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I Love You, But I Have To Kill You (Wonder Twins fan-fic)

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by hobbyfan, Apr 17, 2014.

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    When we last left Zan & Jayna, the latter was finally getting married to Daily Planet reporter Jimmy Olsen. How she got to that point is what this story is really all about. As per usual, all characters, save for incidentals created for this story, are copyright DC Comics/Warner Bros..

    Setting: October 1987

    Chapter 1:

    Tico Jiminez was billed as the "Puerto Rican Mike Tyson", a light heavyweight boxer who was mowing down opponents just as Tyson himself was, and was now lined up to face Roberto Mendez, the WBU light heavyweight champion, in Puerto Rico, where both were born, but both had emigrated to the US as youths. Tico now called Metropolis home, while Mendez maintained a residence in New York City.

    The fight was scheduled to take place on Halloween night in Bayamon. The Daily Planet sent reporter-photographer Jimmy Olsen, accompanied by WGBS sports anchor and Planet columnist Steve Lombard, to Bayamon to cover not only the fight, but to follow on rumors that a drug cartel was involved in some form. Jimmy hated to leave his fiancee, Joanna Fleming, behind, but the Planet couldn't afford to pay for her plane ticket as well as Jimmy's.

    It was two days before the fight, and at the pre-fight weigh-in, Giuseppe Manzetti, a member of Mendez's management team, approached Tico's father, an ordained minister.

    "It would be in your best interests, reverend, to, ah, persuade your son to pull out of the fight. You can say he pulled a muscle in training.", Manzetti suggested. "My people would understand."

    "All your people would understand is finding an easier opponent for Mendez to fight. As you can see, senor Manzetti, Tico has made weight. The fight is on for Saturday night.", Rev. Jiminez responded. "Good day to you."

    Later that night, Tico and his father met with the reporters at the hotel bar. A ravishing, redheaded barmaid named Bonita took their orders. Tico was quite taken, obviously, but his father reminded him that now was no time for risky business.

    "You must remain chaste before the fight, son.", he said. "After it's over, and if the young lady happens to be single, then maybe we can set up a date."

    "Fair enough, dad.", Tico replied.

    As Bonita returned to the table, she was approached by Manzetti and his son, Jonathan.

    "I have a favor to ask of you, senorita.", Giuseppe said. He grabbed her by the arm, allowing Jonathan to pull a packet containing a powdery substance of some kind from his pocket. Jimmy just happened to notice.

    "Excuse me, guys. I'd better see about our drinks.", he said. As he turned the corner, he noticed Jonathan taking Tico's drink, a rum & coke, and preparing to mix in the powder.

    "If you don't mind, sir, I'll take the tray.", Jimmy said. "Seems as though our waitress is busy, and I can help ease her burden."

    "I'm sure you can, punk.", Jonathan hissed, "By going back to your table!"

    He laid down the powder and started to draw his gun. Jimmy intercepted with a left hook.

    "Hey, no one does that!!", Giuseppe barked. "Mind your manners!"

    "I am.", Jimmy replied. "You're not."

    Jimmy then led Bonita back to his table with the drinks. Steve saw the powder and winced.

    "It hasn't been used, has it?", he asked.

    "No. I got his attention before he could mix it into Tico's drink.", Jimmy replied, throwing the powder into the garbage.

    "This is not safe now, for any of you.", Bonita warned. "Manzetti is a bad man, and will try to kill all of you."

    "What's his game anyway, doll?", Steve asked.

    "His people work both camps. They're trying to work both ends against the middle. That's all I know.", Bonita said, holding back the tears. "They're holding my brother."

    "Who's they?", Tico asked. "The mob?"

    "Exactly, Tico.", Jimmy replied.
    Later that night, Jimmy returned to his suite to interview Bonita, hoping to learn more. She turned on the charm, and the interview would be tabled until the next morning. Or, at least, that was the plan. Around midnight, Jimmy settled into bed, and had invited Bonita to stay and sleep with him, hoping to reassure her that everything would be okay. However, instead of getting dressed for bed, Bonita approached Jimmy, wielding a knife.

