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    Besides the Western Printing thread that is still running (separate universe) I would like to remember that the comics strips and sunday pages done by Ralph Heimdal and another partner (Al Stoffell?) formed a completely different separate universe from those of the comic books and toons.
    Sylvester that seldom (or maybe never) did crossovers with Bugs in the WB toons was one of the most proeminent characters of the strip and appeared more thant any other (except Bugs). Also, Tweety seemed not to exist in this universe. I´ve not seen many strips, but regulars were Bugs, Sylvester, Elmer and Porky
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    The BUgs Bunny strip is quite a bit older than that. It startred out as a Sunday page in 1942 under the pen of Chase Craig. Five weeks later Craig went into the army and was replaced by Roger Armstrong. In 1948 a daily strip was added and Ralph Heimdahl took over the drawing duties.
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    It'd be nice if they started another one, assuming David Alvarez isn't already being crushed by both "Looney Tunes" comic books, "Yenny", and "Changuy".

    Heck. I'd be up for it. I can draw any WB character perfectly, and without any preliminary sketching (a regular Robert McKimson, I is).
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    Not exactly, Ota (sorry to be a nitpicker).
    Aside from being the newspaper strip artist, Heimdahl was also the definitive artist for Western's Bugs Bunny stories starting in the mid-1950s. I'd say that the post-1950s comic books and comic strips definitely take place in the same world (to the detriment of cartoon faithfulness). True, the comic strip's cast of characters was rather limited, but it does reflect the co-stars who tended to cross over into Western's later Bugs stories.
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    The last year and a quarter's worth of "Bugs Bunny" comic strips are more loyal to the animated cartoons. In September 1989, Brett Koth took over the writing (and occasionally the drawing) of the strip. By early 1990, Shawn Keller became the regular artist of the strip, with Brett Koth continuing some of the writing, until its demise in December 1990.

    Prior to that, someone else was doing the strip from (I believe) 1987 into September 1989. This was more loyal to the animated cartoons than the strips prior to that, but not as loyal as the strips that followed. This period of strips was a transitional period, and is a cross between the other two versions.
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    I can do that with Tom and Jerry. I can easily draw them better than most professionals seems to be able to do nowadays.

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