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    This is a list of all the known stock music tracks used in the HBO educational program Crashbox. Almost all tracks are from the APM library, unless noted.

    Captain Bones:
    The Twin Sisters- Chelmsford Folk Band [CPM]

    Ear We Are:
    Dramatic Impact 1- Ivor Slaney
    Film Fanfare (a)- Dick Walter

    Haunted House Party:
    Evil Atmosphere- Clive Richardson

    Lens McCracken:
    Chic Boutique- Alan Hawkshaw
    Secret Service- Syd Dale (aka "Bill Sykes")

    Radio Scramble:
    Crocodile Tears (a)- Otto Sieben, David Bell
    Oh Ma Ma Mia! (B)- Charlie Brissette, Tom Armbruster
    Perfect Hostess- Allan Gray

    Revolting Slob:
    Scherzo- Franz Schubert, Gerhard Kanzian, Ed Lewis

    Ten Seconds:
    Dramatic Impact 1, 2- Ivor Slaney

    There's quite a few tracks used in this show I haven't ID'd yet, so help in finding those is appreciated.
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