    "We have only met, Jimmy Olsen, but I am going to regret this. I love you, but now I have to kill you."

    Seconds later, a familiar bolo arced through the air, binding Bonita's right hand, which held the knife. Next instant, she was met with a jumping kick from the onrushing Night Phantom, who had made a sudden appearance. Acting quickly, Jimmy got behind Bonita and hammerlocked her arm until she dropped the knife.

    "I think we'll have that interview now, Bonita.", he said. Bonita weakly nodded.

    After the police departed, Steve checked with Jimmy to see if he was okay.

    "Heard Night Phantom made an appearance. Seems she's replaced Superman as your guardian angel.", he said.

    "Well, I can't monopolize Superman's time, but having the Phantom appear...........just lucky, I guess."

    "Fair enough, Jim. See you in the morning."

    As Steve departed, the Phantom reappeared, emerging from the spare bedroom. Naturally, it was Joanna, concerned about her fiance.

    "My first question, hon', is how did you get here?", Jimmy asked.

    "Call it a hunch, babe.", Joanna replied. "I felt you needed some backup. Took a couple of days off from work so I could be here. As for Bonita, well, a couple of your informants had tried to contact you after you'd left for the airport. They said that Manzetti is just running things for Bruno Manheim."

    "Ugly's got his hooks in both fighters.", Jimmy said. "Not good, and he wanted Manzetti to set things up. I hope you didn't come alone, doll, because I may need you to go deeper undercover."

    "Sorry, but I didn't pack my purple costume.", Joanna cooed. "Just my black one. We'll figure things out in the morning."
    The next morning, the Manzettis showed up at the courthouse, hoping to snatch Bonita away on orders from Intergang's Bruno "Ugly" Manheim. However, Bonita's hearing had been moved up, and she was now in protective custody.

    "So they think they've got us.", Giuseppe said. "We have her brother.....for now."
    Now, it gets dicey. Jimmy & Joanna have to find Bonita's brother before he is likely executed by the Manzettis, but they also have to make sure nothing happens to either Tico or Roberto before the fight.......
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    Chapter 2:

    The next morning, Jimmy realized he had a new problem. How to explain to Steve or anyone else how Joanna had suddenly appeared, mere hours after the Night Phantom had turned up. Then again, Joanna was busy providing Jimmy with a solution. The reporter had returned from a breakfast conference with Steve and the Jiminezes to find Joanna undergoing another change-------to Bonita.

    "Care to enlighten me, honey?", he asked.

    "Bonita's been flown back to the mainland by King Faraday and the CBI.", Joanna explained. "In case you wonder, lover, that in a nutshell will tell you how I got here in the first place. Faraday put in an ad for the Phantom in the paper, in code. Since I'm the only one who's had any formal training......!"

    "I get it, doll, but does Manzetti, much less Manheim, know Bonita's gone?"

    "No, at least as of now. The Manzettis are cooling their heels in a local jail after that little fracas that broke out last night after you left the bar."

    "What fracas?"

    "A couple of the locals saw Bonita leave with you & Steve, and, realizing who the Manzettis were, ran interference for you. Once the cops found the guns in the Manzettis' possession, they did some checking, including a certain anonymous tip, and, well, I think you can guess the rest."

    "You're too well trained, baby.", Jimmy said, kissing his fiancee. "I'll give you a five minute head start."
    After Joanna left, Jimmy put her makeup kit away, out of sight, in case anyone else associated with Intergang showed up. Later that afternoon, the Manzettis were extradited back to Metropolis, where they were being sought in connection with a couple of murders. Bonita Alvarez, however, was on her way to Washington, in the company of Faraday. However, that still left her brother, Salvatore, unaccounted for. Around 9 pm, local time, Jimmy returned to the bar. Bonita had the weekend off, anyway, so Joanna, as Night Phantom, prowled the streets of Bayamon.

