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World's Finest RPG Batman RPG

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by Inque, Apr 27, 2001.

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  1. The Guitar Slayer

    The Guitar Slayer 1965 to Eternity

    Dec 29, 2001
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    "Nice work, Alfred." I look down at the sprawled out figure before me. I'm still seeing spots because of that strobe light. I gingerly bend down to take a look at our intruder. Hmmmm...Fascinating little bit of technology here. I take one of his little machines off of his unconscious body and put it on a nearby vase. I touch one of the buttons and it goes straight through the table!

    "Master Bruce!" Alfred protests. He never did like the destruction of furniture. The vase is still intact, I press another button and it zooms up to the ceiling. The vase shatters against the ceiling. I take note of where my electric eyes are on the walls. So that's how he got this far. Well, this should be fun to play with.

    "Batman, another intruder." HARDAC now has Angela in a vise-like grip. Oh good grief. He's not hurting her, but she doesn't like it one bit.

    "Let her go. She belongs here." I take his hands off Angela. "You alright?"

    "Yeah. What happened?"

    "Someone broke in. Alfred knocked him out though. He'll be taken care of in a minute or two."

    "What are you going to do to him?" Angela stares past me at the butler, the body, and the now ruined breakfast.

    "Take all of his equipment away and place him in the custody of the police with a nice little note attached." I pick up Angela like a little kid and carry her back down in the elevator to the Batcave.

    She protests. "I'm fine." She seems so small in my arms as I carry her down to her hospital bed. My God, I missed everything.

    A voice comes up behind us. "No, you're not, young lady. You stay in that bed unitl I say so."

    I turn. Andrea is standing with her hands on her hips. The girl nods and allows herself to be tucked in. Andrea watches us and gives a sad smile. "Breakfast is going to be delayed. It died an honorable death in action."

    Andrea actually laughs at that. "Master Bruce?" Alfred calls down on the intercom. "Breakfast will be ready in ten minutes. The 'Grey Ghost' has taken the prowler off the premises and has assured me he is unharmed. I did get the equipment as you asked, sir."

    "Excellent, Alfred." I turn back toward my "family" and try to prepare myself for a "family breakfast."

    "One more thing, sir...." I look at the intercom. "A cuscus shipment has gone missing from the Gotham Zoo's warehouse by the docks..."

    "Does this have anything to do with anything?"

    "Well, sir...."
  2. Bleu Unicorn

    Bleu Unicorn \ (^v^) /

    Mar 22, 2002
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    June 18, 5:45 am

    The tray hits the intruder smartly on the head and he crumples to the ground. I can’t help but grin at that. Glancing up at Master Bruce, I see he’s already fiddling with his newfound “toys” – as Master Dick would call them. I daresay, though, that I wish he’d left well-enough alone… in the end I now have a broken table, two broken vases, and an entire breakfast – broken dishes not withstanding – to clean up! And it’s barely six o’clock in the morning!

    Frowning my disapproval at Master Bruce, I catch a glimpse of the young Miss Beaumont walking silently up the stairs. Before I can utter a word, though, HARDAC – er – Grey Ghost, rather, grabs her, alerting us all to the “new intruder.” Master Bruce sets him straight and quickly carries her back to the Batcave, rattling off orders over his shoulder.

    If I were less of a dignified person, I’d find myself sticking my tongue out at him in instances like these, but instead I silently resign myself to my fate, and as per Master Bruce’s orders, I search the prowler and remove the remaining equipment he possesses. Grey Ghost quickly handcuffs him and drags him through the study and out the front door, promising me that he’ll be properly dealt with and that no farther harm will come to him.

    I walk back to the kitchen, and start making Breakfast Number Two. I switch on the television, positioned conveniently on a shelf near the far side of the kitchen. Best to keep tabs on things, in Gotham one can never be too careful – and these last few days have certainly been proof of that! A news cast catches my attention… seems our “Happy Friend” is up to his old tricks already.

    While the bacon sizzles, I call down to Master Bruce on the intercom. "Master Bruce? Breakfast will be ready in ten minutes. The 'Grey Ghost' has taken the prowler off the premises and has assured me he is unharmed. I did get the equipment, as you asked, sir."

    "Excellent, Alfred." He replies.

    "One more thing, sir." I continue, "A cuscus shipment has gone missing from the Gotham Zoo's warehouse by the docks...."

    "Does this have anything to do with anything?" Now why would I tell him something that didn’t matter? Why the very absurdity of it all!

    "Well, sir, reports say that the Joker was seen at the site.” My only reply is a deep-throated groan and the intercom goes dead.

    “Good-bye to you, too, sir… “ I mutter, placing Breakfast Number Two neatly on yet another tray. I flip off the television and carry the tray down to the cave… for once, I’m almost glad Master Bruce is eating down there, what with the awful mess he’s left me with.

    OOC: Count on me for meaningless posts about nothing! Heh!

    -- Uni
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  3. watsonlives

    watsonlives Gimme a kiss!!!!

