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World's Finest RPG Batman RPG

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by Inque, Apr 27, 2001.

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  1. Bleu Unicorn

    Bleu Unicorn \ (^v^) /

    Mar 22, 2002
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    OOC: In lieu of her mini-vacation, The Guitar Slayer sent me two Batman posts. I'm going to post the first, but I think redDragon and AndreaBeaumont will need to post again before I put up the second. (Or if no one posts for a few days, I'll put it up anyway. :D) I'll be posting as Harley at some point as well.

    EDIT: Lalalaa, make that three Batman posts. <cough> I just got another one. :D

    IC: Batman

    6:00 pm
    I drive methodically up and down the streets. It shouldn't be too hard to find her...there are only so many vigilantes in Gotham. I scan the roof tops and alleys for any signs of Andrea or Angela. I've got to find them before they ever reach the Joker. The dashboard lights glare at my eyes, but I'm not disturbed. Enough hours spent in deep sleep have made me as sharp as I can.

    The radio beeps at me. I flick it on, never taking my eyes off of the road in front of me. "Yes, Alfred?"

    "Master Bruce, I had forgotten to inform you that I had taken the liberty of putting a tracer on Miss Angela. However, it was a delayed activation one, since you had used the last one in your belt. It should be going on...now."

    A blue light pops up on the screen. "Thank you, Alfred. Batman out." She seems to be at the one of the major banquet halls. I vaguely remember being invited to that, seemingly half a life time ago. But why...?


    It can't be....

    I punch the button that activates Harley's beast's tracker.

    Oh, God.

    They're practically on top of each other...s---.

    I slam on the brakes and make an abrupt u-turn on the one way street. The car fishtails, but corrects itself without making any damage. I pound on the gas pedal and take off at break-neck speed toward the hall.

    6:25 pm
    I get out of the car in the back parking lot. There is no more time to waste. Alfred has briefed me on the occasion going on here tonight. Animal rights...I don't even want to know what the Joker has done to them. I shoot a grapple up to the roof and let myself be taken up. I yank open the door that leads downstairs...and who else but Selina pops out. "Hello..."

    "I don't have time for this, Selina." I push her bodily out of the way, but she grabs onto my arm.

    "What's the story, baby? Who are those two ladies I saw you running around with?"

    "Nobody you'd care about."

    "Don't give me that, Bat..." She never finishes her sentence as I knock her unconscious. She'll have a headache, but will thank me in the morning.

    I charge down the stairs and fling open the door. People are vomitting all over the place and crying. I'll find out later what he did to them. I send a signal to the Gotham Police Department..they'll be here soon enough. However, I need to get the Joker before this night is done.

    I make my way through the crowd. I send out a signal to Robin, hoping he's down with Two Face. These people need help. FAST. I dart into the kitchen and look around and listen. "MUM!" That's Angela...
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  2. Bleu Unicorn

    Bleu Unicorn \ (^v^) /

    Mar 22, 2002
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    OOC: Time to liven this thread up a bit, peeps. Here's some more Batman for you all -- let's get some fighting in here! :D (Um, Barb and BB... I'm not sure how you are going to work time-wise since you guys still are supposedly with Two-Face, so let me know if we need to tweak times a bit.)

    IC: Batman

    6:38 pm
    The crowd collectively moans as I weave my way through the mess. The buffet table is strangely immaculate, as if it had never been touched. I head toward the kitchen, but stop before I reach the door. I listen. Something (rather, two somethings) are knawing on a piece of meat. Bud and Lou. I reach into my belt and draw out 2 knock-out gas pellets (worked once, let's do it again).

    I throw the pellets in and slam the door before they lunge at my throat. I wait one minute before entering. Other than the hyenas, nobody's there. I pass through the kitchen into a narrow, dark hallway. I look in both directions. The storage room or the alley...."MUM!" I hear the shriek and my blood freezes. Angela and Andrea.

    I pound down the hallway into the alley out the backdoor. I come to a dead stop and take in the sight a split second before I react.

    Angela is slumped on the ground. She's reinjured her shoulder, and her face is full of fresh bruises. She looks at me with relief, yet horror. I silently gasp at the other scene before me. The Joker has driven what looks like a spatula into Phantasm's body armor. She instinctively goes up to grab it, and is amazed to find blood. She slides down the alley wall in shock...I can see through her mask the agony...and the knowledge of impending death.

    "JOKER!" I bellow. The pale man before me jumps a little.

