline). But when an Omicron Beam suddenly teleports the six of them to the planet Skalorr, the musicians, models, Grappler and super-stretchy DJ find themselves on an adventure of supercalifragilistic proportions, as two original Super Sunday segments reunite for the first time in twenty-five years, and four Hasbro toy brands come together for the first time ever in a two-part episode starring the Cybertronian Transformers' ancient cousins, the Robotix! But, what happens when both Darci and Erica Benton meet and fall in love with space hero Exeter Galaxon (Patrick Fraley), and what happens when Roxy, Jetta, Titania and Stretch get caught up in the battle between the Protectons and Terrokors? Find out in this episode!

    Episode 5-93: The Robotix Adventure, Part Two

    Whoa Mama!!! Roxy and company are now caught up in the war between the Protectons and Terrokors, as Roxy and Jetta, and Darci and Erica, find themselves taking on the two most dangerous Terrokors, Nemesis and Tyrannix (Peter Cullen and Frank Welker) after Jetta and Erica knock out both Kanawk and Gaxon (Corey Burton and Neil Ross) out of their cockpits, only to rescued by Argus (Arthur Burghardt), Jerrok (Ross) and Bront (Welker), and their pilots Exeter Galaxon, Tauron (Burton) and Spiro (Cullen), setting up a romantic rivalry between the Benton model sisters over Galaxon, and a battle of the sexes between the two Misfits and their equally obnoxious male counterparts! Meanwhile, Davidia outwits Venturak, only to find Compucore (Susan Silo) and some spare parts leading her to build a brand-new version of Kontorr, with the beautiful raven-haired Grappler as the pilot against the creepy Traxis (Kontorr, Venturak, and Traxis all voiced by Michael Bell). And, Stretch Armstrong lends his elastic body (and phat musical skills) to helping Boltar and Narra, and Steff and Flexor (Burghardt, Silo and Ross) deal with Goon and Steggor (Burton and Welker), and Nomo and Lupus (Fraley and Bell)! But, can Stretch Armstrong, Black Titania, Roxy, Jetta, Darci and Erica help Galaxon deal with an already insane Zarru (Jason Naylor) and Terragar aboard the Terror Star so that they can all go home back to Earth? Find out in this episode!

    Episode 5-94: Man of Power, Fist of Iron, Sirens of Song

    Pimps up, Ho's down, Power Man and Iron Fist are coming to town! Luke Cage (Dennis Haysbert) and Daniel Rand (Linden Ashby) have come to Los Angeles to see Anthony Julian and Lena Lerner, who happen to old friends of Luke Cage from years ago. And, that's got Jessica Drew assigning Jessica Jones to the story, and falling in love with the guy in the first place! Also, Daniel Rand's appearance at a Misfits concert at the Tinsel Town Club brings back some memories for Harvey Gabor, whose baby sister Heather (Daniel's mother), was killed in K'un L'un twenty years ago; Glenn Danson, who met and fought alongside Iron Fist when the hero visited Japan in 1987; and even Pizzazz, where the hero's visit to the club reminds her of her visits to China and Shangri-La in 1986 and 1987 (see the Jem episodes "Adventure in China" and "Journey to Shangri-La" for info), even though she doesn't know that Rand is her cousin, since the last time she saw her Aunt Heather was when she was four years old! Now, when these two Heroes for Hire meet the Holograms and Misfits for the first time, the bands and mercenary heroes find themselves in a battle with two of Eric Raymond's newest associates: the steel-jacketed killer Hardcore (Michael Jai White), and the ruthless Steel Serpent (Mark Dacascos)! Plus what happens when Ferocia (Kelly Hu) returns and starts targeting both Harvey and Pizzazz? And, the Misfits do a rock version of the Carl Douglas hit "Kung Fu Fighting" while Lena Lerner joins Jem and the Holograms in two new songs: "Cage" (done to Isaac Hayes' "Shaft" theme song), and a rough soul version of Jem's "She's Got the Power" called "He's Got the Power" in this episode!