    May 22, 2001
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    Grey Ghost

    June 18, 5:45 AM
    First things First. I remove the intruder from the premises of Wayne Manor and leave him For law enforcement. He groans and stirs, but doesn't awake. How hard did Alfred hit the Man?
    After contacting the authorities I return to the Cave to Discuss the mysterious crystal with Bruce. I wait while he attends to the female I apperhended upstairs.
    " I have something very important to discuss with you. You remember the Museum Robbery a few weeks back? the same individual we apperhened here tonight was also invoved in that robbery. I confiscated the item he stole, though he escaped in a confrontaion of other armed persons, apparently affiliated with Ras Al Ghul. The artifact he stole was a fake. It was actually hollow with a crystal inside of unknown origins. I presume it was his actual quarry. The crystal has some very interesting properties, and I thought you might like to examine it."
    I then reach into a belt pouch to retieve the crystal.
    It is not there. What? Wait... our theif, could he have?
    I Turn to Bruce
    "We have to find that thief!"
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  4. Bleu Unicorn

    Bleu Unicorn \ (^v^) /

    Mar 22, 2002
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    OOC: <brushes off the dust settling on this empty thread> Whoa, it's kinda lonely in here. I think my voice is echoing. Anyway, I know that it is a busy time right now, what with finals and other stuff that pulls people away from the boards, but can we possibly try to move this story along. I think we hold a record for the longest three days in the history of an rpg, here. So... <gets out bullhorn> Wakey! Wakey! <pokes everyone with a stick> Someone wanna take the honors... I'll just wait here in this dark, lonely thread for you. <sits down>

    -- Uni
  5. The Guitar Slayer

    The Guitar Slayer 1965 to Eternity

    Dec 29, 2001
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    OOC: "Wakey Wakey" as BleuUnicorn said. I'd like Robin to come back into the picture...that character is available, so tell a friend. Batgirl (nerdgirl) has said that she will return soon. Since Bats is kinda stuck with a broken leg and various other injuries, I need to send someone out....So just for a post, ONE(!), I will be Batman AND Robin. PLEASE VOLUNTEER AND ADOPT A COSTUMED FREAK! Since what I have in mind is kinda big, I have separated Batman and Robin's entries. I made a little correction on watsonlives' last post about the time passage between the museum and 'now'

    IC: Bruce/Batman

    I feel Andrea's eyes burning into my back as I turn to the Batcomputer to start a search on the security cameras in the city. I've tapped into the connections of most of them, so I have a nice view of the city.

    "Forget it," I say, not daring to look back. "None of us are in shape take care of the Joker. I'm going to find him, then get in contact with Robin. By now, he and Batgirl should be working together on a little project I've set them on."


    "No. Live to fight another day. With any luck, he won't cross your path again." But what good is Arkham really doing him? I thought to myself.

    "Bruce..." she protests. "I have to get him....not for what he did to my father, but what he did to my daughter. Our daughter."

    That hurt, but I won't let her leave. "Our daughter is currently in a hospital bed in the safest place she can be."

    "The Joker put her there." I feel the her temper rise.

    I turn around and give her a steely gaze. "He'll put you in a cold grave before he even thinks of Angela again." Andrea sets her jaw and stares back.

    I hear the clatter of silverwear. I see Alfred talking to Angela as he readies the portable breakfast table. Well...time for a family meal...

    Before I can sit down, however, HARDAC reenters the cave. He obviously still wants to speak to me. "I'll join you in a minute." Angela smiles and nods at me. Andrea doesn't even look up.

    "What's going on?" I ask my evil twin.

    "I have something very important to discuss with you. You remember the Museum Robbery several days back?"

    I pause, then recall Robin mentioning it. I nod.

    "The same individual we apprehended here tonight was also invoved in that robbery. I confiscated the item he stole, though."

    "Good...what else?"

    "He escaped in a confrontaion of other armed persons, apparently affiliated with Ras Al Ghul." My head snaps up. Oh, no. I have enough trouble already...I don't need any more business with Al Ghul and Talia.

    "The artifact he stole was a fake. It was actually hollow with a crystal inside of unknown origins. I presume it was his actual quarry. The crystal has some very interesting properties, and I thought you might like to examine it." He looks for the stone inside of his belt. For an emotionless machine, he seems surprised. Apparently, our friend had pulled a fast one. "We have to find that thief!"

    "I concur. I'm injured, though. I'll try to repair myself the best I can and meet you as soon as possible. Until then, you try and find him. Get the stone back, and don't kill anybody in the process." I add the last part as an immediate afterthought.

    He stiffly nods, and then departs from my company. I reach over to the weapons shelf and grab a modified gun. I silently shoot a tracker onto his huge trench coat. That should make it easier to find him.

    6 AM....breakfast.
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  6. The Guitar Slayer

    The Guitar Slayer 1965 to Eternity

    Dec 29, 2001
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    OC: I'm only doing this once...please take Robin in. With respect for nerdgirl, I'm having her character rendezvous with Robin and carry out a bit of a sub-plot. Then most of the main characters will be at 6 AM

    IC: Dick/Robin

    1:50 AM

    I had intended to go straight home and take a massively overdue nap, but then duty calls. It sucks, but still, somebody's got take care of business. 3 carjackings, 5 muggings, and 2 pickpockets.

    I did manage to get some sleep on top of the bell tower. Unfortunately, I kinda rolled over wrong and knocked my radio off the building. I know Bruce is going to bust my ass for it...at least it didn't hit anybody.

    I sit up and stretch a little bit. I wonder what I've missed since my radio met its demise. I stand up and down at the city. Then I look back up...the Batsignal is out, but it's different. It is a slightly different bat...it looks like...Batgirl's?!

    Batman must've place a call in to the police station to alter the signal....I guess that's my cue to go join her.

    I stop to look at my watch...crap, it's almost 2 AM. Batsignal or Two Face? I'd lost the trail of Two Face awhile ago, so what do I have to lose?

    I swing over to the police station. There's Montoya and...Batgirl. They've just exchanged files, or so it seems. I wait for her to leave, then follow her. She pauses on a roof.

