Cartoons you like that everyone else hates, or vice versa

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    Nov 27, 2006
    Are there any series that you like that everyone else hates, or vice versa? Here are some of mine:

    Like that everyone else hates

    * Almost Naked Animals. Yes, it's kinda stupid, there's nothing overly special about it besides its goofy premise, and the character designs are divisive. I happen to like the character designs just fine, and I've unironically laughed at quite a lot of the jokes. I could see how someone would dislike this show, but from the reaction I see here and elsewhere, you'd think it was Delgo levels of suck.

    * Sonic Underground. WHY is there so much hatred for this show? I thought it was a balance of AoStH's silliness (the whole "musical instruments as weapons" premise) vs. the dystopian, more serious tone of SatAM.

    Hate that everyone else likes
    * The Simpsons. I'm sorry, but the fact that they're the color of French's mustard is just off-putting. I'm a visual guy, so if a show looks bad, that sometimes makes it hard for me to like it. I don't like the voice acting either — many of them are just grating. Nor do I like Homer as a character; I generally dislike "dumb" characters. Granted, I've seen only a handful of episodes, but I don't recall ever laughing or even smiling once.

    * SpongeBob SquarePants. I find the characters mostly annoying — SpongeBob himself being the worst offender, and again, Patrick being the Fat Idiot type I hate so much. This is a shame since I like underwater settings, I find the show visually attractive in general, and I like Sandy Cheeks.

    (Also, pineapple under the sea always rubbed me the wrong way. It just seems so lolrandom for the sake of being lolrandom, as did many of the gags in the few episodes I saw. Keep in mind this is a show I dismissed as stupid when I was TWELVE, a time when I thought no cartoon could be stupid...)
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    Mar 10, 2006
    Hmm.. the only cartoon with bad reputation I can think of at the moment that I like is Adventures of Sonic the hedgehog. It fades in comparison with the other Sonic cartoon from the same time sure, but on it's own it is a mildly entertaining show with plenty of slapsticky animation, sight gags and funny characters.

    And as for cartoons everybody like that I don't:

    Pretty bland and dull show overall. Most of the characters aren't really that interesting and the whole artstyle and character designs of the show looks kinda crude and unappealing to me. Maybe they wanted the style to resemble kid's drawings? If so I can understand why they went that route but it still doesn't work for me. Pretty much all the jokes fall flat as well.

    Scooby Doo
    I never got the appeal of this show. The plots are awfully repetitive and the animation isn't very good. Plenty of things like unpainted bodyparts, looping/reuse of backgrounds and stiff movements. Not to mention as a kid I always got let down when the monster would turn out to be nothing more than a nutjob in a costume. But I did like the Zombie Island movie and the show where they were kids since those fixed a lot of the problems I had with the original show.

    My little pony: Friendship is magic
    I can't believe how overhyped this show is. For a cartoon intended for little girls it is perfectly okay. But I can't understand why so many adults give it praise for being so innovative, original and wonderfully animated. The plots are fairly standard for Saturday morning cartoons and the animation is average/passable.
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    Sep 26, 2011
    Who Dares To Attmept a Rescue From My Lair?
    If I can think of three shows or more that qualify - as in shows I enjoy that everyone else would berate me for liking that I'm into right now:

    Pearlie: I'd rather proudly enjoy 26 episodes of a responsible, likable female character actually trying to be productive amongst any and all animosity thrown at her and her friends, than 10 seasons of crap, courtesy of something that fails to get it like Fairly Odd Parents does, IMHO...

    And to think, it's a show that almost comes off feeling like it's going to be just a bunch of unfortunately girly stuff - and yet this show is surprisingly intelligent and doesn't feel like it's aimed at that one gender. That alone, to me, is an achievement for such a simple slice-of-life comedy show about fairies, elves, goblins, and small sentient animals and insects acting semi-human while attending a garden park...

    The only thing wrong with the whole thing is the character of Sapphira, whose supposed to be an antagonist and had potential to be a great villain, but at the end of the day, she's an annoyance who IMHO holds this show back from reaching greatness. That and the whole villain thing might have worked if this were more action and/or adventure like...

