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Histeria! Composer Breakdown

Discussion in 'The Warner Bros. Club' started by SB20xx, Aug 20, 2016.

  1. SB20xx

    SB20xx Oooooh!
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    May 13, 2003
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    In the vein of a previous thread I made, here's a list of how much each composer for Histeria! worked on each episode. The info comes from the cue sheets at the Belgian Society of Authors, Composers, and Publishers.

    GG=Gordon Goodwin, JB=Julie Bernstein, RS=Richard Stone, SB=Steven Bernstein, TK=Tim Kelly

    1. Inventors Hall of Fame Part 1: GG=2:23; RS=5:27, 1:02; SB=6:23, 5:40; TK=2:17
    2. The U.S. Civil War Part 1: GG=1:53; JB=2:16; RS=10:33, 1:19, 0:30; SB=0:48
    3. The Attack of the Vikings: GG=1:57; RS=7:37, 0:30; SB=5:27
    4. The Wild West: RS=11:00, 0:13; SB=2:19; TK=4:35, 0:11
    5. The American Revolution Part 1: RS=8:28; SB=4:56; TK=4:08, 0:30
    6. The Know-it-Alls: GG=2:04; RS=9:49; SB=7:11, 0:41; TK=1:01
    7. The Renaissance: RS=0:30, 0:10; SB=3:03, 0:48; ? Bernstein=14:14, 1:53
    8. The U.S. Civil War Part 2: GG=2:39; JB=0:58; RS=12:07, 1:26, 1:03
    9. Really Oldies But Goodies: GG=9:04; JB=1:55; RS=0:30; SB=4:55; TK=0:41
    10. The American Revolution Part 2: RS=10:56; SB=4:12; TK=2:33, 0:30
    11. A Blast in the Past: RS=1:34; TK=16:53
    12. China: JB=0:16 ("Khan Overran Us"), 0:09 ("9-6-0"); RS=0:30, 0:22; TK=16:27; ? Bernstein=0:54, 0:27 (Wang Newton)
    13. Tribute to Tyrants: GG=1:13; RS=2:08, 0:11; SB=9:16, 0:48; TK=4:58; ? Bernstein=1:46
    14. The Montezuma Show: GG=9:33; JB=1:44; RS=2:36; SB=5:31; TK=0:31
    15. Great Heroes of France: JB=1:17, 0:38 ("Sacajawea"); RS=3:57; SB=11:21, ? composer (Invasion Song)=2:26
    16. The Terrible Tudors: SB=10:06; TK=5:50
    17. The Wheel of History: RS=8:37; SB=9:48; TK=2:01
    18. When Time Collides: GG=3:48; RS=9:49, 0:34; TK=8:24
    19. Around the World in a Daze: RS=4:43; TK=13:20; ? Bernstein=0:55, 0:28
    20. Histeria Satellite TV: GG=4:27; RS=6:05; SB=8:31
    21. General Sherman's Campsite: GG=15:33; JB=1:38 ("General Sherman's Campsite" theme), 0:44 ("Atlanta Burnin' Bright"), 0:13; RS=1:00; SB=0:35
    22. Return to Rome: RS=12:16; TK=3:22
    23. The Russian Revolution: David L. Dore=2:19 ("Peace, Land, and Bread"); GG=1:43; RS=6:06, 1:19; TK=9:49, ? Bernstein=0:24 ("My Buddy Stalin")
    24. Inventors Hall of Fame Part 2: RS=1:02; SB=6:23, 0:31; TK=10:42
    25. Megalomaniacs: RS=6:12; SB=5:40, 0:28 ("Megalomaniacs" song); TK=6:36; ? Bernstein=1:07 ("The Sound of Stalin")
    26. Hooray For Presidents: GG=2:23; JB=0:48 ("Malibu Ike"); RS=10:56, 1:16 ("Susan B. Good"); SB=1:15, 1:14; ? Bernstein=0:52, 0:05 ("Silly President Tricks")
    27. The Thomas Jefferson Program: GG=2:51; RS=8:20; SB=4:55, 1:12; TK=2:38
    28. More Explorers: GG=0:06, 1:20 (with RS); RS=7:03, 1:20 (with GG); SB=5:27, 0:52; TK=5:46
    29. Super Writers: GG=4:39; RS=4:28; SB=4:43; TK=5:54
    30. History of Flight: JB=1:07; RS=9:19, 0:31; SB=10:49
    31. Presidential People: RS=7:11; SB=6:26; ? Bernstein=3:11, 1:29, 1:00, 0:24
    32. Writers of the Purple Prose: GG=1:20; RS=8:12; SB=7:53, ? composer=3:28 ("The Bard")
    33. Histeria Around the World: RS=8:49; SB=5:10
    34. When America Was Young: SB=5:34; TK=5:19
    35. Loud Kiddington's Ancient History: GG=1:27; RS=3:28, 1:20 ("That's Why the Lady is a Queen"), 0:26; SB=6:18, 0:38; TK=3:03
    36. Super Amazing Constitutions: RS=3:08; SB=4:38; TK=12:40, 0:20
    37. Better Living Through Science: RS=10:27; SB=5:58; ? Bernstein=1:16; ? composer=1:47 ("Babbage Made the Difference")
    38. The Dawn of Time: GG=2:01; RS=7:46, 0:13; SB=7:01, 0:07; TK=2:07
    39. Music: GG=1:30; RS=6:01, 1:18; SB=5:33
    40. World War II: GG=0:53; RS=1:30; SB=4:57, 3:06; TK=9:29; ? Bernstein=0:50
    41. The Teddy Roosevelt Show: RS=10:31; SB=5:01, 0:48; TK=0:52; ? Bernstein=2:04
    42. Communuts!: GG=0:50; RS=3:22; SB=2:03; TK=10:48
    43. Americana: RS=9:35, 0:14, 0:06; SB=4:37, 0:52; TK=2:16, 0:27; ? Bernstein=0:53
    44. 20th Century Presidents: GG=2:23; RS=8:17, 0:30; SB=5:47; TK=3:36
    45. Histeria Around the World 2: RS=10:48; SB=4:59; TK=3:33
    46. Histeria Goes to the Moon: RS=9:33; SB=3:35; TK=4:16
    47. Return to China: unknown (couldn't find on the SABAM site)
    48. France: RS=8:41; TK=9:19
    49. North America: RS=5:44, 0:48, 0:40, 0:11 ("Auld Lang Syne"), 0:48; SB=0:17; TK=10:47, 0:22; ? Bernstein=1:10
    50. Heroes of Truth & Justice: GG=2:52; RS=5:43, 1:06; SB=0:17; TK=8:33; ? Bernstein ("They Call Her Rosa")
    51. Euro-Mania: RS=9:50; TK=10:22
    52. Big Fat Baby Theatre: RS=12:33; SB=6:31

    As with the A! thread, it's not a perfect list. "Return to China" didn't seem to be listed at all, and a couple episodes I couldn't view the cue sheets for (hence why certain episodes appear to be "short" in total time, or why certain episodes have an "? Bernstein" listed- that's because I don't know if it's referring to Julie or Steven). Still, this gives a good idea of how things were split up between everybody.

    One cool tidbit I found while compiling this: The second Histeria! theme is based on an existing John Philip Sousa piece: "Manhattan Beach March"!
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