    "Hullo, Batsy. Wonderful for you to join the party. Unfortunately you're a bit late...we've already cracked the piñata!" He cackles.

    Rage shoots through my veins. The vengeance in my system fills me to the point of overflow. That laughter never stops once he's on a jag.

    So I stop it for him. I punch his jaw with every muscle in my arm. I see it pop out of its socket and hit him again, same spot. This time, I hear bones breaking and shattering. Some actually break the skin. Satisfied, I let him fall to the alley floor.

    Robin has arrived with Batgirl in tow. They look a little winded themselves, but otherwise, they're fine. Phantasm lets out a sharp cry as she tries to move. Angela sobs in response to her mother's agony. Andrea tilts her head up to me. I understand.

    "Robin, get Angela out of here. Now."

    He salutes and grabs the girl. "Mum! Mum....." Angela is helplessly dragged away.

    I kneel down next to Andrea and remove her mask. Her face is pale, the eyes have dulled. She licks her dry, chapped lips. "I know I'm going," she manages to hiss. "Take care of my Angel."

    "Andrea, I..."

    "I had other issues before this last one." She indicates the spatula. "You can do it." She takes a painful breath in. I see her inner light go out. "And get the bastard." With that, she exhales her last breath. I sit there in shock for a moment. The face that had aged beyond its years return to the look of the woman I fell in love with. Andrea Beaumont had died many years ago. The Phantasm was now dead as well. I kiss the forehead of Andrea and stand straight.

    I turn to see the Joker try to slip away. "No. Not this time." I grab the Joker by the back of his shirt and spin him around. I rear back and fling my fist into his face again, smearing his nose to the right side of his face.

    "Hey, leave him a--UMPH!" Quinn comes up behind me and tries to latch on. I backhand her down the alley and I see Batgirl descend to take care of her.

    I deliver body shots to the Joker. I inwardly grin as I hear ribs breaking and inner organs bruising and bleeding. I knee him in the stomach and twist his arm around until I hear him yelp and a satisfying snap. I take him by his green hair and smash him into a wall. I breathe hard.

    "Finish me off, Batsy. C'mon. I killed your girlfriend and almost her little rugrat too." Somehow, he manages to pull his face into a demented grin, broken jaw and cheek bones and all.

    I stop. A life for a life....murder does not bring back the dead. Andrea and Alfred. Yin and yang. I drop the Joker to the ground and let the police tend to him. He screams after me, but I ignore him. I lift Andrea's rapidly cooling body into the car.
  3. AndreaBeaumont

    AndreaBeaumont The Genuine Article

    Jun 5, 2001
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    "Laughter and Screams...
    6:29 p.m."

    [color=sky blue]I drop down quietly into the alley, landing in a crouched position. I stand up slowly as I hears screams of agony and terror coming from inside the building. I walk noiselessly towards the brown, battered, slightly open door. I freeze and my blood runs cold...


    Not warm and inviting like I'd heard earlier...


    The door flies open and a tall, lean,...[/color]PURPLE[color=sky blue]...figure backs out of the door doubled over. The laughter echo's eeriely off the alley walls, carrying up and over the building. I can almost see it spread...like a green plague over the city and settling in the homes of all who live within the city limits. It's reach extending even into the beds of the innocent children and cradles of babies. Silently slithering around their throats and quietly, almost horrifyingly tender, about shortening their breath and slowly snuffing them out. Like forcing air through his huge red lips and blowing out a candle on the citizens window sills...

    Before I even realize it he's a hair's breath away from me...

    I hear an intrigued, "oooOOOOoooo," slip from between those red lips and yellow tinged teeth.

    "Batsy!!" He yells while spinning around and backing up. "Ooh! You're not the bat! He-he!" He looks me up and down, not recognizing me in costume. "My mistake! Hoo-hoo!" He relaxes, obviously not feeling threatened by my presents at all, or is an amazing actor. "So what pajama wearing goodie are you?! Or better yet! Baddie! Heh ha ha ha haaeEEH!"

    I suddenly feel less confident than I first felt, his unnerving calmness slipping beneath my skin.

    "Oh! Oh! He he! Oh I know! The pilfering parakeet perhaps? Or the terrible toucan! Oh wait I know! The Swashbuckling Swallow! Ah ha ha ha ha heeeEEEH!"

    I watch as his face seemingly splits in two...his laughter wrapping around me. I close my eyes as my comatose dreams start swarming before my eyes. I see me falling into the darkness between the buildings...I feel his icy grip around my throat...and the laughter...