    Also, you won't like this show if you're not a fan of simplistic Flash animation (unless it's something overrated like Friendship Is Magic... can't we all just get along and stop berating Flash and just appreciate good writing and likable characters every now and then?! Dude...).

    Matt's Monsters: This show also has cheap-looking animation, yet is surprising intelligent in its execution and is blessed with likable front-running characters. Not to mention, for a show about monster-hunting, I admire that not all (NOT ALL) the monsters our protagonists go after are destructive jerks who only exist to mess things up (Just one more reason I've grown to hate Danny Phantom now that I see it for how overrated/lame that show is...). Most of them have justified or conflicted reasons for their actions - that alone is an example of the good writing this show boasts, despite the cheap animation quality.

    The only thing I don't agree with is the dad character to Matt, who keeps thinking his best friend, Manson, the goth girl and proud ally to Matt's monster hunting family, is a boy...

    And to think, this show is also 56 segments (26 2-segment style) long, and it's already more entertaining to me that Danny Phantom ever was - hell, it's even more entertaining to me than American Dragon or Ahhh! Real Monsters! has surprisingly been to me (and I liked American Dragon, both seasons, as well as Ahhh! Real Monsters!.). But that's because the focus 85-95% of the time isn't school!!

    : It's a simple yet follow-able premise - a bumbling knight and three kids come together to help a princess put under a curse to help restore her kingdom from an evil duke (who's honestly just craving attention, when you think about it)... And yet, because this show knows what it wants to be, it works better than I described it to begin with.

    Made by the same guys who mad Matt's Monsters, and it surprisingly shows. Though the animation is just as cheap, unfortunately, it's still as entertaining and filled with characters I enjoy heavily seeing in action - which is all that matters to me. Like Matt's Monsters, I wasn't expecting a masterpiece of animation. I just wanted a good, comedic adventure cartoon to watch for once and I freakin' got it here!

    Jimmy Two-Shoes: I know a lot of people despise this show and will think I'm stupid for liking it... I could surprisingly care less. This is some of the finest slapstick done in Flash I've ever witness on television, next to even that of Friendship is Magic... Doing slapstick humor this well in a much maligned animation form - it's hard, and I tip my hat to the creators for trying so hard with so little, especially in the second season, where viewers can see a vast improvement of this.

    It's hard to get past the fact that it was executive meddling-fodder (no way a show about Hell and the devil wouldn't get mutilated or some censoring by a kids' network, but whatever.

    Also, i wish it hadn't been so mean-spirited, which is what became a problem in the second season - then again, this is a comedic equivalent of what is supposed to be Hell, so the mean- spiritedness makes some sense, but still...

    Also, wasn't a fan of Heloise's crush on Jimmy (or any of this Jimmy x Heloise pairing noise), nor his obliviousness to it - then again, Jimmy and Heloise didn't exhibit all that much chemistry, relationship-wise. If any improvements I could make if I were to work on this show myself, I'd try to make them better friends more than anything else, let alone before even trying this angle.

    Sad I say this, because for someone who is just an evil girl character, Heloise may be the best evil girl character in any cartoon I've ever seen in my entire life! She is easily the best part of this whole show if you're not a fan of the main character.

    All that aside, I'm glad this show got 2 seasons; it earned them - I only hated all but 2 segments of this entire series and that's it.

    Generator Rex: For all its unfortunate faults aside, I still heavily enjoyed far more than anything else Man of Action has ever created (Ben 10, I'm looking at you!) - if only because it actually tried to tell a serious story and near succeeds at it, despite unfortunate amounts of filler. Also, Rex didn't come off like a complete jerk to me. Like Jimmy Two-Shoes, I only disliked two episodes out of the entire series, which is surprising, considering who had worked on this. IMHO, I'm glad they DIDN'T do worse.

    Heck, I'm proud to admit I enjoyed this show more than Sym-Bionic Titan, but IMHO that's because, A) Generator Rex knew that taking place anywhere near school is a big old no-no in my book, and B) despite the filler (which I did find funny enough), this show knew how to tell a story and make me give a crap about it at the end of the day.

    Also, unlike Ben 10, those responsible knew when to quit, so that alone earns it more respect points from me!