    "What's up?"

    She whirls around. "Robin!" She smiles.

    "In the flesh."

    She takes on a graver expression. "I've got to protect Gordon. Two Face is hunting for him and Bullock."

    "And I'm in charge of Two Face." I look at her and she looks at me.

    "Looks like we're working together again." She opens up the file and hands it over to me.

    "Yep." I scan it. "Nothing I don't already know."

    "It was just a catch-up from the Bat. The question is, what do we do to lure Two Face out?" She sits back on the ledge on the building.

    "Have a two for the price of one sale?" I crack. Ewwww...that was a stinker.

    "Two for one..." Batgirl goes into deep thought. A bell goes off in my head too.

    "Gracie needs to go to a larger hospital for more exact surgery. It's more serious than we thought..." I start slowly.

    "Because of the presence of Two Face, there will be a police guard..." Batgirl continues.

    "At two this afternoon," we finish together. Very nice.

    "We better start organizing this. I don't want two dead men and an abducted patient," Batgirls says firmly.

    "Right. Better find Gordon."

    "They're at Gordon's house. Full guard." She seems really fond of the old man. So we set off toward the small house on the outskirts of Gotham.

    2:30 AM

    Fortunately, Two Face didn't beat us there. He never showed up. I guess he had a chance to get some sleep and took it. A lot of the officers there weren't too happy. "He sent the kids again." I hate that.

    Gordon was a little more receptive to our plan....

    OC: Psst....take it, BB.

    EDIT: Yeah, I believe Bullock is in the hospital....
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  7. Bird Boy

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    Apr 27, 2001
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    OOC: Good lord...has it been THIS long since I last posted IC? my my..

    and if I make any errors in this post--please, sombody (*cough*GuitarSlayer*cough*) correct me.. :D

    and, GS, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Bullock still in the hospital from the bullet Two-Face gave him?

    IC (Gordon):


    A knock is on the door. Then a second knock.

    I nod to my men and we ready our guns. Montoya opens the door from the other side and we ready our guns. The tension in the room is so high..

    Robin and Batgirl stand on the steps, their eye's going wide at the dozens of guns pointed at their heads.

    Montoya sticks her head around the door and looks at them. "Ah..the kids" she says, coming back and pulling up a seat. A couple murmurs go through the house, most sound like "he sent the kids again". I look back at Robin and Batgirl, both who don't look too pleased with the recent talk. Robin opens his mouth

    "Hey, we may not be Batman, but we were trained under him, we--" his words are cut off as Batgirl sticks her hand in his face. "We don't have time for this" she says. Robin gives her a rather rude look but she ignores it.

    "We have have a plan" Batgirl begins to say.

    "So do we" one of the lower-in-rank officers says, but I stop him before he goes any further. "Not a very good one. Continue"

    "Right, so..."


    OOC: I'll post as Two-Face after I figure out what to do..

    Also, Shriek said he doesn't want Mr. Freeze anymore, so he's free game...

  8. AndreaBeaumont

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    Jun 5, 2001
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    OOC: How did we go from 5:45 am w/ Bruce and the gang to 2:02 a.m. w/ Gordon and the gang??? Day lapse?? REMEMBER TO POST TIMES AT BEGINING OF POST.

    All in the Family...
    6:00 a.m.

    I pick at my food listlessly. In my mind I start reviewing all that has happened in the past few days. My mind whirls around the arrival, abduction, and rescue.

    Sitting here in the cave I remember why we came in the first place. To close the deal. Now that the house and loose ends in England are wrapped up we're supposed to go see the loft in Metropolis. But now Bruce and Angela...

    I gaze at them across the makeshift table here in the cave from under my eyelashes. I see Ang looking tentatively at Bruce...her father. Bruce diverting his eyes, like a little boy, to his plate...afraid? No just unsure of himself. I never thought it could be...
    A family?

    My eyes focus on the bat suit behind Bruce in it's case. I grimace slightly. The idle pictures of us around a table for the holidays blown away from in front of my mind's eye by a cold and bitter wind.

    It still can't be.

    I wonder if I should leave Angela here while I go look at the loft...only to get even more attached? I glance back to her innocent eyes...so full of love she's prepared to give to a father she never knew and doesn't. I glance to Bruce calloused but tender and I wonder if he would accept it. And if he did accept such a precious gift if he would be ready for the responsibility to reflect the same kind of love back undyingly? Does he even realize?

    "Mum?" Ang shatters my lament.

    "Yes Angel?" I reply.

    "Are you okay? You haven't touched breakfast?" She fusses and at that moment sounds like her old very British nanny she had when she was younger. Bruce's attention turns to me as he scowls at my still full plate.

    I smile half heartedly, "I'm just not very hungry..."

  9. The Guitar Slayer

    The Guitar Slayer 1965 to Eternity

    Dec 29, 2001
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    OOC: Welcome back, AndreaBeaumont. Robin and Batgirl have been off the radar for quite sometime, as has Gordon. I took a step backward to explain where everybody was. Bird_Boy just has to explain Two Face's plan, then I can send Robin back to the cave @ 6 AM. He and Batgirl would have spent the last few hours watching over Gordon and planning a way to lure Two Face out. Then everything's fine at 6 AM in the cave.
  10. AndreaBeaumont

    AndreaBeaumont The Genuine Article

    Jun 5, 2001
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    Three's Company...
    6:10 a.m.

