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DCUO PS3/PS4 Group Interest Thread

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Shawn Hopkins, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. Shawn Hopkins

    Shawn Hopkins TZ Member of the Year 2013

    Mar 13, 2002
    Likes Received:
    I expect that a lot of players might be checking into DCU online with the release of PS4. And maybe some have never tried it for PS3. It's really a very fun game, a great starter MMO for those that have never tried one. And it's free. I'd like to see if anyone is down for starting a toonzone-based league for a regular game.

    For this to work, there'll have to be some relatively simple things that happen.

    We need people with PS3s or PS4s. If anyone wants to start a PC league that would be great, but unfortunately the systems aren't compatible.

    We need at least four people who can play a regular game and are willing to take one of four roles and reliably play that role. We need a tank, healer, controller, and DPS. We need the dedicated tank, healer, and controller more than the DPS. More than four people would be great, as many as want to join. If we could get at least eight that would be fantastic.

    People really need to be able to play regularly, at a time we can plan in the thread. You can level on your own but we need to be able to get as much of the group together for alerts, operations, raids and such as possible.

    It would be best if all of these players started with fresh characters designed around their pre-planned roles.

    It would be best if everyone had a headset. Mono USB headsets are cheap.

    That's it. The rest is all literally fun and games. And it doesn't matter if you've played lots of MMOs or never played a one, if you haven't played we'll help you learn. So, if you are interested post in this thread and if we have enough people we'll start planning a game.
  2. GWOtaku

    GWOtaku Moderator
    Staff Member Moderator Reporter

    Feb 21, 2003
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    Well, full honesty up front: I hit the prime of my MMORPG activity several years ago in World of Warcraft and I will probably never return to that level again. But casual to moderate activity is possible, & having a group to play with is probably the incentive I need to seriously try another MMO and actually level a character.

    I rolled one character earlier in the year, I have no idea how I designed it anymore. But I stopped immediately after the starting area, so adjusting or rerolling to suit any role would be no problem. In Warcraft I do nothing but DPS specs, so I could try for being a controller or a tank for something different. But anything would be fine depending on others' preferences.

    To those reading this that are on the fence on giving it a shot, I'd just say...hey, what's to lose? It's free. It's got superheroes. What the heck. That's the conclusion I came to after kicking this around for a bit.

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