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Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by Red X Unmasked, Dec 26, 2004.

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    Good one:D Thanks.
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    .......Dude!Her name is Ashley!!!!!......You rock!....Ash's of the worlds unite!...ok I'm done:sweat:
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    YEAH GO ASHLEYS! names not ashley!
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    um hi!I'm new...can I do mine?It's for a Batman Beyond character I have.


    Real Name:Christine "Chris" Grayson




    Appearance:Black hair past her waist,ice blue eyes,she's willowy like a dancer,with strong sholders and toned arms,abs and legs.she's kinda busty.plae skin.

    Costume:a tight Black suit,with the night wing smybol on her chest,and a full faced black cowl.

    Strengths:since she has her father's flexablities,and his stubborness.she has aquired several black belts in numerous martial arts.She currently teaches kickboxing at Bludhaven's youth center

    Limations/Weaknesses:With her mother running off when she was 5 and Dick becoming an emtionless jerk from that,she never really felt a lot of love has a child.with that being said,she can become just as bitter as Old Man Wayne.She also has a bad knee cuz by a childhood injury.

    Bio:Christine,or Chris as she likes to be called,hasn't had your fairy tale childhood.Her mother had ran off with a local con-artist and her father,a police officer for the Bludhaven PD,running off every night for unknown reasons,young Chris had to basicly raise herself.She learned everything she could learn,from the russain languge to ju-do just so one day she could walk the rooftops in the cowl of the one hero brave enough to save her wrented hometown, Bludhaven,New Jersey.

    I have a lot more fan characters,but thier for Static,I'll post them if you guys want.
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    im not sure if that was a rhetorical question or not, but of course u can put that here, thats wut this thread is all about.

    o, and welcome dude, percguy89 at ur service, maybe better known as brent.

    anyway, peace out
    Brent, the "Dude"
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    Welcome to High Society NightwingWannab!

    And feel free to post your characters here, Static is cool! :anime: (Even if the theme song has only like, five words...)
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    lol I agree. I have a few static characters myself...:D
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    Heres a villain I made up specifically for The Batman cartoon but it could be used in other stuff too.

    Name: Warrant

    Real Name: Vincent Black

    Age: 27

    Height: 6'0

    Weight: 185

    Appearance: Black Hair, muscular body but it is lean muscle not buff muscle, thin face,

    Costume: Brown vest with long sleeves, tight black undershirt with no sleeves, brown khaki pants, brown boots, if he wears gloves they are black.

    Strengths: Extremely athletic, a kickboxer, extremely good hunter, good at making gadgets and traps and weapons.

    Weaknesses: Easily frustrated if things dont go his way, easily angered,

    Bio: Like Bruce Wayne, Vincents parents were rich. His father was a game warden at a zoo in Africa and his mother was a doctor. Growing up in Africa his father taught him how to hunt. Sadly, his father was corrupt and even though he was a game warden, he was also a poacher. When Vincent's Dad was finally caught his mother abandoned him and Vincent. Vincent was old enough to handle himself at the time so he took up the job of capturing wild animals that were causeing problems. He also used his talents for the police force and became part of a manhunter squad. He was for hire and was found on the internet by two of Gotham P.D.s officers. They hired him to take out the Batman who they were tired of always taking the police force's glory by capturing villains. They would pay him to take down Bats and every other criminal in Gotham to be put away for good. Vincent agreed to it and took the name Warrant to use as a code-name. Warrant captured robbers who were taking money from a bank and also captured Killer Croc who had escaped. Later at a charity ball for the elite Bruce met Vincent.Vincent was cocky and arrogant and Bruce didnt like him. But when Bruce said that it would be hard for any man to take down Bats, Vincent got mad and yelled at Bruce. Later that night. Warrant staged a robbery to get Bats to come to him and tried to quickly take down Bats. Bats put up a fight and beat Vincent, but he couldnt put Vincent in jail because he had been hired by Gotham P.D. Instead Bats took Vincent to the Police building and left him there. Vincent was vengeful, and having not been fired from the police yet he planned for months on how to take down Bats. When Warrant went for Bats again, it was when Man-Bat had escaped from Arkham. Warrant captured Bats and tried to unmask him but Bats escaped and Warrant would have captured Bats again if not for Man-Bat's interference. After this failure Warrant was soundly fired from the police force. Vincent was mad with anger and in an abandoned shopping mall he planned his final attack. He captured Bats greatest enemy, the Joker and used all of Joker's weapons to create a deathtrap. He held Joker captive and went for Bats, this time knocking Bats out without Bats seeing him. He put Bats in the abandoned mall and had Bats fight from one end of the mall to the other. But with all the weapons, Bats thought Joker was doing it. When Bats made it to the end, instead of finding Joker he found Warrant who engaged him in combat. But using a crowbar, Warrant beat Bats, and was about to finish him off. Meanwhile Joker had escaped and gotten his Smilex gas. Joker sprayed Warrant with it and let Bats go. Joker said "I cant let someone else kill you Batsy, whats the fun in that." Joker left and Bats took Warrant to the Gotham Penitentiary where he currently resides.

