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DC Super Hero Girls "Super Hero High Yearbook" Talkback (Spoilers)

Discussion in 'The DC Comics Animation Forum' started by Yojimbo, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. Yojimbo

    Yojimbo Yes, have some.
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    Jul 13, 2003
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    The first DC Super Hero Girls yearbook is here!



    Written by: Shea Fontana

    At Super Hero High School, the galaxy's most powerful teens master the fundamentals of what it means to be a hero. Now young fans can meet the amazing Amazon warrior Wonder Woman, the mighty Supergirl, the whiz-kid Batgirl, and many more of DC Comics' most iconic Super Heroes and Super-Villains as they take on the biggest challenge of their lives--high school! Super Hero High Yearbook!'s full-color pages are packed with awesome information: from super-powers and amazing skills to special moves and favorite foods, from who's best dressed to who always aces the test--and a whole lot more!

    Discuss the first DC Super Hero Girls yearbook!

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  2. Yojimbo

    Yojimbo Yes, have some.
    Staff Member Moderator

    Jul 13, 2003
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    *"Previews" of 12 new characters
    **Silver Banshee is a SHH student
    **Doc Magnus is a teacher at SHH for a Robotics and Technology class
    **June Moon is an art teacher at SHH
    **Lashina is on the Apokolips Magnet page
    **Korugar Academy featured on Rival Schools page, Sinestro is headmaster (in Sinestro Corps outfit), students are Blackfire, Red Lantern Bleez, Maxima, Lobo, and Mongal
    **Thwarted villains page has King Shark who was defeated by Bumblebee and Harley and Lion Mane was defeated by Hawkgirl when he tried to unleash an animal army on Metropolis
    **Thwarted villains page has a shot of Belle Reve, boasting its incarcerated villains for over 100 years

    *Doesn't state real names of students but some of their home cities hint at which version they are
    **Cheetah is from Nottingham
    **Hawkgirl is from St. Roch

    *Did confirm names of Arrowette (not Speedy as I thought) and Mary Marvel is actually named Shazam

    *References/confirmations of super heroes
    **Black Lightning on Thunder and Lightning's profile on page 26
    **Arrowette's favorite hero is Green Arrow
    **Arrowette is following in her famous mother's foot steps
    **Vibe dreams of becoming a member of the Justice League of America

    *Reference to a sport called Heroball
    **Supergirl's comment on page 9
    **Bumblebee and Batgirl in Heroball uniforms designed by Katana who got an A+ for it on page 64

    *One of the previously unknown clubs is the Vehicle Club. Wonder Woman and Supergirl seen in uniforms and pic of Wonder Woman's sportbike on page 78

    *Tons of references and images to/from webisodes and TV special

    *Thanks from Capes & Cowls Cafe for saving it from 52 robberies, 13 super-villain takeovers, 3 giant attacks, and one scary spider. :)

    *It doesn't cover every student at Super Hero High despite being a Yearbook... only has 31 students total (there's 46 students so far, 50 if your count 4 more from the novels)
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