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    The Story starts out in year 3110 there are no more humans, the dominant race are turtles.

    The game begins with the a scary girl voice saying "it’s the 31st century and the we are once again at war"

    The battlefields of the future are dominated by Crazy Zombie Bunnies know as the " some cool name here "

    the war agents "cool name" started a long time ago once the bunnies lost the race agents the turtle some say it drove the bunnies mad,

    After the intro

    Your name is " Alex " you are part of a special tactical force that is helping Destroy the " name " you are a bad ass turtle that lost his family to the bunnies and you won't rest till they are all dead.
    Your informed that almost all the bunnies are dead except the “secret island of the bunnies" your crew needs to clear the island, and you are sent to the island
    on the way to the island the helicopter starts having mechanical problems and the helicopter pilot is forced to crash the helicopter
    After the crash the only survivor is Alex there are thousand of bunnies and you must survive or be killed by the crazy bunnies.
    On the island you discover that the original bunny that started the whole thing is on the island and heavily guarded you fight your way till you finely get to the main boss.
    After you beat the main bunny you think the Game is over
    BUT IT"S NOT you find a hidden secret box and you open it there is a tape you decide to play the tape and discover a conspiracy that dates back to when the war started
    Although everybody thinks that the bunnies lost the race because it took a nap, you discover that the turtle drugged the bonnie, and the final scan of the game plays out how the story really went down


    Then you here the turtle say F@#$% you bunnies you killed my family i don't give a ****

    Let me know how i can improve on this or anybody has any thoughts
    what the character should be saying

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