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C&C: Trigun "Paradise" [4/1] (Confirmed)

Discussion in 'The Adult Swim/Toonami Forum' started by ChibiGoku, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. ChibiGoku

    ChibiGoku Something Not Quite Right

    May 20, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Note to a Mod: I am under the assumption this is real. If it turns out to be fake, well... do what you wish.

    Woot! Trigun!
  2. Butterstar

    Butterstar Bring Sakura back to the US!

    Sep 11, 2010
    Likes Received:
    My DVR's gonna have to record this one, cuz I'm going to bed at 4 AM...sorry, can't pull all-nighter :(
  3. animePWNS

    animePWNS It's here!

    Apr 9, 2005
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    From recording

    I have the Funimation DVDs. Not as nostalgic without the Pioneer credits.

    So they're airing a depressing one. Not funny.

    That is one loooooooooooong gun.


    Nice to meet you, Irrelevant.

    Mass Effect 3 again.

    RIP, Wolfwood. Hallelujah.

    Long ending!

    Sent from my Angel Arm.
    #3 animePWNS, Apr 1, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 1, 2012

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