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Favorite Song

Discussion in 'The Musiquarium' started by Emmanuel Cruz, Nov 25, 2001.

  1. DarkAngel

    DarkAngel Lord Vader

    May 1, 2001
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    My favorite song of all time has to be "Let it Be." McCartney's a genius.

    Close seconds are:
    Beatles: Hey Jude
    Led Zeppelin: Kashmir
    Beach Boys: God Only Knows, Wouldn't It Be Nice
    Chicago: Beginnings
    Nirvana: Smells Like Teen Spirit

    Recent favorites:
    Static-X: Push It, Bled for Days
    Drowning Pool: Bodies
  2. kiddiesunshine

    kiddiesunshine Active Member

    May 18, 2001
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    Eminem-Well, everything
    Cyndi Lauper- Time After Time
    Daft Punk- Around the World, Aerodynamic, High Life, Crescendolls, Superheroes, Short Circuit, Digital Love, One More Time
    Aqua- Barbie Girl, My Oh My, Doctor Jones, Lollipop
    3 Doors Down- Kryptonite
    Linkin Park- Crawling, In the End
    Limp Bizkit- My Way, Nookie
    Alien Ant Farm- Smooth Criminal
    Nsync- Gone
    Marilyn Manson- "can't think of the title, but the chorus is something like: Nobodies, wanna be somebodies..."
    Spice Girls- Spice up Your Life, Wannabe, Two Become One, Say You'll be There
    Snoop Dogg-What's my Name?, Doggie Dogg World, Ain't no Fun if the Homies Can't Have None
    Incubus-Wish You Were Here
    Creed- Arms Wide Open
    Nelly Furtado- Like a Bird
    No Doubt- Don't Speak
    Gorillaz-Clint Eastwood, 19/2000
    Snap-I Got the Power
    Digital Underground- The Humpty Dance, The Danger Zone
    Monie Love- Monie in the Middle, It's a Shame
    ATC-Around the World(la la la)
    Soul Coughing-Circles, Rolling
    The Might be Giants-Particle Man, Istambul (Not Constantinople)
    Wierd Al Yankovic-Well, everything, mainly Amish Paradise
    Coolio- Gangsta's Paradise
    ---man, this list can go on forever! i love music.
  3. Colin

    Colin Oh... this is not good.
    Staff Member Administrator

    Apr 22, 2001
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    Knew I'd remember some more... okay, well, 1 more... and I'm too lazy to edit it in above =XX

    Linkin Park: Pushing me Away
  4. Hey, that would be "The Nobodies". :)

    ... anyway, my favorite songs:

    AC/DC - "For Those About To Rock"; "Highway To Hell"
    Alien Ant Farm - "Movies"; "Smooth Criminal"
    Drowning Pool - "All Over Me"; "Bodies"; "Remind Me Of You"; "Sinner"
    BeeGees - "How Deep Is Your Love"; "Stayin' Alive"
    Bob Marley - "Don't Worry, Be Happy"; "One Love"
    Cake - "Sheeps Go To Heaven"; "Short Skirt/Long Jacket"
    Hall & Oates - "You Make My Dreams"
    Lifehouse - "Hanging By a Moment"
    Marilyn Manson - "Angel With The Scabbed Wings"; "Coma White"; "Lunchbox"; "Target Audience"; "The Love Song"; "The Reflecting God"; "User Friendly"; "Wormboy"
    Michael Jackson - "Bad"; "Beat It"; "Billy Jeans"; "Black Or White"; "Smooth Criminal"; "Who Is It"; "You Rock My World"
    Michelle Branch - "Everywhere"
    Nickelback - "How You Remind Me"
    Nirvana - "Smells Like Teens Spirit"; "The Man Who Sold The World"
    Shakira - "Eyes Like Your (Ojos Asi)"; "Fool"; Objection (Tango); "Poem To A Horse"; "Ready For The Good Times; "Rules"; "Whenever, Wherever (Suerte)"
    System Of A Down - "Chop Suey!"
    Terry Jacks - "Seasons In The Sun"
    The J. Geils Band - "Love Stinks"
    Three Doors Down - "Kryptonite"
  5. Frozen

    Frozen When Hell freezes over.

    May 17, 2001
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    Gee, so many songs, so little bandwidth... Seriously, I could a list the length of your arm, but I'll keep it simple!

    OK, the song I'm listening to the most this week is Queens of the Stone Age's "The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret", but my favourite of all time has to be Don McClean's "American Pie"
  6. electricsheep

    electricsheep ...the man without fear...

    Nov 29, 2001
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    most of the stuff i like is pretty old, but here's SOME:

    Kiss - Black Diamond, Hotter Than Hell, All Hell's Breaking Loose
    Megadeth - Rust In Peace/Polaris, Black Friday, Addicted to Chaos
    Danzig - Am I Demon?
    Rod Stewart - Maggie May, You Wear It Well
    Greg Allman - I'm No Angel, Melissa
    Iron Maiden - Infinite Dreams
    SRV - Pride and Joy
    Ted Nugent - Stranglehold

    once again, this is just SOME of my favorite songs, right now I'm drawing a blank... :(
  7. Good Ol' Batmanuel!

    Good Ol' Batmanuel! Dressing for success?

    Nov 27, 2001
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    I also love People are Strange. (Echo and the Bunnymen do a cover of it, by the way) Also, Stone Temple Pilots do an excellent cover of Break on Through.

    Some of my favorite songs (which nobody else around here seems to know or mention):
    - "That Song" "Inhale" and "The Oaf" by Big Wreck
    - Almost anything by Joe Satriani
    - Almost anything by Steve Vai
    - The entire "Transmutation" album by Praxis
    - Many songs by Buckethead
    - "17th Century Chicken Pickin'" and "Texas Nuclear Boogie" by Impellitteri
    - "Honey Bee" "Testifyin" and others by Stevie Ray Vaughan
    - Almost anything by Foo Fighters
    - Almost anything by Radiohead
    - "Farm Fiddlin'" by Zakk Wylde
    - Lots of stuff by Deep Purple and Rainbow
    - etc...
  8. I also really like Linkin Park - in the end
    and Cyndi Lauper - Time after time.

    and here's a few more favorites of mine,
    David Gray -- Babylon
    Madonna -- Sky fits heaven (Victor Calderone future mix)
    Enigma -- Return to innocence
    Robert Miles -- Fable
    Eve 6 -- Here's to the night
    Jennifer lopez -- Waiting For Tonight (Futureshock Midnight At Mambo mix)
  9. DarkAngel

    DarkAngel Lord Vader

    May 1, 2001
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    There are some great songs on my mind now, after the sad passing of George Harrison: My Sweet Lord, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Wah Wah, Here Comes the Sun, When We Was Fab. All are great songs that are among my favorites.

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