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Clue: Toon Zone Edition - Suspect Interrogation #3

Discussion in 'Reality Bytes' started by Jave, May 30, 2007.

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  1. Jave

    Jave Beware of the SPLAT
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    Sep 12, 2002
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    Okay, the game is back now, but I'm in a hurry right now so this will just be a Copy+Paste job from the previous Interrogation.

    - Each suspect is allowed to ask one question to one and only one suspect.
    - Question can be only answered by "Yes" or "No", and it can only involve the possession of weapons and rooms the suspect was in. (i.e. "Was your weapon the Knife?" or "Were you in the study?")
    - Each suspect can ask his/her question at any given time within the time limit. You don't have to wait for a turn or anything.
    - All questions must be answered truthfully.
    - Each suspect can't get more than three questions asked (So you don't "rally up" on a single player)

    Okay, you guys know how it works. You have until Saturday, 11:59 PM to ask your questions. Thread will remain open for one more day after that in case there are any questions left to be answered.
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