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World's Finest RPG Batman RPG Part 2

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by The Guitar Slayer, Jul 21, 2002.

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  1. The Guitar Slayer

    The Guitar Slayer 1965 to Eternity

    Dec 29, 2001
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    Thursday, July 7
    The Cave

    Patient's Name: Grayson, Dick; codename Robin
    Date of Birth: November 11, 19xx
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 175 lbs
    Date of Incident: June 22
    Status: Coma (self-induced)
    Days in Coma: 15 (auto update)

    Injuries to bones:

    1. Cranial trauma; parietal bone fracture
    2. Shattered mandible, left; dislocated mandible, right
    3. Shattered zygomatic bones, left and right
    4. Severely damaged supraorbital process and supraorbital foramen; will need reconstruction for proper sinus drainage and sight function to resume
    5. Crushed nasal concha

    Internal injuries:

    1. Contusions to kidneys, left and right
    *Renal ultrasound shows blood clots (removed 6/30)
    2. Ruptured appendix
    3. Grade 3 concussion


    1. Cipro XR
    2. Ceftriaxone
    3. Gentamycin
    4. Toradol
    5. Oxycontin

    Notes: On life support; unresponsive to light; appears to be experiencing REM sleep patterns; heart murmur evident; catheterized 6/22 with 16-cm Foley; assorted superficial contusions and lacerations.


    I counted nine months from the date I consumated my relationship with Andrea.

    Happy birthday, Angela.
  2. AndreaBeaumont

    AndreaBeaumont The Genuine Article

    Jun 5, 2001
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    "For Mum.."
    July 8th
    7:30 a.m.

    I yawn and stretch as I come off the plane with my duffle bag in tow. I toss it over my shoulder as I walk into the concourse. I absent mindedly make my way through the typical throng of reuniting families without a second thought and stand and wait for my luggage. I grab my black bag off the conveyer belt and move towards the escalator, taking it down to the ground floor and walk out through the doors and am hit in the face with the cool morning air.

    Only now do I take time to think...

    Oh what a mistake...

    An overwhelming feeling of complete and utter loneliness creeps up the back of my mother's slim ankles, raises goosepimples on the the back of my calves and thighs, follows the curve of my lower back, takes a path between my shoulder blades, crawls up my neck, tucks itself in my father's eyes and cries...

    I look at the ground and see a wet spot on the pavement between my feet and wipe my cheek with my free hand just as the clouds burst open and let emotions pour on the pavement all around the awning I'm under.

    I see a cab and open the door and slip inside. I vaguely remember telling the cab driver the directions. I vaguely remember the long drive, as we pull up a long driveway that winds and twists behind a white house...

    I climb out, pay the driver, and stand there, watching the cab pull out of view, not sure whether I want to re-enter my adolescence time capsule on the hill....

    I'm home.

    I take a step and suddenly I'm inside the door standing face to face with harsh reality. I drop my bags to the wood floor with a thump that echoes throughout the nearly empty house. The sound makes my knees weak and the lump in my throat grow. I force myself to the living room...empty except for the couch and...the curtains...

    We never did take down the curtains...

    My knees give way and I slump to the floor and weep...

    Weep for all of the good and the bad....for the only home I've ever known that is no longer a home...for every person in my life...for every memory...

    For Bruce...

    For Dad...

    For myself...

    For Mum...

    Mostly for Mum...

    ...mostly for her...
  3. TimTwoFace

    TimTwoFace Mod, and Minotaur Bait

    Feb 11, 2002
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    OOC: GS and/or Emmy are the best two to talk to about that, as the RPG has just recently kinda switched gears and will be focusing on their plotline as the main story for a while. As far as I know, Harley Quinn is still on the loose though. :)

  4. Outlander00

    Outlander00 Another Stand Alone Complex

    Oct 15, 2002
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    Chase IC
    Thursday, July, 7th
    11:25 am
    Selina Kyle/Catwoman IC
    Thursday, July, 7th

    11:25 am

    I nod to the waitress as she brings us our coffees; turning my attention to Selina still looking a little flushed and light headed… woozy looking. After watching her for a minute or two, she finally speaks to me.