    "Oh, sure, the Federales got rid of those pigs, the Manzettis, but there's still a few of their kind still floating around.", one man said when Jimmy started asking about Salvatore, who was described by friends as a humble, honest, hard working young man who was coming up through the boxing academies in the area, but ran afoul of the Manzettis when he broke ties with the Mendez camp three weeks earlier.

    "He's probably either close to dying or dead.", the man said. "If you find him, you might be too late."

    Just before midnight, Jimmy left the bar with Diego Rios, a former training partner of Salvatore and Roberto's who had also left Team Mendez due to a bicep injury, and, at age 35, was retiring from the fight game. He seemed to know one likely place where Salvatore was being held. A seedy, rundown, abandoned nightclub, long closed. Its windows were boarded, and the building was in a general state of disrepair. If the city owned the property, it'd have either been marked for demolition or have had work done on it to renovate the property, but there was no sign of any activity of any kind. Jimmy heard a barely audible moan as he & Diego entered through an open door. He reached for his flashlight, but Diego had other ideas. He pulled a blackjack from his pocket, and raised it, intent on striking the reporter down. However.........

    "Playtime's over, pal!"

    Steve had followed, and tackled Rios, tipping over a bed, revealing Salvatore, severely wounded and bound to the cot. Rios fought off the former football player turned sports anchor, but Night Phantom showed up and tripped up Rios with her bolo, allowing Jimmy to drop Rios with a right hook. Phantom then turned the lights on.

    "Night Phantom? Again?", Lombard asked, incredulous. "Jimmy, you are one lucky....."

    "I followed you, Mr. Lombard.", Phantom replied, her voice huskier. "It seems the people at Galaxy Communications have too much invested in both of you to have either one maimed going into the fight."

    "That means Galaxy management worked out a deal with the CBI.", Jimmy thought to himself. "Or is Joanna bluffing to protect herself and me?"

    Rios was taken into custody. He was hired by Intergang as an undercover agent to provide backup for the Manzettis, and warned that Bonita would never make it back home, because Intergang would eliminate her, as well as her brother.

    "I highly doubt it.", Steve said. "Before I trailed you & Jimmy, word had come down that your boss, Manheim, had been picked up by the Feds on racketeering charges, charges that include inside information on tomorrow's fight."

    Salvatore Alvarez was taken to a local hospital and spent the weekend there recovering from dehydration and assorted injuries. Bonita was contacted and informed that her brother was alive.

    The fight went off without a hitch, and Tico Jiminez became the light heavyweight champion with a 6th round TKO. Joanna, still dressed as Bonita, sat at ringside with Jimmy & Steve, and with good reason. Intergang had one more assassin lurking in the shadows. After the fight, that assassin made himself known.

    Roberto Mendez had recovered and was preparing for a post-fight press conference when he felt a sharp sting in his back, right in front of his wife, Abigail, and their three children. Hollingsworth Sharpe, his long time trainer, had literally stabbed him in the back.

    "That is the price you pay for failure, Roberto.", he said. He turned to the stunned family, and raised his knife toward Abigail.

    "There can be no loose ends. You will join your husband in eternity."

    Again, the bolo whizzed through the air, disarming Sharpe, but this time, it was Jimmy who threw the weapon. The misdirection enabled the Phantom to surprise Sharpe and overpower him with a judo throw and a chop to the back of the neck.

    Mendez was taken to the hospital, and was fortunate to be alive. Jimmy had a surprise for him.

    "It wasn't Sharpe after all.", he said. "Intergang hired an impersonator, and had Sharpe locked up, same as Sal Alvarez. I guess we know now what they had planned had you won."

    "Dios.", Mendez said. "He had me completely fooled."

    "He had us all fooled until he made his move."

    "And what of the faceless wraith who saved my life? The Night Phantom?"

    "Gone, as you might expect."
    Joanna had returned to the suite she now shared with Jimmy, and had settled into bed for the night when the phone rang. It was her sister-in-law, Mary Lou.

    "Jo? Where are you?"

    "I'm in Puerto Rico for now, Mary. What's wrong?"

