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DC Nation: Home is Where the Heart Is

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by River26, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. River26

    River26 Well-Known Member

    May 11, 2006
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    Narrator via Gray Fullbuster (Jordan Levin, an OC exclusive to DA)
    *asterisk - action that takes place
    " " - person is speaking


    While the gang was camping out at the exit door of Washington (the door Grayson's team would use after their final battle). Jordan was called to rescue his buddy and old time highschool classmate who was fighting alongside Grayson's team; Wally. "Hey bro, can you open the door?" said Jordan.

    "Sure, I'm on it" said Kevin as he used his strength to open the door.

    The door opens and Jordan heads to Wally. Where did he find Wally? He was knocked out. And so, Jordan quickly rescued him.

    "Coming through guys" said Jordan as he exited the door.

    "Good job, we'll take it from here. Why don't you take him to the base so that our mom could take a look at him" said Kevin

    "Yeah, good idea."

    So Ben's team heads through the door to pick up the rest of the gang and takes them to the base. The base which acts as a NCIS facility and a home. Just as the last YJ character heads out, the door begins to slowly close. "Take care now guys" said Batman

    "We will" said Grayson

    *Meanwhile at the infirmary of the Stryker Base Wally starts to wake up and sits up*

    "You okay dear?" said Evalyn Levin

    "N-no. I let my friends down, heck I even let your son down." said Wally as he sat up

    *Jordan enters the infirmary*

    "You haven't let me down dude. I even heard from Grayson that you guys had a really hard battle to begin with. There's no way you could've known."

    "I know, it's just that-"

    "Truth be told dude, me and my my friends have been in a similar situation too. This one was with my other brother; Kevin." said Jordan

    "What happened?"

    "Well, my brother tried stopping Aggregor. But as it stood, he wasn't able to. So as a last ditch effort, he absorbed the Ultmatrix which made him go insane. At the end, we had a big battle. It was a battle I couldn't bring myself to. Not in a million years" said Jordan

    "Talk about having it rough eh?"

    *laughs* "No doubt"

    "Speaking of conversations, why don't you guys head to Jordan's room. Got a lot to catch up on right?" said Kevin

    "Yeah, that's what I was thinking ma'am. And, thanks for taking us in. It really means a lot to us" said Wally

    "Anytime, any friends of my sons' is no doubt welcome. You guys just be careful out there when fighting. Don't want the same thing happen to you like in the show."

    So Wally was out of commission in Young Justice and wasn't able to return to battle. As a last ditch effort, at the request came via Jordan, Kevin and Chris' dad. He requested Jordan to pick Wally up. In this version of Young Justice, Wally had an armor that was given by Grayson prior to the battle. The armor in question that Wally was wearing was a vest that went over his outfit. It had the logo; "NCIS" on the front.

    So rather than disappear in the show itself. In this version, he just received a minor damage which left him knocked out.

    Later that day, Wally wakes up from a long nap up in Jordan's room. The time was around 7:50 pm (PST).

    In Jordan's room of the base

    "Ugh, my head still hurts"

    "Take it easy dude, your just recovering."

    "Guess who bro?"

    "Bart? What're you guys doing here"

    "Seems we were also called by Jordan and Kevin's dad to also fight alongside Ben's newly formed team. And, I missed you. After you were knocked out cold. I feared for the worst." said Bart as he cried and hugged Wally

    And thus, Wally and gang have arrived. As for the Flash's rooms, they share the room next to Jordan (room left of Jordan's room).

    This battle, Captain Joshua and Ben Tennyson would need all the help they can get. From tending to people's wounds in the base, to the frontlines, providing food to the hungry fighters etc...

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