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C&C - The Venture Bros. - "Momma's Boys" [7/7]

Discussion in 'The Adult Swim/Toonami Forum' started by Space Cadet, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. Space Cadet

    Space Cadet I'M SWEATING
    Staff Member Moderator

    Aug 25, 2002
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    A new episode airs tonight at midnight.

    Broadcast Order: Season 5, Episode 6
    Production Order: Season 5, Episode
  2. Kitschensyngk

    Kitschensyngk Always never quite right

    Sep 3, 2006
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    Did you forget "Everybody Comes to Hank's"? ...yeah, I can't either.

    Dean seems to be moving on. Much to Doc's chagrin.

    He's still talking to Ted.

    Dermott can talk to H.E.L.P.eR. now.

    How much drugs did Doc take in the 80s?

    Gary STILL lives there? Where does he sleep now that the manufacturing wing is gone?

    Why is Doc Hammer talking to himself?

    :lol: Yes, Dermott, they ARE called nunchaku.


    Has everyone gone crazy this week?

    Stupid vPhone autocorrect!

    Orpheus' first appearance this season.

    Pink Floyd reference.
    Mother, did you have to be so high?

    #2 Kitschensyngk, Jul 8, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 8, 2013
  3. trance2009

    trance2009 Fun to play with not to eat

    Apr 26, 2010
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    Dermott....the third Venture bro.
  4. Kitschensyngk

    Kitschensyngk Always never quite right

    Sep 3, 2006
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    Everybody Comes to Hank's told us that. Must have blocked out the memory. Don't blame you.

    Guess he found Ted. I guess.

    Dermott drops the bomb.
  5. brickrrb2

    brickrrb2 Active Member

    Sep 8, 2010
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    So Myra Isn't the Boys mother. So who is?
  6. TnAdct1

    TnAdct1 Ravioli, Ravioli

    Aug 3, 2002
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    The writers definitely had a field day with the references:

    -the return of the Teddy Ruxpin expy;
    -the Arkham Asylum parody, complete with Two Face expy;
    -the One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest parody;
    -the shout outs to Zoids and Pink Floyd's The Wall
  7. Peter Paltridge

    Peter Paltridge Knows about rock people
    Staff Member Moderator

    Sep 24, 2003
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    How can this season only be eight episodes long? Please tell me there's a second half coming later in the year.
  8. Neo Yi

    Neo Yi HOH HOH HOH...
    Staff Member Moderator Reporter

    Sep 11, 2004
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    Oh wow, they really poured on a lot of revelations concerning the Venture family, especially Dermott finally finding out his true origin. I'm definitely curious on how that will play out.
  9. SaneMan

    SaneMan Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2012
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    Well, he knows who his real father is
    He probably however still isn't aware who his actual mother is

    With Myra out, I can accept that the boys came out of the vat, but it still raises the question of who the other donor was
    they obviously aren't clones, since they look nothing like rusty
  10. Neo Ultra Mike

    Neo Ultra Mike Creeping Shadow of "15000"+ Posts

    May 18, 2006
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    Here's the thing that bugged me about this episode which I feel the need to rant about: Why of everyone on this show is Orpheus surprised to find out that Dermott is a Venture Brother? He along with the Alchemist were the ones to actually find that out in "Everyone Comes To Hank" and at the end it does imply he sees what happen since he even says that sometimes there's a reason not to know something. So why act so geuninely shocked about it here? Maybe if he had seemed shocked at first not seeing Hank and Dean around and then saw Dermott and went "oh that's right" and nothing else I could get but he did even to himself seem like this was new informaiton when it shouldn't of been. And no it can't just be because he had his mind erased. First off we never saw that happen as only Hank and I guess the Alchemist had their minds wiped of that and for all we know, SPHINX at the time had no idea that Orpheus knew and probably wouldn't of even done anything if he didn't want to if they did (as it seems Shore Leave mind wipped Al so he wouldn't be so clingy with him. Though even that may of not lasted with the two getting back together in "Operation PROM"). And second off, they couldn't even mind erase him if they could. Since as stated in "Trial Of The Monarch" Mind Erases don't work on Necromancers. You can post hypnoic suggestion them but SPHINX wouldn't know that and even if they did and still wanted Orpheus not to know wouldn't they have done something to disable his connection with Dermott or something? I'm sorry but this really bugged me since VB is usually so good with continuity but this piece didn't really fit and honestly I feel the need to ask why it was there and why didn't Doc or even Jackson realize that when planning out the episode?

    Everything else though was really solid. I don't have a problem continuity wise for example that Myra isn't the Boy's real mother. Because when she was created, Doc and Jackson had no idea if she was or not and just implied she could and yet couldn't be and that she just had some relation to them. But her just being someone Rusty had sex with and then later tricked into believing that in order to not be charged with babysitting works. It's fairly cruel sure but it's the right type of fairly cruel especially with how psychotic Myra is which even by the accounts of HER flashback were more her fault then just Rusty's. I guess that does once again raise the question of "who is Hank and Dean's real mother" if it isn't Myra since we know they have one (something else Doc and Jackson were clear on) but guess that can come up later. I also really like actually explaining WHY Doc Venture would believe the fact that someone named Teddy that seems like just a teddy bear on tape would be something he would buy in hook line and sinker. That actually bothered me when we saw it in "Every Which Way But Zeus" as I don't think they should of made Doc that stupid. But actually they explain it here that "look in this universe Doc's deal with alternate reality monsters, time travel, shape shifters, arch villians becoming heroes and every other matter of insanity. In this world it's not could this be real, it's there probably is some reality in anything possibly exisiting we just have to find what it is" thus actaully finding the real Teddy and Doc saying goodbye to him at the end. That felt like a good wrap around. Plus I enjoy Hatred and Dermott finding out about Dermott's connection to Rusty (seems weird that everyone will probably know BEFORE the Venture Brothers about this but that's par for the course like the cloning thing for example) as well as Gary letting it slip for a second he does want to be a Monarch like leader character. And yeah enjoyably amusing bits from this like Doc teling Dean he has to blow out his candles to since those count as lights, Dermott's shock at being able to understand HElPER and even Hank admitting he's not sure how he does that, Hatred trying to use a Jonas Jr GPS to find where Golly Drop Forest is and parking his hover tank (glad he still has that actually though makes me wonder why he hasn't used it in the last season. Eh maybe the X-1 is faster to get around in or something) and daring someone to try and boot it, the false identiites Hank, Helper, Dermott and Gary come up with, Hank's disgust at Myra and realizing she isn't his mom, Mocking Dean for being sad at the fact Myra wasn't realated to them, Dermott not really being impressed by how Orpehus got him out of jail and the end with Dermott calling Rusty Dad and the other Ventures looking shocked at that. So yeah good episode outside of one hiccup I needed to complain about. I do find it odd how long it took to get to Orpheus this season though and hope we actually get another Triad episode at some point during the season since the last one was so good.

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