    "John's disappeared. You need to come home as soon as you can."

    "Jimmy and I are coming home ASAP."

    In minutes, Joanna had showered, dressed, and packed her suitcase, makeup kit included. When Jimmy returned, she filled him in.

    "Good grief!", he exclaimed. "What next?"
    What indeed? In chapter 3, we'll find out when our lovebirds come home to find a most unexpected adversary.....
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    The President of Puerto Rico, grateful that a potential international incident had been averted, loaned one of his private jets to Jimmy, Joanna, & Steve for an emergency flight back to Metropolis Sunday morning. As it turned out, Perry White had worked things out with King Faraday to arrange for Joanna to join the guys in Bayamon, feeling guilty because Planet budget cuts prevented Joanna from accompanying Jimmy in the first place.

    Now that they're home, though, Jimmy & Joanna have to concern themselves with John........

    Chapter 3:

    "I went shopping with the kids while John was on the phone the other day. Sounded like he was being offered a job.", Mary Lou told Joanna over the phone Sunday night. "So, when he wasn't home when we got back, I thought he might've gotten the job, or at least an interview, and he'd be back, but he never returned. Jo, I'm worried sick!"

    "Jimmy & I are headed for Gotham ASAP.", Joanna promised. "We'll get to the bottom of this."

    Jimmy had already reloaded the couple's suitcases. Perry had given him a week's vacation as a result of his work in Puerto Rico.

    "Are we flying or driving, honey?", he asked.

    "Flying, of course. It'll be quicker.", Joanna replied.
    The next day, Jimmy & Joanna paid a call on Mary Lou and the kids, but there was something about Mary Lou that seemed a bit suspicious, at least to Joanna, who was careful not to disclose anything about her alter-egos, even though Mary Lou was one of the Night Phantoms.

    "So it's been......three, four days?", she asked.

    "Five, actually.", Mary Lou replied. "I'm so scared. Do you want, like, coffee?"

    "No, thank you."

    Meanwhile, Jimmy searched for clues, while the ladies went into the kitchen. He then noticed something that told him that maybe, just maybe, there was something else that Mary Lou wasn't being honest about...........

    In the kitchen, Mary Lou prepared some tea, and continued her story.

    "I've been in contact with Commissioner Gordon, but the police can't seem to find John at all. The children are getting worried sick.", she said.

    Joanna started to say something, but Jimmy motioned for her to join him in the living room.

    "Find something, lover?"

    "You're not going to believe this.", Jimmy replied, "but see for yourself."

    The duo then went back upstairs. Mary Lou noticed, and winced.

    "Oh, no! Everything will be ruined!", she thought to herself.

    Upstairs, Jimmy showed Joanna what---or actually, who---he found. John------and Mary Lou-----shrunken down to the size of dolls.

    "What in the world?", Joanna cried.

    "You have to do something, and quickly, sis!", John said, his voice barely audible, "Before you & Jimmy fall victim, too!"

    "Looks like Brainiac's work.", Jimmy said. He heard Mary Lou's doppleganger coming up the stairs. "We'd better split up."

    "Easily done, honey.", Joanna replied.

    "Mary Lou" made her way in, now carrying some sort of ray gun. It wasn't Brainiac at all, but rather, Madame Rouge, the shape-shifting terrorist who'd been with the Brotherhood of Evil, but now was on her own, hired by a foreign concern, but for what purpose, no one knew.

    "Ok, you two. Game's over!", she called, "Come out with your hands up!"

    However, Joanna struck first with a judo chop that knocked the gun out of Rouge's hand. Jimmy picked up the gun, and found the controls. Back downstairs, he trained the gun on John & Mary Lou, restoring them to normal.

    "The kids are in the nursery.", Mary said. "Rouge'll go for them first."

    "Not if we strike first, sister-in-law.", Joanna replied. "Ready, brother?"

    "I've been waiting for this, sis.", came the reply.

    Rouge went to the nursery, still dressed as Mary Lou, hoping she could still fool the children. However, a sudden gust of wind took hold of her, and forced her back downstairs. Seconds later, Mary Lou swooped in to check on the kids.

