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Betrayal - A Haikyu!! Fanfic (Jump Original Story)

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by River26, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. River26

    River26 Well-Known Member

    May 11, 2006
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    Those wondering what goes in the mind of Tsuki when he casually puts down Shoyo and Kageyama. Well, this story builds on that. A former teammate who now has done the unthinkable... Disrespect Daichi's fellow teammate; Sho and Kageyama.

    Thus, this' what you get.


    5 pm, Wednesday. Just as Jordan was making the usual rounds of exercising with his buddy; Deeks, he couldn't help but bring his ear to eavesdrop on Tsuki.

    "What do you think about Shoyo and his friend; Kageyama and captain?" said Tsuki's friend

    Deeks requested that he get the captain. After the final match, Daichi was taking a break. "Well, he's taking a nap. Considering the tough match they had. I'll just text him." Jordan

    Meanwhile, two or three hours later...

    Daichi's smartphone buzzes. "This' your bud; Jordan, I got to eavesdropping on Tsuki's conversation. Seems they're really tearing him apart." Jordan

    "Sho? But he didn't do anything." Daichi said in his mind

    So Daichi texts back "I'll be right there" he said

    For Shoyo, Commander Joshua took him; Kageyama, Azumane, Sugawara and Nishinoya out to dinner for celebrating their game's victory.

    *Downstairs in the weightroom*

    "S-so you heard us?" Tsuki, as he had that guilt look

    "Thanks to my bud here, he said to me what hapened. What were you thinking dude? And what did Sho do that you would so easily go behind his back and disrespect him?" Daichi

    "W-well, he deserves it."

    "Don't give us that. He was just helping us. Or did you forget?" Daichi

    Hearing this, Daichi was disappointed that Tsuki went behind the Captain's back and decided to gossip about Sho.

    "As far as I can tell, your out of the team. No if's or but's."

    "Fine, I don't need you loosers" Tsuki

    "Sorry you had to see that Jordan" Daichi

    "I've had worse yo. Thing is to try and keep a cool head about it." Jordan

    Daichi laughs "Look at you, trying to console me as if you were my brother. Though, your right." he said

    Later that evening Jordan's dad and the rest of the gang came arrived. Betrayal, it's hard to gain back the respect. Tsuki, he learned a harsh lesson.
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