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Discussion in 'Story Board Workshops' started by King Cocopuff, Jan 27, 2006.

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    Note: I'm actually ldude893. I made another account after I lost and forgot both my username and password. I'm still a bit confused with the forum, but I'm working on it. Sorry if I confused anyone.

    Well, I'm not going to WRITE a crossover, although I might, I'm just suggesting some ideas. (I'm currently working on a Simpsons Story since someone thought I was going to write it when I was just suggesting it.)

    You said that the plot is very important. I think so, too. You can't just put The Jetsons and The Flinstones together in one show or movie (done already) and give it a title (The Jetsons meets The Flintstones). Content is everything. Otherwise, if they made it to a movie, expect an army of film critics burning the film reels.

    I think that choice of shows to crossover is also another important thing. everything. For instance, Mickey Mouse meets Donald Duck? Good. Yogi Bear meets Pikachu? Bad. But in the case of a giant crossover, its complicated.
    In one of my posts with my new account, I mentioned an idea for the crossover about toons living in one large city. So, here's my idea. While everyone single toon is going to be there (South Park's under quarintine, perfectly explaning their absence.) there should be some main characters:
    -Three normal kids,
    -Two normal toon friends
    -Three of the big ones:
    -Mickey Mouse and his friends (Represents the start of the popularity of Cartoons)
    -The Looney Tunes (Represents the Golden Age of Cartoons)
    -The Simpsons (Represents the Modern Age of Cartoons.)

    Just some lousy ideas.
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    this reminds me of an idea of mine that I think I may get back to its basically Crisis On Infinite Earths for cartoons which in its aftermath would bring about a much smaller multiverse for toon characters:D:D
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    I've written a few crossovers in my day.

    My first fanfic online (February 1996) was a crossover.

    Get this: The Transformers Meet the Archies. It's there, in ZIP format. It's a burnt effort, but it works somehow.

    Right now I have a round robin story going in these forums (World's Finest Writers Corner), a crossover between Death Note and the DCAU (Timmverse: to be precise, the JLU). Light Yagami versus the Justice League, courtesy of Mxyzptlk. In this one, at least, you can join in with your own chapters.

    I've written--and read--other crossovers over the years. In writing them, the problem I've run into is finishing them. Sometimes I'll have a story thread running, and then a new one pops up that doesn't quite fit. RL obligations come in; if I leave the story alone for several months, I sometimes lose interest in the concept.

    Offline, I'm working on stories for a Transformers(G1) fan comic--which will also feature GI Joe, Spider-Man(and his Amazing Friends, although it has the 90s vibe), the X-Men(1990s) and the other 1980s transforming robot show--the (Challenge of the) Gobots. And trust me, they do interact.

    This is a long-term project of mine, in part a love letter to animation in general--especially my favorite shows. If it was a cartoon/animated show/anime that I watched: it will be referenced, cameoed or homaged. (the latter two are likely non-words.)

    This one won't be lost because I'm looking at it least once a week. :)
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    Sure, a "mass crossover" like Roger sounds fun, but let's start with basics. I had the idea of pairing up similar characters of different studios/networks. Examples include Tweety & Sylvester with Pudgie and Grunge (Who, you ask? click here), Tom & Jerry with Itchy & Scratchy or Jake Long with Juniper Lee.

    One successful basic inter-studio crossover worth mentioning is Bugs Bunny's cameo in George Pal's Jasper Goes Hunting (1945). Although I personally have never seen it, I have seen screenshots on Jerry Beck's page and I CAN BELIEVE IT! (The above link also reminds me of a list thread of inter-studio "Gag" references that I lead a while back on the General Forum).

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