    Episode 5-95: Sons of the Tiger, Daughters of the Dragon

    Jem's martial-arts festival continues with the first full appearance of martial-arts star Brute Lee (Keone Young) when the girls are asked to appear in the new movie about the White Tiger! But, the real story is the appearance of several people from Craig, Aja, Anthony and Shana's childhood when Craig and Stormer's childhood chum Bob Diamond (Jason David Frank), Anthony's best bud Lou Brown (Billy Blanks), and Aja's cousin from Hong Kong, Lin Sun (Johnny Yong Bosch) are called in as the film's technical advisors! Plus, what happens when Aja and Shana join Frenzy and Spider-Man in stopping a dangerous Miami crime queen named Cecilia Ricadonna (Sofia Milos) from setting up her drug operation near Terri's school, only to run into two old friends named Misty Knight (Cree Summer) and Colleen Wing (Patricia Ja Lee), who are working the case! But, everyone better be prepared, because both Ricadonna's drug trafficking business and Brute Lee's White Tiger movie are revealed to be fronts for an even bigger operation being run by the film's beautiful but shady producer, Lotus Newmark (Kate Mulgrew), unless Jem and the Holograms can help Brute Lee, the Sons of the Tiger, and the Daughters of the Dragon bring down both women in this special episode!

    Plus, later at Raya's East Los Angeles home, what happens when Raya comes home, only to find two Mexican sisters named Teresa and Maria Vasquez (Christina Milian and Selena Gomez) visiting the family for Raya's upcoming wedding to Luis, and they're her cousins! And, in Mexico City, what happens when Luis Geraldo's cousin, Angela (Melanie Vallejo), comes home from the FBI Academy for his upcoming wedding to Raya, this time with some freaky martial-arts abilities connected to this previous episode? Find out in the next two epilogues of Jem and Friends!

    Next Posts: Epilogue One: Teresa and Maria, and Epilogue Two: Angela, Spirit of the White Tiger
    Then: Jem and Friends: Season Five, Arc Two, Week Ten!

    Kenny E. McCall [​IMG]
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    Hey Toon Zoners and Jem Fans:

    Even though I'll have all 100 episodes completed for the final season, I still haven't forgotten about the last Hologram to get her nuptials. So, Raya and Luis' wedding will become a six-part, long form fanfic episode starting on Memorial Day, May 31st, 2010.

    Meanwhile, keep enjoying this final season of Jem and Friends.

    Kenny E. McCall :cool:
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    Epilogue Three: Teresa and Maria
    By Kenny Eugene McCall

    The wedding of Luis Geraldo and Carmen Allonso is approaching, but first, there's some real interesting Latinas we would like you to meet, and they're not illegal either!

    Chula Vista, California, May 24, 1993 - Teresa and Maria Vasquez's Residence - 5:32 pm.

    (Teresa Vasquez is a young dancer and former member of the Serpent Society. She is at home with her younger sister Maria, who is about to graduate from Chula Vista High School in June. Maria's boyfriend, Jesse Delgado, has just come in to see her, just as the sisters are watching a VNN news report by Hector Ramirez concerning Jem and the Holograms' involvement in the new White Tiger film.)

    Jesse: Hey Maria! Que Pasa, mi senorita!

    Maria: Hi Jesse.

    Teresa: Quiet you two! Our cousin Carmen is on the TV with Jem and Hector Ramirez in Hollywood!

    Jesse: Ay mami! My Uncle Shipwreck and Aunt Mara were with Miss Raya and her boyfriend Luis at that horrible amusement park in Springfield last week helping Flint, Lady Jaye and the Julians deal with COBRA! She was awesome!

    Teresa: She sure is! Did you know that our favorite cousin is getting married soon?


    Maria: Yep! And we're going to see her next week in East Los Angeles. She said that the wedding will be in Mexico City, where he is from...

    Teresa: ...And where our family is originally from! Don't forget that!

    Jesse: Like Jem's sister Kimber would say: OUTRAGEOUS!!!
    (Later on in the evening, Teresa is in her bedroom, where she makes a call to a friend of hers concerning the trip to Los Angeles.)

    Teresa: Hello, is Arianna Ravenscroft there? Can I speak to her please?

    (Arianna Ravenscroft is the daughter of Adrian Ravenscroft, the villain from Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines. She is also the Serpent Society member Black Racer in the Marvel Universe, and Teresa's best friend.)

    Arianna (on phone from her own home): This is she. Teresa, is that you girlfriend?

    Teresa: It's Teresa, girlfriend. Listen up! It's time. Put your costume on girl, and get that slut Coachwhip ready to go! Me and Maria are going to pick you up tomorrow, and we're all headed for Los Angeles to see Carmen and the brothers! My girl's getting married in two weeks!