    "I don't drink coffee," I say to him barely looking at him. "By the way, what were you doing in a fancy woman's store?"

    I flash a smile at her as I sip my coffee, putting it down. I reply to her question coyly, "Well I was spying on you, isn’t it obvious?"

    "Typical Neanderthal male behavior. What are you some sort of spy?"

    I smile at her again, tilting the coffee cup slightly to see how much I have left, noticing not enough. I call for the waitress for another cup, returning my attention to her. I reply to her sarcasm, "Well, if the beautiful Ms. Kyle must know… I was meeting with a potential client earlier. I was at the store because… I was going to look for an apology gift for you for the incident a couple weeks back."

    "So you think buying me a gift will make me forgive you huh?" I say sarcastically, rolling my eyes…

    I chuckle softly, smiling as the waitress comes to fill up his cup of coffee, replying "no… no I do not think it will. However, I figured a peace offering would be a good start."

    "It depends what you have in mind," I say in a curious tone.

    I pull out my wallet from my jacket pocket and take out my platinum card, placing it on the table in front of her. "No strings, no nothing... Like I said, think of it as a peace offering for what I did two weeks ago." I smile at her and continue "Take this and buy whatever you want on two stipulations: 1, you let me come with you and 2, you join me for dinner tonight."

    "Now you're talking," I say as I reach for the card. "Fine, you may tag along. You'll make a perfect slave to carry the bags" I flash him a catty grin. He can tag along but I won't be easy to handle.

    "I hope you know what you are getting into, I can shop ‘till I drop" I deviously smile at him.

    I smile back slyly, leaning slightly forward while replying, "Do not worry, Selina, I have survived a war so I think I can manage a minor thing like hardcore shopping."
  5. AndreaBeaumont

    AndreaBeaumont The Genuine Article

    Jun 5, 2001
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    "Black Death Over A Dusty Conscience.."
    July 8th
    10:27 a.m.

    I lug, the old leather and worn suitcase down the attic stairs.

    As it connects with every wooden step a little more dust is jostled from the top of the smooth brown leather. The dust floats and settles all around me as I reach the bottom of the stairs and sneeze. I drag it down the hallway and sigh as I look down the staircase to the first floor. I shrug and set it at the top of the steps with a thump then promptly give it a quick shove with my foot and down it goes.

    As it tumbles down the set of 22 stairs I wonder why I didn't just do this in the first place...



    I watch in disgust as the suitcase latch snaps and flies open, the papers shoot into the air like a firework in every which direction...

    "That's why..."

    I start down the stairs slowly and pick up papers along the way. I reach the bottom of the steps and look at the massive amount official documents scattered haphazardly throughout the great room. I knit my brows then promptly drop the papers I've collected into the pile and follow them down. I cross my legs indian style and start to sort through them; starting, naturally, with the one's closest to me.

    Deed, title, deed, legal stuff...

    I sort them into piles...

    Pile one: Useful to me..
    Pile two: Not useful to anyone anymore...
    Pile three: Important stuff that isn't useful to me but I should probably keep...
    Pile four:....letters?...

    "Dear Bruce..." I read.

    I find another one...

    "Dear Bruce...."

    And another..

    All half finished, all starting the same....Dear Bruce.

    I push my hand to the floor to push myself to my feet and my hand slips on papers revealing a leather binding underneath. I sit back down and pick it up, examining it for a second before undoing the leather tie and opening it...

    More letters....

    I settle in, the more important paperwork can wait as I start reading the letters, all carefully,...PAINSTAKINGLY written.

    "Bruce....I don't know how to tell you this...." Is the opening line of choice for most, all of them go on to explaining that he has a daughter...explaining herself...why she took so long to contact him....


    "Oh Mum..."

