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Jackie Chan Adventures on DVD!

Discussion in 'toonzone News Archive' started by James Harvey, Aug 1, 2001.

  1. James Harvey

    James Harvey The World's Finest
    Staff Member Administrator Moderator Reporter

    Apr 23, 2001
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    <img src="http://www.toonzone.net/worldsfinest/wfnewspage/jackiechanadvdvd1.gif" align="right" vspace="3" hspace="3" alt="Jackie & Jade Chan">Coming on October 23rd from Sony/Columbia is <b>The Jackie Chan Adventures: The Search For The Talisman</b>. This animated series is presented in full frame with English, French, Spanish and Portuguese 2.0 stereo and subtitle tracks, an exclusive interview with Jackie Chan, and bonus trailers. Retail is $24.95. It doesn't say how many episodes are on the disc, but likely six or seven episodes. Meaing the initial 13 episode season will be stretched over two discs, the latter to be released later. The DVD is being released the same day as <b>Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within</b>.<P>

    The DVD will likely contain these six episodes:<P>

    <li>#1 The Dark Hand<br>
    <li>#2 he Power Within<br>
    <li>#3 The Mask of El Toro Fuerte<br>
    <li>#4 Enter the Viper<br>
    <li>#5 Project A, for Astal<br>
    <li>#6 Shell Game<p>

    And maybe episode #7 Bullies.
    #1 James Harvey, Aug 1, 2001
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 1, 2001

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