C&C - Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans S2 - "Battle Before Dawn" [10/21]

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    Get your own Sandoval! I saw him first!

    Well, that got confusing.
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    I thought that this episode was pretty good. There was some good setup before the battle began. Orga knew that the deal seemed suspicious, but he still wanted to take it because Tekkadan could get the whole credit for the mission if they did defeat the enemies primarily on their own. I still get the impression that his "go the fastest way to achieve their goal" mentality is going to backfire on Orga and/or Tekkadan one of these days. He still overworks himself when he was working for thirty-six hours straight.

    The battles were pretty intense. Mikazuki moved even more effectively in his Gundam after the events of the first season. The fact that he kills people so calmly is still rather disturbing and they'll hopefully bring that up again later on in this one. Seeing them kill off more children soldiers was pretty intense. It reminded me of how Tekkadan was in that same kind of position not too long ago, but now they're the ones in charge killing other children soldiers. One could argue that they's still in the same position, but at least they honor all of their fallen friends and Orga doesn't want any of their sacrifices to be in vain either. It was a small moment with Mikazuki killing that child soldier, but it still made me think of how the tables have turned for the group and how they'll probably be facing more children on the battle field if more groups have gathered more child soldiers after the events of the first season.

    At least they were getting close to fighting the big boss before the other Gjallarhorn group showed up. Since they'll be fighting against more new characters rather than nameless one-shots, Mikazuki will probably have more of a challenge with fighting them next time. Overall, it was a pretty good episode.

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