    Arianna: WHAT!!! Raya's getting married to that Luis Geraldo fella? Does Gustav or Gordon know? What about Blanche? Tanya? Cleo?

    Teresa: Rattler, Puff Adder and Anaconda already know! Those three have been with the Grapplers and Holograms ever since Eric Raymond tried to hurt Carmen six years ago! Lucky for my cousin that nice hombre, Craig Phillips, almost killed him that day, and Gustav's got that blonde sexpot of a sister, Ingrid, to deal with! But, he'll be there.

    Arianna: Oh Man! I forgot about Minx! She and her sister Astrid are absolutely nothing but trouble!, My friend, Rio Pacheco, always would rebuff her advances! As for Black Mamba and Asp, they're probably too busy sucking up to that diva Diamondback to even care!

    Teresa: Yeah, Mamacita! But Eric Raymond has long been out of prison and he's looking for his big chance to destroy the Holograms and Misfits, and I'm afraid Carmen and Luis' wedding may be the time to strike! Good thing for us that our friend Zelda and the Limp Lizards will join us for the trip!

    Arianna: Let's hope so. Because Harvey Gabor's brought in that Parker kid from New York to help them bust that freak! But, we got a surprise for monkey boy, and it ain't gonna be pretty! Believe that Senorita Vasquez! The Serpent Squad and Limp Lizards will be the one helping the Holograms and Misfits with Raymond and his friends! And, you can take that to the bank!

    Teresa: And, from what Zelda told me about her sister Valeria's participation in the first Battle of the Bands years ago, and the situation with Phyllis "Pizzazz" Gabor and her now husband Glenn Danson, the Misfits will surely welcome us for the fight! Tomorrow then, Ari?

    Arianna: Tomorrow, senorita. Bye.

    Teresa: Bye, Arianna.

    (Maria Vasquez comes in to her sister's room.)

    Teresa: You heard, Maria.

    Maria: Yeah. Just came back from the Delgados an hour ago. We're going to see Carmen and her family tomorrow, right?

    Teresa: Yep! But first, we're going to call Hector and Mara, and see if they would like to go with us! Put your Tarantula costume on girl. It's going to be a long day in the morning.

    Maria: All right, sis.
    It is the next day. Shooting had wrapped on the White Tiger movie two days earlier with the arrests of both Cecilia Ricadonna and Lotus Newmark for their part in the movie's sabotage. the Autobot STARS member Botanica (an Allonso Plant Nursery van/robot) is bringing her human sister Raya home, unaware that a surprise is waiting for her.

    Botanica (in van mode): Raya, we're almost home. What's wrong?

    Raya: Oh Botanica, I just got the jitters about this wedding. I love Luis and all, but I don't know if I should go through with this! Wait! What is Seaspray doing here, and why are Shipwreck and Mara escorting that group of women into the house?

    Botanica: I know that those first group of girls are the Limp Lizards. But, that other girl group with Zelda DuBois, they're...

    Raya: ...the Serpent Squad! Kimber told me about them a while back! - Oh no! It can't be!

    Botanica (transforming to robot mode): What's wrong, Carmen?

    Raya: Those two girls, they're Teresa and Maria Vasquez, my...

    (Just as Raya was about to complete her sentence, the two sisters proceed towards their pink-haired cousin and her green and pink Autobot friend.)

    Raya: ...Botanica, no! Don't shoot! Fer-De-Lance - I mean Teresa - she's my...

    Teresa (in costume): ...favorite cousin! Don't be scared Carmen. It's us, Teresa and Maria! We came to see you, and brought some friends for the wedding!

    Maria (in costume): Carmen, mi amiga! It's all right, you're home and we're here! Don't be so frightened of us! We just came to see you, Uncle Carlos, Aunt Christina and your brothers! Teresa! Collapse your blades and take Carmen into the house! She fainted at the sight of us in our costumed identities!

    To be Continued after Arc Two, Week Ten of Jem and Friends!

    End of Epilogue Two. Executive Producer: Kenny Eugene McCall.​

    All Jem characters: 1985-2010 Hasbro Entertainment/Sunbow Productions, all rights reserved.
    All Marvel Universe characters: 2010 Marvel Characters Inc./The Walt Disney Company. All rights reserved.
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    Epilogue Four: Angela: Spirit of the White Tiger
    By Kenny Eugene McCall

    With Raya finally meeting her maternal cousins Teresa and Maria Vasquez, Raya is about to meet the members of Princess Python's Serpent Squad, who are here for Raya and Luis' wedding next week, and to help with bringing down Eric Raymond and his friends. But, that's another epilogue coming soon. Now, we go to Mexico City, Mexico, where tour guide Luis Geraldo has just come out of a movie theater where the White Tiger film was shown for the first time, with his twin sister Lola and younger sisters Linda and Laura, unaware that they're about to get a visit from the White Tiger herself!