    "It's okay now.", she said. "Mommy's really here."

    Rouge got caught in a bear hug--literally, and Jimmy trained the ray gun on Rouge herself, shrinking her down to the size of a doll.

    "You fools! Do you think this will stop me?", she snapped. She checked her belt, which enabled her to change shape and appearance, but it was broken.

    "Wrong place, wrong time, wrong victims!", Jayna said icily. "I don't know who hired you, Rouge, because we don't have a history, but if you thought we were an easy mark, you were sadly mistaken!"

    Stripped of her weapons and the belt, Rouge was taken into custody. Zan then explained what had happened.

    "Rouge showed up the other day, dressed as a mailman. Zapped me with the shrinking ray. I think she wanted the kids, but when Mary came back home sooner than planned, she got zapped, and Rouge decided to lure you two into a trap. Seems she may actually have heard about us, sis, and wants the kids to see if they've inherited my powers. So far, that hasn't happened."

    "Our powers manifested when we were toddlers.", Jayna recalled. "Things are different here on Earth, so it may be a while. She never did say who hired her, did she?"

    "She wouldn't. Like you said, she didn't know us before this, so someone had to know and hired her. I've got a pretty good idea about who it is, though."

    "Not Kyle Westbrook again. Hasn't he learned his lesson by now?"

    "No, not Westbrook. He's still in prison. Faraday warned me that someone, either in the CBI or another, more covert agency, had files on us. How they got the info, I don't know. Sounds to me like someone wants the children for some sort of covert operation, when they haven't even learned how to write their own names yet. As I said, I think I know who it might be."
    Interpol took Rouge into custody, as she was wanted overseas on other, unrelated charges. All she would say was that a "wealthy American" had hired her and paid her in advance. Yes, the children were targeted, but that anyone else would wind up going for the ride and used in another manner that would be "most unpleasant". Meanwhile, back in Metropolis, Jayna made a few calls of her own before returning to work as Joanna at the aerobics studio.

    Two nights later, two men arrived at the studio shortly after closing. Joanna was all alone, or so it appeared.

    "Ms. Fleming?", one asked. "We need you to come with us."

    "Got any ID?"

    "None is needed. You just come with us."

    Abruptly, a bolo whizzed through the air, as Night Phantom (Jessie Franklin) suddenly appeared. Caught off-guard, the two men were quickly overpowered.

    "Ok, bright eyes.", Joanna snapped. "One time, and one time only. Who hired you?"

    "Think tank.", the man said, as Phantom held him in a rear naked choke hold. "They wanted your niece & nephew and paid big bucks to anyone who would be able to bring them in. They want their own superheroes, genetically enhanced and trained."

    "Who's in charge of the think tank?", Phantom inquired.

    "Don't know. No names were ever mentioned."

    "That'll be all, Phantom.", Inspector Bill Henderson said as he and the Special Crimes Unit entered to take the two men into custody. "We've got a line on this think tank, based on some information gathered earlier today."

    Brothers Marcos and Matthias Alexander were taken into custody. The fact that they didn't know who ran the think tank was true, but Jimmy had it all figured out.

    "Your brother was right on target.", Jimmy told Joanna afterward. "An old, bad penny has turned up again."
    That could only mean that Cameron Elliott has returned. Maybe he did become privy to the twins' dual identities long ago after all, but now he wants to profit from that information at their expense. In chapter 4, it all comes to an end.
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    Chapter 4:

    After several months on the run, Cameron Elliott had resurfaced back in Gotham City, where it all began. Now a member of the top secret Think Tank, along with 4 high school buddies, Elliott had the resources to gain the ultimate revenge on the Wonder Twins.

    "Bad news, Cam.", Dennis Clayton said. "The Alexanders have been nabbed. They haven't handed any of us up, though."

    "And now you know why we needed to keep them in the dark.", Elliott said. "The less those idiots knew about us, the harder it is for the cops to bring down the Think Tank, which will never happen. Those aliens will never see it coming."

