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How the final issue of Birthright from Image skybound would look like?

Discussion in 'Comic Book Culture' started by thomas2313412, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. thomas2313412

    thomas2313412 Active Member

    Nov 9, 2011
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    You know the image skybound series birthright by Joshua Williamson and Andrei Bressan,it's about the rhodes family who lost their child Mikey to a strange place called Terrenos and then come back one year as an adult which is due to what the trope calls it "narnia time" but has let those villains from Terrenos enter our world to conquer and it's up to him and the reunited rhodes family to stop them but there are many twists and turns which lie ahead.

    If the final storyarc happens here's how it goes,Michael and the rhodes family with the help of the Good guys from Terrenos and Aaron's father have a final confrontation with the big bad and after the good guys defeated the big bad they are victorious but at the cost some of their allies are dead including Aaron's father.

    and in the final issue after the battle with the big bad has ended the people of Terrenos return to their world before it is about to be separated from our world and mikey goes along with them he wishes to stay with his family but now that he changed he doesn't belong in our world anymore as he now decides to really rebuild the world of Terrenos from a hellish landscape into a peaceful world.

    But at least he made his family together again ,He then says some heartfelt goodbye to his parents and his older brother Brennan as his parents Aaron and Wendy felt sad that their son is leaving for real but are proud that he is now a grown man and before Mikey returns to Terrenos he and his family take one last picture together as a family to remember each other .

    We then skip many years to the future where Brennan Rhodes is now an adult and has become a famous fantasy author for the book series he wrote based on Mikey's life experience in Terrenos ,He mention that his parents Aaron and Wendy are now an old couple but stick together after their long ordeal and lived happily ,He doesn't know what happens to his brother Mikey after he returned to Terrenos but is believed he lived as a peaceful old man in that place,

    Near the end of the series we see Brenan playing catch with his son but suddenly lost the ball to the woods which is something familiar to the beginning of the series.Brennan prevents his son to enter the woods so that he won't end up like his brother and as they return to their home some strange people appear behind them which consists of humans and mixed hybrids of fantastical creatures and considers themselves as the descendants of the "Great" Michael the founder of "New Terrenos" which made Brennan realise that his brother Mikey has died of old age through " Terrenos times" but has left a great legacy by creating a new peaceful world which is now inherited by his descendants and the series ends with many of Mikey's descendants from New Terrenos entering our world to greet Brennan and his family.

    What do you think?
    #1 thomas2313412, Jun 10, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2016

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