    [color=sky blue]I steal glances at my father in between taking small bites of egg. I wince slightly, it being nearly impossible to chew due to my swollen and aching jaw. It's awkward eating with my right hand, being a lefty and all. My left arm rests in it's sling, my shoulder aches a I shift in my seat.

    I really am beat up. I've never broken a bone before in my life and now I've gone and shattered my shoulder.

    Well...I didn't shatter it.

    I was so relieved to find out I wasn't going to need surgery though. I should actually be relieved to be alive...after...my encounter with the Joker. And that my mother is safe.

    My unfocused gaze turns to her and my brows knit together. She's barely touched her food. My eye's travel from her plate to her bandaged wrists, which I quickly note need to be changed and redressed, red is seeping through. I gaze at her weathered and worry lined face with a blacked, right eye and a black and blue, left cheek bone.

    "Mum?" I question.

    "Yes Angel?"

    "Are you okay? You haven't touched breakfast?" I ask, concerned.

    I watch a pained smile twist on her face, "I'm just not very hungry..."[/color]
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  11. Bleu Unicorn

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    Mar 22, 2002
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    OOC: Ugh, I don't feel so good. :( So I'm sorry that this is short.

    6:18 am

    After setting up a tray table for Angela and serving her breakfast, Master Bruce and her mother soon join us. I abruptly stop my rather mundane conversation with the young girl, noting that I was really the only one conversing to begin with.

    After Miss Beaumont and Master Bruce have settled down to their respective meals, I'm rather tersely dismissed by Master Bruce. Instead of heading back to the manor, I instead, as Master Dick would say, "hover" around a few feet from the meal.

    All things considered, I must say that the "family" gathering at the table here in the Batcave is going... well, I suppose it's going as well as one would expect. Master Bruce seems unaffected by everything, though, eating his breakfast as if he were the only one in the cave. I wish I could say I'm surprised. Angela, on the other hand, is doing her very best to stare at him, while still maintaining a rather excellent level of eating -- in other words, she is in fact putting some of her meal in her mouth! Unlike, I must say, her mother, who seems quite lost in her own thoughts.

    "Are you okay? You haven't touched breakfast." Angela finally asks, after several silent moments, snapping me into rigid attention.

    "I'm just not very hungry...." Andrea replies. I let out a gasp.

    "Good gracious, you certainly aren't going to let all that food go to waste?" I ask, causing all three heads to whip around and stare at me. "After all the work to make you not one, but two breakfasts! Why, I'm utterly insulted." I fold my arms across my chest and fix her with my most grim expression.

    From Master Bruce's smirk, I get the distinct impression that I look more comical than irritated, but Andrea gratefully eats a large forkful of food, while Angela tries to desperately not laugh.

    Shaking my head, I turn on my heel and march back upstairs to the manor. I'm quite sure I can find something to occupy myself that can be vastily more appreciated than this breakfast disaster. Which seems destined to be a regardless of what I try and do.
  12. Bird Boy

    Bird Boy WF Admin
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    Apr 27, 2001
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    IC (Two-Face):

    Grace! I'll save you Grace! No! Grace!

    Drip..drip..drip.. The drips turn into knocks. More knocks.



    I bolt upright in bed and look over at the dark silhouette in the doorway. "Boss? We're ready to get going'"

    "All right" I say, getting up out of bed. "Give me 2 minutes"


    I walk down the steps with my new suit on. It may look like the others, only this one doesn't have blood on it.

    "All right boss. We're ready"


    I check my watch. 7:11. We should arrive by 7:22, just in time for Bullocks morning medicene.



    Automatic gun fire fills my ears as Hospital staff fall down onto the floor, clutching their chests, and some, clutching nothing as they're already dead.

    Myself and 4 of my 12 men step into the elevator.

    "Floor 5" I say outloud.

    I slip my hand into my jacket and pull out a gun and check it's bullets. Making sure they're all there, I clutch it with my left hand as the door opens. My men and I step out and watch the hospital staff run and hide, while security guards run after us.

    I aim my gun at one of their heads and he flys backwards into a wall. I turn around and motion my men to follow me. The other guards slow down and begin to call for back up.

    "What room is he in?" I ask.

    "Room 10A according to this chart"

    After wandering down the hallway, the door we want is finally revealed. One of my men kicks it down and steps inside.

    "Harvey" I say outloud.

    Bullock looks over at me as the nurse gets his pills ready. I smile and toss the nurse out the door.

    "Lock it"

    I hear a clicking sound as I play around with bullocks medicene, adding 2x the regular amount to his 2 cups of pills.

    "Hold him down" I say to my men. 2 of them hold his legs and the other his arms.

    I pick up both cups and then look at the window. Gordon rests on the other side, with wide eyes. He's yelling somthing that doesn't come through the soundproof glass. Nurses and guards crowd around the window, the hallway barely accomodating them all.

    I open up Bullock's mouth and throw the pills down his throat, along with water. He begins to choke but I pour more water down. He stops and begins to speak.

    "You'll get locked up again, you know you will Two-Face. You always do!"

    I look at him and then back at the cart of pills. I pick up 2 needles and empty the contents and stick out my hand. One of my men hands me the fluids to put in them. Emptying the test tube into the two,I shove the needles into bullocks arm and then pull them out. His eyes go wide with pain,and then they go over to me. I raise my arm and elbow him in the face, knocking him out.

    I lift up the test tube and bring it over to the glass in which Gordon is looking through. I show him the label--Venom--and then smash it against the glass.


    "What is it?" I turn to look at one of my henchmen, who's pointing to the corner of the room, where 2 assitants sit, cuddled up and shivering with fear. I can't help but grin as I walk over to them.