    I always knew something plagued her mind, like a black death settling over us...over her conscience, a dark cloud. I never knew it was him.
  6. The Guitar Slayer

    The Guitar Slayer 1965 to Eternity

    Dec 29, 2001
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    July 8
    1:46 AM EST




    2 weeks of it. A machine breathes for him, another does his kidneys' work for them, while another replaces solid food with liquid in an IV.

    I haven't seen the sun since that night's day. I will have to, though, soon. Bruce Wayne must get over that ski accident sooner or later, even though his ward has a severe concussion. As the Bat, behavior similar to Hellmonth has manifested. Harsher, less merciful, silent, nearly deadly. Harvey Dent left town after the incident with Lock-Up. His ex-fiancee Grace is being watched from afar by her new hometown police force. Harley Quinn has been sighted in various, seemingly random places in Gotham. The Joker still requires a few weeks to mend, and he will bide his time when it comes to me. I also have business relating to blood now.

    Circa 9 AM, a trust fund set up by an Andrea Carlis was transferred into a closely guarded account by Angela Beaumont. Retinal scans, DNA tests, the whole nine yards. The sum was close to a half million in US dollars. Throughout the day, she made purchases including a motorcycle (one Dick had been lusting for his birthday), a small shopping spree at a department store, and a storage unit for aforementioned motorcycle.

    And one plane ticket.

    Departed at 7:30 PM from Gotham and arrived at Heathrow at 7:30 AM London time. She's likely flagging down a taxi at this moment to get to Andrea's property on the coast.

    I pull myself out of the computer chair and approach the hospital bed. Hold on, old friend, until I return.

    As for you, Angela....

    Daddy's coming home.
  7. AndreaBeaumont

    AndreaBeaumont The Genuine Article

    Jun 5, 2001
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    "Last of the Last..."
    July 8th
    4:30 p.m.

    "Justice comes into your life and then you'll know
    You'll know, you'll know
    Justice comes, just a day to go
    Get the justice coming for you and I
    I get the joy
    Joy when it comes my joy
    I get the joy
    Justice comes to everyone
    Why does a willow weep when all I see's a tree grow
    All in camouflage everyone I know
    We walk along like sequel, you're a cameo
    You've got your joy
    So find the people of your own..."

    I turn off the radio as I pull my rented car into the parking lot of my last destination in England.

    Then its back to Gotham...
    To reacquaint myself...
    With an old 'friend'....
  8. The Guitar Slayer

    The Guitar Slayer 1965 to Eternity

    Dec 29, 2001
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    Friday, June 8

    4:22 PM, London time

    The Concorde is no longer in service...for the public. However, Maximillian R. Malone III (Matches to friends) is not the public. He is a proper-born member of the House of Lords. He waits for no one, not even the change in time zones.

    After making a red-eye departure from Metropolis, I landed around 2:30 pm at a smaller airport near Heathrow; as mentioned before, the Concorde is no longer in service. It was a long, though aesthetically pleasing drive to Andrea's house Brighton. It wasn't without its dangers, however. I don't remember when I last made a conscious decision to go to sleep. I just let myself go in my chair at the computer or leaned my head against one of the costume cases. It was hard enough with the lack of sleep, but it was compounded by my habit of driving on the wrong side of the road.

    I pull up to the house itself. It's elegantly Spartan, with just enough frills to be attractive, but not enough to be able to place it in the context of history. Much like its former occupant....emphasis on former. It's a pale blue color, which makes the ocean below seem so much darker. I get out of the car and examine my immediate surroundings. A London taxi was here within the last few hours, judging from the tire tracks. I missed Angela by very little.

    I'll catch up, daughter or not.

    I tried the knob on the door. Unlocked. Likely nothing in there worth stealing anymore...but then again, there does seem to be some evidence of habitation, particuarly the curtains. I enter in with my guard up.

    Sunlight warms up the sparsely furnished room. Every that wasn't bolted to the floor is gone. The white paint gleams, commenting upon its own upkeep and maintenance. I check the cabinets and sink. She washed and put away the dishes she used today. There doesn't seem to be any intention of returning.