    My eye's fly open and anger, fire hot flows back through my frozen veins...I give a gutteral yell and fly across the alley punching him in face and landing one in the stomach. Losing my mask as he rips it off. I take a step back to see what damage I've caused...and am shocked as I see his form doubled over...not in pain...in laughter! He suddenly straightens and surges up and growls.

    "Alright girly, I've had about enough of you! You've simply told the same joke too many times!" [/color]
  4. Bird Boy

    Bird Boy WF Admin
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    Apr 27, 2001
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    IC (Robin):


    Our legs dangle a little longer against the side of the building, occasionally letting our heals hit it and bounce back. I begin to really look at Batgirl--somthing I haven't done..ever...-- and for once notice her features.. rounded face...red hair...hair like Bar--

    "They're here" Batgirl says.
    "Huh?" I reply, still deep in thought.
    "Two-Face--they just stopped at the light. Lets go"
    "Oh right" I reply. Before I even finish she's off the building, putting her full weight on the rope and ready to climb through a window.

    I take out a grapple and shoot it towards where Batgirl is and swing down next to her.



    I look at the clock..it's been over 10 minutes since we got in here, and nothings happened..not a damn thing.

    One of the officers come up through the flight of stairs, his gun in his hand. "They're on the move. They're coming in the back entrance."
    "How many?"
    "Just him and 2 others. They've already killed 5 personnel down there"
    "Great.." I pause to look over at Gordon "have the staff take her to the ambulence." I pause again, looking over at Batgirl "follow them..make sure Grace gets into that van. I'll stall Two-Face as long as I can--I just hope we can get her to the other hospital before he realizes what's going on." Both Gordon and Batgirl nod in reply and the plan begins to unfold. I wish Bruce was here..it'd make me feel more confident..


    Several bullets fly through the storewell door which was bolted shut. The door its kicked off it's hings and it flys into a nearby desk. Two-Face emerges with a tommy gun in his hands, getting ready to shoot whatever's in his way.

    "Where is she?" he says, his raspy voice giving it the almost chilling edge.
    "She's gone." I reply. A siren turns on outside, telling me that they're en route. "long gone" I finish. Two-Face lifts the gun and raises it to my head, while his finger is about to pull the trigger.

    I side flip, missing the first onslaught of bullets. I look back up and see a object heading for my head. I jump out of the way but it hits me in the stomach, knocking the wind and me to the ground. I grasp my torso and begin to rub it, trying to get the pain to go away. Two-Faces black leg of his pants stands in front of my eyes and then hits me in the face..again..and again.

    I roll over and see the doors open. Before I realize what just happened I hear a car engine start..wait..another engine? I pull myself up off the ground to the window, looking around. I see Two-Face push himself into the drivers seat and he heads off in the direction of the ambulence.

    I step back and little and then crash through the window, falling a few stories before I take out my last grappling hook and shoot it towards Two-Face's cars bumper. Hey..if Batman can do it..so can I.

    I feel the tug of the rope connecting with the car and I'm pulled forward through the air. In a matter of seconds I'll be hitting the ground, or, hopefully, the car. My cape grabs the wind racing past me, and I finally reach the back of Two-Faces car. I let go the grapple and fall the rest of the way. My back feet hit the trunk of the car, and I grab onto the roof.I look ahead and see the gotham bridge up ahead, completely packed with the evening traffic.

    A bullet slices through the window and through my cape as I remember what I'm doing on a speeding car. I throw my feet through the back window, hitting 2 guys in the jaw. I feel a slight crack, telling me that they're down. I pull my feet out and throw my head down to check out the inside..just Two-Face now.

    I pull my head back out and make my way to the front windshield. I take a big risk and look down, directly in Two-Faces...faces. He pulls out a gun and blasts where my head once was. The glass flys aways , leaving a nice oppening. I reach onto my belt and find a gas pellet and roll it around in my gloved hand. I quickly throw it through the hole, and it instantly explodes on Two-Faces body. The gas fillls the car and it begins to swerve, hitting a few cars along the way. I look around for an oppening to jump off of and decide on the upcoming semi. I push with all my force off the roof and onto the semi's side, slowly pulling myself up to the top. I watch as Two-Faces car goes up the side of a slowly emerging concrete wall. The car flips over and looses it's speed, and then connects with a stalled car. The owners watch as their car shatters into nothing, spraying glass everywhere.

