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If Spider-Man Unlimited will ever get revived or at least marketed & distributed on Blu-Rays

Discussion in 'The Marvel Animation Forum' started by Israelite Wolfman, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. Israelite Wolfman

    Israelite Wolfman A Hebrew Werewolf

    Aug 16, 2017
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    They (Marvel Animation/Productions) gotta fix these mistakes:

    * wRgGnEIxONo - I'll live with the yellow lances (it was kinda nice IMHO) and the items that Counter-Earth woman was carrying-issue just fine.
    * VwsZ8kW5ggY - I'll live with the Human Rebel lady with the long sleeved coat (it's part of the weird Counter-Earth fashion design)
    * GrE9_JU8ZtQ - I'll live with the clock issue and Shayne's falling toys issue just fine.

    Don't forget that this show was created by expert animators (Dong Yang Animation who gave us Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond and many before: http://orientalani.com/ver2006/works/works.htm). I want to believe these mistakes were done due to them being struggling with too many projects at once.

    Spider-Man drives Solaris II.png

    Edit: Added two more scenes that needs to get fixed I've found by myself and Dongyang gotta take these notes into account:

    Pros - here are the good things about this show:
    1. Spider-Man Unlimited had potential and would have ran for more than just 13 episodes if it wasn't running against Pokemon at the time.
    2. The animation was great (far better than TAS' 20% of reused animation from other episodes per a given episode, the childish CGI and the needless emphasis of the chick bones).
    3. So does the breaking down of the same old concept of Spidey as a local NYC superhero and instead placing him in an exploration journey (both internal and external) on a new planet.

    Cons - ignoring BASIC simple things in the pilot:
    1. An EXACT DUPLICATE of our world? HECK NO, it's statistically less than 1% to happen somewhere around the ENTIRE UNIVERSE, so I'd like it to just be the exact copy in terms of life forms and environmental conditions.
    2. The Symbiotes don't alert Peter's Spider-Sense (thus he couldn't have sensed Venom nor Carnage).
    3. Where/When/How did Venom and Carnage gained knowledge about the Synoptic and how did they gained their NEW shape shifting abilities? And why don't Venom has his signature tongue out once in a while or even uses his webbing when he needs to? (are these questions related?)
    4. How could Peter Parker (a physics/science student in his past, here he was in his mid 20s according to Marvel) program such an advanced Nanotechnology costume without the help of a Nano-tech expert (let's say, Reed Richards)?
    5. How the heck did he managed to obtain the code for Solaris II and how/when the heck did he learned to pilot a space shuttle?
    6. Why weren't we shown the comments from the NASA base command room where J. Jonah Jameson was probably at (in hope he disarmed the cockpit's surveillance cameras before he began speaking)? Even for 20 seconds to half a minute.
    7. Why wasn't he shown to leave a note/letter behind to Mary-Jane (his fiancee/wife) and his beloved Aunt May telling them he's sorry but he needs to go to save John Jameson as he did in the promotional 1/2 Wizard Comics issue? That'd be the Spider-Man-ish thing to do.
    8. Why do the High Evolutionary looked the same as he is "now" 50 years ago? He is roughly in his 80s in this series so he needed to be in his 30s when he arrived to Counter-Earth (from our Earth?). They needed to give him brown or any other colored hair and beard.
    9. How long was it since he rose to power over the Humans of Counter-Earth? Karen said in Episode 2 "50 years ago" but on the other hand IIRC Bromley's story in episode 10 stated "30 years ago" while referring to the High Evolutionary's rise to power in NYC and Karen O'Malley (his granddaughter as revealed in episode 12, who was born when he was just a "commoner") is clearly less than 40 - that's messed up.

    And if they wanna treat the fans they'll add an animated adaptation to all last 3 comic books based upon Spider-Man Unlimited (volume 2, issues 3-5) as episodes between the current 8th and 9th episodes, it'll make this show perfect IMHO - if they don't wanna revive it for it's second season.

    The only slight changes I ask of them are:
    1. Not to make the Brute Reed Richards nor having any Counter-Earth exact copies of the Fantastic Four, it's a whole different planet SET ON THE OTHER SIDE OF OUR SUN with only the same biological evolution as on our Earth (excluding the High Evolutionary's Beastials), NOT A PARALLEL UNIVERSE/TIMELINE VERSION OF EARTH!!! Name him otherwise (even Rick Richards will do the trick) and design him otherwise, same goes for all the listed above.
    2. Have a different conversation with the Goblin once adapting the 4th issue, he must not know Spidey is an alien to Counter-Earth till the 9th episode, they can chat about whatever but not about this subject.
    3. The Wolvernine can't be Naoko's husband (whose name is Hector as he's allegedly "Latino", not Edwin the WASP), the Wolverine could easily be turned into Hector's younger brother who used to live at Naoko's house where Peter currently stays while he was preparing to serve in the High Evolutionary's Honorary Guard/Corps (or something of that sort, as there is NO NEED for Counter-Earth to have an "America" for him to serve in it's army, he was just trying to prove his worthiness to the ruler to upgrade his and his family's social rank). After enlisting, he was then taken to the Testing Zone 7 where the dear "creator" chose to conduct an experiment on him and turned him into a mutated Beastial, he only followed Spidey due to the scent of his former residence.
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  2. Rick Jones

    Rick Jones Hero Fan
    Staff Member Moderator

    Feb 27, 2008
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    I don't remember seeing these comics before. The covers look as though they had a style reminiscent of Timm, like DC's animated comics.

    It really would be nice if they ever tried to clean up some of the old shows for home video.

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  3. Israelite Wolfman

    Israelite Wolfman A Hebrew Werewolf

    Aug 16, 2017
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    There is indeed something DC in these comics, especially the Wizard 1/2 Special Edition, here are the rest of this volume: www.spidermanonline.com/spider-man-unlimited-volume-2/
  4. Israelite Wolfman

    Israelite Wolfman A Hebrew Werewolf

    Aug 16, 2017
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    It'll also be best to not re-do this stupid "Venom & Carnage Fusion" thingy.
    It's simply bad. Idea wise: Not logical - it's stupid that they can merge by melting their skeletons into this; and design wise: It looks like a Digimon ("Imperialdramon Dragon Mode", IMO) who walks on four, not to mention there are monstrous bones sticking out of their conjoined bodies, of whom? Brock's? Kasady?.

    Mod Note: Post edited for language.
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