    Gerald McBoing Boing (2006): I know, I know - this is just a dumb show aimed at kids. I bet I'll be told that a lot... My response - I still don't care. Like Jimmy Two-Shoes, I admire this show for its slapstick (surprisingly also done in Flash, even though not as good) and the fact that it doesn't feel like it's talking down to me. I got what I wanted - a simple series of segments that are funny and charming in their execution.

    That, I freakin' love the art style this show sports! I'm sure you'd tell me it's ugly if you saw it - I'd say it's gorgeous in its simplicity. Then again, I don't watch cartoons for complex stuff, so I'm different like that.

    Willa's Wild Life: For a show about a girl who owns too many pets, most of them animals who really don't qualify as pets nor should ever be made that way, I love the intelligent approach to all of it. This could've easily been about some spoiled brat who needs a good spanking, but whomever worked on this short-lived (26 episodes, 52 segments total), but awesome series, actually knew what they were doing and how to do it properly in my book.

    Also, like Gerald McBoing Boing (2006), I'm loving the simplistic, but effective and stunning art-style this show has going for it - and to think, this also looks like another Flash cartoon which I'm sure would be hated on just for being that... IMHO, I'd save that for a show that actually deserves it for doing it so poorly - I won't say names, but you know who you are...

    Finally, I'd like to put Kick Buttowski on here. I proudly defend this show (despite not liking a few episodes of it), because for a cartoon about some kid(s) doing extreme stunts, this show, unlike Rocket Power, feels like an actual cartoon - and for the most part, a good one at that. Heck, even the bully character, Bard, is actually entertaining to watch, especially in Season 2, mostly because he does get his comeuppance, which helps things out royally!!

    This is one cartoon I'm so sorry gets so much hate, just because it's Flash-based and the art style or humor isn't everyone's cup of tea.
    Then again, I feel that way because the ONLY real things I can think of that deserve hate about it IMHO, are Kendall and Jackie for being weak (token) female characters...

    Yeah... That's all I can think of for now, but that was fun. And a total relief of stress that I feel I've kept bottled up just out of fear that I would be hated on for liking these shows just because they weren't as noteworthy or memorable as some of the overrated stuff I'm exposed to everyday that I'm going to forget about given a few more years because I don't care to revisit it, just because it's been called "classic", or some noise like that...

    Thanks to whomever created this thread! It felt like a godsend getting all this off of my chest!!
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    Dec 23, 2011
    I know I'm get so much crap for this, but "My Little Pony: Frienship is Magic", I couldn't get past the whole pony fantasy world thing.

    Anyone who likes the show, fine by me, but it's just not for me, and the show seems a bit silly.

    Like a said, I probably will get a lot of crap for this, but it's just my opinion.
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    Who Dares To Attmept a Rescue From My Lair?
    Worry not... I know I'm going to get equal or larger amounts of crap for admitting to liking Captain Flamingo... and even Atomic Betty ( though not as much, because of how much of a mess said show is, especially its third season!). Sub-par animation aside for both shows, notwithstanding...
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    Xavier: Renegade Angel. Full stop. I don't know anyone else in my life who enjoys the show, but I love it.
    Also I know plenty of people online who like The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, but I don't have any RL friends who like it.
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    Nov 27, 2006
    Thought of another one: Adventure Time. I just can't get into it for some reason. I watched a whole bunch of episodes and think I only laughed once or twice. The rest just seemed lolwut.

    Conversely, I saw The Cartoon Hero review Da Boom Crew, and it didn't look THAT bad to me.
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    Shows I love, but everyone else hates
    Napoleon Dynamite
    - I don't know why, but I like this show. I loved the movie, so I knew I would like the cartoon. Maybe it is because of the weird characters and the boring city they live in. I can understand why people dislike the show because ND's humor is totally different from what some would call funny. I really hope it gets another season and people give it another chance. It's better than all of Fox's other animation offerings in my mind, speaking of Fox's other animated shows...