    The semi I'm on slows down to a halt, no doubt surveying the scene. The entire Gotham bridge is coming to a halt, trying to find the source of the accident they heard. I climb down off the semi and towards the 2 cars, hoping to find Two-Face. I reach the car and look inside the passenger window, seeing Two-Face's body smashed against the dash board. I remove his body and toss it to the ground and hear the clicking of the approaching explosion.

    "EVERYONE, CLEAR THE AREA!" I say in the loudest voice I can muster. Screaming ensues as the area clears.People exit their vehicles, running as fast as they can. The 2 cars erupt with a huge boom and begin burning. I hear the sirens of a fire-truck and then realize the ambulence. I quickly un-clip the radio and press the button.

    "Batgirl? Whats the situation?"
    "We arrived safe and sound..what about Two-Face?"
    "Out cold" I reply. "We should go meet up with Batman...he'll need help"
    "Right..I'll meet you there"



    We arrive at the scene and I take in everything..Phantasm..on the ground..blood...My eyes go wide...

    "Robin, get Angela out of here. Now." Batman says. I quickly comply and pull her out.


    OOC: Ok, I'm pooped... :p

    BTW-I'll be around here alot less.. (check sig)



    Feb 27, 2002
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    The House of Horrors
    6:45 PM

    [My voice echoes through the house in a low tone.]

    “How did it start? I don’t know. I just feel the craving...”

    I walk along a catwalk in the basement. Below me are three pits all filled with bullies my men have kidnapped for me over the past few hours.

    “I see the flesh and it smells fresh and it’s just there for the taking.”

    I watch as vermin crawl up the legs of my victims. Two females and one male. The two females plagued me while I worked at the university. The male is just another guy. Just another guy they would choose over me.

    Rats crawl up the female’s legs and run across their chest dancing on their faces every time they dose off. They must fight deep urges for slumber. The male has to deal with snakes and cockroaches. They surround him.

    This is only the first stage in what will become their total breaking.

    I stare down at the girls cringing in fear. Begging for someone to help them. They scream at the top of their lungs. No one can hear them. They can’t even hear themselves. My sound proof rooms to see it.

    I look down at them…

    “Your feelings I can’t help but take them and turn them against you. My heart inside constantly hates what you did to me. Thanks to you I have become fear incarnate. Thanks to you I’ve become the sinister Scarecrow.”

    I flip a switch, which kills the lights. My prey screams. The fun has only begun for them.

    7:00 PM

    I met with my men to check on the status of our main project.

    My henchman says, “Everything’s going as scheduled boss. We got the invitations all printed up and ready to send out.”

    I clamp my hands together and crack a sinister smile.

    “Move on to phase two” I tell them.

    “Every bully in Gotham City that has ever pointed their finger at me will pay.”

    7:45 PM

    With the master plan moving on the right track I have time for more senseless revenge. I dispatch a couple of men to do a couple more kidnapping jobs. These bullies will offer me hours of entertainment.

    7:55 PM

    I retire to my viewing rooms. I check on the status of my bullies. I move on. The three bullies, female 1, female 2, and male 1 must be given names I think to myself. The names they wear everyday mean nothing to me.

    “I’ll call you Sunshine blondie” and with that I flip a switch that brightens her room.

    Blondie speaks up “Hello is someone out there?”

    I laugh and flip a switch causing the room to go dark. I flip another switch to put more fear toxins into her room. She begins to sleep with visions of spiders crawling all over her. Starting slow before I break her all the way.

    “Red I’ll call you Fire Star after the Saturday morning cartoon character.”

    With that I flip a switch cutting off all air into the room. Making it hot and stuffy. I increase her dose of fear toxin. She begins to worry about ghosts and goblins watching her.


    I cut the video feed to her room and switch it the guy.

    “Finally Stud I come to you. You are so much better than me? You can have any girl you want? How many girls will want you when I’m done with you Stud?”

    A light shines in his room. Mirrors replace all the walls as his dose to my fear toxin is increased. He cannot help but look at himself in the mirror. He’s in love with himself but what he sees now he doesn’t love. His skin looks like a pizza. He begins to get angry and cries like a little baby boy.”