    On second thought...

    I enter into the great room and the hardwood floor disappears beneath piles of papers in the middle of the floor. I shuffle through and crouch in the center of the storm. A space had been cleared just enough for a girl to sit. I read off the top of a piece of stationary. Law office brief about the estate, triplicate copy. There's a shard of a photocopied family tree from Andrea's mother's side. Angela classified these as garbage in all likelihood; she had the other copies and the original document with her. The third pile...

    "Dear Bruce"

    Dear Bruce? Did Angela know I'd follow so soon? No. This is in Andrea's hand. I continue to read:

    "I know it's odd to hear from me after all this time and after all that has happened. We had more or less agreed to go our separate ways, but I've decided that I have to tell you this."

    The letter is dated December of the previous year. It's incomplete. I go through the rest of the pile.

    "Dear Bruce" -- Two years ago on Angela's 16th birthday

    "It has been a long time, hasn't it, old man. Well, not so old; I'm up there with you. I've heard alot of good things lately about "The Dynamic Duo" as they call you and the boy. I have to say, though, I'm not a solo act either...."

    "Bruce Thomas Wayne:" -- Four years ago after a very bad teenage rebellion by Angela

    "I can't believe you haven't tried to contact me in almost fourteen years. We meant alot to each other back then...why not now? I have to tell you, I've been keeping something of yours and I'm just about ready to let you have it after thirteen years plus nine months of gestation..."

    "My darling" -- Five years ago, Angela is 12.

    "After all this time, I've finally seen what beauty is. Beauty is a little ballerina taking her first first prize after practicing for nearly a year. The girl herself is so pretty as she concentrates, furrowing her brow and pouting just a bit. She reminds me so much of you....and there is a reason for that...."

    I read each letter. The years fly backwards, and she still can't tell me everything. The letters become closer and closer as Andrea's hope regresses to its pinnacle

    "My dearest"

    "It's been a few years now. I'm doing very well. I have a house down on the shore, as you can tell by the return address. It's a little big for me, but I think I can fill it up nicely. I wouldn't mind having you for a visit. You do need to get away once in awhile, Bruce. Particularly now with all the chaos and a certain little person wanting to meet you."

    "Dear Bruce"

    “My baby is such a good child. She’s so even tempered, unlike both of her parents. Angela is a source of joy for me…my little angel…our little angel…”

    "My lover”

    “I know we’ve had disagreements over the way justice should be doled out. I know you must despise me for invading your city, but I have to tell you the truth. I didn’t think it was possible at the time so I paid no mind to it. It was an error on my part, but I don’t believe for a second we weren’t meant to be together. The child I’m carrying attests to that. We are both orphans with holes to fill in our lives, and I do believe she (or he) will fill it and bring us as close as we’re meant to be.”

    I read every one of the unsent, incomplete letters. I….

    I don’t have anything to say…nothing about how she was living in an illusion or I had my priorities…

    I’m stunned. So stunned…she really…why didn’t I…

    Andrea loved me. She would have destroyed anything that meant something to her just to be with me. Thirty-three letters, half-done and emotionally charged, prove her devotion. Even when mad, there was an underlying desire just to be in my life or have something of me in her life.

    She could have given Angela away. It would have been easier just to put her in an orphanage and forget she ever happened…Gotham ever happened…we ever happened. The Phantasm could have carried on business as usual in whatever form she saw fit; she would no long have me acting as her conscience…

    But no. Angela stayed to keep Andrea sane. To keep her human instead of the creature of the night I’ve become. Angela was her piece of me and a reflection of herself.

