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Best "Justice League/Justice League Unlimited" Episode, Poll #12: Semi-Final #2

Discussion in 'The DC Comics Animation Forum' started by ShadowStar, Apr 9, 2012.


Vote For The Best Episode of Justice League

Poll closed Apr 16, 2012.
  1. The Once and Future Thing part 2: Time, Warped

  2. The Doomsday Sanction

  3. Epilogue

  4. Flash and Substance

  5. Destroyer

  1. ShadowStar

    ShadowStar Member

    Nov 11, 2006
    Likes Received:


    On November 17th, 2001, Justice League launched with the three-part series premiere, "Secret Origins". It was clear from the outset that the DCAU crew were embarking on a bold new direction with this show: with a roster of seven A-listers in the main cast and the expectation of delivering a suitably epic crisis in each new story, it was never going to be easy to pull off. But Justice League showed, even at a fairly early stage, that there was plenty of scope, thanks to the talented voice cast and crew, and Bruce Timm's popular designs.

    [COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF]Over the next few months, a series of polls marking the recent 10th anniversary of the show will cover every episode of both JL and JLU, all 91 episodes, in order to determine which ones have really stood the test of time. As many of the [URL="http://www.toonzone.net/forums/showwiki.php?title=Justice+League"]Justice League[/URL] two-parters were aired back to back on [/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][URL="http://www.toonzone.net/forums/showwiki.php?title=Cartoon+Network"]Cartoon Network[/URL][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF] in America, they will be combined in these polls. Each poll will last for one week, beginning and finishing on a Monday.


    [B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][COLOR=#FFFF00]Episode #65 (JLU episode #13) - The Once and Future Thing Part 2: Time, Warped[/COLOR]
    [I]Original Airdate - January 29th, 2005 - Season Finale

    The Justice League's adventures in time take them to a futuristic Gotham City, where they join forces with that era's Batman, as well as Warhawk, Static and the old Bruce Wayne. But will the combined might of the JusticeLeague of the present and future be enough to stop Chronos before the madman's scheming destroys all of reality?


    Episode #68 (JLU episode #16) - The Doomsday Sanction[/COLOR]
    [I]Original Airdate - February 19th 2005

    The [URL="http://www.toonzone.net/forums/showwiki.php?title=Justice+League"]Justice League[/URL]'s efforts to protect an island's inhabitants from a volcanic explosion are threatened when Dr. Milo frees Doomsday, who immediately sets his sights on [URL="http://www.toonzone.net/forums/showwiki.php?title=Superman"]Superman[/URL]. As [URL="http://www.toonzone.net/forums/showwiki.php?title=Batman"]Batman[/URL] and Amanda Waller struggle to contain the situation, the tension between the League and Cadmus escalates...


    Episode #78 (JLU episode #26) - Epilogue[/COLOR]
    [I]Original Airdate - July 23rd, 2005 - Season Finale

    65 years in the future, the history of the Justice League is the key to a secret long hidden from Terry McGinnis... and [URL="http://www.toonzone.net/forums/showwiki.php?title=Batman"]Batman[/URL]'s final destiny.


    Episode #83 (JLU episode #31) - Flash and Substance[/COLOR]
    [I]Original Airdate - February 11th, 2006

    Batman and Orion see a different side of the Flash when the Trickster, Mirror Master, Captain Cold and Captain [URL="http://www.toonzone.net/forums/showwiki.php?title=Boomerang"]Boomerang[/URL] band together to launch a series of attacks against him in the lead-up to the opening of a museum in the speedster's honor.


    Episode #91 (JLU episode #39) - Destroyer[/COLOR]
    [I]Original Airdate - May 13th, 2006 - Series Finale

    As Darkseid launches a full-scale assault against Earth, the [URL="http://www.toonzone.net/forums/showwiki.php?title=Justice+League"]Justice League[/URL] and the Secret Society put their differences aside in a bid to stop him. But even with heroes and villains working side by side worldwide to deter the forces of Apokolips, will it be enough? Or will be a sacrifice be needed?