    Shows I hate, but people love
    Basically every Seth Mcfarlane cartoon- All the shows have the same stupid archetypes for the characters(people already know this, but they STILL watch them). I hate the humor which either consists of violence, sex, a character repeating the same thing(i.e. Peter holding his knee, Stewie saying "mommy"). I also hate the way different groups get made fun of; it goes beyond just making fun of stereotypes.
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    Dec 11, 2011
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    Cartoons that I like, but everybody hates:

    Yakkity Yak - The reason why most people hate it was because of the slogan "It's Just Plain Stupid", the animation, the plot for each episode and the characters (especially Keo). Despite of all that, I actually like this show. Funny, classic and old-fashioned. I had a brief crush on Lemony before. I find Professor Crazyhair hilarious. And the theme song was very catchy (and it still is).

    Almost Naked Animals - At first, like the others, I hated the designs for the characters. Then, I find the characters a little comedic and friendly. The theme song for the show...........Excellent! This has become my #3 favorite cartoon of all time.

    Atomic Betty - Yes, I know. Most folks on toonzone dislike this show. But you gotta admit, Betty is hot! For a 12 year old kid like me, I want, at least, her to become my best best friend. Also, the intro is catchy, Robot X-5 and his inventions were awesome and Maximus I.Q.'s plans (WARNING: his plans were EVIL) were outstanding. This has become my #5 favorite cartoon of all time.
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    Who Dares To Attmept a Rescue From My Lair?
    I guess I can't hide my real opinions anymore...

    I... actually agree with you. My hatred of this show was blind hatred, fueled by opinions of it mostly on message boards and review sites like (where the hatrd for this show is the most shown, besides other places I don't to say names of!) - and it took me until now (that is about nearly a decade) to accept that I was wrong. Like Jimmy Two-Shoes is to me, this show is flawed, but at least it tries to be entertaining and a throwback to actual classic cartoonmaking... Though it was trying a bit too hard to be modern IMHO, hence its obvious flaws (same goes for J2S!).

    I actually respect this show for at least being able to tell a decent story, even if it was trying too hard to be funny... That, and Betty came off like a Mary-Sue to me, mostly because other female characters in the show didn't possess as much intelligence or likability/capabilities, and at worst, came of like stereotypes of females... But to be fair, I've seen way worse shows do what Atomic Betty tried (but almost succeeded. had it been more serious and animated better than it was) to do, my examples included.

    And for the record, all this hurt to admit, because for years I had a long held grudge against this show in general - until I realized my hatred of it was fueled by everyone else's opinion and a failure to find my own proper opinion of this.

    I just hope if this Redux series (which I keep hearing is expected to come out around 2014) ever happens, that it'll be better, written, executed, and (though I'm not holding my breath on this) animated than this was IMHO.
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    Aug 1, 2011
    Shows I hate, but people love

    Right now I could sum this up with one show... My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

    I must have been off on another planet or something when this show started coming on and became insanely popular all over the internet (or maybe it was because I didn't get The Hub), but I feel like I'm literally the only person in the world who just doesn't get the appeal and can only see this show as being yet another cheap Flash cartoon infesting modern television. Even my best friend likes this show, and in his case I'll just have to agree to disagree with him. Oh sure, I can probably see how a show like this can get a lot of praise from fans cause of it's writing and humor, but from an artistic standpoint, as a cartoon, it hasn't done anything to prove itself worthwhile to me. I have watched clips of the show BTW, so I know for myself that I didn't like what I saw since I couldn't bear myself to sit through the show's animation for more than a second.

    And while I'm at it, I also haven't cared for anything Seth MacFarlane had made ever since Family Guy, though I'm sure I've made that point here a few times before.

    I could also say how I dislike shows like Jimmy Two-Shoes and Kick Buttowski for similar reasons that I dislike Friendship Is Magic, but somehow they don't seem like the type of shows that I know everyone would love, cause I'm sure they have their own share of haters.
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    Apr 21, 2005
    Shows I liked, everyone hate

    Brand Spanking New Doug, I can't understand why people hated it. To me it just Doug with 30 minute episodes. I remember watching the episode where Patty ha an eating disorder, I wasn't expecting to see that in an cartoon.

    Batman: Brave and the Bold, there is hate on this show because that like the dark Batman: animated series. People who hated are not familiar with the silver age of comics. Batman still kick ass in the series and got a lot of wonderful toys.

