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Help to find a certain comic

Discussion in 'Comic Book Culture' started by SVS, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. SVS

    SVS New Member

    Aug 3, 2016
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    Dear community of Toonzone:

    I am trying to find a comic or graphic novel that I read when I was a child, but whose name I cannot recall. I ask for your help after a long search on the internet without success.

    These are the data that I recall:

    Comic format:
    o I bought this comic during the summer of 1998, in a press shop of Spain, so I think the comic must have been published in that year or the previous one.
    o The drawing style was western (I mean like American or European), so it was not a manga.
    o The genre was science-fiction, with some thriller environment.
    o The whole comic was colored.
    o They were about 200 – 400 pages, size DIN A4 or a bit smaller.​

    Title and cover:
    o I think I remember that the title was something like “Darkness”, “Shadows” or anything related to some kind of obscurity. It is not “The Darkness” comic series about Jackie Estacado (I have already checked it).
    o The cover shows a foreground of some guy’s face. The face is agonizing because some kind of shadow is like “attacking” his eyes.​

    o I think the action was carried out in two different scenarios: on one hand, there is like a fantastic planet/country, on the other, there is a regular American city.
    o A bunch of four or five heroes/soldiers fight against some kind of “army of darkness” who try to posses or corrupt humans.
    o The heroes travel all together in some kind of futuristic terrestrial vehicle. I think they protect some kind of jar which represents the spirit of “mother earth” or something like that.
    o There is a blonde cowboy dressed in brown who sometimes helps the heroes. In fact, the comic begins in the fantastic country with this cowboy telling the reader that he is about to tell the story.
    o I think this comic is not a well-known series of Marvel or DC. And although I read it when I was 7, I think it was a comic for a more adult public.​

    I would be very grateful to anybody who may have an idea about this comic.

    Thank you beforehand for your attention, and regards from Spain.

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