C&C - Naruto Shippuden - "Following the Master's Shadow" [4/8]

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    Naruto is not in a good way in this episode of Naruto Shippuden. He doesn't know that it only goes downhill from here...


    Official Naruto: Shippuden Talkback Thread

    Opening 6: "Sign" by FLOW
    Ending 12: "For You" by Azu

    You can find some of the OPs and EDs on the Toonami Digital Arsenal in high quality (seriously, they need to update this).

    Last time on Naruto Shippuden:

    As the remaining Akatsuki members extract Saiken from Utakata, Sasuke delivers Bee's clone to Madara. As Naruto recalls the memory about Itachi, Tsunade and Fukasaku inform him about Jiraiya's death. Elsewhere, Ay believes that Sasuke kidnapped Bee.
    No spoilers: No talk of future arcs, events, etc. ESPECIALLY NOW THAT BOTH THE MANGA AND ANIME ARE OVER! All spoiler talk must be taken to the anime forum or through pm! Please have respect for all new viewers or else THE AKATSUKI will be coming for YOU. Believe it!
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    Naruto: I'm ready, depression...
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    106 centimeters!?
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    Episode 153: “Following in the Master’s Shadow”
    First Broadcast: March 25, 2010
    Based on Naruto Chapters 405-406 (Published in 2008)

    It’s the First!
    First anime appearance of the Konoha Cryptanalysis Team of Mitoku and the bespectacled Shiho; they are commanded to decipher Jiraya’s code.

    Shikamaru confirms that Asuma’s last words were for him to protect and instruct his future child.

    The Plot thickens…
    Lord Frakasaku delivers to Tsunade two personas captured by Jiraiya: a Falling Rain ninja that he questioned before the battle and the corpse of one of the Pains. The Frog also has his code-scarred back photographed for the Cryptanalysis Team.

    Tsunade orders Shikamaru the responsibility of overseeing the decryption of Jiraiya’s code. The Cryptanalysis Team informs him that the key to deciphering the code may lie with someone close to Jiraya.

    Shikamaru has made it a mandatory duty to check on Kurenai and her unborn child every day. Kurenai has her baby bump, implying at least two months have passed since the Hidan arc.

    Shikamaru informs Naruto about his own ninja way to forego grief and step up and grow from student to master. He implores that they have to become cool ninjas like their mentors, passing on their teachings to the next generation of ninjas. This motivates Naruto out of his grief.

    Oh, What a Lonely Boy!
    Naruto grieves over Jiraya’s death, to the impairment of his appetite and mind. In this person’s opinion, this is the third time (after becoming Genin) that Naruto has suffered a formidable depression. His first situation was the morning of the Chunin Exams Finals (could not sleep; unable to maintain a happy-go-lucky facade), and the second was his breakdown over Team Yamato’s failure to persuade Sasuke to leave Orochimaru. In this case, he mopes in bed, goes outside and buys a Two-stick popsicle and- in a memorable scene- cries at a bench. Later, he goes dark on Shikamaru, looking zoned out as he looks at a picture of the code.

    Remember When (or Not)
    Tsunade remembers Jiraya. Among the recollections include: (1) their reunited private conversation from the Search for Tsunade Arc, (2) Jiraiya threatening to kill her if she ever betrayed Konoha , (3) their final conversation before Jiraiya left to face Pain, (4) a memory of him as a soldier in the Second War, (5) as a man in his prime, and (6) the day they first met in the formation of Team Hiruzen.

    Naruto remembers Jiraiya. His recollections include: (1) Relaxing at a spa, despite Jirayia’s lechery, (2) On the road, with Jiraiya promising to work Naruto hard, (3) The two meditating under a waterfall atop two giant toads, (3) the two sparring, and (4) Jiraiya giving Naruto a new uniform.

    Kakashi remembers a talk with Jiraiya where the latter deduces Tsunade’s breast size. This scene portrays Jiraiya’s forehead protector bearing the Leaf insignia (instead of the oil kanji), as well as showing Tsunade still wearing Hashirama’s necklace, even though she had already given it to Naruto before they reached the village.

    Shikamaru remembers Asuma’s death.

    But in the Manga…
    The Anime adds Tsunade’s memories of Jiraiya’s death threat and their final conversation to her private grief moment.

    The Anime leaves out Naruto’s recollection of being taught the first stage of the Rasengan (with water balloons), and Jirayia sharing a popsicle with him.

    Naruto’s memories of Jiraiya are expanded with dialogue. This episode’s reasoning for the clothes change- Naruto was growing out of his old one- contradicts earlier explanations that he destroyed (at least 80%, as we will find out) his clothes during the training (most likely the Seal misfire).

    Love, Family, and Friendship

    Although she could never reciprocate his romantic feelings for her, Tsunade bears love for Jiraiya, and takes a private moment to mourn him.

    Shiho becomes very self-conscious to Shikamaku after he thanks her.

    Iruka comforts Naruto’s despair that he might have disappointed Jiraiya by always showing him his ‘uncool’ side. He corrects Naruto by saying Jiraya was never disappointed, instead considering him a surrogate grandson who has genuinely inherited his spirit.

    Shikamaru’s pep talk to Naruto…let’s just quote Mick Jaggers: “You can’t always get what you want (Sasuke), but you’ll find sometime, you’ll get what you need (Shikamaru).”
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    Shikamaru comes through again. Of course, I guess he has some experience in that area, having lost a sensei of his own.
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    Another sad episode. Why did they kill off Jiraiya? He was one of their best characters, and he's one of the few Naruto characters to die for good. At least the battle between him and Pain was good, but I thought he could have easily evacuated with the frog after defeating the first Pain body. He should've known there was no way he could beat more Pain bodies after the difficulty the first one gave him. He still had much more to teach Naruto about the sage mode.

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