    Outside Cinema Mexicali, Mexico City, MX - May 26, 1993 - 6:25pm.

    Luis: Lola, Linda, Laura, how did you like the new movie, senoritas?

    Linda: It was beautiful. I actually liked Brute Lee's cameo in it. He was very funny.

    Laura: That new actress, Carissa Carillo, was pretty good as the new White Tiger. But I much preferred that our cousin, Angela, would have picked for the White Tiger role.

    Lola: I'm surprised that they ended production and got it rushed to theatres that quick with the arrests of those two women in Hollywood recently. I knew that Lotus Newmark was up to something when she became financier and producer on the flick!

    Luis: With the mystery surrounding Lotus and her connection to that Ricadonna chick from Miami, It's no wonder that Brute Lee had the Sunbow Pictures film rushed to theatres so fast! But the real question is: what would Cousin Angela think of someone else playing the White Tiger, a hero that has been part of our family for generations!

    Lola: And with the news that Cousin Angela has just graduated from the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, and is coming back home to Tegucigalpa for your and Raya's wedding, This is one mystery she wants to be part of!

    Luis: I agree, Senorita Lola. From our grandparents Hector and Rosalina Ayala, to our uncle Hector and our mother Layla, and now Angela, the White Tiger has been one of Mexico and Puerto Rico's greatest crimefighters serving both countries in the cause of justice. Each White Tiger being a member of our blended Hispanic family for over 100 years!

    Laura: Hey Luis! Will Jem and the Holograms be at the wedding, since Raya is a member of that group? I liked their new songs for the movie!

    Luis: Sure they will, little Laura. I've known Jem and her sisters for a few years now. So they will definitely come. Alright everybody, into the van. We're going home. There's a wedding to prepare for and a beautiful girl to marry.
    On the main road to Tegucigalpa, Mexico - 7:15 pm

    Linda: So big brother, are you going to be the White Tiger someday?

    Luis: I may already be one of many White Tigers in our family. But I took a different, more peaceful path as a tour guide. You remember that I told you about Jem's visit here in Mexico years ago, don't you?

    Linda: Yeah, I do but...

    Lola: Luis! What are those wolves doing on the road blocking us? They shouldn't be here!

    Laura: iAy caramba! It's Los Hermanos del Lobo! They're gonna kill us!

    Luis: The Lobo Brothers! They're murderous drug dealers and killers, as well as bona fide werewolves! Everyone hide!

    As the Geraldo sisters go to the back of the van, Luis Geraldo attempts to defend his family's honor. But, just as the werewolves attempt to pounce on Luis, a mysterious white tiger appears suddenly, carrying a young Mexican-American woman on its back! But, this Latina has some serious martial-arts skills, as she and the tiger brutally cut down the Lobo Brothers' lupine allies. This allows the mysterious white tiger to guard the women, while Luis and his ladyfriend deal with Ernesto, Eduardo, and Carlos Lobo with ruthless efficiency!

    The Lobo Brothers: Let's get out of here! We're totally outnumbered by the White Tiger! She's too powerful!

    (The beautiful ninja mistress finally confronts Luis Geraldo, revealing herself to be his cousin, Angela Del Toro.)

    Angela/White Tiger: Hello Cousin Luis! Miss me much?

    (Suddenly, her tiger finally reveals himself to the family. He is none other than Tigertron. He is an Autobot Maximal who became Angela's companion when her pet tiger was scanned after its death.)

    Luis: ANGELA!!! You're finally home from Virginia! (He gives his cousin a big hug.)

    Lola, Linda, Laura: Cousin Angie! You're home!

    Angela: Lola, I saw everything, so I decided to help my family out and get you guys home to prepare for Luis' marriage to Carmen Allonso. Before I got back here, I met with Raya's cousins, the Vasquez sisters! They're already in East Los Angeles with the Allonsos!

    Tigertron (White snow tiger/robot): Hello, la familia Geraldo. I am called Tigertron, from Cybertron, home of the Transformers!

    Laura: Madre mios! El cybernetico gigante!