    I pull the man up first and pull him over to the bed. I motion for my men to pick up the girl and they acknowledge. I toss the man onto the drug cart and then sit the girl on top of him.

    "Open the door" I say. I cock my gun and point it at the glass, pulling the trigger twice. The first bullet puts a whole through the glass and makes everyone drop to their kness. The second weakens the glass even more. I toss a chair through the glass, fully shattering it to the ground. My men push the drug cart through the door and begin running down toward the elevator.

    "Don't follow Gordon--otherwise they'll die before you can save them" I say, beging to pick up the pace.

    Gordon gets up and begins to run after me. I slide into the elevator and watch the door close. Gordon's face appears in the door way.

    "Too late" I say.


    I sit in the hallway on the second floor, around from room 2A around the corner as Gordon and his troops find the room the drug cart is stashed in. I watch with pleasure through otherside of the window of the look of horror on Gordon's face, as he sees the 2 assitants hanging from the ceiling fan.

    I look down at Grace's sleeping face. Still recouperating from the bullet wound. It must've been deeper than originally thought. I'll get them back for this Grace, I swear.

    "Lets go" I say to my men, pointing towards the exit. They nod and we make our way down the stairwell.


    We hop into the car we stashed in the alleyway and begin the drive home.

    "What about the other guys? the other 8?" one of my men asks on the way back.

    "Its' their problem. Not mine"


    OOC: Phoo! Man I'm tired from posting that...it may seem crappy on the RPG-style scale, but I might go back and spiff it up later...just wanted to get it posted!

  13. redDragon

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    Apr 27, 2001
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    7:30am....Ten whole hours before I can start the finishing touches on my cuscus couscous! There must be some way to pass the time around here without getting caught before the climax of the show!

    Curly walks up with a big box, "Boss, where do you want this vanilla pudding?"

    I stare at him, "Vanilla pudding? I HATE VANILLA PUDDING!!!! Why do you even have it in my sight!!" But then I pause and a wonderful idea comes to me. "Why Curly what a splendid idea! Gather the gang! We're going to paint the town! Literally! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"


    There's not much in this warehouse, but I'm sure we can find some wonderful things to use in people's houses! Vanilla pudding! Who would have thought that such a horrible thing could become quite handy?


    We walk into the first house and come upon our first two victims. "Well hello Mr. and Mrs. Jinkerton!" My men disperse throughout the house gathering useful objects for my artwork. "What kind of name is Jinkerton? Did your ancestors call out drunkenly to the Pinkertons?" I snicker, aw look at their pale scared faces! It's so sweet! They're trying to imitate me! "My dear dear hosts! You are the first of the many lucky citizens to become an official piece of Joker Artwork! You'll be famous!"

    Once my men have come back I gather the supplies, duct tape, coat racks, lamps, foil, TV, spray paint, some orange stuff toys, spoiled steak, and of course the vanilla pudding.

    I turn towards host and hostess, "Why all of these things make me in the mood for a couple of cupcakes while watching a good ol' infomercial!" I grin and begin my work. First I duct tape the two to the coat racks. Then I duct tape a pair of lamps to the coat racks and replace the light bulbs with pouches of vanilla pudding. With foil I give the two devil horns and make those into TV antenna like things. After I have my men strip them naked I smear vanilla pudding all over them, spray paint some random decorations on them, and wrap up their legs in foil so that they look like cupcakes. A trade mark smiley face goes on top of their heads. Around them I spread the orange stuffed toys who are "eating" the spoiled beef. I draw big smiles over the duct tape and vanilla pudding covering their mouths.

    "Finished!" I declare and turn on the TV to a 24 hour infomercial channel. What fun all the citizens will have with me as their artist! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Now on to the next house!

    OOC Note- My insaness as the Joker has such an odd humor that sane normal people may not understand the psychotic factor within my posts.[/color]
  14. The Guitar Slayer

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    OOC: Until we get our act together, I think I'm going to bring Robin to life for a few more posts, then hand him off to a good parent. I'm going to ad-lib Gordon and Batgirl for a little to keep the plot going.

    IC: Robin

    7:40 AM

    I stand before Gordon with Batgirl. "Well? How did the plan go?"

    Gordon looks harried and very tired. "Two of the hospital assistants were killed." Batgirl sharply inhales with a look of sorrow on her face. My heart sinks. "But otherwise, it worked out perfectly."

    "Yeah, but lemme tell ya, I don't like needles!!" came the irritating voice behind the curtain. I pull it back.

    "Hello, Bullock. Have fun?" He grunts in response.

    The "plan" had been this: Two-Face was supposed to show up at the hospital later, but we figured (correctly) that he would come earlier to look in on Grace if there wasn't time later when he was kidnapping her again. We didn't count on the slaying of the two assistants. Bullock's medicine had been exchanged for sugar pills, and, as a precaution, I had previously administered the anti-everything Batman had developed. He had made sure it included Venom after a bad encounter with Bane. Batgirl had waited in an alley beside the parking lot and tagged Two-Face's car. Now I could track them from the cave.

    "How's Grace?" I ask.

    "She's under heavy sedation to keep up her appearance of serious injury. You're lucky she signed the waiver and volunteered, boy." Gordon ran a hand through his quickly greying hair.

    "Next step is to leak Grace's transfer to the news," Batgirl murmured. "Bullock, are you well enough to move?"

    He shifts uncomfortably. "Yeah...."

    A thought occurs to me. "Say, Harvey." Grunt. Did evolution stop here for this guy or what? "Where DID you get shot?"