    Sorry it took so long. This story spans over three episodes I invented. They are not right next to eachother in order but spanned out.
    The first ep (when Bats first meets Warrant): The Thrill Of The Hunt
    The second ep (the one Man Bats in): Two Bats With One Stone
    The Third Ep ( the one with Joker): The Most Dangerous Game
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    Ok, this is fun.
    This fella my friend Dr Worm and I made up for a JLU fanfic. He started out as "The Existentialist", but since that's way too hard to spell and the idea behind his powers changed a bit from the initial idea, he ended up being named "Tatterfiend" istead. The name Tad Irving, if you pronounce it crushed up and with a slight German accent, transforms into Tatterfiend fairly easily.

    Name: Tatterfiend

    Alias (Real Name): Tad Irving

    Age: mid-30's

    Height: 5.11

    Weight: 155

    Appearance: Tad is tall and slender, with an angular face, aqualine nose, dark brown hair and pale blue eyes. As himself, he's stooped and appears rather weedy, unshaven and in need of a bath. As Tatterfiend he's elegant and quite handsome, in a predatory way. He speaks with a soft German accent.

    Costume: Basically a Victorian gentleman's outfit - short jacket with tails, vest, high-necked shirt, cravat, tapered pants, leather boots, top hat, cane - but what was originally plum-colored velvet, fine lawn silk and brocade is now completely covered with fluttering scraps of glued-on paper. As himself, Tad is homeless and wears ill-fitting castoffs.

    Powers: By cutting up and pasting together printed text, Tatterfiend can alter the reality it describes (this is based on William S. Burroughs's cut-up technique of writing).

    Strength: Tatterfiend is slippery but not particularly physically powerful. He relys on the characters he summons to protect him. He's also hampered by wounds his powers can't heal - cuts on his forearm, and a stab wound in his gut.

    Limitations/Weaknesses: Tatterfiend is imaginitive but not very quick-thinking. He can be tricked easily enough of someone plays into his vanity and compulsive fantasizing. Physically, he's not strong, and wouldn't be able to defend himself in a fight without his creations. Also, he needs to have access to printed text to perform his summonings - if it's out of reach, he can't summon.

    Bio: Tad Irving never had lofty goals or aspirations in life - all he wanted was to be left alone to immerse himself in the fantasy worlds he loved to read about. He's worked the same job in the Hookbourne Public Library for over fifteen years, with no ambitions for advancement.

    But Hookbourne is a slowly dying town, and when the Library was shut down for good, Tad passively let events roll over him as usual. Shocked by the loss of his job, his livelihood, and without any money saved up, he’d sunk into a depression and by the end of summer had found himself homeless.

    After being attacked by a bunch of punks, Tad broke into the library and took refuge there. While hiding, he took the oppurtunity to finish a book he'd been reading months ago when the library closed. He got extremely upset when the authors killed off his favorite character, and vindictivly cut out the offending paragraph and amended the book with bits of text clipped from other books and his own crossouts and corrections. When he picked up the book to finish it, tho, he discovered it had changed according to his wishes . . .