    8:20 PM

    I move on to produce the materials for Gotham’s worst nightmare. The hands of terror are never idle.
  6. Barb Gordon

    Barb Gordon Nin-Mod

    Nov 9, 2001
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    IC: Batgirl


    "So you actually got here before--"
    I stop dead.
    I finish, my eyes glued at Robin. He's holding a sobbing costumed girl. She keeps crying about her "mum". I take a few steps forward towards the slightly ajar door, only to help Robin out, never expecting to see what I saw. Batman and the....I think she was called the Phantasm. I was able to charm some information out of Alfred once, never thought much about what he had led on about. Never thought anything like this. I here the girl wimpering again about her mother and the realization strikes me hard in the pit of my stomach. That girl is the daughter of the Phantasm?!
    Robin cries out suddenly, interrupting my train of thought. The girl had pretended to finally settle down, throwing off Robin's guard in the process, before breaking free of his grasp. She raced forward for the door. I swiped out my foot and clipped her feet, sending her sprawling, but not before I grabbed her around the waist with my arm. The force of her falling sent us both down though. I wrapped my other arm around her as she struggled to claw away from me. Suddenly she goes limp, finally giving up her attempt.
    She sobs almost incoherently. I feel the corner of my eyes begin to itch. I don't know her, know her mother, or either of their relations to Batman...but I can only feel incredibly sorry for them all. Robin kneels by my side and helps us both up. The girl seems quite weak now from her emotional distress, as her body now sags against mine. Robin comes closer to me and together we prop her up. I hold her close, hugging her and stroking her hair. Tears are running freely down my own cheeks as her sobs continue, though silent, her shoulders heaving up and down.
  7. redDragon

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    Apr 27, 2001
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    [color=729448]A Killing to Flip For

    Do you hear that? It's the sweet sweet sounds of agony! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    "You've all been wonderful guests! But I must take my leave! Your dear dear chef is required elsewhere!" I make my bow and back out a side door into an alley cackling. Then I sense a presence behind me, "oooOOOOoooo." Must be good ol' Batsy! Right on time as usual, too late to save the poor citizens of Gotham! HAHAHAHAHA!

    "Batsy!" I yell as I spin around and back up, ready to embrace my foe. "Ooh! You're not the bat! He-he!" Not even the right sex! What a nice little tootsie we have here! I look her up and down before grinning once more, "My mistake! Hoo-hoo!" I lean back a little, to survey her more, "So what pajama wearing goodie are you?! Or better yet! Baddie! Heh ha ha ha haaeEEH!" This night is just filled with fun!

    "Oh! Oh! He he! Oh I know! The pilfering parakeet perhaps? Or the terrible toucan! Oh wait I know! The Swashbuckling Swallow! Ah ha ha ha ha heeeEEEH!" My laughter fills the air again but louder as I plot on how to infuriate Batsy even more with this little morsel. In a second she lashes out at me with a punch to my stomach and I snatch her mask off.

    I straighten from laughing and growl, "Alright girly, I've had about enough of you! You've simply told the same joke too many times!"

    The little runt has the nerve to hit me! Well I did harass her quite a bit! I whip out the serrated edged spatula I was using earlier to slap her, then I kick her in the stomach.

    "Your mother should have taught you better manners! Didn't she teach you to not hit your elders?" I punch her in the face and scrap the spatula along her shoulder to rip at her skin. I ram the handle into her spine. She tries to fight me, but she's too inexperienced. Freshly plucked off the tree of vigilantes.

    With a grin I grab her by the hair and hold up her head to reveal her neck. I raise the spatula to slash her neck open when the alley door bangs open and someone slams their fist into the back of my head.

    I spin around and rub my head, "Why if it isn't ol' Beaumont come out to play! I expect you want me to stop hurting your daughter and go after you. She is quite boring of a fighting partner! Even Batsy's other playmates have gadgets that dazel!" I slam Angela's face into the ground before prancing up to Andrea and slinging an arm around her. "How's life? You've been gone such a long time I thought you had forgotten about me!" She slams a fist into my face and my nose begins to bleed. "Well aren't YOU the pleasant reunion type!" I say as I step back. "Not in the chatty mood either."

    I branish my spatula at her, "Now see here! You've ruined my parting gift to Batsy. But I'm sure we can remedy that! After all two dead birds are better than one." I dance around and sling punches at her and whacks with the spatula. She sure is mad though! Dodges most of the blows and delivers some right back. Am I going to be sore! But just my luck, as she swings around I hit her hard at the base of her neck with an audible crunch. As she continues turning I thrust the spatula as far as I can into her.

    Then I here a yell. "JOKER!"

    I jump a little, seems like we have an audience! "Hullo, Batsy. Wonderful for you to join the party. Unfortunately you're a bit late...we've already cracked the piñata!" I cackle.