    Angela was the person Andrea wanted to be; even though she never knew me or I her, Angela is far closer and dearer to me than Andrea ever was. Andrea would get by, no question. She always did before, and I had faith in her for that. Angela…

    She’s my child. My head throbs as I kneel on the floor amount the literary remains of Andrea’s love for me. I slam my eyes shut and my jaw tenses as ghosts crowd my mind. I see Andrea singing by the bay window with a pink bundle in her arms, swaying to a long-forgotten lullaby. A chubby toddler with an unruly pile of carrot red hair flirts with a camera as she pulls herself up the stairs for the first time. A gawky little pony in a tutu and leotard is lost in thought as she attempts to go en pointe for the first time in her new ballet shoes. I jolt as a door slams and a silent screaming match ensues between Andrea and a still-growing, still awkward teenager who insists on wearing torn clothes and black lipstick. Suddenly…

    I’m looking into a mirror. I see myself seated on the floor, surrounded by the paper debris. I disappear and the gawky, carrot-haired rebel appears fully grown. Her concentration still makes her a force to be reckoned with, much like her parents. She looks up to see me, an intruder…

    And dissolves.

    My eyes open. Everything is as still and as empty as Andrea and Angela left it over a month ago.

    Now I am, too.

    I get up, a hollow feeling in my center chakra and numbly walk to the stairs. Surrealism clouds my perception. The house must be haunted. Laughter bounces down the hall as the echoes of sobs hang in the rafters. Leftovers from a prior life. A red-haired sprite grabs at my hand to lead me past bedrooms that should have been entered for the sake of investigation. They are ignored for now.

    A rickety staircase lures me up. The sun is starting to set through the windows in the attic. How long have I been here?

    No matter.

    Boxes are neatly stacked in size order, from largest to smallest. Andrea was a fiend for organization. A few of the boxes are labeled “Christmas” and “Summer clothes.” I pass by one of the towers and a small box topples to the floor by my feet. As I pick it up, part of it falls apart in my hand, spilling out…

    Baby booties. Tiny little socks for a very small person. I turn the box on its
    side. “Angela – Newborn.” I carefully begin to put each garment back in, but I can’t finish the job.

    Do kids really come that small? I pull out the sleeper in the box. She wasn’t even as long as my forearm…maybe 18 inches or so. The stocking cap…I’m just able to put my fist in. The whole top of her head, possibly down to her little browbones, was the size of my fist…

    A fist that nearly destroyed that precious crown.

    I see my hands shake as I reach out for the booties. Hand-sewn by Andrea, no doubt… Both fit into the palm of my hand…my thumb fits into the right one.

    Her feet were the size of my thumb.

    I missed being able to hold her just in one arm. I missed ballet lessons. I missed her first steps. I missed….


    I missed a whole life time.

    I missed my entire life.

    It passes by me in a blaze of emotional agony. I cut the cord as she screamed and took her first breaths of life. I walked with her down a beach for an hour and a half because her legs were so short and mine so long and the fact she didn’t want to give up. I bought her a pony and taught her to ride. I videotaped her ballet performance and much to her chagrin, I positioned myself in the center aisle to do so. I pounded on closed door and then came in through her window to get her to tell me what happened at school that day. I held her hair back when she blew her birthday cake candles out.

    Something gives weigh in my hands.

    I just ripped a seam in the baby socks. Put my thumb right through it.

    Senseless destruction.

    And I wept.
  9. AndreaBeaumont

    AndreaBeaumont The Genuine Article

    Jun 5, 2001
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    "Back In The USA..."
    July 9th
    8:00 a.m.

    I stand by the baggage belt waiting for all of my bags to come 'round. I've come back to Gotham with double what I left with. But what I brought back with me in physical I left there in emotional.

    As I stand there, arms crossed, in my black turtleneck and dress slacks, in deep thought, I almost miss my last bag. I snap out of my foggy haze just in time to snatch it up before it would have disapeared behind the plastic flaps. I start off down the concourse pulling my bags behind me and going over plans. I idly wonder if Bruce is in England yet if not already back. He'll be close behind I'm sure.

    My cheeks grow hot as I glance over my shoulder half expecting him to be standing there calmly wearing a disapproving look. The very thought of Bruce Wayne turns my stomach and my makes my blood boil.