    GI Joe: Sigma 6, I actually enjoy this series. Why was it hated, the Man vs Machine, Scott, the idea of Sigma suit, and laser weapon know that the 80's version had use lasers as well. Let not forget that it is aim toward children with the toy line.
  13. Anthonynotes

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    May 1, 2001
    Shows I hate, everyone else likes:
    Fox's Sunday night lineup: Without a flame war, I stopped watching the Simpsons around 2000, and don't like any of Seth MacFarlane's shows for reasons others above have given (inane, tacky and/or lame jokes, etc.), though Brian and Stewie were funny (too bad the rest isn't).

    Adult Swim: Other than the Aqua Teens and Harvey Birdman (and "King of the Hill" reruns), everything feels like it's aimed at drunk college students or something, yet it's a bigger hit than Cartoon Network proper. Meh.

    Phineas and Ferb: I don't *hate* it, just never did anything for me. Didn't think the "narrowly escape being busted" joke was that amusing.

    Justice League: I liked the 90s Superman and Batman cartoons, but not this one. Everyone felt too jerky toward each other all the time in the episodes I saw; it reminded me too much of reading DC's current comics.

    Young Justice: See "Justice League", plus I particularly hate the "Superman's a deadbeat father" angle (and Superboy's angry Wolverine-knockoff shtick).

    Shows I like, everyone else hates:
    Kenny the Shark: I thought it was one of the more hilarious things I'd seen in the 2000s, but it doesn't seem to have been very popular (with only two seasons' worth of episodes made).

    Super Friends: I liked it, even if they're cheesy by today's standards. Was also my first exposure (along with the Filmation Superman and Superboy shorts) to various DC superheroes.

    Filmation's Superboy: an obscure one, if only since DC seems to avoid referring to the Kal-El Superboy nowadays (save trademark renewal/fighting the Siegel and Shuster families tooth and nail over the trademark/general "young Superman" concept) or are too afraid of somehow treading on Kon-El's territory (despite being two different characters/not even living in the same time-era). Guess he'll always be Superboy to me (versus the modern clone version, nice as Kon-El is...).
  14. Silverstar

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    Jun 4, 2007
    Hated Shows Which I Like(d):

    The Super Hero Squad Show-I like Marvel's Super Hero Squad Show. There, I said it. I don't care how goofy and silly it is, I don't care if hardcore comic book fans consider it to be a blight on Marvel's various franchises, I enjoy the series precisely because it's so goofy and silly. And I love the concept of all of Marvel's characters residing in in single city as a setting. Yes, it's just set up to sell toys, but I still love Superhero City. I love it.

    Secret Mountain Fort Awesome-My brother said of this show: "I liked the late Cartoon Network series Secret Mountain Fort Awesome. Yes, you heard me right. I liked it. Yes, the shows' main characters were a group of gross monsters called the Digustioids, and yes, one of them was creature who resembled a living butt who was named The Fart, but I liked the show. I was repulsed by the characters at 1st glance, but the shows wacky, surreal humor quickly made me look past the ugly character designs and just let the series wash over me like a warm mist. I found SMFA to wacky and wonderfully weird, and I think that CN canceled the series much too soon, and furthermore, I don't care who knows it." My sentiments exactly.

    Loved Shows Which I'm Not Personally Into (I won't say 'hate'; that's too strong a word when talking about TV shows):

    Adventure Time- I've tried and tried, but I just can't get into Adventure Time, and I probably never will. People never stop heaping praise on AT, saying how wonderfully quirky, compelling and deep it is, but at best I find myself scratching my head over it, at the worst it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I don't like how it's so often lacking in form and structure: it tries to be simultaneously a comedy, a stoner show, an action show and a drama, and doesn't succeed at any of them. I kind of like Jake, he has some good lines now and then, although his spotlight episodes tend to be kind of weak. Finn I just can't get into at all, though I've tried. I didn't really like the Fionna and Cake gender-swap episode (though the majority of TZ loved it), but I will say that I probably liked Finn's female counterpart Fionna more in her one appearance than I ever have or will like Finn himself.

    Peanuts-I find Peanuts to be highly overrated. The strips and specials have their amusing moments, but by and large I find it to be very dull, depressing and even a little mean-spirited now. Nonstop losing, unrequited love and failure gets seriously old after a while.

