World's Finest RPG Characters Taken (Last Updated: 12/03/05)

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by Bird Boy, Feb 4, 2002.

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    Here's the following Run-Down of characters taken in the current RPGs. The list will be edited when a new character is taken.

    If a character taken is NOT listed in here, please PM one of the following RPG Board Moderators (Barb Gordon, Bird Boy, redDragon, The Guitar Slayer)

    Off-Topic RPGs are listed below. "Off-Topic" RPGs are RPGs not related to Batman and/or Superman, in which this board originally created for.

    (?) = Missing in Action.


    Welshie's Mate: Chairman Drek (From PS2 Game Rachet & Clank
    Rae: Stealth/Sahara Gray (Custom Character)
    Vortexgirl: Lash (Custom Character)
    Crowgirl: Jinx (Teen Titans)
    rrarbecy: The Joker (Justice League)
    T.T.Raven4: Silas (Custom Character)
    Agent S7: Returi (Custom Character)
    TeenTitansGO!: Deathstroke (Teen Titans)


    Agent S7: Batman
    Lightshade: Hawkgirl
    Rae: Wonder Woman
    Vortexgirl: Supergirl
    Trent Lane: Aztec
    Triumph: Triumph
    rrarbecy: Hourglass (Custom Character)

    DeathscytheVII: Ra's Al Ghul
    Arrakhat: Clayface
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