    [B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][B][I][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF][COLOR=#FFFFFF]Poll #1 results:[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]
    [*]Secret Origins: 3.45%
    [*]In Blackest Night: 10.34%
    [*]The Enemy Below: 34.48%
    [*][B]Injustice For All: 48.28% (WINNER)[/B]
    [*]Paradise Lost: 3.45%
    [*]War World: 0%
    [*]The Brave and the Bold: 10%
    [*]Fury: 0%
    [*]Legends: 23.33%
    [*]A Knight of Shadows: 20%
    [*]Metamorphosis: 0%
    [*][B]The Savage Time: 46.67% (WINNER)[/B]
    [*]Twilight: 18.75%
    [*]Tabula Rasa: 3.13%
    [*]Only a Dream: 9.38%
    [*]Maid of Honor: 3.13%
    [*]Hearts and Minds: 3.13%
    [*][B]A Better World: 62.5% (WINNER)[/B]
    [*]Eclipsed: 4.76%
    [*]The Terror Beyond: 0%
    [*]Secret Society: 9.52%
    [*]Hereafter: 14.29%
    [*]Comfort and Joy: 4.76%
    [*]Wild Cards: 14.29%
    [*][B]Starcrossed: 52.38% (WINNER[/B])
    [*]Initiation: 0%
    [*][B]For the Man Who Has Everything: 34.62% (WINNER)[/B]
    [*]Hawk and Dove: 0%
    [*]Fearful Symmetry: 23.08%
    [*]Kid Stuff: 0%
    [*]This Little Piggy: 15.38%
    [*]The Return: 26.92%
    [*]The Greatest Story Never Told: 21.74%
    [*]Ultimatum: 4.35%
    [*]Dark Heart: 0%
    [*]Wake the Dead: 8.7%
    [*]The Once and Future Thing part 1: Weird Western Tales: 0%
    [*][B]The Once and Future Thing part 2: Time, Warped: 65.22% (WINNER)[/B]
    [*]The Cat and the Canary: 0%
    [*]The Ties That Bind: 5.56%
    [*][B]The Doomsday Sanction: 38.89% (WINNER)[/B]
    [*]Task Force X: 16.67%
    [*]The Balance: 0%
    [*]Double Date: 16.67%
    [*]Clash: 22.22%
    [/LIST][COLOR=#FFFFFF]Poll #8 results: [/COLOR]
    [*]Hunter's Moon: 0%
    [*]Question Authority: 28%
    [*]Flashpoint: 8%
    [*]Panic in the Sky: 0%
    [*]Divided We Fall: 20%
    [*][B]Epilogue: 44% (WINNER)[/B]
    [/LIST]Poll #9 results:
    [*]I Am Legion: 0%
    [*]Shadow of the Hawk: 33.33%
    [*]Chaos at the Earth's Core: 5.56%
    [*]To Another Shore: 5.56%
    [*][B]Flash and Substance: 44.44% (WINNER)[/B]
    [*]Dead Reckoning: 5.56%
    [*]Patriot Act: 5.56%
    [/LIST]Poll #10 results:
    [*]The Great Brain Robbery: 25%
    [*]Grudge Match: 0%
    [*]Far From Home: 0%
    [*]Ancient History: 8.33%
    [*]Alive!: 8.33%
    [*]Destroyer: 58.33% (WINNER)
    [/LIST]Semi-Final #1 results:
    [*]Injustice For All: 8.33%
    [*]The Savage Time: 0%
    [*]A Better World: 16.67%
    [*]Starcrossed: 62.5% (WINNER)
    [*]For the Man Who Has Everything: 12.5%
  2. Bobbywoodhogan

    Bobbywoodhogan I Will Find Him!

    Mar 3, 2005
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    The Doomsday Sanction - best episode of JLU EVER!
  3. ShadowStar

    ShadowStar Member

    Nov 11, 2006
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    Went with "Time, Warped", but "The Doomsday Sanction" and "Epilogue" are spectacular too. I'm not sure if any of them would be my pick for the best JLU episode, but they're among JLU's standout offerings, no doubt about it. When you have three sensational episodes which are all very different, it can be frustrating to choose between them, but I just went for the fun romp.
  4. Laugh Anyway

    Laugh Anyway Member

    Nov 29, 2011
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    Epilogue is my favorite episode of both JL series. But I think that's kind of unfair considering Epilogue is really more of a Batman Beyond episode.
  5. Pfeiffer-Pfan

    Pfeiffer-Pfan Makin' Whoopee!

    Jul 24, 2007
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    So its looking like, Starcrossed vs. Epilogue.

    Guess we all know whats going to win that battle.
  6. Dusty

    Dusty Superman.

    Nov 15, 2003
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    Man, I really enjoyed Starcrossed except for Superman's annoying attitude (of course. ;) ) But I thought the scene in Epilogue with Batman and Ace was like the most tear jerking scene in any DCAU show ever. But I hated the whole (Terry is Bruce's son thing) Starcrossed was epic, but Epilogue was great too.... Can I vote for "The Savage Time." again, cause that beats all IMO. ;)

  7. The Dark Lord

    The Dark Lord Active Member

    Feb 15, 2012
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    Epilogue = Best JL episode EVER.
  8. r0derix

    r0derix Member

    Sep 17, 2005
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    Epilogue and Starcrossed are by far my two most favorite episodes of the entire DCAU. Gonna be a tough pick next week, but for this week I take Epilogue.
  9. DerekPowers

    DerekPowers Ruler of Gotham City, 2049

    May 2, 2001
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    "The Once and Future Thing Part 2: Time, Warped" is my all time favorite JLU episode, so I voted for that.