    "Are you sure about that? You've said yourself they've stayed a few steps ahead of you all along."

    "True, but they also think I didn't retain the knowledge of their secret identities when I suffered amnesia a while back. I did get my full memory back not too long ago, and pretty soon, their offspring will be mine to control!"
    "I honestly don't know if this is going to work, honey."

    Mary Lou was being fitted into a replica of Jayna's costume. Jayna herself helped her sister-in-law with the makeup and hair, all part of an elaborate counter-scheme against the Think Tank.

    "It will work, Mary.", Zan promised. "Jimmy & Jayna will stay here with the kids, while we go out on patrol, but for safety's sake, we'd better drive."

    "Whatever happened to the experiment you were telling me about?", Jimmy asked.

    "Oh, that. Can't risk it, not in this case. Maybe another time.", Zan replied sheepishly. "Time to get going."

    In the car, Mary confronted her husband.

    "You're so afraid something might happen if you take a chance on giving me some of your sister's powers.", she said. "I can respect and understand that. Besides, it's better this way, especially now that we know she can't use her powers for a while. But why not have Jimmy masquerade as you at the house?"

    "And give away our secrets? Not a chance, honey.", Zan replied. "The intent is to cage Elliott and the Think Tank right in their own nest. Night Phantom's on call if we need her for backup."

    "And given where we are, you also know Batman will be somewhere in the area, and Jimmy can call in Superman when needed. Just drive, lover."

    Meanwhile, in the house, Jimmy had his own concerns.

    "Are you sure they can pull this off? Elliott knows both you & Mary Lou from Gotham City High, doesn't he?"

    "Barely.", Jayna replied. "After tonight, this should be the end."

    Around 9, Zan & Mary Lou answered a call on the Teen Trouble Alert that sent them to Robinson Park. Zan relayed the message to Jayna, who sounded the warning.

    "It's a trap, Zan!", she cried. "Elliott sent a false alarm! Backup is on the way!"

    "Then what do we do, sis?"

    "Lay back and avoid the park. Or did you forget about your police scanner?"

    "Jupiters! That's how you knew! I owe you another one, sis!"

    "Just turn around and head for home. Jimmy & I will take it from here."

    It wasn't long before Jayna, now dressed as Night Phantom, headed for Robinson Park.

    "I thought Jessie had this assignment.", Jimmy said.

    "She took ill this afternoon and went home early from work. It's a good thing Jodi signed on board as a backup while we were in Puerto Rico.", Jayna replied.

    But, at Robinson Park, the Think Tank had both Jessie & Jodi as prisoners.

    "Two Phantoms down, two to go.", Cameron Elliott smirked. "You bimbos thought you could get the best of me this time, didn't you?"

    "As usual, your brains are in the wrong place, Elliott!", Jodi snapped. "My husband will be here soon with the police, and then we'll see how far you can run, and how fast!"

    "Don't be so sure. I've made arrangements to make that jock of a husband miss all the fun."

    "They've got Jodi & Jessie!", Carl called over the car radio. "Snatched them right out of the studio!"

    "But that's impossible!", Jayna, now speaking as Joanna, replied, having raised her mask. "Jessie left work early, sick."

    "She got called back, but it was a trap. Elliott and his goons must've been staking out the studio. If you're thinking of making a grandstand play, Joanna, don't. You're the one Elliott wants more than anything."

    "Don't I know that? Don't worry, Carl, help's on its way for Jessie & Jodi."

    The car pulled into the parking lot on the far side of the park, as Jayna pulled her mask down.

    "Now, honey, we have to split up. It's time I put Elliott down and out once and for all.", she said.

    "Don't bother, baby.", Jimmy replied. "Your backup just arrived."

    Indeed, the World's Finest Heroes, Superman & The Batman, had reached the park, the former answering Jimmy's ultrasonic signal watch.

    "You'd better stay in the car, Jayna.", Superman said. "Jimmy filled me in on your present condition, and even as a Night Phantom, you're putting yourself at risk."

