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Dynasty Warriors 7 News & Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Mesousa, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. Mesousa

    Mesousa Biggest Hinata Azuma fanboy

    Dec 24, 2008
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    A second teaser trailer was released a few days ago, as well as some new info:

    You know how the DW games always seem to end around the Wu Zhang Plains? Not this time. The Jin Kingdom will be added! Representing the characters are:

    Deng Ai
    Guo Huai
    Sima Shi
    Sima Yi
    Sima Zhao
    Wang Yuanji
    Zhong Hui
    Zhuge Dan

    Of course, there's a chance there might be more (especially a female)

    On the Shu side, new characters include Bao Sanniang, who is the wife of Guan Suo (possibly clue for him to be playable, too?), Ma Dai (about time, in my opinion), while Wei gets another new one and is...Cai Wenji (she did appear in Strikeforce's sequel, which is yet to be released on the US).

    The Renbu system is gone, going back to the original system, characters can even hold more than one weapon, and now aerial Musou attacks.

    A new mode called Chronicle mode is basically roaming through China (Koei...be careful with this...) and creating your own story. Somethign like that. "Other" characters will be featured in that one.

    "Major" battles will be split in two parts, an example being in Chang Ban, that the first part is Zhao Yun rescuing Liu Bei's child, and the second part will be Zhang Fei's defense.

    They really want to prove themselves after mostly disappointing the fans on DW6, aren't they?
  2. The Huntsman

    The Huntsman Friend of Toon Zone

    Aug 23, 2005
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    I didn't get this game earlier because I figured the price just wasn't worth it, since the few previous games in the franchise have been disappointments. Well, I ended up getting it today for roughly half of its original price, and...

    I've finally overcome my obsession with DLC!

    Seriously, anybody who feels compelled to buy every piece of DLC for games that they own should buy this and be hit with a sack of bricks about how absurd it is. 42 pieces of pay-for DLC, most of which are between two and five dollars. I'm flabbergasted. I thought Final Fantasy XIII-2 was bad with its DLC, and The Sims 3 worse, but those games are respectable compared to this. It's crazy. I stopped adding up the numbers about half-way through the list, but it's easily $70+ for all of the DLC, more than the game cost brand new back when it came out.

    Last time this happened, I traded the game in. This time, I'm just going to enjoy the game for what it is and forget that the DLC ever existed. I think I'll be doing that a lot more often in the future.

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