    I drag my baggage out through the doors and onto the sidewalk. A breeze blows through me and I shiver despite the July weather. I see Gotham before me looking like a typical American city in the daylight...


    8:37 p.m.

    I search the rocks for the opening and finally see what I want. A large metal grate bars my path into the original entrance of the Batcave. I tug on it to gage how much effort this is gonna take. My estimation; a lot. I firmly plant my feet on either side and with all my might slowly slide it to one side. I strain and manage to pull it open enough for my small frame to fit through. I find the ladder with my foot and slowly descend the wet slippery metal. I reach the floor after a good 3 minutes of climbing down. I press myself against the cave wall and stand there a good minute checking for movement before I allow myself to walk out into the open. I cringe at the thought of running into Alfred or worse….


    I walk down a ramp to reach the cave’s main floor and start making my way toward the part of the cave that's set aside as almost a trophy room, containing the weapons, bits of costumes, and the prop’s of past foes. As I walk past the lit cases containing the suits, I notice Robin's is missing and a twinge of sympathy bubbles up from inside my hardened emotional state. I walk by the towering Bat Computer and notice a map of England on the screen and smirk. When I’m right, I’m right. Suddenly, something catches my eye as it gleams from the light of the massive computer.

    Ah, what I’m looking for. I walk over and pick up the blade carefully and avoid disturbing the grey cape underneath….

    The Phantasm’s cape….

    I quickly wrap the blade in a piece of black cloth and tuck it into my knapsack just as a noise rises from the other side of the computer. I tense immediately and quiet my breathing. I slowly edge my way over to the computer and steal a look around it’s side. I see a figure laying on one of the medical cots…


    I sigh relieved and edge past and start making my way back the way I came.

    A moan comes from the bed just as I reach the foot of the ramp and it’s quickly followed by, “Bruce? Alfred?”

    I bite my lip and cringe. He picks NOW to wake up? Of all times?! If he presses the call button I know I’m done…I’ll NEVER make it up the ladder before Alfred races down her. I set my bag down and quickly walk over to the bedside.

    “Shhh…” I admonish softly.

    “Barb?” he almost whimpers and manages to find my hand, which he promptly grasps.

    “Shhh Dick…. everything’s gonna be fine. Bruce is out right now…shh…” I coo. Trying desperately to soothe him I stroke his forehead. An odd feeling suddenly comes over me, as this feels all too natural.

    “What happened? I remember some things but…” he continues.

    “It’s okay,” I coo some more, “Don’t worry about it, just rest..”

    “I’m so glad you’re here Barb,” he tightens his grip on my hand and I give it a little squeeze back. I’m beginning to get more panicked by the second because regardless of him hitting the button or not I know Alfred will be down to check on him soon.

    “I’ll be right back,” I say gently.

    “Barb I..” he starts and I quickly lean down and give him peck on the lips before he can say anything else.

    “I’ll be right back.” I say again then quickly flee and grab my bag. I faintly hear him saying something like, “Okay” as I’m already at the bottom of the ladder.

    I silently climb back up and out of the hole and decide to not bother replacing the cover. As I walk back towards my bike I replay the situation in my mind again and can’t help but wince at the thought of what will be going through his head when he figures out it wasn’t Barb down there. A slight smile crosses my lips though as I climb back on my bike and take off towards my hotel. I finally have that last thing I need… I have date with a dear friend that I must keep.

    “Mum it’s almost done.”
  10. TimTwoFace

    TimTwoFace Mod, and Minotaur Bait

    Feb 11, 2002
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    IC: Two-Face
    June 23

    Min and Max rush into my room while I'm trying to get some shut-eye.

    "Boss, she's not in there."

    I roll over on my bed into a sitting position and stare at Max's face. "I bEg YoUr PaRdOn?"

    "Ms. Lamont isn't in the hospital, Two-Face. The nurse at the reception desk said she was transferred quite a while back."

    I cock my eyebrow. "TrAnSfErReD?"