    "Elliott is mine!", Jayna protested.

    "Sorry, honey, but for once listen to your mentors.", Jimmy said, caressing his fiancee's neck to calm her down. "I'll be back soon."
    "So where are your two partners?", Elliott asked. "I thought you Phantoms were always together."

    "Not always.", Jodi replied, defiant."I've been out of action for too long, but tonight, this was to help a friend in need. You, on the other hand, should've stayed in prison."

    "Then, you're the first one to go!", Elliott snapped, raising a butcher knife. Abruptly, a batarang whizzed through the air, knocking the knife out of Elliott's hand. Next instant, Superman had rounded up the Think Tank members, while Batman & Jimmy converged on Elliott, who tried to run, but ran right into Carl, who came from the other side, and dropped Elliott with a mammoth right hook.

    "You just made your last mistake, preppie.", he snarled.

    "It's over, Carl. We've got this covered.", Jimmy said.
    Later, Carl & Jodi had a surprise for the Twins, back at the Fleming house.

    "Y-you mean, y-y-you've known all along?", Jayna asked.

    "How do you think Carl & I had such perfect costumes as juniors that one Halloween?", Jodi replied. "We've been fans from the beginning."

    "I've been a comics geek since I was a kid.", Carl admitted. "So when you guys tended to disappear rather suddenly, usually either at lunch or at the end of the day, we had an idea where this was leading to. Jodi & I decided to keep this to ourselves. Lew had his suspicions, but he never got the chance to act on them. Thing is, you kids fit in so easily with the rest of the student body, no one could've possibly suspected a thing."

    "Problem is, Cam Elliott had seen you leave one day, and followed. He's been looking to profit off the two of you for years.", Jodi added. "Mary & Jessie filled us in about what happened in LA, but their editing of events pretty much told us they found out, and were part of the team."

    "I guess, in a way, the Night Phantoms functioned so well as a team because we had someone who was accustomed to being a team player.", Jessie put in. "You taught us about teamwork, just as we taught you how to blend in socially. It all comes full circle."

    "To that end, I guess now I have three of the best bridesmaids a girl could have.", Jayna said, blushing. "But that leaves one question."

    "Don't bother.", Jodi said. "Joanna's name is on the wedding invitation, so go blonde on the big day."

    "Actually, Jodi, the question was, who gets to be the godmother."

    "Jay, you mean............", Jessie said.

    "Yep, and this time, the third time should be the charm. Right, Jimmy?"

    "Right as rain, doll."

    "How far are you along this time, if you don't mind my asking?", Jodi asked.

    "Barely a month. This is why I had Mary wearing one of my spare costumes, but the decoy job didn't come into play after all."

    "No, because our car broke down on the way back home.", Mary replied. "We missed all the action."
    On Valentine's Day, Joanna & Jimmy were finally married, with Joanna 4 months pregnant. On July 30, 1988, Joanna gave birth to twins. Son James Bartholomew Olsen, Jr. and daughter Jessica Jodi Olsen. Ah, but the joys of motherhood would be short-lived. On New Year's Eve, 1989, Mary Lou was babysitting her niece & nephew while Joanna & Jimmy went to dinner and a movie. John was working overtime at his new job at Seely's Auto Repairs in Gotham's East End. Around 8 pm, as Mary put the children to bed for the evening, she heard a window break in the living room. As she left the nursery to investigate, a bomb exploded.

    Hearing the bad news on the police scanner at work, John left for home, as the repair shop was closing for the night. However, by the time he got there, it was too late. For the 2nd time, the house, which was originally a boarding house, had been destroyed. A second bomb had gone off in the interim. By the time John & the police arrived, his wife and the children were dead. Joanna & Jimmy arrived a few minutes later, and Joanna broke down & cried. Her kids, not yet 18 months old, gone. Her sister-in-law, niece, & nephew, gone. Jimmy did all he could do to comfort his wife and brother-in-law.