    Tad, who rechristened himself Tatterfiend, quickly discovered that by making text mosaics, he could change the reality the text described. He began small, by altering newspaper articles so that his favorite bakery was no longer destroyed, then moved on to repopulating the ghost town with literary characters he loved. Tatterfiend is not so much evil as very self-absorbed - he's having a grand time making up his own little world and being the master of it.

    What Tatterfiend doesn't realize is that the Question is immune to his reality-altering powers, since the paranoid detective has "zero'd" himself, that is, he has altered and destroyed data on himself so that officially he does not exist. And when the Question notices that the information in the League's files does not match reality as he knows it should be, he decides to pay Hookbourne a visit . . .

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    Wow! What a cool thread! I'll have to get togther one of the heroes I've made and post them here!:eek: :D
  11. Alpha Man

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    Constantine, The World's Finest

    Name: Constantine

    Featured in: "[thread=136932]Raven: The Nightmare[/thread]"

    Position: Son of Raven

    Age: 17

    Height: 6'4"

    Weight: 140 lbs.

    Appearance: Uncanny resemblence to his father, Jeff. So much so that he is an exact lookalike. However, his skin and hair color are those of Raven -- pale gray hue in skin and navy blue hair. Needless to say, he has a gem on his forehead just like Raven. He is tall, well-built, and much more athletic than his father ever could be.

    Costume: Constantine wears a combination of the clothes from his mother and father. Unique to him is a red leather trenchcoat, which trails down to his ankles. Similar to his mother, this trenchcoat forms a hood at the neck, which shadows his face above his mouth when up. Underneath the hood, Constantine wears a Jason Hockey Mask in remembrance of his father. He wears the same belt as Raven, and those red gems are his cufflinks on his coat's sleeves as well. Beneath the coat, he wears black Kelvar vest and pants. On his feet rest shin-high black boots.

    Powers: He has all the "Azarath Metrion Zinthos" abilities of Raven, and then some. His level of power surpasses Raven and most characters. He has the ability to channel that negative energy, or black energy, into raw strength and speed. The energy can even be formed into a blast, something that Raven never accomplished.

    Weapons: Constantine still carries around the twin blasters that his father used, but prefers a sword as his weapon of choice. Constantine was told at an early age never to let his powers get out of control, so he maintains them by channeling his force through the blade, which makes him an excellent swordsman.

    Equipment: Constantine was given three gadgets by Brother Mark, but have expired now. One was called a "Wrister," which is a small forcefield that acts as a combat shield made of red ruby light, emitting from his forearms. Another was the "One Shot," an incredibly powerful rifle that could obliterate any monster in the world, but at the cost of one round. The final gadget was "Instant Teleportation," which transported him instantly back to his base in Rome when he tapped his belt buckle.

    Strengths: Despite my bias, Constantine is one of, if not the, most powerful superheroes in the world. He is not on par with near-all of the other characters on this forum. His powers well exceed Raven's, making him a force to be reckoned with. Unlike Raven, who had to meditate to maintain control over her powers, her son's gifts come to him naturally, giving him a sense of freedom with them and no concern of losing control. Constantine will strive to win at any cost, thus keeping him alive and... obviously, not leaving room for any competition.

    Limitations: None

    Weaknesses: Constantine purposefully holds back in every fight because he feels that all his opponents are unworthy of his skills. So, while in any given fight he may appear to be losing, he is actually not. Constantine rarely maxes out, letting his opponents try their best before he slaughters them. However, there have been a number of times where Constantine has held back too much, and his enemies actually get the upperhand temporarily. This desire to hold back stems from his arrogance of the knowledge that he is Raven's child, and there is no other.

