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Do you have your own superhero ideas lingering in your head?

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by Ookamikun, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Jono11

    Jono11 Member

    Aug 9, 2009
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    When they work organically for the character, they're fantastic. When they feel shoehorned in, they suck. Like just about anything else.

    And that dichotomy of organic vs. shoehorned is why I don't really have any superhero ideas anymore. I did, but I realized that I was basically forcing myself to start from a certain standpoint, and that I didn't really have anything new to bring to superhero storytelling, any formal innovations. I had pretty unique superpowers, but that's not really a story. I started to feel like there really isn't anything left to say with the superhero. The fact that he is a superhero must now be incidental to larger stories. Astro City and Watchmen and the like have exhausted the few remaining possibilities for crafting an interesting, intellectual narrative around superheroes that can stand for a long time as an artistic accomplishment. All that's left now is shared-universe soap opera.
  2. Todd.D.Anderson

    Todd.D.Anderson New Member

    Sep 29, 2009
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    My SuperHero

    I created a hero long ago who was pretty cool

    I wanted to create a more classic hero along the lines of Spiderman, Superman, and Batman.

    I designed a TV series for kicks and giggles called Dragon Flame

    It follows the adventures of Mitchell Young as he is turned into a test subject by Dr. Adams. The experiment goes wrong and Dr. Adams goes insane, becoming the main villain Dr. Atoms. His lab assistant Forkner his transformed into a liquid metal organism while Mitchell Young is given the unbelievable ability to absorb and control atoms in the air. Giving him a multitude of different powers depending on how he uses them. However he has trouble controlling his powers and one day accidentally wipes out an entire street block. The first season confronts Mitchell's inability to control his powers and him being hunted by both the government and Dr. Atoms. He meets a african american genius who helps him. Only at the end of the series does he finally become the hero that he was meant to be....Dragon-Man!

    Dragon-Man's powers are determined by how he uses the Atoms he absorbs. This is a list of the powers he can potentially have.

    Super Strength (absorb)
    Super Speed (Absorb)
    Regenerative powers (Absorb)
    Temporary Invulnerability (Absorb)
    Force Fields (Fusing atoms in the air)
    Heat waves (Heating Atoms)
    Create fire and explosions (Splitting Atoms)
    Creating weapons such as staffs, cords, and disks (Freezing Atoms at various densities)

    Dragon-man has an extreme weakness towards electricity. It effects him far more than normal people.

    Along with many powers Dragon-Man has gadgets created and operated by Nicos (the genius) from their secret base called the Lair. Here is a list

    Hearing enhancer
    Night Vision/ heat vision/zoom vision
    electricity resistant costume
    computer/ security hacking equipment in his belt

    and more

    Basically he is a one man army but I have created many villains who would have no problem taking him on.

    Cool huh?
  3. lightningspeed6

    lightningspeed6 New Member

    Sep 26, 2012
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    A liquid metal alien. He is a genetic experiment from the Phalax race of aliens. He rebeled and fled from Phalax homeworld and came to Earth. He has no name except for his experiment name; Liquid. He can change his body into several items, but only primitive weapons. Basically only swords and can shoot spikes from his body. His body can be cut through easily but it is almost impossible to kill him. His weakness is either extreme heat or extreme cold. He can split his body into several other versions of himself. Each time he splits he gets smaller but there is more of him. He has no preference of hero or villain but will do as he pleases. When he was experimented on, he was trained how to fight for the Phalax. Since he rebeled from being a test subject, the Phalax are hunting him. They have put a large bounty on his head so he is hunted regularly. He does not work with others well but will if he has to. Well this is my idea hope you like it!
  4. lorbo

    lorbo Member

    Jan 4, 2013
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    An Ironic Superheroine

    Good? Lemme know..........

    Winn Real Name: Claire Guthrie Gender: Female Age: 24

    Job seeker that was transported to an alien planet while applying for a job, got her powers after a brush with death there. She use to do gymnastics in HS and is naturally athletic, plus good with numbers. By the time she was 18 she could fly planes and play the violin thanks to her parents who kept her VERY busy.

    Caucasian with blonde shoulder length hair. Wears a sky blue longsleeve top and breeches of same color. Has white boots and cape, with a bird symbol on chest. She has to wear costume for powers to work.

    Personality: Winn is very observant, calm under pressure, and generally no nonense with any work she does. Her motive is to go home, but also to save an alien race from another that is using them undercover as fodder to make an addictive drug. This is how she almost dies and gets her powers. One of her flaws is taking on more than she can handle-she tends to say yes more than no.

    Powers: All her powers are timed, they each last a minute before needing a recharge by not using it (recharge is automatic when not in use), And she doesn'thave to recharge fully to use a power either. They include flight, 0 to 1000 mph instantly, she can stop on a dime. That's her top speed. invulnerability (used whenever anything that hurt a normal person occurs) super strength, and adhesive skin.

    I think she would rely on high speed only when in danger, and that would solve most problems. I don't know of many that could challenge a character zipping around at 1000 mph unless they know her weakness. BTW she is aware of exactly how much time she has left for each power.

  5. Planeteer

    Planeteer Member

    Nov 14, 2004
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    What a coinky-dink: I'm in the same situation! :D

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