    Seely's and the Daily Planet took up collections to help pay for the funerals. Mary Lou Turner-Fleming and the children were laid to rest on January 3, 1990. The police offered a reward for the arrest of the bomber. One week after the funerals, a surprise visitor came to the aerobic studio. Miranda Leslie had returned to Gotham, reformed, clutching a Bible. She asked to speak to Joanna, and met with her former nemesis in the office.

    "I'd read what happened.", she said. "I'm sorry for your loss."

    "Thank you, Miranda. What brings you to Metropolis today?"

    "I think I know who killed your kids."
    Has Cam Elliott struck again? Or is Kyle Westbrook back in the picture? We'll find out in chapter 5.
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    Chapter 5:

    "You said you knew who killed my babies. Was it Westbrook? Elliott? Someone else?"

    Joanna & Miranda had lunch at Weisinger's. Miranda paused before answering.

    "Definitely someone else. It's not that other fellow, Nate Foster, I should point out.", she said. "All I know was that the fellow was hired on, anonymously."

    "That was the 2nd time that building was bombed.", Joanna replied, holding back the tears. "A lot of memories are in that space, and now gone."

    "My father went to work for a private investigation firm while I was in prison. When I was paroled, he offered me a job, and this was after I'd met with the prison chaplain who'd saved my life, saved my very soul.", Miranda continued. "I can use what underground contacts I have left to locate the bomber, at no cost to you or your husband. It's the least I can do to make up for some of the things I'd done."

    John had moved into a bachelor apartment near Seely's, and began a long distance relationship once more with Jessie. They would alternate on the weekends, with Jessie returning to Gotham City one week, and John visiting the next. However, both were a little leery about a full commitment, considering recent events. Meanwhile, at the studio, Joanna received a visitor who wasn't intent on becoming a regular customer...........

    "Good morning. May I help you?", she asked.

    "You're just the woman I want to talk to, Mrs. Olsen.", the man, identifying himself as Zak Tolliver, said. "Is there someplace private where we can talk?"

    "This will have to do. There's a class going on, and our other partner is out today."

    "Oh, I must insist.", Tolliver replied, producing a gun. Abruptly, a rush of wind swept through the studio, and in the next instant, Tolliver was gone, taken to the roof by Superman.

    "Big mistake, big blue.", Tolliver sneered. "You've practically given your friend's true identity away."

    "Oh? Don't be so sure of that, punk.", the Man of Tomorrow replied, pointing to the ground. "I think that's who you're really looking for, right?"

    At street level, the Wonder Twins suddenly appeared, with Jessie masquerading as Jayna. while Joanna had made her way out amidst the throng.

    "No! It's a trick!", Tolliver cried as Superman took him into custody and sped off to Metropolis Police Headquarters. There, Tolliver confessed to the bombing, and said that he'd been paid off by the Think Tank, which was still running, even though its leaders were in prison.

    "The money had just come in, a few months later than planned, but I carried out the mission.", Tolliver bragged. "It's unfortunate that innocents were hurt and killed, but a message had been sent."

    Tolliver turned state's evidence and with the money trail leading back to Cam Elliott and the Think Tank, their sentences were extended to life in prison. Elliott committed suicide a month later, taking his knowledge of the twins' secrets to the grave.
    Jimmy & Joanna tried again to have a child, but after a year of frustration, coupled with Jimmy reconciling with his ex-girlfriend, newly divorced Lucy Lane, the end was near. On October 1, 1991, Jimmy, not Joanna, filed for divorce, citing irreconciliable differences. The divorce was kept private and out of the press, and was mutually agreed upon, so Jimmy could get back together with Lucy. Jessie moved back to Gotham City to be with John, and Jimmy reclaimed his old apartment.

    As for J & J's Aerobics Center, the girls closed the studio by mutual consent when Jessie left for Gotham. In fact, Joanna sold her interest to Jessie, so that J & J's could reopen, with Jessie & Jodi in charge, in Gotham. With the Twins split up, Joanna continued on as Night Phantom, appearing sporadically over the next few years, until one particular case would lead to one more career change. What that is will be told another time.

    The end.
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