    FATAL FLAW: Pride

    Biography: (Brief)
    Constantine was born nine months after his father was killed by Count Dracula. Raven did her best to raise him in the faith, but his family history and lack of a father fueled him to become arrogant. He evenutally grew up and continued in his father's legacy as Knight of the Kingdom of God, hunting any remaining monsters. He even got an offer from the New Teen Titans, but once he took it up, two of the members died as a result. Constantine would travel back in time to see his dad, come back to find himself proclaimed the antichrist in the world, and try to clear his name. Though he is ultimately a good person despite his anger, the world was after him. After his caretaker Father Thomas was killed by "Terra," Constantine foolishly acted in rage, and was easily sedated. His body was then manipulated by Jervis Tetch, who used this as one of many ploys to torment Raven. Constantine's body fought and defeated each of the original Teen Titans, and even battled a solid light projection of Trigon. Tetch dealt a hard blow to Raven by making it appear that Constantine self destructed, though he really did not. Raven found and rescued him. Constantine now trains with the immortal ruler of Azarath and source of their power, Metrion, after saying goodbye to his mother.
    For more information, [post=1862938]click here[/post]!
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    First appearance:Firestarter originally fought batman but was humiliated by him so he decided to fight the teen titans he,s first plan take control of titan tower
    origin:the firestarter after firefly was beaten repetedly he was put in a high security prison and cadmus modified his suit and made many more copies one of the scientists working for cadmus grew envious of the soldiers who used the suit and decided to use
    the suit for crime
    Death:after being humiliated again by the teen titans for a second time he destroyed titan tower and almost killed starfire cyborg in his rage broke fireflys spine but even that didnt kill him he tried one final blast but his suit backfired and he burned alive
    powers:firestarters suit alows him to fly and send great amounts of energy at his apponnents but perhaps the most fearsome part of his suit i his flamethrower which hasbeen improved so it can set fire to a forest in a matter of seconds
    costume:his costume looks just like fireflys on bhe wears a gauntlet which can send energy balsts at his apponents

    and thats my villain if u think theres anything which could b improved send me a message
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    Name: Jack
    Alias: Smiling Jack, Jack'O Lantern, Jack the Ripper.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17

    An old man sat shrouded in thick smoke that bellowed from his cracked and chaffed lips, his sickening yellow teeth digging into the cigar as it rolled lazily around his mouth. He was easily in his sixties, with an obscenely large stomach that indicated rather bluntly the fact that he had never had to do any 'hands-on' work in quite some time, maybe even never. With a few slightly audible grunts, the large man shifted in his leather chair, hearing it groan under his mass, and leant over his exquiste mahogany desk, its top littered with out-of-date newspapers and a crystal ashtray that was filled to the brim with brown cigar butts. He moved his hand to his lips and using two sausage-like fingers he removed the cigar from his mouth and put it out distractedly as he flicked through the newspapers with his other hand.

    "Teen Titans bust smuggling Ring."
    "Teen Titans capture wanted drug dealer."
    "Titans come out on top once again."

    "This has gone on long enough." The man said with an unusally high-pitched voice. He dropped the newspaper and pressed a small red button on his intercom.

    "Rogers! Bring me the file on Smiling Jack Frost, immediately."
    There was a slight pause, followed by a very meek "Yes sir." and within less then a minute the doors to his office swung open, and in rushed a young man in his early twenties, with a perfectly tailored suit and a thick mat of black hair atop his head. He carried a brown manilla folder and gently placed it on the desk in front of the large man before quickly scooting out. If he had a tail, the large man surmised, it would have been between his legs. With a heavy sigh the man opened the folder and gazed at its contents.

    SUBJECT: "Smiling" Jack "Frost" Wernson

    Born to Martha and Donald Wernson in 1988, Jack had a rough upbringing in the hands of his abusive father and alcoholic mother. Jack endured verbal and physical assaults every day of the year, as he was never sent to school. He resorted to teaching himself at home, locked in his room and reading whatever material he could get his hands on.

    The exact source of his constant smiling is unknown, but many believe that he came across a saying in a magazine that read something like: "Smiile, you never know when you'll need to laugh yourself out of prison one day."

    He discovered his power quite by accident on January 23rd, 1999 as he was walking home from a gruelling 8 hour shift at work. He found an elderly gentleman lying on the wooden benches in the park. An iPod was lying in open view in the man's hand, and Jack decided to take it. The man didn't notice anything, and Jack was no longer a dull boy. The moment he placed those headphones in his ears, his whole world changed.

    You see, Jack had an extremely rare condition. By listening to certain genres of music, he could effectively create a fighting style that is unique to him only. After learning of such a wonderful gift, Jack quickly disposed of his parents and hired his services out as a mercenary to the highest bidder. Of course, as his skills are endless as long as he hears his music, Jack only hires himself out to the extremely wealthy.