    "That scumbucket shot me where my vest didn't cover. They thought it mighta hit my spine. Coulda been paralyzed..." Bullock starts to get puffed up like a peacock.

    Gordon quickly grounds him. "In short, Two-Face shot Harvey Bullock in the ass. Fortunately, it took the shot instead of me."

    Bullock blushes and Gordon pats him on the shoulder. "Thanks, Bullock."

    "No prob, Commish." He smiles sort of sheepishly.

    "So he can be released?" Batgirl asks.

    "Only if he takes bed rest at home for a couple of weeks. He can't walk around much..." Gordon starts.

    "Good," I cut him off. "Have someone leak it that Harvey Bullock is being released from the hospital at 6:22 tonight, right after visiting hours are over. Meanwhile, Grace is being transferred. Hopefully, Batgirl and I can nail him before he gets here."

    "And what if ya don't?" Bullock pulls himself up.

    I sigh. Bruce would have my head if he heard me. "Do what you have to."

    The silence hangs in the air for a moment. I leave the three of them in the room and head toward home. FINALLY.

    OOC: Take note of the time. Batgirl and Robin will be stopping Two Face at the same time Joker pulls off his cuscus couscous deal. HARDAC is still trailing after the robber. Also, Harley and Ivy still have the potential to make chaos. Remember the Beaumonts. People, get ready. This RPG is about to come together in Biblical proportions. Use the next 11 hours wisely.
  15. The Guitar Slayer

    The Guitar Slayer 1965 to Eternity

    Dec 29, 2001
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    7:55 AM

    I continue to nonchalantly eat my eggs and toast and sip my coffee. I politely smile over the table at my new-found daughter. Her mother is very distracted. I know she's disturbed at the Joker's presence in this city and what he's done. Quite frankly, I'm about ready to help her dispose of him. However, that's one line I promised my parents I would never cross.

    Alfred has just flounced upstairs after giving Andrea grief for leaving her breakfast untouched. At least she's chasing it around her plate with her fork, and some of it is actually reaching her mouth. She starts as she hears the roar of an engine.

    Robin has come home. I was worried about him. I stand up slowly and walk carefully toward the platform. "Good morning."

    He scowls at me and rattles off his whole list of to-do things. "It was not fun. I've had a half hour of sleep in the last 36 hours, seen some very bloody scenes, gone to several seedy dives, Gordon and Bullock are safe, Batgirl and I have to get back to the hospital at 6:00 to set up for Two Face, I got two innocents killed...." he trails off, with all the weight of the world on his shoulders. "All in all, Bruce," he takes off his mask. "It was a very crappy night."

    "What happened?"

    "Two Face came into our trap as planned. We hadn't planned on him committing a double murder at the same time, though." He hangs his head a little. "I'm sorry."

    I don't have the heart to yell at him anymore. It's been a very strange time for everyone. Dick looks past me at the table in the Cave. "Hi," he waves.

    "Andrea and Angela Beaumont, meet Dick Grayon, my ward." They wave back, Andrea a little cautiously and Angela a little fixatedly. "Alright. You better get some sleep...."

    "THANK YOU." He bounds over to the medical table and sits himself down on it. He kicks his feet up and closes his eyes. "I'll take a shower later," he answers an unasked question.

    "Glad to see you home, Master Dick," Alfred says as he walks back down the stairs. Dick grunts in response and rolls away from the voice. Alfred sighs. "Master Bruce, the morning news has reported the Joker is running around terrorizing neighborhoods."

    "What!?" Andrea bolts up and starts to go for the remains of her Phantasm suit. I drag myself over to her and stop her from picking up the suit. Two half lame, half dead tired people stare at each other for a moment.

    "You're not going anywhere. Take care of our daughter and yourself." Out of the corner of my eye, I see one of Dick's eyes pop open. "I'll handle him. Killing him won't reverse anything. Not in my city." She blinks first and sighs. We lean on each other and make our way back to the table. She sits down almost submissively. Now I'm worried. "Alfred, take care of her wrists while I'm gone. I'm going out."

    "Master Bruce, surely..." I shake my head at his pleas. "Well, then, you'll be glad to know I have taken advantage of my spare time and made you some body armor and support mechanisms. They go right onto the suit. You should be able to take care of yourself adequately." He's not happy, but there's no changing my mind.

    Dick is now completely awake again. He stands and begins to put his mask back on. "I'll go, Bruce. You were pretty banged up..."

    "Sleep. You have Two Face later. There's nothing more he would like than the slaying of two vigilantes." I walk into the changing/shower area and get ready. Alfred has returned upstairs to get extra medical supplies and so we can talk over the private intercom without Andrea picking up on it.

    "Apparently the Joker is using people's own household items to redecorate. Nobody's been hurt, but he's making quite a mess."

    "Any poisons?"

    "Not unless you count vanilla pudding..."

    "Pudding, Alfred?" I gag quietly. I never liked the stuff myself


    I walk solidly out to the car. I hear Angela gasp a little. She's never seen me normally and then in the cowl. I look over to her and give a smile to show it's me. She relaxes, and Andrea returns the smile for the first time in a while. Dick watches from the table tiredly. I get in the Batmobile, hit the ignition and the booster, and fly out into the daylight.
  16. redDragon

    redDragon Carnivorous Beast

    Apr 27, 2001
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    Ah! Look at my newest creation! Why it's a bouquet of flowers! What a wonderful idea it was to hit the town florist. So many lovely plastic flowers to stick into the pudding blob that is our charming hostess! While I'm here I might as well pick up some flowers to garnish my cuscus couscous. Hmm, what kind would really give the dish some flare? There! Some tiger lilies! Now off to the next house!


