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  1. SRB2Unleashed

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    Jan 6, 2010
    *MOVE IF NEEDED; I posted this as it's own thread in hopes of it getting more acknowledgement*

    As you guys can tell, while Toonami's fine, ratings are to the fans, mediocre, or average at best. We all know Toonami is capable of doing much more better, regardless of it's late timeslot. Now another thing we need to keep in mind is Nielson ratings, Toonami's likely to do better than we think. I'm not sure if there's a way, but a key step is for any Nielson viewers any of you know to just ask them to watch Toonami, or if they're sleeping, to DVR/Leave the TV on, even if they're uninterested it wouldn't hurt to ask them to leave the TV on Cartoon Network/Adult Swim. Now I'm not sure the process of becoming a Nielson home, from my understanding so far it's picked randomly. However if there's a way to volunteer for it, that's another thing us faithful can do, whether that's calling up there or writing a letter asking to do it, all shots would be worth it.

    Outside of that, the future of Toonami is in our hands, regardless. While it's not gonna be lost as easily as it was last time, since the employees working on Toonami aren't paid for it, it's a small team and just not as much money being put into it, feels like ways for WS to avoid a second cancellation and for them just to do this out of the kindness of their hearts. We must remember, Toonami's an afterthought to the team because they have other jobs they have to do first.

    So here's some ideas I've had:

    - I, myself, is personally gonna work on the school newspaper (the format it's in is...not good) and one of the sections I'm gonna hope to slide in is a TV and Videogames section. If not that, regardless I'm gonna try to sneak a Toonami Ad onto there with times and listings. It may not do a whole lot, but it's definetly worth a shot.

    - We could try trending #AdvertiseToonami again, Adult Swim seemed to tone down the advertising for it lately, as before after it trended the first time we got a promo every other commercial break or so it felt like. A second trending could help that, in addition to having AS realize how much we like Toonami and want to see it have a brighter future than it already has. They said they won't advertise on other channels because they like people to tell another person, who tells another person, etc. But honestly, an #AdvertiseToonamiOnOtherChannels hashtag would also benefit too.

    - Not sure if we could make this into a hashtag, but all shows on there now and that will be added (atleast for the first half of the block) need promos, that can be condensed into 15 and 30 sec spots (I used the TC promo into a 15 and 30 sec version as an example which I will upload and post later)

    With this, along with standard Toonami promos, people will get attracted by the appeals of shows. With individual show promos being shown on specific weeknights.

    Ex of promo scheduling:

    Sun - Long Lineup promo
    Mon - Bleach, Standard Toonami promo (or promo saying what game review will be for the week)
    Tues - Tenchi Muyo GXP, Standard promo
    Wed - Samurai 7, Standard promo
    Thur - ThunderCats, SBT promos
    Fri - Eureka 7, Long Lineup promo
    Sat - Long Lineup promo

    - An attempt to create a #WatchToonami video with the purpose of it to go viral would be fun to do and if it works it could trend on Twitter as well

    - Last, but not least, while it's a longshot, the Faithful ourselves could find and agree on a specific show (classic or new) that's not owned by a competitor (I'm looking at you DBZ) that could convince AS to pick it up without harming Toonami's budget

    Ex: #NarutoShippudenForToonami or #TigerAndBunnyForToonami

    That's really the toughest one out of them all, considering it would be tricky knowing if AS would follow through or not.

    Any other recommendations please post in this thread. I would love to see Toonami reach it's full potential of ratings.
  2. Manga4life


    Feb 8, 2010
    I think improving Toonami's ratings are simple. It's just a matter of promoting Toonami more during the regular weekday schedule while ratings grabbers like Family Guy are on, that way more people are aware of the block's existence and will hopefully tune in. Also, even though I know it would never happen, Cartoon Network should air promo's for the block during their normal operating hours before Adult Swim is aired, that way even more people are aware of Toonami. Airing promo's during Regular Show, Adventure Time, Pokemon, Ben 10, Family Guy, and other more popular shows would definitely help yank in some more viewers, but Adult Swim seems content with keeping the block a "best kept secret".
  3. Raidon Makoto

    Raidon Makoto Long Live The Heroes

    Mar 1, 2006
    Nielsen boxes prompt you every 15 minutes and asks whose watching the TV.

    There is not.

    That didn't work for Give Piece a Chance or Panty and Stocking unfortunately. And it still work "harm" Toonami's budget as it would come out of their acquisitions. It seems to me that they just plain don't have the money for NS or T&B.
  4. Ishtar

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    Jan 29, 2005
    Panty & Stocking might have been Toonami simply rejecting it rather than being too expensive. Given it's content, I could see it being something that DeMarco, Lazzo, and Manning are not too fond of.
  5. SRB2Unleashed

    SRB2Unleashed Dragon Ball obsessed

    Jan 6, 2010
    Give Piece A Chance nor Panty & Stocking trending however.

    Advertise Toonami worked because it trended.

    Then again, bring back sara didn't happen yet despite trending either.

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