    Luis: So you're a FBI agent now, Angela?

    Angela: No! I just got recruited by Colonel Nick Fury of SHIELD! I'll be reporting to him after the wedding. But, as I said before, mi familia, we have a wedding to prepare and attend, and a man named Eric Raymond to put back in prison!

    Lola: It is settled then, Luis. Let's get off this road and back home to Tegucigalpa before more of those lycanthropes return for us!

    Angela: Agreed, Lola. Plus, It'll be great to see the Holograms at the wedding and meet your brother's fiancee, Raya. She seems to be a very nice person in my opinion.

    Luis: She is, Angela. She definitely is.

    End of Epilogue Four. Executive Producer: Kenny Eugene McCall.​

    All Jem characters: 1985-2010 Hasbro Entertainment/Sunbow Productions, all rights reserved.
    White Tiger character: 1974-2010 Marvel Characters Inc./The Walt Disney Company. All rights reserved.
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    And Friends, Season Five
    Arc Two: Week Ten (Series Finale Week)
    (These episodes are one-hour in length)​

    Episode 5-96: Starlight Alpha Flight

    Wolverine (Scott McNeil) and Nemesis (Liza Jacqueline) make their return to the series, as the Misfits and Holograms find themselves in Toronto, Ontario, Canada visiting a pair of actress sisters named Traci and Tricia Bradshaw (special voice over by Trish Stratus and Traci Brooks) who are looking for their big break in the States! But, the real shiznit going on, is their manager, a ruthless talent manager named Delphine Courtney (voiced by Maryse Ouellet), and her plans to destroy her girls before reaching Hollywood! But, can both bands deal with Delphine's new enforcers, Omega Flight, and the woman's ruthless boyfriend, Roxxon Oil Canada CEO Jerry Jaxon (Donald Francks)? Luckily, Glenn Danson is about to get a visit from an old friend in James MacDonald Hudson (Michael Adamthwaite) and Canada's premier superteam, Alpha Flight! The Guardsman and the Guardian join forces again, as the Misfits, Wolverine, and Alpha Flight take down Omega Flight, and Jerrica and Kimber join their fellow sisters in helping their Canadian actress counterparts Tricia and Traci, and Nemesis, deal with Delphine Courtney and her freakish cyborg powers, all in this episode!​

    Episode 5-97: The Soviet Super Soldiers Are Coming, The Soviet Super Soldiers Are Coming!

    Queen Adrianna of Morvania, and the Black Widow (Olivia D'Abo), return to the series, as Jem and the Holograms and Models Incorporated find themselves in Melina and Adrianna's home country dealing with the dangerous Omega Red and the superpowered Red Mafia, who are looking to overthrow the Morvanian monarchy through force! That doesn't sit well with Models Inc's resident armored Morvanian model, and she and Adrianna have had it with Arkady Gregorivich and his attempts to kill the young queen! But, what the Carbonadium-powered villain doesn't know, is that friend Natalia Romanova has called in Melina's boyfriend, Dmitri Bukharin, and the Soviet Super-Soldiers! Can the Holograms and Synergy, Melina and Models Inc., and the Black Widow and the Soviet Super-Soldiers all take out the Red Mafia and Omega Red before Adrianna and Corven are taken out? Plus, Dmitri proposes to Melina in marriage and her inclusion in the Russian superteam, and Jerrica meets Natalia's cousin, Tania Belinskaya (voiced by Olivia D'Abo's real-life cousin, Maryam D'Abo), the new Red Guardian, and one who suspiciously bears a resemblance to Kimber, but with black hair, all in this episode!​

    Episode 5-98: Video and the Vampire Hunter

    Blade the Vampire Hunter (Wesley Snipes) guest stars in this tale where Video accompanies both Shana Elmsford and Regine Cesaire back to New Orleans, Louisiana for a fashion show in the French Ouarter. But, what they don't know, is that the Zomboys have returned to New Orleans, and they're at war with the Dreadnoks! Worse yet, both groups are about to run into Gambit (Alessandro Juliani) and the Thieves Guild, and Belladonna (Lenore Zann) and the Guild of Assassins! But, what are these four groups doing gathered on Bourbon Street anyway? Could it have something to do with the rash of vampire attacks on all four groups recently committed by a dangerous new vampire named Morlun (Malcolm McDowell)? That's what Shana and Regine must find out when they help the Daywalker and the X-Man save the blonde filmmaker's life when Video becomes Morlun's latest victim in this episode!

