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Fanfiction and Your English Class(es)

Discussion in 'Story Board Workshops' started by KPTitan, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. KPTitan

    KPTitan The Doc is in...

    Mar 3, 2007
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    For those of you who write fanfiction....has you English class helped you along with writting it? How much has your fanfics improved whenever you actually started paying attention in that class? How do you apply your own English skills to when you're writting your fanfiction? In here, just basically talk about your relation with fanfiction and English classes.

    Let's see....ever since I started reading fanfiction for the first time early this year, I've been thinking about writting my own. To my opinion, my first one kinda sucked, so I've been beeing more intune with my English class this year (of course the REAL reason for that is so I can graduate, duh!). I've been doin' really well in English so far, and I've been learning alot of stuff that'll help me with my upcoming fanfic series Teen Titans Chronicles. And plus my teacher is alot nicer than the one last year, so that helps too in some weird way....lol.

    Ohh......crap. Was this supposed to be in the Story Board instead? If it is, can someone move it please?

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