    The large man put the file back on the desk and grinned malevolently, sinking back into his seat as he did so.

    "Soon, Titans, very soon, your time will come."


    This is one of my personal favourite original characters that I have created!

    This might also be the basis of a new story... Who knows...

    ...Well, I do, but I aint telling you nuttin!

    Cheers, Dimster, Droog Delta Master
  14. Matt A

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    Well, that's a unique way of doing a profile. Sounds like a cool story already!;):anime::anime::anime:

    -Matt A-
  15. Rae

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    This just came to me when i was walking home from school one day, and i think she is possibly one of the coolest characters i've ever thought up, and there have been a few...

    Name: Dimension Shark

    Alias (Real Name): Shayne ‘Shark’ Greenwood.

    Age: 14

    Height: average height (can’t be bothered to work out the numbers)

    Weight: under average weight (again, see comment on height)

    Appearance: Shayne has long, perfectly straight, silver hair that goes down to the back of her knees. Her eyes are a very pale blue, and she’s quite thin, too thin really.

    Costume: She doesn’t really have a ‘costume’ but she normally wears an all in one silver outfit, with a white horizontal stripe across her chest. Or she just wears blue jeans, a plain t-shirt of varying colours, and silver trainers.

    Powers: Shayne’s power is the ability to slip between parallel universes by touching a reflective surface, be it a mirror, puddle of water, or just a window. It started out as just her seeing things in the reflections that weren’t supposed to be there, and hearing sounds through them, but developed into the dimension slipping when she was fourteen.

    Strength: Since reflections can be found almost anywhere, she can easily slip out of a bad situation, and can spy on people through these portals.

    Limitations/Weaknesses: Shayne’s weakness is that she is afraid of her powers. For years she would never look at a reflective surface, and if she did, she would scream and try to smash it. However, now she’s begun to accept her gift (or curse) she isn’t as afraid any more.

    Her other weakness is that she isn’t always guaranteed to return to the dimension she left from. If she focuses before she leaves, she can get back, but hasty departures mean she is less likely to return there, unless she has been there many times before.

    Bio: For as long as she can remember, Shayne has seen strange images in reflections, and heard strange noises to go with them. This used to cause her great amusement as a kid, a great substitute for TV, and some of it was hardly decent. However, at the age of ten, she finally realised that no one else saw what she saw, and she became scared. She started acting strangely around mirrors, reflective pieces of metal, surfaces of water, even windows. She wouldn’t look at them, for fear of seeing the strange pictures and hearing the strange sounds which accompanied them. This lead to several problems, including her breaking into school one night to smash all the mirrors in the toilets. The result of this was expulsion.

    One day, after school, Shayne receives a letter from a strange person asking her to phone them. Shayne does so after consulting her older brother, and gets more than she bargains for. She is invited to a secret building for selected children, and she goes along, though she doesn’t really know why she decides to do so. When she arrives, she is thrown into a room full of mirrors. Immediately trying to block out the sounds and visions, she covers her eyes and ears, then starts shattering them with by kicking the mirrors.

    When she thinks she’s destroyed them all, she carefully opens her eyes, but finds all the shards lying on the floor, and the sights and sounds overwhelm her. She then finds herself falling towards an intact mirror, but instead of hitting it, she falls through it, to another world. On the other side of this mirror is a new world, home to a lot more super powered beings than Shayne can handle. They offer her help, but she is reluctant to take it, and her paranoia and depression leads to her losing a lot of weight and becoming extremely thin. Eventually she realises that no one thinks of her as strange, and that she can live normally with her powers. Unfortunately she also discovers that there are thousands of worlds out there, and only one of them is her home.
  16. rrarbecy

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    Character from my story on called "Screwed Up World." Some of you may have read it. Warning: He is not someone who you would be used to seeing on Toonzone. He, like the story he is featured in, is very controversial.
    Real Name: Unknown

    Alias: Goodman

    Age: Unknown (Presumed 40-50)

    Height: 6'2" (Presumed)

    Weight: 190 lbs. (Presumed)

    Appearance: Silver-gray hair, tied back in a ponytail down to his shoulder blades. Pale blue eyes. Lean and muscular. Gaunt, thin face.