    Episode 5-99: The Return of Megatron, The Fall of Ultron

    Ultron's control of the Decepticons is at an end when Megatron makes his return and attempts to eliminate his betrayers, including Alkhema and Eric Raymond! Meanwhile, Spider-Man and Spider-Woman finally give Jerrica Pacheco and Pizzazz Danson key information on many of Eric's allies in the Marvel and Hasbro Universe as the info also gets to G.I. JOE and the Autobots, who use it to inadvertently help Megatron bring Ultron down! Also, Luis Geraldo and Raya Allonso's families all meet as they prepare for the couple's wedding, and to help the bands, superheroes, Transformers and Joes bring down the Decepticon/human alliance! And, MASK, the Centurions and the Earth Corps all join the Joes as they fold right into a brand new and revamped SHIELD under General Nick Fury as they begin to dismantle the Alliance of Evil in this special episode!

    Episode 5-100 (400th episode/Series Finale): The Fall of Eric Raymond, The Reinvention of Jerrica Benton

    Eric and Elias Raymond are on the run as all of their allies have been captured by SHIELD and Ultron and Alkhema brutally slain by Optimus Prime, Megatron and the Autobots! Meanwhile, Jerrica's about to have her second child, Pizzazz her next set of twins, and Kimber her first, as the X-Men stop by Starlight Mansion to visit the Holograms and Misfits as they get ready for the trip to Mexico in five days! But, if they think that it's over, think again as Eric and Doc Terror have taken control of and weaponized the Sentinels for a final attack on Synergy, KAREN, and the bands and the music companies they represent! Too bad Cyclops (Kirby Morrow) and Havok (Matt Hill), and Jean Grey (Venus Terzo) and Lorna Dane (Meghan Black), have just joined the Holograms and Misfits in decimating the Sentinels and Raymonds in the final battle! Plus, one of the brothers will not make it past his first day in prison, we get to meet babies Jessica, Patricia, Mary Louise, and Jack, and there's a wedding to attend as Luis and Raya get married next post!

    Next Posts: Epilogue Five: Luis and Raya - A Mexican Family Wedding

    Kenny E. McCall [​IMG]
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    Epilogue Five: Requiem for a Cyborg Villain, Birth of a New Starlight Generation
    By Kenny Eugene McCall

    With the destruction of the Sentinels by the X-Men and the bands, Dr. Elias "Doc Terror" Raymond and his brother Eric Raymond have been taken into custody by the Centurions to be delivered into SHIELD and General Nick Fury. But something's fishy here, as a beautiful female has just disguised herself as a SHIELD operative under the command of Contessa Valentina Allegra De La Fontaine, an old friend of Countess Danielle DuVoisen.

    SHIELD Helicarrier, Prisoner Transfer Area - May 31, 1993 - 1:51pm.

    Jake Rockwell: SHIELD Agent Jake Rockwell, Centurions Project Division, here to deliver Dr. Elias Raymond, aka Doc Terror, into SHIELD custody for trial.

    Glenn Danson: Glenn Danson, founder, Land of Mischief Musicworks, here to deliver his brother, former Misfits Music and Starlight Music head Eric Raymond, into SHIELD custody for trial.

    Valentina Fontaine: Agent Rockwell, Guardsman Leader Danson, we've been looking for these two for close to three years now since their escape from federal prison. You and your wife Pizzazz okay, Guardsman?

    Glenn: She is, Commander Fontaine. She just gave birth to twin girls last week, and they're going with us to Mexico City for our friend's wedding.

    Valentina: We know. Danielle told me. That's why your wife is on the Helicarrier in the mobile hospital with Kimber and Jerrica Benton, Mary Phillips and Rio Pacheco. You can see them if you like.

    Jake: I'll be accompanying him to the hospital area.

    Valentina: Glenn, you and Pizzazz tell the Countess and her friends that I said hi.

    Doc Terror: You Centurions and Misfits think you have seen the last of the Raymond family, but there will come a time in which I will return to make your pathetic lives even more miserable!

    Jake: Fat Chance, Doc! Val, take these two jerks outta my sight! Glenn, I've gotta see your twin daughters!

    SHIELD Prisoner Cell Block 20 - May 31, 1993 - 2:30 pm

    Eric: You know big brother, we are definitely in trouble! Not only has our alliance failed, but now we're the target of every known superhero team and music group in the combined Marvel/Hasbro Universe!

