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How I deviate from popular opinion of Simpsons episodes.

Discussion in 'The toonzone - General Animation Discussion' started by CartoonFridays, May 7, 2012.

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    Sep 22, 2010
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    People often accuse several Simpsons episodes of being terrible, but I tend to deviate from the common opinions of the fanbase. Here are some examples:

    "Million Dollar Abie"
    Fanbase: Lisa's a manipulative jerk who makes Grampa give up his dream and release bulls that could kill or maim everyone to attain her selfish ends.
    Me: It's a touching moment between Lisa and Grampa and he sacrifices his fame as a matador to save his relationship with his granddaughter. The bulls attacking everyone was funny.

    "Homer vs. Dignity"
    The episode which signaled that the show had worn out its welcome. The "panda rape" scene was just unbearable to even look at.
    Me: A hilarious episode where Homer does stupid things (that's his character) and a heartwarming one where Homer learns to put his dignity before money. The rape scene was the funniest part.

    "That 90s Show"
    The episode that destroyed 20 years of canon for a lame flashback episode and reference gags.
    Me: A sweet episode about the 90s and an entertaining and funny one as well. I do agree, however, that they made better 90s references while they were actually happening.

    "The Principal And The Pauper"
    Fanbase: Many say this was when the Simpsons started to lose its luster.
    Me: It was a good episode that showed how everyone like the Skinner we came to know and it was funny and touching at the same time.

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