"Beware the Batman", "Attack on Titan" to Air on Toonami in May

Discussion in 'Toonzone News Comments' started by Toon Zone, Apr 17, 2014.

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    In a pair of recent announcements, two action cartoons were confirmed for Adult Swim's weekly Toonami block on Saturday nights:...

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    On the plus side, at least Beware the Batman will be shown to a more appreciative audience. But didn't CN learn anything from the failure of the CGI-animated Green Lantern series?

    "Titan" must be a pretty popular name in animation shows. We've got Titan Maximum, Teen Titans, Teen Titans GO! Sym-Bionic Titan, and of course, this upcoming Attack on Titan.

    Would it come as a surprise to anyone if some genius at [AS] decided to have an all Titan-titled event and they decided to call it the "Clash of the Titans?"

    (Ducks a barrage of thrown shoes.)

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