    Doc Terror: I know, little brother. That's why I had Amber, my daughter and your niece, contact a fellow scientist friend of ours named Dr. Anton Arkeville to help get us out of prison.

    Eric: Arkeville! That guy almost took over the world with those mind-controlled construction workers that went after the Autobots nine years ago! Spike's father, William Witwicky, was involved in that incident!

    Doc Terror: That's why I had Dr. Arkeville put a chip on Amber's neck so that he could keep her in line. She'll never betray me to those Centurions, even if her life depended on it!

    Eric: You're forgetting one thing, Elias, I too had a genius of my own. His name was Techrat, and he betrayed me after I shot Pizzazz's then-fiancee with a bullet meant for her!

    Doc Terror: Oh no! not Terence Beck! His cousin Mysterio is bad, but he's worse! You better hope that Arkeville gets to him before the Centurions do, because if he and his brother Fitzgerald get to Amber and deactivate Anton's handywork, we're both done for!

    Eric: That's what I'm afraid of!

    SHIELD Special Projects Laboratory - May 31, 1993 - 3:11pm

    Speaking of Techrat, the mad genius has already reached Amber Raymond, and removed Dr. Anton Arkeville's mind-control chip from her neck. But not before Arkeville was brutally murdered by Beatta Dubiel of the Femme Fatales.

    Techrat: Amber, are you alright? My name is Terence Beck, and this is my ladyfriend, Beatta Dubiel.

    Bloodlust (speaking as Beatta): Hello, Ms. Raymond. Dr. Arkeville's device was removed from your neck. Your father had it put on you earlier.

    Amber Raymond: Thank you, both of you! My father sent this cretin to take control of me so I wouldn't stop him and his slimy brother from escaping the SHIELD Helicarrier and killing the Dansons, Pachecos, and their children! But, I have a surprise for them tonight, and they're not going to like it one bit!

    Techrat: I can't wait! By the way Amber, have you met the couples' children?

    Amber: I did. A young lady named Carmen showed me the children, but the scientist's chip fried itself out before I could kidnap them. Another young lady named Danielle wiped out all memory of my mission from me and those involved with the children.

    Techrat: Good! Listen to me Amber. I know you and my brother Fitzgerald have been seeing each other as of late!

    Amber: (sigh) I am, Terence. We met each other two years after the first Maria Castello incident with Jem, and quickly fell in love, despite my father's objections. Then, when I heard that my uncle Eric was responsible for the attempted murder of Phyllis Gabor, I knew that my father was involved in it somehow.

    Techrat: I know. Fitz told me. Amber, promise me one thing, that when you two get married one day, that you guys stay loose and give me a nephew or niece someday. And don't worry about it, there are some SHIELD officials that want your father dead, so you'll have no problem taking him out!

    Amber: Thank you, Techrat. Tell Jem and the Holograms that I will be at Carmen's wedding in two days.

    SHIELD Infirmary - May 31, 1993 - 3:18pm.

    Everyone is gathered here in the infirmary for the birth of Kimber and Sean Harrison's son, Jacob Emmett "Jack" Harrison. Kimber and Sean have been moved from Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles to the SHIELD Helicarrier for the long trip to Mexico City along with her sister Jerrica and friend Phyllis. SHIELD Director Nick Fury is about to meet the three women and their bands.

    General Nick Fury: Well, well, well! If it isn't Jerrica and Kimber Benton, and Phyllis Gabor, along with their husbands Rio Pacheco, Sean Harrison and our Guardsman commander, Glenn Danson! How is everyone and their children doing? I see some potential SHIELD agents here!

    Jerrica: We're doing fine, Director Fury. This is our new daughter, Jessica Marlene Pacheco.

    Pizzazz: And our new twin daughters, Patricia Alice and Mary Louise Danson.

    Kimber: And our new son, Jacob Emmett Sean Harrison. Jack, or Jesse, for short.

    Fury: Even Anthony and Shana's own child, Antonio, is with you guys! I saw your adventure with Lieutenant Faireborn and his lovely wife Alison at that horrible Hub operation two weeks ago, Shana and Anthony. Good Job!

    Anthony and Shana: Thank you, Director Fury. If it wasn't for Lieutenant Delgado and his wife, Mara, and Raya and Luis, we would've never gotten past Destro and the Baroness' traps

    Raya and Luis: I think we all should thank Botanica, Seaspray, Hound and the babies for that, Anthony.