    Lookey here! It's a couple of country music buffs. "Well darlin's you folks are about to become certified punk rocking pudding eaters! Yessiree! We'll have to get rid of all those awwwful cowboy hats of yours! Light 'em up boys!" I chuckle as my men pile up some of their country things, they really have a lot of this stuff, into the fireplace and start burning them. The horror on their faces is so beautiful!

    I take out some of the spray paint that I found at the florists and spray their hair that I've already gelled up to points. Now they have rainbow hair!! Well they didn't have any black mascara so I grab the next best thing, black permenant marker! After drawing on some lovely make-up I have them dumped into their bathtub filled with vanilla pudding. Then I plug in one of their TVs into the bathroom and turn it on. "This just in, it seems that the Batmobile has been sighted within the city to stop Joker's latest rampage."

    How sweet of him to think of me! I'm sure he'll love all of these gifts! In fact...I think there's a Batsy hater right next door! I'll have him fixed up in no time! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


    Wow! Look at all this construction paper! I spray paint all the walls with Batsy's symbol. My men thoroughly dunk Mr. Gratersenbuel into vanilla pudding. "Tell me Mr. Gratersenbuel, where did your name come from? It's quite an unusual name! Why do you hate Batsy so much? Why I'd think you'd like him after all he's done around these parts! Maybe you're just jealous, after all you're just a fat glug with an overpronouncable name. But don't worry, you'll be all over the news now! No need to look for more attention because from now on you'll have a wonderful story to tell the kids!" I slap a big duct tape bat symbol over Mr. Grat's face. "Now the next thing you'll see will be good ol' batsy! You might hate him even more if he rips off some of your eyeballs!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! "MERRY CHRISTMAS BAT-HATER!" I toss a Christmas wreath over his head and make my exit. Hope you enjoy all your early Christmas presents Batsy![/color]


    Feb 27, 2002
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    Arkham Asylum
    5:55 AM

    It is just another morning at Arkham Asylum home to the criminally insane. The inmates begin to wake and the mad house begins to stir. More guards are checking into to prepare for their shift. The cooks slave away to have breakfast ready in an hour.

    Cell Block D
    5:57 AM

    “Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up Straws!” screams the scar killer Zsasz. He continues “Wake Up! Wake Up! It’s time for you to tell me again how you killed Roman George. Straws?”

    One of the Asylum’s guards on patrol stops in front of Zsasz’s cell and beats the door with his nightstick and shouts “Quiet down in there!”

    The mad man laughs “One day zombie.”

    6:10 AM

    Light begins to shine thru the window of the scar killer highlighting his marked skin. “Rise and shine straws” he again attempts to wake the Scarecrow. “WAKE UP!”

    7:00 AM

    Breakfast carts begin rolling into the cellblock. Each inmate’s meal is placed on a shelf that they pull into their cell and push out when done.

    7:20 AM

    Guards begin checking the prisoners. Focus on the cell of Jonathan Crane.

    “Not hungry today Crane?” The guard asks with no reply.

    “Answer me boy!” The guard becomes furious and beats his nightstick against the cell door.

    The guard radio’s for backup and requests to enter the cell.

    7:25 AM

    Back up arrives. Three armed guards enter the cell of Jonathan Crane. They notice that he is still lying in bed.

    “WAKE UP PRINCESS!” the first guard screams. The supporting guards pull their stun guns from their belts as the guard rips the covers from Jonathan’s bed.

    “You want to play tough well I’ll show you tough.” The guard looks down to see a pile of straw. Quickly he radios to the front gates. “Jonathan Crane has escaped his cell and is on the loose. I repeat Jonathan Crane has escaped his cell and is on the loose. Switch to lock down mode and check every corner of the Asylum.”

    The three guards exit the cell to hear the echoing sounds of Zsasz’s laughter “ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….”

    7:30 AM

    Gotham PD is made aware of Scarecrow’s escape.

    To be continued
  18. Bleu Unicorn

    Bleu Unicorn \ (^v^) /

    Mar 22, 2002
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    OOC: I’ll be taking control of Harley from here on. As she was sort of left off rather early yesterday (rpg-wise, of course), I’m going to take a bit of creative liberty, and we'll just say that somewhere, somehow during that little lapse she ended up back at Joker's hideaway. ('Cause I dunno where else she'd be, truthfully.) I'll warn you that this isn't going to make much sense (nor is it accomplishing anything of great importance!) -- so bare with me. :D


    8:58 am

    Waking up on the wrong side of the bed is no fun. Let me tell you, but falling out of bed is way worse! And that’s just how I woke up twenty minutes ago, with a big thump onto the floor. And wouldn’t you know it, Mistah Jay’s nowhere to be found again. You know, if I didn’t know better, I’d swear that my puddin’ didn’t want me around. What is it three whole days now and he hasn’t even bothered to take me along with him on his adventures. I’d say it was that chick he picked up—‘cept she’s long gone and he still took off . . . Oh, who’m I foolin’! He’s not pushin’ me away. He’s just saving up for something big to show me.

    Shrugging off my worries, I yank open the fridge and forage for something edible. Not much to choose from, but there’s a big hunk of roast beef that I toss onto the floor for my babies to gnaw on. Puddin’ and I are definitely gonna hafta get some food in this hideaway.