    FOX's Animation Domination/Adult Swim-I think I'm starting to seriously dislike 'adult' cartoons now. When did 'adult' come to mean as scatological, trippy, lewd, crude and unfunny as possible? I stopped following The Simpsons a long time ago (the Maude Flanders' death episode was the last whole show I sat through), I'm done with all of Seth MacFarlane's shows, and Adult Swim is really starting to rub me the wrong way. The only good shows on AS currently are the early Aqua Teens and Robot Chickens, and China, IL and Mary Shelley's Frankenhole have their moments. The less said about AS's live-action 'comedies', the better.

    Avatar: The Last Airbender-Not to ignite a flame war, butAvatar: the Last Airbender just bored me. I know a lot of people really loved this show, but I found it to be very dull and slow-moving. I liked the concept of the Benders and I liked Toph and Ty Lee, but beyond that A:TLA just never clicked with me. Part of it is due to my attention span only being about 30 to 60 minutes max when it comes to TV, so if a plot can't be resolved by that time I usually just lose interest in a show. I haven't got around to watching The Legend of Korra, because a) I haven't had any real inclination to for reasons above, and b) Nick scheduled it opposite The Aquabats! Super Show! on The Hub; no way I'm missing Aquabats!.

    Doug and Hey, Arnold!-I know a lot of people are very fond of these shows, but both were far too tame for my liking. Plus, the latter had a lot of annoying characters.

    Pretty much anything by Hanna-Barbera-While I don't hate Hanna-Barbera, I'm just not big on their stuff. I've never felt like the works of that studio belong in the same category as the likes of Warner Bros, Disney, MGM or even Jay Ward. It's not the limited animation; their shows, characters and humor have never really gelled with me for whatever reason. Even H-B's most major productions like The Flintstones, Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound were just 'meh' at best to me.
  15. Martin Juneau

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    Nov 23, 2008
    From the hated shows that i like, there's many:

    Redakai: Conquer the Kairu: Here's probably a good example on it. Yes, it's created mostly for sale cards and toys but the show have many potentials and is a underdog one for some reasons. I like it for the great animation quality, their characters who constantly mix action, intrigue and humor with some depths and they have very gorgeous backgrounds lookings who are look traditional. Tough Zodiac seems to stop this production after one generous run, the show held to be one of my biggest surprises of the last year in animation. And one that, despite the poor schedules choices is a animated series which i don't regret to seen.

    The New Adventures of Lucky Luke: After many fails into made the lonesome cowboy into a TV series (Whatever is animated or live-action, they are weak at best), the 2001-2003's Xilam combine to be the show i want to see of Morris' character through my childhood. A series which try to catch the spirit of the original comics and have plots which can be aim to everyone. While it's far to be perfect (There's some characters appeared in the comics which their names was changed for no reasons.), the lasts episodes are among the best of the bunch while the firsts episodes are the least remarkable. And this is by Morris supervision this series was produced before his death months before the firsts runs. A great show which 10 years later, i still enjoy for what it looks but that the Xilam peoples no longer shows respect in their spin-offs than in this final series from the good Xilam days.

    Many 2000's Disney Animated Shows:
    I must admit it, they are not the greatest things from Disney so far, but are at least watchable for the many versatile looks which is missing, even in the best DA shows. Yes, you got Kim Possible which everyone seems to enjoy but others can be fun and great as they are, but miss the spot by bad lucks. For the differents characters lookings, i like them better than my Disney childhoods shows.

    Loved shows that i dislike:

    Adventure Time: I'm never big on such shows who are look the result of random ideas and plots. It feels amateur looking who try to be deep but ended by turns out as a kiddie show. Sams for the others newest CN shows.