    Fury: Who da thunk it! Emmett and Jacqueline Benton's kids all together and fighting the forces of evil! And Carmen Allonso's with them as a member of the Holograms! Man, Christina Allonso's gonna be proud of her only daughter in two days!

    (SHIELD agent Timothy "Dum-Dum" Dugan comes into the room with SHIELD nurse Bianca Bailey, who happens to be the daughter of Starlight housekeeper Irene Bailey)

    Dum-Dum Dugan: Top of the morning to ya, Glenn! Just got back from seeing your parents! Man, they are proud of ya! How are those little sassy lassies, the Misfits, including your lovely wife, Phyllis?

    Glenn: Hey Dugan! Why don't you ask them and the kids yourself?

    Misfits: HIYA TIMMY!!!

    Dugan: It's Deputy Director Dugan, Timothy Aloyosius Dugan, not Timmy!

    Pizzazz: They know who you are, Deputy Director.

    Dugan: Well, Phyllis Margaret Gabor, I mean Pizzazz, you have some beautiful children there.

    Pizzazz: Thank you, Dum-Dum.

    Nurse Bianca Bailey: Alright all of you. It's time for the older little ones to return with me and Mama Irene to Starlight House!

    Rio: Alright, all of you, your new cousins need their sleep now, so you, Glenn Jr. and Phillip go with Mrs. Bailey and Miss Bianca to see the Starlight Girls in the recreation room, and don't mess with anything, ok?

    Kids: okay!
    SHIELD Helicarrier, Outside Cell Block Area 20 - June 1, 1993 - 12:00am.

    Eric and Elias Raymond are sleeping in their cell when suddenly, they are awaken by a series of silent Doom Drones, who take both Raymonds hostage and two women named Amber and Josie show up.

    Eric: Elias! What's going on? What's wrong with your robots! Oh no!

    Elias: Amber! Josie! What are you doing? I am your father! Don't... !

    Amber: Wouldn't you like to know, Daddy and Uncle Eric! By the way, have I ever told you that Josie and I are Jem fans?

    Eric: Amber, Circuit Breaker, no!!!!

    Elias: Eric, we're being teleported!

    (Glenn and the Guardsmen finally arrive at the cell to see them gone from the Helicarrier itself!)

    Guardsman Dille: Commander Danson! Eric Raymond, Doc Terror, they're gone!!!

    Glenn: Don't do anything Guardsman. It's all Techrat and Amber's show right now. Doc Terror's reign is over! But, for Eric, the nightmare is just beginning.

    Guardsman Blu: I'll bet on my sweet Auntie Sue that the old cyborg won't even survive what his own daughter will be giving him once they get to Techrat's lab! Say Glenn, have you ever met my aunt, the legendary voice actress Susan Blu?

    Glenn: I have, years ago at Burr Recording Studios, when they started on the Super Sunday cartoon!

    Guardsman Dille: Then, you must have met my uncle Flint!

    Guardsman Darling: And, my cousin Jennifer!

    Glenn: In fact, I met them all in the recording sessions for Transformers and Visionaries in different years.

    Guardsman Loesch: Man, my mom Margaret is gonna kill me if I don't get some shots of Raya and Luis' wedding for the Sunbow Registry Catalog, and she worked on those Jem cartoons!

    Guardsman Claster: You think that's bad? my mom Nancy and dad Bert used to run the Romper Room show and Bowling for Dollars back in Baltimore in the fifties and the seventies, and now my big sister Sally wants some videos of the Mexico wedding for our family's company, Claster Television, before it becomes part of Hasbro in two weeks!

    Glenn: Claster Television? Whoa! I met the Clasters on the Great Space Coaster set with Joe Bacal years ago when I was in college! Sally's doing the television special with our bands tomorrow when we land in Mexico!

    Guardsman Gabor (Pizzazz): Then, what are we waiting for, my love? We have a wedding to attend!

    Glenn: You said it! Say Phyllis, have you ever thought about keeping and modifying that Guardsman uniform?

    End of Epilogue Five. Executive Producer: Kenny Eugene McCall.​

    All Jem and Centurions characters: 1985-2010 Hasbro Entertainment/Sunbow Productions/Ruby-Spears Enterprises, all rights reserved.
    All SHIELD characters: 1964-2010 Marvel Characters Inc./The Walt Disney Company. All rights reserved.
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