    "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA!" I continue to laugh then WHAM! He punches me right in the jaw! And again! Batman turns towards the wounded and I try to crawl away. But then he sees me! He repeatedly hits me over and over, if I didn't know better I'd swear he was breaking every single bone! With a sickening thud I smear against the wall.

    "Finish me off, Batsy. C'mon. I killed your girlfriend and almost her little rugrat too." I croak and grin. He drops me, just like he always does, right when I'm all ready to die. "You know Batsy, one of these days I'll drive you over the edge. If you don't kill me first, I'll kill all the little birds around you, plucking out all their feathers. Leaving you, papa bird bereft of all his young and it'll be the greatest joke." I scream at him as he walks away, then I fall unconscious.

    OOC- Ok that sucked.....so no gore, just a quick swift fight, but hey it happened in what, 8 minutes?[/color]
  8. Bleu Unicorn

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    Mar 22, 2002
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    IC: Harley
    6:18 pm

    “Whaddya mean our loot's been stolen?” I rage at Curly. Sheesh, and everyone thinks I’m a ditz!

    “I dunno, some dame, I saw her with your bag—she conked me on the head. . . .” Curly rambles on and I ignore him. Who in Gotham’d have the nerve—the utter nerve to steal from me! Me—Harley Quinn . . . I mean, what happened to honor among thieves?

    Thieves . . . No, thief! “Why I oughta!” I screech, giving Curly a bit of a start. “Whiskers, how could ya?” I murmur to myself, leaving Curly sprawled on the floor behind me. I’ll get back at ya for this one, Pussy Cat, no doubt about that one.

    Our guests don’t seem to happy, I note as I search for Puddin’. Everyone’s loosing their respective lunches all over the tables and floors—not a happy face in the bunch. It’s really a shame. I scan the room for my puddin’, and am very disheartened to find he’s gone. Boy he’s doin’ that a lot lately! I think, hands on my hips.

    I storm my way towards the back of the room—rather slowly due to all the people—and, after what feels like a year later, finally reach the back door.

    “Well, look who dragged in the cat!” I squeal, standing over the prone body of Selina Kyle, her hands clasping my Bag o’ Tricks—stuffed with Puddin’s loot, I don’t mind addin’. “I think I’ll be takin’ this, thank you very much.” I say, smiling broadly as I sling my bag over my shoulder.

    The noise on the other side of the door finally hits me—who’s out there, I wonder. I stick my hand in my bag and draw out my mallet and slowly push the door open to get a better look.

    Whoa, mama! It’s Mistah Jay! And those two chicks from the other day—dressed up like the rest of Gotham’s wackos. Sheesh, can’t anyone be unique anymore without everyone else jumping on the bandwagon?

    6:38 pm

    Peering through the door I’ve cracked open, I watch as Puddin’ and the two brawds go at it. Right when I’m about to jump out and help him, he brandishes his new spatula and I watch in astonished glee as he jabs one of the dames in the chest with it.

    Before I can relish in the bliss of murder, though Batbreath and his Nasty Batkids shows up. Before you can say “spatulation” Batman’s already converging on my puddin’ and without a moment’s hesitation, I rush through the door to protect him. “Hey, you leave him a—oomph!” is all I manage before I become airborne from a rock-hard backhand that sends me a good fifteen feet down the alley.

    I land in a heap, with my bag a few feet from me and most of it’s contents scattered on the ground. I stand up with a grunt and am greeted with a boot to the face!

    Nasty Batbrat!

    The force of the kick sends me reeling backward. To avoid a very unpleasant land on my head, I pivot my body into a back handspring and manage to grab my mallet in the process. Gotta love this thing—it’s never let me down.

    I land on my feet, grasping the mallet with both hands. Batgirl rushes forward and takes a flying leap towards me that I just barely avoid. Instead I give her a good solid “thwack” on the back with the mallet, causing her to land rather unceremoniously on the blacktopped ground.

    “Why can’t you Batfreaks just leave us alone? You’re always ruining our fun!” I whine, bending down to pick up my Bag o’ Tricks as Batgirl shakily gets to her feet. She doesn’t answer, but instead performs an impressive roundhouse kick that lands squarely on the side of my jaw, knocking my head back sharply—ooo, what pretty stars!—and blinding me with instant and intense pain. They never do play fair, do they?

    But two can play at that, I muse digging around in my bag for something to battle the rodent with.

    “S’not nice to hit above the belt, yanno?” I ask, brandishing a popgun filled with puddin’s laughing gas.

