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C&C - Hunter x Hunter - "A × Shocking × Tragedy" [3/18]

Discussion in 'The Adult Swim/Toonami Forum' started by veemonjosh, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. Light Lucario

    Light Lucario Moderator
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    May 11, 2007
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    I thought that this episode was pretty good. That opening was certainly a shocking twist. I figured that they'd kill people, but I was not expecting that. Not only did they kill off people at the auction, but they killed off two of the characters in Kurapika's group. And it was all surprisingly brutal. I think that the worst was the vacuum cleaner. It got rid of everything, including the bodies, so no one could find a trace of them or morn them. That's really horrify and I was kind of relieved that we only saw that for one of the victims.

    At the time, I didn't think of the implication of Jesus being established in this universe, but that does make me wonder how their world's Bible is written and if stuff like Nen existed around the time Jesus was alive. The Phantom Troop was just laying waste to all of those guards. Much like the auction scene, it was quite brutal, especially when we saw their twisted necks. The Shadow Beasts looked strong, but I suspect that they'll be killed off. They may give them a better fight, but I don't know if they'd defeat any of the Phantom Troop yet. If they are killed off, then I wonder how Kurapika would fare against them. I don't think he'd be strong enough to take one of the members down and he'd be pretty enraged to see a Phantom Troop member anyway.

    Overall, it was a pretty good episode. I remember people saying that the show would eventually get really intense and violent. I suspect that this is the point of the series where that happens. It was effective and it's something I still wouldn't have seen coming given how the tone has been generally light. There was still dark elements to the series, which helped to prevent these killing sprees from feeling jarring, but it's not something that I would have seen coming had I not heard about the tone shift otherwise.

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