Best "Justice League/Justice League Unlimited" Episode, Poll #13: Final Round!

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  1. Starcrossed

  2. Epilogue

  1. ShadowStar

    ShadowStar Member

    Nov 11, 2006


    On November 17th, 2001, Justice League launched with the three-part series premiere, "Secret Origins". It was clear from the outset that the DCAU crew were embarking on a bold new direction with this show: with a roster of seven A-listers in the main cast and the expectation of delivering a suitably epic crisis in each new story, it was never going to be easy to pull off. But Justice League showed, even at a fairly early stage, that there was plenty of scope, thanks to the talented voice cast and crew, and Bruce Timm's popular designs.

    [COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF]Over the next few months, a series of polls marking the recent 10th anniversary of the show will cover every episode of both JL and JLU, all 91 episodes, in order to determine which ones have really stood the test of time. As many of the [URL=""]Justice League[/URL] two-parters were aired back to back on [/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][URL=""]Cartoon Network[/URL][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF] in America, they will be combined in these polls. Each poll will last for one week, beginning and finishing on a Monday.


    [B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][I][I][I][B]Episodes #50-52 - Starcrossed Parts 1-3
    [I]Original Airdate - May 29th, 2004 - Series Finale, becomes "[URL=""]Justice League Unlimited[/URL]"

    When a Thanagarian force arrives and occupies Earth, Hawkgirl is torn between loyalty to her homeland and love of her adopted planet.

    Episode #78 (JLU episode #26) - Epilogue[/COLOR]
    [I]Original Airdate - July 23rd, 2005 - Season Finale

    65 years in the future, the history of the Justice League is the key to a secret long hidden from Terry McGinnis... and [URL=""]Batman[/URL]'s final destiny.


    [B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][I][B][I][I][B][I][B][I][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][I][B][I][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF]Poll #1 results:[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]
    [*]Secret Origins: 3.45%
    [*]In Blackest Night: 10.34%
    [*]The Enemy Below: 34.48%
    [*][B]Injustice For All: 48.28% (WINNER)[/B]
    [*]Paradise Lost: 3.45%
    [*]War World: 0%
    [*]The Brave and the Bold: 10%
    [*]Fury: 0%
    [*]Legends: 23.33%
    [*]A Knight of Shadows: 20%
    [*]Metamorphosis: 0%
    [*][B]The Savage Time: 46.67% (WINNER)[/B]
    [*]Twilight: 18.75%
    [*]Tabula Rasa: 3.13%
    [*]Only a Dream: 9.38%
    [*]Maid of Honor: 3.13%
    [*]Hearts and Minds: 3.13%
    [*][B]A Better World: 62.5% (WINNER)[/B]
    [*]Eclipsed: 4.76%
    [*]The Terror Beyond: 0%
    [*]Secret Society: 9.52%
    [*]Hereafter: 14.29%
    [*]Comfort and Joy: 4.76%
    [*]Wild Cards: 14.29%
    [*][B]Starcrossed: 52.38% (WINNER[/B])
    [*]Initiation: 0%
    [*][B]For the Man Who Has Everything: 34.62% (WINNER)[/B]
    [*]Hawk and Dove: 0%
    [*]Fearful Symmetry: 23.08%
    [*]Kid Stuff: 0%
    [*]This Little Piggy: 15.38%
    [*]The Return: 26.92%
    [*]The Greatest Story Never Told: 21.74%
    [*]Ultimatum: 4.35%
    [*]Dark Heart: 0%
    [*]Wake the Dead: 8.7%
    [*]The Once and Future Thing part 1: Weird Western Tales: 0%
    [*][B]The Once and Future Thing part 2: Time, Warped: 65.22% (WINNER)[/B]
    [*]The Cat and the Canary: 0%
    [*]The Ties That Bind: 5.56%
    [*][B]The Doomsday Sanction: 38.89% (WINNER)[/B]
    [*]Task Force X: 16.67%
    [*]The Balance: 0%
    [*]Double Date: 16.67%
    [*]Clash: 22.22%
    [/LIST][COLOR=#FFFFFF]Poll #8 results: [/COLOR]
    [*]Hunter's Moon: 0%
    [*]Question Authority: 28%
    [*]Flashpoint: 8%
    [*]Panic in the Sky: 0%
    [*]Divided We Fall: 20%
    [*][B]Epilogue: 44% (WINNER)[/B]
    [/LIST]Poll #9 results:
    [*]I Am Legion: 0%
    [*]Shadow of the Hawk: 33.33%
    [*]Chaos at the Earth's Core: 5.56%
    [*]To Another Shore: 5.56%
    [*][B]Flash and Substance: 44.44% (WINNER)[/B]
    [*]Dead Reckoning: 5.56%
    [*]Patriot Act: 5.56%
    [/LIST]Poll #10 results:
    [*]The Great Brain Robbery: 25%
    [*]Grudge Match: 0%
    [*]Far From Home: 0%
    [*]Ancient History: 8.33%
    [*]Alive!: 8.33%
    [*]Destroyer: 58.33% (WINNER)
    [/LIST]Semi-Final #1 results:
    [*]Injustice For All: 8.33%
    [*]The Savage Time: 0%
    [*]A Better World: 16.67%
    [*]Starcrossed: 62.5% (WINNER)
    [*]For the Man Who Has Everything: 12.5%
    [/LIST]Semi-Final #2 results:
    [*]The Once and Future Thing part 2: Time, Warped: 14.29%
    [*]The Doomsday Sanction: 19.05%
    [*]Epilogue: 52.38% (WINNER)
    [*]Flash and Substance: 4.76%
    [*]Destroyer: 9.52%
  2. The Dark Lord