    She stops mid-punch, straightens and looks me straight in the eye, “Don’t you mean ‘below the belt?’”

    “No,” I say, dousing her with a generous blast of gas. “But now that you mention it.” I laugh and elbow her in the gut, sending her sprawling on the ground, the wind now knocked out of her. . . .

    All too late, though I realize she’s not laughing. . . .

    OOC: Ooo, kudos to me, I got to use "spatulation!" <does a jig>
    #408 Bleu Unicorn, Jul 19, 2002
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  9. Barb Gordon

    Barb Gordon Nin-Mod

    Nov 9, 2001
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    IC: Batgirl

    6:38PM- 6:46PM

    Suddenly our little trio is aware that one more has joined the fun.
    Harley. Just about the last person I want to see or deal with at this moment. She springs for the door but is met by a backhand from Batman. Wow, never thought i'd see Harley fly that far from just a backhand. Robin looks all ready to fight her. I practically shove the girl into his arms.
    "If you don't mind, I'll take care of this."
    She goes sprawling to the ground a few feet away. No playing Miss Nice Bat, it's not a time for games anymore. I follow her as she lands, swiftly greeting her raising head with my boot, sending her backwards.
    As I move forward to nail her again I just manage to miss her, and get smacked hard in the back instead. The force of the mallet sends me into a heap on the ground. I roll clear from her and begin getting to my feet.
    “Why can’t you Batfreaks just leave us alone? You’re always ruining our fun!”
    Harley shrieks. She goes for her bag. Uh-uh, I'm not letting her nail me with anymore sick gags tonight. Before she gets a chance to pull anything out, I'm back on my feet and complete a perfect roundhouse kick which leaves my foot connection with Harley's jaw. I'm rather surprised I didn't hear a crack, this woman must have one hard head.
    “S’not nice to hit above the belt, yanno?”
    She says in response, snagging something out of her bag. It's a popgun, and I'm not too keen on wanting to find out what it contains. I know there's something behind her messing up that phrase, which worries me.I glare at her,
    “Don’t you mean ‘below the belt?’”
    She replies gleefully as she pulls the trigger. I stop my breath so as not to inhale the gas spewing at me, but Harley nails me in the gut, sending me to the ground and gasping for air. In an instant I realize a few things. One, I'm not laughing, which is a good sign, two, Harley's still a threat, bad sign, and three, I think that popgun was filled with nothing, expect something like stale air.
    "You might want to actually make sure that's filled before you use it."
    I say cheerfully, somersaulting backwards and getting to my feet in one motion. I see her visibly gulp. I smile and giggle, which almost makes her think that maybe the gas just took a little while to kick in. I walk towards her, still laughing.
    "you....you...you know."
    I manage in between laughs. I'm now directly in front of her.
    "Your jokes aren't very funny."
    Is all she gets out as I sock her with a punch. She staggers for a moment or two before falling ungracefully to the ground. I turn back to Robin and the girl.
  10. AndreaBeaumont

    AndreaBeaumont The Genuine Article

    Jun 5, 2001
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    "Walking With the Wounded.."

    I step over the the bodies, well, people, but from the looks of it they'll only be bodies soon. The Joker did a number on them. I walk towards the back of the hall. I creep over to a door, leading to the back alley, no doubt. I hear grunts and thuds of punches being thrown and recieved. I burst through the door, throwing it open so hard it bounces off the wall and slams shut behind me. The Joker is...


    I fly forward and punch the Joker in the back of the head.

    He turns around rubbing his head, "Why if it isn't ol' Beaumont come out to play! I expect you want me to stop hurting your daughter and go after you. She is quite boring of a fighting partner! Even Batsy's other playmates have gadgets that dazel!"

    I watch him drop Angela to the ground and prance over to me. He slings an arm around me and I stiffen.

    "How's life? You've been gone such a long time I thought you had forgotten about me!"

    I punch him in the face and back away to give myself room.

    "Well aren't YOU the pleasant reunion type! Not in the chatty mood either," he says while pulling out a...spatula?

    "Now see here! You've ruined my parting gift to Batsy. But I'm sure we can remedy that! After all two dead birds are better than one!" He laughes and starts throwing wild punches and slapping me with a spatula. I spin around to set up for a roundhouse kick but he catches me in mid turn and hits me in the back of my neck. I groan and wince considerably. I spin around ready to defend myself...all I see is a flash of silver and enormous pressure as he drives the object into me.
    I stumble back and find the alley wall with my back. I slide down it as shot of pain, like hellfire and lighting, shoots through my chest and my entire body.