    I think that episode is simply spectacular and has the most to offer out of all the JLU eps. Great story, great villain, great character development, great action, great animation, lots of great characters, high stakes while remaining character oriented, and ofcourse some nice fan service :).

    For me, the final scene between Shayara and John in "Starcrossed" was the most tear jerking scene of the series. I actually didn't find the Ace scene in "Epilogue" all that emotional simply because I didn't have much connection to Ace and thought "Wild Cards" was one of the poorer episodes of JL season 2.

    It's interesting to see how much love "Epilogue" has accumulated over the years. I remember the initial response to the episode being rather mixed. Most liked it for obvious reasons, but didn't really know how to feel about the major retro-active changing of Batman Beyond. It's too bad the original talkback thread for that episode got lost (right?), because its fun sometimes to go back and see the initial reactions. But I remember it being a real mixture, with many, including myself, having mixed feelings to accompany our joy.
  10. HEATXZ

    HEATXZ Duck Knght

    Dec 9, 2006
    Likes Received:
    I vote for Flash and Substance :anime:
    Because it had the Rouges in it plus it was funny
  11. DisneyBoy

    DisneyBoy Searchin' My Soul

    May 16, 2001
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    Okay, so here's the thing about these Best polls that rather bugs me - people feel obligated to certain episodes, especially season or series finales.

    Epilogue does not deserve to win a poll of the Best of JL/JLU. Do I think it makes for an interesting Batman story? Okay, fine, maybe. Do I think it's fantastically well structured? No, decidedly not. It hops here and there and feels far too big for its britches, and a fair chunk of people (myself included) couldn't tell if the flashbacks were dream sequences or the dream sequences were flashbacks the first time we saw it. And most importantly - is it a good Justice League story? Well...of course not. It's a Batman Beyond episode of sorts, squished into a JLU episode, with Cadmus tie-up.

    I think people opt to vote for it because it's revelatory with regards to Terry, and they know it was meant as a farewell to the DCAU begun with On Leather Wings. Not because it was a terrific episode of Justice League Unlimited that they rewatch and deeply enjoy and continue to learn from or be entertained by.

    Destroyer ended up being the other, real epilogue to Justice League Unlimited, and it's a bit of a sentimental one, though definitely less ambitious. We get curtain-calls for the major characters (Darkseid, J'onn, Lex, Superman, Batman, etc, etc) and the minors get nice little moments as well (Giganta, Volcana, etc, etc) and it's all very "Rah, Rah!" I can almost understand why it's well loved as a fun going-away party, but not really as a story that best exemplifies why the series was great. Destroyer is simple and it tries to relive past glory days. It isn't subtle, or emotional (save perhaps for one curtain call in particular) and doesn't give any of the characters much to do that they haven't done before, and better.

    I'd rather see some of the glory days get their due. I really like The Doomsday Sanction in terms of its pacing and as a thrill-ride. It's a great Doomsday episode, in that it ties together the character's general history with what was shown in Justice League. It has nice moments with Diana and Milo (!) and great ones with Waller and Batman. But again - is it the best of Justice League? Maybe...

    I think it's a real shame Task Force X didn't make it onto these lists. That was an episode I've come back to many, many times for its artistry and approach to telling a story about the League, in a roundabout way. I really hope that as we get down to choosing the final winners, people put some thought into which episodes actually stand up to criticism and work on various levels. Which episodes impressed you more over time? Which ones placed you inside a character's head, or a concept you hadn't considered before? Which ones speak to what the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited shows were actually about?

    Answer those questions with your vote.
  12. Dusty

    Dusty Superman.

    Nov 15, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Yeah we're opposites, lol, as I did not find the Starcrossed scene sad at all. Maybe it's cause I was never a fan of GL/HG... or that I maybe always knew HG would come back or something. ;) Seriously though, Epilogue's Bats/Ace scene was so good cause it showed us a great side of Batman that was not seen very often (if at all)

    Ace: "I am dying very soon aren't I?"
    Batman: "Yes."
    Ace: "I'm scared... Would you stay with me?"
    Batman then sits on a swing puts his hand out and stays with her until she dies...

    *tears running... down... face.... Don't Look At Me!!!... DON'T LOOK AT ME!!! ;)

    Yeah, that scene was "perfect." but to each their own... :)


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