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Darwin the Merman: Character Ideas

Discussion in 'The Drawing Board' started by RandomMe, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. RandomMe

    RandomMe An Imaginary Friend

    Dec 30, 2012
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    NOTE: The following bios are written from the character's point of view, as if they were on CN's website.
    Name: Darwin Waterman
    Age: lemme see... mermen are immortal so lemme put my birth date... around 50000 years ago. Mortals wil say WTF?|
    Life motto: Impossible? The only thing's that is impossible is impossibility! (Phineas Flynn)
    Favorite stuff: video games, extreme stuff on TV, watching korean dramas with my sister (aometimes!), listening to dance music (those repetitive ones), well, that.
    Hates: Everything else.
    Friends: Kevin, Bea and Niall (all of them have Waterman in the name!), Fincher (shark merman)
    Crush: Bea
    Parents: no parents.
    Name: Bea Waterman
    Age: i was born shortly before Darwin... of the three of us, i'm the middle one :D
    Life motto: changes over time, influenced by korean dramas :p
    Favorite stuff: Fashion, sharing fashion stuff with my friends on Facebook, korean dramas, Gag Factory, those korean music shows, boy bands, korean boy bands, Gangnam Style, girl bands.
    Hates: Everything else.
    Friends: Darwin, Kevin and Niall Waterman, KT's (can you guess who he is?) main daughter (chan you guess who she is?).
    Crush: Darwin
    Parents: no parents.
    Name: Kevin Waterman
    Age: born before Bea who was born before Darwin.
    Life motto: Extreme. That is all. Just the word extreme.
    Favorite stuff: some repetitive dance music, Gangnam Style, risque comedy, watching korean dramas.
    Hates: everything else.
    Friends: Darwin, Bea and Niall Waterman, Fincher and Noah Watson
    Parents: no parents.
    (will be updating over time)

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