    I flick on the television and curl up on one of the overstuffed—and massively beaten up—chairs. Summer Gleason stares back at me, reading the headlines. “It seems The Joker is up to his old tricks again,” she states in that monotone voice all newscasters seem to use. I never did know why they couldn’t perk up their stories with some happiness in their voices.

    “Puddin’!” I squeal, scooting closer to the TV so as not to miss a word.

    “Victims of some new and bizarre prank of his antics were discovered only minutes ago. Covered in what appears to be vanilla pudding and various other household goods and food. . . .” I start tuning out the report.

    “Vanilla pudding, isn’t that just like my puddin’ to use it?” I stand up and march over to the closet. I yank the door open with such force; the doorknob leaves a mark on the wall. Inside I grab my costume and quickly get dressed. In record time, I’ve gotten my makeup done and am heading for the door.

    “C’mon babies, Mommy’s missing tons of fun!” Bud and Lou jump to attention and race out the door ahead of me towards one of the cars parked out by the side of the building. I hop in and the hyenas bound in behind me, climbing all over me and each other in the process. I rev up the car and pull out onto the street.

    “Hold on, Mistah Jay, I’m on my way!” I yell as I race the car along the street, illegally passing just about everyone in my way.
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  19. AndreaBeaumont

    AndreaBeaumont The Genuine Article

    Jun 5, 2001
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    Closing the Deal...
    9:00 a.m.

    I limp weakly from one side of the room in the plush mansion to the other. I stop in front of a bay window over looking the yard and drive, not to mention the city. The view is breath taking and bittersweet. My stomach gently turns as I lean my weight against the cherry frame and press my face against the cool window pane. I watch as the smog starts to curl up gently from the wretched city below, slowly obscuring my lonely view.

    I start as a sound reaches my ears. I turn and pause my mind wrapping itself around the soft noise...


    A soft, slow, and sad piece floats in the stale dusty air. Almost entranced, I pad slowly towards a pair of carved, french doors. I recognize the music now as it winds slowly and mournfully around my soul.

    I push gently against the heavy wooden door and grudgingly it gives and opens slowly. The music is instantly louder, the harmonics of the room amazing. The room itself is huge, no doubt an entertainment hall. In the far corner a small form is huddled behind the black mass of the instrument its working. A window is open and flowers are on the breeze that swells and swims past me. The curtains dance in the wind and morning light and the form plays on.

    I move closer to see a tuft of red hair. I smile to myself slightly; I should have known. All those piano lessons and such an advid student. I'm close enough now that I run my hand along the polished, black finish of the piano. I close my eyes and let myself be absorbed by the notes and bars, time signatures and key signatures, fields and meadows, pastures and mountains, caves and loneliness, death and misery....

    The music stops and I open my eyes.

    "Very good, Angela," I coo, "Mozart I presume?"

    "Who else?" Ang asks, "He is my favorite, Mum."

    "Angela, I'm going to be leaving soon...making a little...'business' trip..."
  20. The Guitar Slayer

    The Guitar Slayer 1965 to Eternity

    Dec 29, 2001
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    9:00 AM

    It takes me awhile to get to the other side of Gotham. Traffic is lousy. I finally get to the housing development that the Joker was last sighted at.

    I stare at the disturbing order of things. Everything seems completely normal on the outside. It almost looks...like the Joker wasn't here...then I hear a blood-curdling scream from one of the houses.

    I hop out of the car and try to open the door. Locked. I sigh and ram the thing down. Another scream. I look in the corner and see a cowering couple. They seem to be alright other than being covered in pudding and taped to a coat rack. I silently step over the rotten meat and cut them loose and yank off the duct tape.

    "Would ya mind, man?" says the man nervously. I yank one of the intact drapes down off the window and toss it to them. They cover themselves and start wiping off the vanilla pudding. I look around at the rest of the house. It's...clean. The only mess here is the people and the immediate area. I scowl at a happy face as it falls to the floor near the couple. I stick my head into the kitchen.

    It's spotless. Immaculate. He cleaned their kitchen. Oh good grief.

    I continued through the neighborhood. The florist was missing some of her tiger lilies, but she was also fine.

    I finally reach to the last house. Unlike the others, there are some visible signs that this one is different. One is a sticker of the Batsignal on the door. I inhale deeply and charge in.


    It's complete chaos. Bat symbols have been spray painted all over the walls. The furniture has the same symbols carved into it. I see a duct tape coccoon in the corner. It's been spray painted bright yellow with the black bat on it. There's another one at the very top of it...and then I hear it moan.

    I jump over the overturned table and take a step toward the mound of tape. I hear my boot go squish. I look down....

    Ugh...he urinated a Batsymbol on the floor. Christ.

    I reach over and gingerly grab the person. I haul he/she back toward the door. I ask the person, "Are you breathing?" Grunts come in return. I carefully peel off the duct tape, with some yelping along the way from the man. As soon as his mouth is free, he takes a massive gulp of air. "Thanks..." he turns to look at me and immediately pales.

    Another big fan of the Bat. Great. I take out a knife and cut him free. "Did you hear anything that would help me find the Joker?"

    The man shook his head frantically. I straighten I sigh.

    Suddenly, I hear a crash outside. I open the door.

    "PUUUUUUUUDDDDDDDDDDDDDIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNN'!!!" yodels a little clown, dressed in red and black.

    Oh Lord. She just totalled the front end of her car and dented the back of the Batmobile.

    "Eep!" she squeaks as she sees me. She hits reverse, nailing another car, and pulls away and drives like a maniac away from the neighborhood.

    I jump into the car and chase after her.
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