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Has Marvel ever thought about doing something with Luke Gage?

Discussion in 'The Marvel Animation Forum' started by ALC24/7, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. ALC24/7

    ALC24/7 Member

    Jan 25, 2014
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    I just want to ask this question? If we only get to see the avengers and hulk. How are we to get to know orther Marvel superhero story.
    Why hasnt Marvel try to re introduce luke gage. He too had an epic battle with the hulk but it isnt mention. Also he has shown he can work in a team with thunderfist again it isnt mention.
    Why is it just the same run of the mill drama and stories being given a chance to being done?
  2. TheVileOne

    TheVileOne Peace Loving Shinobi

    Mar 8, 2008
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    I assume you are referring to Luke Cage right? He's a regular cast member on Ultimate Spider-Man already. So if Cage showed up Avengers Assemble or Hulk and the Agents of SMASH it would be that version along with Iron Fist.

    Plus he's getting his own TV series on Netflix, and he appeared several times on Earth's Mightiest Heroes. So Marvel is doing things with Luke Cage.
  3. reflection01

    reflection01 Well-Known Member

    Jul 16, 2005
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    If you have a question about how a comic book character is being used across other media, just check their Wikipedia and look under "Other Media." That will tell you every appearance of the character in TV, film, video games, or anything else.
  4. Medinnus

    Medinnus Moderator
    Staff Member Moderator

    Oct 21, 2010
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    He probably means the real Luke Cage, and not that de-aged, simplified-for-kids travesty of the character on USM.
  5. Goldstar Neo

    Goldstar Neo Good Morning!

    Jun 4, 2007
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    Actually, it's Luke Cage, not "Gage", and the character appears regularly on Ultimate Spider Man. He's one of the four adult Marvel characters who have been de-aged into teenagers for the show. The other 3 being Iron Fist, Nova and White Tiger. Before that, both he and Iron Fist have appeared on Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.
  6. Dragnatek

    Dragnatek Well-Known Member

    Apr 21, 2011
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    While I agree since the three current Marvel shows are suppose to be in the same universe sadly if Cage and Iron Fist show up it will be their Ult Spider-man versions.
  7. Monte

    Monte Active Member

    Jul 13, 2009
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    Avengers EMH was the best Luke Cage we ever got in animation; though his appearance was rather short lived. Unfortunaly thanks to ultimate spiderman, it will be a very long time before we see a good Luke Cage again. Loeb seems to really want to push an animated marvel universe with continuity over all of their shows, and that means we are stuck with the watered down version of Luke Cage until this continuity comes to an end.

    Not really Nova and White Tiger. The Nova and White Tiger they use in ultimate spiderman are new characters who premiered as Teens... They carry the namesake of their older classic counterparts, but they themselves are new. There have been three major white tigers; the original was Hector Ayala; then there was Angela del toro; and the newest White tiger, the same one they use in USM Ava Ayala. Ava was not de-aged as she premeried in the comics recently as a teen hero. Similar could be said of Nova... there have been many Nova's and the one they use in USM is the latest member of the group.

    Really would have been so much better if they had used Power Man II from avengers academy, rather than ruin Luke Cage the way they did.
  8. spyke

    spyke Well-Known Member

    Feb 11, 2002
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    Quoted for the sad truth. Hopefully, if ratings on those 3 shows continue to fall, we will get new shows that are not set in this continuity and without Loeb calling the shots.

    "Many" isn't exactly the right word, unless you are talking about the entire Nova Corps. There have been 3 Nova's on earth, the original Nova (teenager Rich Rider who Marvel foolishly allowed writers to age him to being in his early 20's several years ago),Nova 2 (Franky Ray who had no relation to any of the other Novas and who was a female earthling with powers similar to the Human Torch and who became Galactus's new herald),and the current Nova (Sam Alexander).

    I agree.

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