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How Would You Reinvent Characters If You Were To Adapt Them?

Discussion in 'The DC Comics Animation Forum' started by Blue Sword, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. Blue Sword

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    Apr 3, 2015
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    One of the best things about DC's animated shows is how they've taken characters that weren't so good in the comics and reinvented them into something better for the series. Some have been so well received they've even been brought into the comics themselves such as Mr Freeze's origin in Batman: The Animated Series. What character(s) from the comics that aren't so well liked or very popular would you take into animation and how would you reinvent them? Here are mine.

    Black Condor

    A proud Navajo Native, John Jacob "Jake" Trujillo had a promising military career in the U.S Marine Corps, until a mission against Intergang resulted in the deaths of most of his unit. Following a discharge, Trujillo returned home in disgrace, plagued with nightmares of a creature named Tocotl. After an encounter with a man named Sam and woman who seems to be able to become intangible at will, Jake finds himself accused of crimes committed by the "Black Condor" a metahuman with the power to control and manipulate the power of air.

    With help from Uncle Sam, Phantom Lady and his friend Shane Smith (descendant of Ohiseya "Pow Wow" Smith) Jake discovers he has been a victim of experimentation by Intergang and that Tocotl is a trigger word used to activate his Black Condor persona. Determined to free himself from Intergang's control and avenge himself and his fallen comrades, Jake claims the Black Condor persona for himself to be the hero he'd always wanted to be.

    A young having grown up admiring superheroes and mythological beings, Xiang Po got a chance to fight alongside her idols when she was given a chance to join the Wu Xing Academy in China, where people were trained in a combination of martial arts and elemental magic. There Xiang mastered the power over Earth and after graduating teamed up with numerous heroes such as the Great Ten and Wonder Woman. She now serves the International superhero team known as Checkmate.

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