How does "Artists Wanted!" work? (FAQ - Please read)

Discussion in 'Artists Wanted' started by James, Apr 12, 2007.

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    How do I go about advertising my project?

    Simply create a thread. The rest is up to you!

    What should I put in the thread?

    It's your project, we simply provide space for you to promote your project. I'd suggest a synopsis would be great for an artist to read, any images you have to give a colorist an idea of what sort of linework you might need, some sketches to give a potential penciller some idea of what's in your head. Simply depends on what job you need filling, and how much information you've got to help sell your idea to an artist?

    Can we use the thread to flesh out ideas with any new team I find?

    Of course - this is space for you to promote/discuss/plan your project.

    Will other people comment on my ideas?

    If you ask for comments on your project, I'm sure members will do so, but essentially, this isn't a gallery or exhibition of what you've done, but more a place where you can promote your project to pull a team together.

    How long can I have a thread here?

    Long as you need. Best thing is, if your artist flakes out, you can simply bump up the thread with a new artist request!

    Any things we can't do?

    This is not a place for spam. Do not use it to try and promote a completed project.

    Any monetary dealings keep off board. Please do not use threads to discuss money or specific fees!

    No pornographic images. Please PM me if you feel you have images you need to promote which might be risque and I'll give you the go ahead ...or not!

    Any concerns: PM me.
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