    Costume: None. Only seen in white tank top and gray sweat pants.

    Powers: None

    Strengths: Adept at eluding authorities and, more recently, the Teen Titans. Skilled at overpowering victims. Exceptionally fast and slippery. Shows adeptness at chemistry.

    Limitations/Weaknesses: Sick, sadistic mind sometimes makes him overly aggressive. Can't stop his sick crusade, even if he wanted to.

    Bio: Nothing is known about Goodman before his sudden appearance in Jump City. He tortures the Titans' morality with his sick sex crimes performed against young girls, and leaves their brutalized bodies where he is sure they will be found to elicit the terror he so loves. Goodman is a true vision of all that is wrong and wicked in this world. He has recently set his eyes on a new kind of prey. One of the Titans' own.

    I told you he was controversial.
  17. Agent S7

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    Nov 18, 2004
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    Whoa. Controversey.
    Creepy character.
  18. rrarbecy

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    Sep 10, 2004
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    Thank you. I've never been very good at creating villains.
  19. Catboy4

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    Oct 12, 2005
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    Name: Catboy
    Real Name: Thomas Lauria
    Age: 14
    Height: 5 ft 7in
    Weight: 145 lbs. (Variable)
    Appearance: He has dirty blonde hair that shortly cut and spiked. His skin is very pale and his face and skin has tons of small red/orange freckles. Thin eyebrows that mach his hair color if not slightly darker. Scrawny legs, but muscular upper body (not too contrasting).
    Costume: Teal tights, black shirt with teal cat symbol, gold utility belt, thin black strip mask, teal gloves, black boots
    Powers: Telekinesis, the magical powers of the dark egyptian realm (Set and Bast), leering (mind control via eye contact), can turn into a black cat, can turn into a cat/human beast, darkbolts (small jolts of black energy), limited flight
    Strength: Catboy is advanced more in his range attacks, (magic, darkbolts, telekinesis, leering) and can outsmart an opponent my controlling their minds and prying into their thoughts.
    Limitations: Catboy cannot summon too much power or he will lose control, faint, or drain himself of his powers temporarily. He cannot launch magic attacks when he is in cat form. He loses some intelligence in cat form and cat/human beast form. He is not the greatest close combat fighter, but has some skill. He loses his powers during a full moon.
    Bio: Born with a ginetic mutation, Thomas Lauria didn't realize he had powers until the age of four when he grew fangs and bit another kid at his day-care center. His other friends also noticed they had strange powers so they all came together and formed the SuperBiscuits (ask me later about the name). Strong Guy (leader), Mega-Kicker, Stinkbomb, and Catboy, were the elite juvenile fighting force ridding Long Island of threats like: Memo, Oaf, Minnow, 300 King, Woodman, etc. Strong Guy though, who is Catboy's brother, decided he wanted to expand the teams horizons so they recruited more members and became the JLOSK (Justice League of Super Kids). During the rapid growth of the JLOSK, Catboy went solo for a while and discovered a plot to destroy him set by the evil Egyptian tyrant, Cattakus. He joined the JLOSK again with his personal recuit Zeturra Zatara, aka Zatanna's cousin, aka Zetus Lepetus. Then one day after touching a mystical object, Trigon the Terrible possessed him and he destroyed half of Smithtown under his control. Over time Catboy filtered Trigon out of his system through a trip to Dr. Fate's castle and he rejoined the JLOSK. The JLOSK split into two divisions, the JLOSK, and the JLOST (Justice League of Super Teens). Catboy then became the co-captain of the JLOSK in his brother's absence next to Mega-Kicker (New Captain of JLOSK). Catboy got bored with the JLOSK and took his fly new girlfriend, Killaya, an orphaned Canadian girl with elemental powers, and set off to find a new team. They stumbled upon the Teen Titans, but then got kicked out for being too wild and unfocused. Enraged, Killaya went on a rampage, but Catboy stopped her before she destroyed their tower. Now Catboy either works with the JLOST/JLOSK or with his GF Killaya... (Stay tuned for updates during their own mini Crisis!)
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    "Zetus Lepetus?" Has someone been watching the Disney channel lately?

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