Dragonball: Live action reaction (Fan-Fiction)

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    Dragonball: Live action reaction Part 1

    {I made this a long time ago...I'm make a part two soon}

    Well, everyone know about the Dragonball movie is coming out, and there been many different reaction from the fans, some bad and some good....But how about the Characters?.....This what I think....

    Goku: Hey Guy! I just found out there going to be a movie about us!

    Kuririn,Yamucha,and Tenshinhan smile!

    Kuririn,Yamucha,and Tenshinhan: For real?

    Goku: Yup!

    Piccolo: What Studio?

    Goku: 20th Century Fox! Yeah, they said the will finsh the movie in 8-15-08!

    Kuririn:Wow, that soon? I don't think that won't give them a lot of time!

    Goku: I think they will pull it off.

    Yamucha:Uhhh, Goku? What story line will it take place?

    Goku: I think when we frist meet!

    Kuririn Smiles at Vegeta.

    Kuririn: To bad you won't be in the movie Vegeta...

    Vegeta yells at Kuririn.

    Vegeta:YOU THINK I CARE!!!?

    Goku: But guys, I got some bad news...Some of the story might be different and some of you guys won't be in the movie.

    Everyone (but not Vegeta...) yelled: WHAT?!?

    Tenshinhan: Who won't be in the movie Goku?

    Everyone look at Goku. There was a small silants....And the Goku said...

    Goku: Its...Tenshinhan...and Kuririn you going to replace by Teto...Sorry!

    Kuririn and Tenshinhan eyes just pop and Vegeta begain laughing out!

    Vegeta:Hahhahahahaha, I might not be in it...At least I'm not replace by a nobody! Hahahahahah-haha! Lets see if you wife will enjoy Teto then you! Hahahahaha (oh, god that is good)...

    Kuririn: Te...To...Te...To...*YELLES* WHO THE HELL IS TETO!!?

    Tenshinhan:What?! Why not me?!

    Goku:You think thats worst, my character have to go to school!...I NEVER WANT TO SCHOOL!

    Kuririn & Tenshinhan: AT LEAST YOUR CHARACTER IS IN THE MOVIE!!!!

    As every one is yelling, Vegeta was pointing at Kuririn and making joke about Teto taking his place....

    Vegeta : Hahahaha....Wait-wait, your wife will be saying," Oh, Kuririn your sweet and all, but I want to see someone in eye level!"...HAHAHAH!!!


    Vegeta is pissed!

    Vegeta: What was that shorty!!? AT LEAST MY WIFE IS A REAL PERSON!! I'm not a big fan of toys!

    Kuririn: Your just mad that my wife can stay young and yours can't!

    Vegeta: AT LEAST SHE IS SMART!!!

    As Vegeta & Kuririn was fighting about thier wifes.....

    Yamucha:Hey, Goku? Are me and Piccolo are ok?

    Goku: Yes! Oh Piccolo, your the big shot Villain in the movie!

    Piccolo: Kay! At least I know my characters is in it!

    Yamucha:Sweet! I can't wait to tell puar...

    Goku: Oh, there won't be talking animals in the movie.


    Goku: I guess we should wait and see what more news we might get!

    ......4 mouths........

    Vegeta: Damnit! I HATE rumors....

    Kuririn: What do you mean?

    Vegeta: They said March 21 the trailer will come out in" Shutter"....BUT I WAST MY TIME AND MONEY THAT I STOLED FOR WATCHING THIS MOVIE!!!! Oh, got some good news freak, Teto won't be in it!

    Kuririn: Oh, Thank God!

    Vegeta:Yeah, Teto won't be sleeping with your wife......Or you, its Weaver!!! HAHAHAHAHa!!!

    Kuririn: SHUT-UP!!!!! NO ONE CARES!!!!

    Vegeta: Your wife will, once she actsely feel something good in bed! No more helf-of-a-men, but now a full version! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!


    ....Then 21sec later, Vegeta & Kuririn was fighting again!

    Goku:Well, got some bad news...The movie will come next year at 4-8-09..... -_-"

    Yamucha:Well, that will give them more time on the movie.

    Goku: Well, yeah, thats true! I can't wait to see this movie!

    Piccolo: I can't wait the mean man James Marsters to beat your actor up.

    Goku: Will see!

    Piccolo: I heard they might make a sequel out of the movie.

    Goku: Yeah, i heard that too!

    Vegeta over heard.He pushed Kuririn and rush up to Goku!

    Vegeta: Wait, you said ,"sequel"?



    Goku: Well, maybe they will. The story is a little off track and maybe tell might change your character.

    Vegeta was a little scard if that did happen....Kuririn looked at Vegeta and smiled. Kuririn started to mock Vegeta....

    Kuririn: Yeah Vegeta....If they change your character, they might make you weak, not cool, and maybe......YOUR PRIDE! Or wrost...The line that you always hate, the line that gets you mad....

    Vegeta: Don't you say i-

    Kuririn yells: IT'S OVER 9,000!!!!!!!!!

    Vegeta punch Kuririn hard in the ground.....


    Goku: I think its to late for that. I heard they are almost done!

    Vegeta:In your small mind it is....But for me it isn't!

    Vegeta fellow away to 20th Century Fox!

    Vegeta: I must stop this movie.....THAT LINE MUST NEVER BE SAID IN THE BIG SCREENS!!!

    Will Vegeta get there? Will Kuririn come down? Will anyone care to read this Fan-made fiction?....Stay tune for the next Dragonball!

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