    The Dark Lord New Member

    Feb 15, 2012
    Both excellent episodes!

    But the Bat-fan and continuity fan in me will have to go with Epilogue! :D
  3. DerekPowers

    DerekPowers Ruler of Gotham City, 2049

    May 2, 2001
    Long Island, NY
    I voted for "Starcrossed".

    I honestly think that JL and JLU are pretty distinct shows, and shouldn't really be lumped into one. Plus, it's not really a fair comparison, since "Starcrossed" is 3-times the length of "Epilogue". Oh well, either way I think "Starcrossed" should win (even though I think the best JL ep is "Only a Dream").
  4. ShadowStar

    ShadowStar Member

    Nov 11, 2006
    Well, originally these polls were just going to be for episodes of JL, not JLU, but we kind of have our answer regarding which story from JL the voters feel is the best: "Starcrossed". All of the JL stories that advanced were pitted against each other in the first semi-final and that one was the clear winner. I see this final round as just representing which one from the whole run, JLU included, is the most popular overall.
  5. Bobbywoodhogan

    Bobbywoodhogan I Will Find Him!

    Mar 3, 2005
    Starcrossed - its just epic

    Epilogue is great but its vastly overrated.
  6. Laugh Anyway

    Laugh Anyway New Member

    Nov 29, 2011
    Birmingham, AL
    I saw this coming, looks like its going to be a close one. I voted Epilogue but Starcrossed will probably win.
  7. DisneyBoy

    DisneyBoy Searchin' My Soul

    May 16, 2001
    Somewhere in the imaginat
    Vote Starcrossed!

    Honestly people - terrific musical score, terrific storyboarding, brilliant well-thought-out twists (ahem!) and some of most iconic moments in the series.
  8. Pfeiffer-Pfan

    Pfeiffer-Pfan Makin' Whoopee!

    Jul 24, 2007
    I knew it would come down to these two... and its a tough one. Do I go with my Bat-fanboy heart or my Justice League logic head...?

    'Epilogue' was amazing and such a treat for bat-fans. Not only to revisit the Batman Beyond world, but to give it a well deserved conclusion. It deserves all the praise and the little coda at the end is always emotional. The DCAU... my entire childhood. However, it is definitely a Batman episode and not a Justice League one.

    'Starcrossed' is pure, raw amazing Justice League goodness. The Story, the animation, the acting, the music, the intensity... everything about it just shines. And frankly it's one of the best thing Timm and co. ever did... Period!

    So yeah... :sweat:... I guess if you're talking a good JUSTICE LEAGUE story, then it's gotta be 'Starcrossed'.
  9. klammed

    klammed the fool.

    Nov 17, 2005
    Such a close choice. I went with 'Starcrossed' in the end. Plot-wise it was stellar, and had all you wanted from a group action episode. On top of that it had great character development and movement, reveals that I was not expecting, events which had major repercussions in canon, and so on.

    I love 'Epilogue', I really do. 'Epilogue' is and always will be to me one of the greatest series send offs, ever, drawing from a canon of material and nods from the very first episode of BTAS, and a resolution, not just for Terry, but for Old Man Wayne as well (or Really Old Man Wayne, in this case). But that's what it is - an elegy to a series. It's beauty is in that. Take that sense away from it, and stand it by itself, and it's choppy, almost over-expository, and focuses too much on one character/section of the Justice League. 'Starcrossed' wins out for this reason in involving all the main seven (and Alfred), introducing and developing villain motivations, and the massive showdown at the end.

    Oh, and lol, I only just read darkknight90's post. Yeah. same feels, bro.
  10. ShadowStar

    ShadowStar Member

    Nov 11, 2006
    And the winner of the 10th anniversary poll is "Starcrossed"! A well-deserved win for one of the DCAU's best stories.
  11. DisneyBoy

    DisneyBoy Searchin' My Soul

    May 16, 2001
    Somewhere in the imaginat
    AMEN! I was worried there...

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