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Big Brother TZ - Challenge #9 BIG CHANGES AFOOT!

Discussion in 'Reality Bytes' started by Lord Dalek, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. Lord Dalek

    Lord Dalek Uncreative Hack

    Aug 17, 2003
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    Beginning this week...

    the game will change FOREVAH! DUH-DUH-DUH!!!!!!

    Find out tommorow!
  2. Kury Wagner

    Kury Wagner Jizzyboobgirlkury

    Feb 11, 2004
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    I eagerly await the news!

    *Tomorrow. =D
  3. Mr Cat Dog

    Mr Cat Dog Bite me

    Mar 26, 2005
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    Tomorrow is only a day away, after all!

    Even though it's actually today.
  4. Lord Dalek

    Lord Dalek Uncreative Hack

    Aug 17, 2003
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    As I promised... a big change!

    As you know we are entering the final stages of Big Brother (finally! =P). As we quickly deplete our players, the position of HOH has become more and more desireable. That is why, as of this week, the Head of Household will no longer be a part of the game. YOU WILL ALL BE UP FOR EVICTION! The only way out is to win immunity and that is what these challenges will be for, immunity from eviction.

    That being said... on to your next challenge!

    We've had themed trivia, song titles, and quotes. Now its time for a little general knowledge! Before you are several trivia questions. It is up for you to answer them successfully. As you know you have three days to complete the challenge and only your first response counts. First person to successfully complete the challenge or with the most correct answers will win immunity.


    1. What did the U.S surgeon general ask be removed from Mr. Potato Head, in 1987?

    2. What 1,100-mile race was Libby Riddles the first woman to win, in 1985?

    3. Who insisted in 2001: "The Beatles catalog is not for sale, has not been for sale and never will be for sale"?

    4. What Nevada town, proclaimed the "Armpit of America" by the Washington Post, welcomes visitors with the giant lettes "BM".

    5. Which Doonesbury character has donned helmets from the Gulf War, The Rams, and the Highway Patrol?

    6. What Bucs running back founded Home for the Holidays, a program that gives single moms a $5,000 house down payment?

    7. What P-word has been defined as the "science of cracking the phone network"?

    8. What novelist recorded his audio-only work, LT's Theory of Pets, in London's Royal Festival Hall?

    9. What comedy troupe introduced Canada to Mr. Heavyfoot, Buddy Cole, and the Chicken Lady?

    10. What '70s sex symbol authored the 2001 tome Everything I Know About Men I Learned From Stallions?

    11. How long was the line at the drive-through window when Kuwait's first McDonalds opened in 1994?

    12. What did actors dressed in Rambo costumes begin delivering in 1985?

    13. How many of every 10 industrial robots in the world are on the job in Japan?

    14. What resurgent parlor dice game has been called "part female-bonding agent, part bridge for the brainless"?

    15. Who wasn't warn out by hosting The Holiday Sock Party on the WB, in December 2001?

    16. What novelist drew flak for basing his closet homosexual Abe Ravelstein on a former colleague?

    17. How many of every 10 U.S. tornado victims in 1994 lived in a trailer?

    18. What Charlotte Bronte book has been published with intros by Joyce Carol Oates and Erica Jong?

    19. What director declared: "Bad taste is what entertainment is all about"?

    20. What European nation boasted the world's most productive workers and the world's shortest workweek, in the 1990s?

    21. Who took millions of readers back to the dawn of human history with the Earth's Childeren series?

    22. What NPR quiz show takes "an irreverent look at the news of the world--and the weird"?

    23. Who traditionally leaves Mexican kids treasures for their lost teeth?

    24. What Stephen Hawking bestseller spawned a long awaited sequel titled The Universe in a Nutshell?

    25. What tennis tournament's atmosphere did sports writer Jon Wertheim dub "half Merchant Ivory, half Jerry Springer"?

    26. What $3.00 fad doll was hyped with the line, "As not seen on TV"?

    27. What prolific producer penned every episode of Picket Fences and Chicago Hope?

    28. What much-ballyhooed Berkeley bistro charged $500 per person for a 30th-anniversary dinner of roast lamb and ice cream cones?

    29. Whose final game at Camden Yards was marked by groundskeepers mowing a giant number eight into the outfield grasses?

    30. Who wrote in What Falls Away that Woody Allen wouldn't buy sheets without consulting his shrink?

    31. What's the only number that can still be dialed on deactivated cellphones?

    32 What retail chain was lampooned by Adbusters magazine fake ads reading: "Hitler wore khakis"?

    33. What attorney general was as far right as he could be "without rendering himself unfit for a polite society", according to The New Yorker?

    34. What Tom Clancy book sold 1,607,715 copies in the 1980's making it the decade's fiction bestseller?

    35. What swashbuckler did 102 Dalmations co-star Ioan Gruffud play in an A&E miniseries?

    36. What city's Olympic Village was the first to screen Jerry Maguire in Cantonese and Girl, Interrupted in Greek?

    37. What does the "A" in "ASCII" stand for?

    38. What brand cornered the electric toothbrush market with its Oral-B models?

    39. Who was not asked to shout the traditional line: "I'm going to Disney World," despite being MVP of Super Bowl XXXV?

    40. What contest attracted over 100 euncuhs to Bhopal, India in March 2001?
    #4 Lord Dalek, Nov 6, 2006
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 6, 2006
  5. Lord Dalek

    Lord Dalek Uncreative Hack

    Aug 17, 2003
    Likes Received:

    You all did pretty well players but there can be only one winner.

    And that is...

    with 38 correct answers...

    Colin. Congratulations! You are immune from eviction this week. The rest of you however are not. It goes to the audience.

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