    My Little Pony: FIM: I feel to be one of the only peoples who don't get it one second but after hearing it towards the Internet, i have to wonder why such grown-ups adults can enjoy a such kid's show at some age. Unfortunately, i feel my feeling to animation is now reduced because not of the artists and peoples involved to this series (And the same goes for AT), but by some adults who refuse to growth to watching kids cartoons when they have no no longer the age. The parental term "You're too old for watch this show at your age!" is clear and can be the same as the cliché "You're too young for watch that!". I just don't get this show as the same i have for Adventure Time.
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    Since I'm new I had no idea that people hated/liked:

    Generator Rex - I have to admit, the episodic nature for most of the show annoyed me a little, I know it's less of a cartoon thing and more of an anime thing but I like over arching stories and recurring villains and I know Rex has those but idk, Van Kleiss and his goons seemed kinda useless from the very start, admittedly I'm only half way through the second season so maybe it gets better but right now it's a little disappointing with a lot of potential big bad's being basically reduced to cameos in their own show. A show needs conflict but most of Rex's are abstract attempts to make teenagers relate rather than something to smash. That being said, it has a real 90's feel which is good in a nostalgic sense and I really love the world and action.

    Brave and the Bold - Seriously? This cartoon is hilarious, has some great animation, some great action and great stories I'm not a huge Batman show but I LOVE this show! All the cameos, omg.

    Kick Buttowski - Admittedly I've only caught a few episodes on passing and the animation did bother me a little but it's also downright hilarious.

    Justice League and Young Justice - Justice League was slow as hell and the animation was horrible but there was no denying it had some of the best action set pieces ever. Young Justice has improved on the animation massively and although the quality of the stories are all over the place I'd argue it's much more consistent in terms of being interesting than Justice League but my word the action blows.

    The Last Airbended/Legend of Korra - Both shows have a fascinating world, cool characters and action sequences... but they both also feel just like a badly dubbed anime. I keep wishing there was subbed version, that didn't shy away from violence and have weird pronunciation of everything.
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    Jan 20, 2012
    Hated Cartoon I Like
    The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy: This literally might be the most least mentioned cartoon in animation history. Personally, I loved it so much (the last couple of seasons before it got cancelled started to suck though). Yet, it's as if it's existence is unprovable here on TZ, or pretty much any other place here on the internet. It kinda makes me a lil' depressed since honestly, I thought it was one of the best cartoons that the 00's provided us.

    Now, I feeling like raging & screaming at half the people in this thread, so i'm gonna leave now.
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    Jul 13, 2003
    Toon Town
    Oh god, I agree with you right here. I have no problem with limited animation. Heck, I love Jay Ward shows and the animation was even worse than HB. It's just that the humor, even in their "good" shows, are meh.

    As for cartoons I like that everyone else hates...will an individual episode be OK?

    Because I want to cast a vote for MLPFIM episode Dragon Quest. It's not the greatest episode in the show and some parts fall apart, but I think it developed Spike's character well, and expanded on his relationship with the Ponies, even if some questions are unanswered. Practically everyone here in ToonZone hates the episode, although it's the exact opposite at Ponygoons, where it's considered to be one of the better episodes in the show.

    How well you like the episode depends on how much you like Spike.

    (That said, I wouldn't mind a sequel episode that DOES explain where Spike's egg came from)
  19. ToonEGuy

    ToonEGuy New Member

    Aug 1, 2011
    Well like I said, it's the overall look of MLP: FIM that I hate the show for and not really any given episode in particular (cause I haven't been watching any), so I couldn't really judge on how good or bad an episode's writing is. I only don't know, and don't care to know, because I deemed the show to be unwatchable. My point is that while I do think that good writing, good voice acting, and all that is a noble thing to be sought after in cartoons, I can only really enjoy it best if it's coming out of good animation, because then I can truly declare it a good cartoon as a whole. Even if there are good aspects to be found in something like MLP: FIM, how am I going to know what they are if they're coming out of such a puke-ugly show? If I find a show's animation to be bad, then to me it's just something that can't be watched. That's my feeling about it at least.
  20. DuckTwacy

    DuckTwacy French phone.

    Jul 26, 2011
    Oh man, I used to love that show. The video game adaption of it was pretty fun too.

    I have not really attempted to watch Friendship is Magic, but I think that the endless memes that I encounter sort of scare me away from it. That, and the fact that grown men are watching a show essentially made for little girls (no offense to any fans of the show). I also could not really get into Adventure Time. I watched a few episodes when it first started, and I guess it was sort of funny, but overall it just seemed kind of mediocre.

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