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    With the Inhuman Royal Family making its live-action debut on the big screens today (you can discuss their series here), before premiering on television as well towards the end of September, I thought it would be nice to have a place to talk about all of your favorite Inhumans moments from the cartoons or the comics over the years.


    Debuting in the pages of The Fantastic Four comics back in the 60s, the Inhumans were created by the legendary duo of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The Inhuman Royal Family usually consists of Black Bolt, Medusa, Karnak, Gorgon, Crystal, Triton and Lockjaw, while their most frequent foe turns out to be Maximus the Mad. Even though the Inhumans usually try to separate themselves from the rest of the humans (or creatures, or whatever) that inhabit the Marvel Universe, throughout the years they have encountered and interacted with many other heroes. They have also gone through various story-lines such as "Silent War", "War of Kings", or more recently "Civil War II", to name just a few.

    The Inhumans have had a pretty good career in animation. In the last few years, they have appeared in just about every Marvel animated project, thus crossing paths with the likes of Spider-Man, Hulk, the Avengers or the Guardians of the Galaxy. In hindsight, one could think this was Marvel's way of promoting the characters in anticipation of the live-action series. At the same time, focusing only on the Inhumans has kind of pushed the X-Men into the background. It is also somewhat ironic that the Fantastic Four, the title characters of the comics that introduced the Inhumans in the first place, are also pretty much absent from current Marvel animated projects. But I digress...

    They never had their own animated series, but played a rather large role in the second (and improved) season of the 1994 Fantastic Four show. Throughout its run it touched on many aspects from the comics - Medusa starts out as a member of the Frightful Four, Johnny Storm meeting and instantly falling in love with Crystal, the Inhumans' origin, etc. For many episodes the Inhumans were trapped in the City of Attilan due to an impenetrable force field (thanks to Maximus) but were able to escape towards the end of the season. It's a pretty great story-arc which I remember enjoying a lot. There are times the story feels rushed and it's a bit too melodramatic in places but overall I think it still holds up.

    Hulk and the Agents of SMASH was the first modern show to feature the Inhumans. In this version, it is A-Bomb (formerly known as Rick Jones) who meets and falls in love with Crystal. The episode does offer a decent parallel between the Inhumans and the Hulks, though the story isn't all that great. The Hulks on this show usually acted more like the Fantastic Four would (as I said, Rick Jones basically takes the place of Johnny Storm here) but the team dynamics weren't that much fun. The Inhumans have also appeared in a few episodes of Ultimate Spider-Man. Starting with the second season, Triton was one of the young heroes Spidey recruited for his New Warriors team. The rest of the Royal Family appears in a couple of episodes, most notably "Inhumanity". The Guardians of the Galaxy also encountered the Inhuman Royal Family, in a couple of episodes from the Guardians' own animated series. For this to happen, the City of Attilan was launched into space and they dwelled some more on the Inhumans' origin tying it with the Kree, who were already represented on the show by Ronan the Accuser.

    And the most recent cartoon to feature the Inhumans is Avengers Assemble. The show's third season featured multiple appearances from the Inhuman Royal Family, as well as introduced a new wave of Inhumans thanks to Ultron's plan to unleash the Terrigen Mist across the world (as a result, Kamala Khan became the new Ms. Marvel). The Inhumans also played a big role in the season finale, the four-part "Civil War" story, where the Inhumans Registration Act ignites a war between the heroes. It's a decent enough idea and a pretty unique take on the story-line from the comics, only with the Inhumans and Ultron squeezed into it in some kind of surprising ways.

    As you can probably imagine, the Inhumans had different designs and voice actors in just about each show they appeared in since 1978 (on The New Fantastic Four animated series - a show I didn't mention before because I don't really have much to say about it). The image above, for example, comes from Hulk and the Agents of SMASH (2014) and since then, they have been re-designed at least once. As for voice actors, there have been a lot of them over the years so I am not going to list them all (no disrespect meant to any of them), but the most recent ones would be Catherine Taber (Medusa), Nolan North (Gorgon), James Arnold Taylor (Triton), Mary Faber (Crystal) and Diedrich Bader (Maximus). Special shout-outs to Mark Hamil (Maximus) and Michael Dorn (Gorgon) on the 90s Fantastic Four show. Black Bolt's few lines of dialogue have most recently been provided by Fred Tatasciore.

    It remains to be seen what the future holds for the Inhumans in animation, but I think there's a chance we haven't seen the last of them yet - and depending on how successful their live-action series is, we will probably have more stories about them in the next few years.

    Use this thread to discuss anything related to the Inhumans' appearances in cartoons - do you have a favorite incarnation? Any favorite designs, or voice actors? Is there a story from the comics you'd like to see adapted someday? Are there any lesser-known or mostly ignored Inhumans you'd like to see someday animated? How would you feel if some of the Inhumans featured on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD appeared in animated form? Would you like to see them interact with other characters they have not yet encountered in a cartoon? Is there any other villain you'd like to see them confront other than Maximus the Mad? Do you think the Inhumans are a suitable temporary replacement for the X-Men?

    Leave a comment below and discuss!
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    I think Crystal might have been the first one I was familiar with due to being lucky enough to get my hands on some FF issues from her tenure as Sue's substitute when I was a kid. I wasn't sure what an Inhuman really was but I did think she had pretty cool powers, though they felt similar to Storm's and I was very familiar with her at the time. I might have been vaguely familiar with Medusa as well but it was FF Season 2's Inhumans Saga that really schooled me on everything. Most of the focus was on Johnny and Crystal's star-crossed courtship but it was still cool to be introduced to all of these ideas. Black Bolt was the big standout, too. I remember being bewildered when this pretty boy in a cool costume stepped up to fight The Thing and then being shocked when he outclassed him. He does seem to have everything, so it seems only fitting that he would not be able to talk freely. You couldn't be a Marvel hero without at least one drawback.

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    Crystal Is one of my favorite Inhumans though i haven't read the Inhumans in the Marvel Comics but i've seen the Inhumans in action on TV(In their animation incarnations) Which since i was a kid. And i agree on you're opinion. Even though Crystal was important i appreciate the Inhumans in the Marvel Television and the comics. But she had 3 cameos in Marvel animation Two of them in USM(In a picture with her royal family and in the Inhuman city of Atorag which she had no lines at all or didn't appear in the USM episode Inhumanity) and in Ultron Revolution(Alongside Triton cause they missed out in action with their family). I think she needs to appear more often.
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