    "Oh God..." I mummer as I reach up a gloved hand to my chest. I pull it back to find crimson.

    "JOKER!" echo's in my ears. I'm not sure if it's real or delusion.
    I look up to see a fuzzy Batman pummeling the Joker.

    I try to sit up and am met by more horrific pain. I let out a gutteral scream from the exertion and pain.

    I can't see Ang but I hear her wimper and cry. Another pain surges through my heart but not from my mortal wound... I look pleadingly up at Bruce. He understands.

    I hear scuffling as I close my eyes and suck in a sharp breath. More pain...

    "Mum! Mum..." And then she's gone.

    I feel a presence close to me and open my eyes as Bruce removes my mask. I lick my dry lips. "I know I'm going," I manage to force my vocal chords to work. "Take care of my Angel."

    "Andrea, I..." Behind his mask I can almost see the pain and insecurity in his eyes.

    "I had other issues before this last one," I gesture to the object in my chest. "You can do it." I shudder visibly and suck in a last breath. "And get the bastard." I exhale slowly
    and let go...of everything...



    OOC: R.I.P. Andrea Beaumont. Anyway, well guys I go on vacation to Chicago tomorrow. I will TRY to post one last post as Angela. Then I'm gone for a week. I get back for a day and I can't garuntee it but I'll TRY to come online, but I go to band camp for another week the very next day. Remember what's to be done with Andy's body and umm...I'm not sure if Ang is staying around or leaving yet so...??? Anyway, see you all soon! :cool: Chicago here I come!
  11. Bleu Unicorn

    Bleu Unicorn \ (^v^) /

    Mar 22, 2002
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    OOC: Have a great trip emmy! We'll miss you. For all you lovely peeps, I've got one last Batman post from GS.

    IC: Batman

    6:40 pm
    I silently make my way home with the corpse in the seat beside me. I pull up and sit there for a moment before getting out. Alfred sees the bundle on the passenger's seat and says nothing. I rip off the cape and cowl and throw them down the abyss. The utility belt is bounced off the big coin, its contents spilling all over the the cave.

    I drag myself to the shower stall fully clothed. I turn it on all the way and just sit in the stall for awhile. As the water roars in my ears and trickles down my uniform, I contemplate nothing and yet everything. I hear Robin pull up. I know Alfred took care of everything already. I hear Angela's hysterics through the stall door. "Where are they? Where is she? I want to see her!" I lean my head back and take the shower's spray on my face. The storm hath begun to rage.

    Monday, June 20
    9:30 am
    Andrea's coffin is carried by carriage through the cemetary to her final resting place, between her mother and mine. Angela stands beside me, her red hair a dramatic contrast from the black she wears. I understand why Alfred never let me wear black as a child. I can't bring myself to put an arm around her. I can't even console myself, let alone her.

    Dick stands separated from us a bit. He and Angela get along fine, but he doesn't like funerals at all. I'm all too used to them. As the coffin is lowered down into the ground, the priest's voice becomes a blur. I turn away for a moment and look beyond the trees surrounding the area. There was somebody there before; now there is nobody.

    My gaze travels over the case. Poison Ivy was captured, and gave little resistance. Harley and the various pieces of the Joker were picked up from the alley. Freeze was found half dead in the sewer system. Two Face is doing fine, but he still waits for Grace to return to him. She has moved out of state. Bullock has recovered and is back on the beat. Angela will be living with relatives of Alfred for awhile. I can't have her running out reinjuring herself everytime she gets worried about me. My mind travels to the latest escapees from Arkham. The one that worries me is the Scarecrow. HARDAC never returned that night. I assume the worst. If Ra's comes, then I must be ready and have my daughter out of the way. There is a possibility that I might send Dick away as well. I'll call it a vacation for him....

    Before I know it, the ceremony is over. The dirt is thrown over Andrea's coffin. The page has been turned. A new book has begun.
  12. The Guitar Slayer

    The Guitar Slayer 1965 to Eternity

    Dec 29, 2001
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    OOC: I hath returnth from band camp. Bleu has posted my posts to finish off this thread. With this, I think I'll close it and start the next one. As I've said before, "The page has been turned. A new book has begun."

    At the moment, the only villain we definitely have so far is Scarecrow, played by Slipknot. But things can change, and anything can happen. Hopefully, this next leg of the Batman RPG will flow smoother.

    See you in the new book,


    The Guitar Slayer

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