    "Yeah, out of state. Washington, I think."

    "YoU tHiNk?"

    Min smacks him upside the backside of his head. "Washington state, you idiot!" Max crumples into the wall and Min continues. "We didn't buy it so we went to her old room like you told us, and she wasn't there."

    "IdIoTs." I step up from the bed and smack the two of them. "If It WaSn'T fOr ThIs FaCe Of MiNe, I wOuLdA gOnE tHeRe MySeLf. NoW i'Ve No IdEa WhErE mY dEaR gRaCe HaS bEeN tAkEn To." I heave a sigh and pound a fist into the wall. If I were there I would've gotten some answers. "WaShInGtOn. DaMn BiG pLaCe."

    "Well boss," Min chimes in, the red welt I left on his face still glowing back at me, "we did hear them talking...as we were being escorted out...and we learned that she was taken by the WPP."

    "Witness Protection Program!" Max boasts with confidence.

    "I kNoW wHaT iT sTaNdS fOr." I growl from deep within my throat. It all makes sense. I knew Gordon would get the feds involved to keep me seperated from her. Clear to the other side of the country, no less. But she won't be seperated for long.

    "So now what, boss?" One asks. "We hittin' a bank or something tomorrow?" says the other.

    I snort at their inferior comments. "No. BoYs, I tHiNk It'S tImE fOr A rOaD tRiP."
  11. TimTwoFace

    TimTwoFace Mod, and Minotaur Bait

    Feb 11, 2002
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    IC: Two-Face
    June 25

    Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding.

    I stare out the window and watch the numbers on the register escalate further and further. I don't know where we are...somewhere in Midwest or Great Lakes region or something. "HeY mAx, WhErE tHe hElL aRe We?"

    "Just passed through Cleveland, sir."

    "RoCk AnD rOlL."

    It's taken us a day and a half to get from Gotham to somewhere in the boonies of Ohio. If these two weren't so loyal, I would've disposed of them long ago. Between the two of them I'm not even sure if they've got a fully functioning brain. I mean, how tough is it to cross the country on the interstate? Just take I-90 all the way from here to Seattle and we'll figure it out from there. I know my maps well enough. I travelled this road many times as a boy.

    But nooooo, the boys think it's too dangerous to be out in the open like this and they choose to take all the back roads. And get lost nearly every ten minutes in the process.

    "So WhIcH oF yOu Is DrIvInG tHiS lEg?"

    "Min still wants to. It's his turn. Every six hours we switch. You just didn't notice cuz you were asleep back there half the time."

    No, I was closing my eyes and ears trying to block out your stupidity. "YeAh, SuRe. BuT i'M nAvIgAtInG, gEt Me? No MoRe Of ThIs BaCk-RoAd-OnLy CrAp. It'S sLoWiNg Us DoWn."

    Min hangs up the gas nozzle and hustles inside, crossing his legs the whole way.

    "But boss, it's not safe!"

    I lunge at him from the back and grab him around the neck. Growling into his ear, I say very clearly, "No OnE oUtSiDe Of GoThAm KnOwS wHo ThE hElL wE aRe, EsPeCiAlLy WhEn PaSsInG tHeM bY aT 80 MiLeS aN hOuR. wHaT dO yOu ThInK wE cHaNgEd OuR pLaTeS fOr?" He chokes on his reply. "WhAt WaS tHaT? i'M rIgHt AnD yOu'Re GoInG tO lIsTeN tO yOuR mAsTeR lIkE tHe DoG yOu ArE?"


    I let him go and adjust my collar. Max is wheezing, catching his breath. Min is just returning from the store. "Quick, we gotta get outa here before they realize I paid at the pump with a phony card." At that point, Max bolts out of the car and heads into the store. "What's up with him?"

    "BeAtS mE."

    A few moments later, he returns with a small plastic bag. He pulls out a small glass container and tosses it at me. "This is for you, boss."

    "WhAt ThE hElL iS tHiS?" I say, holding the small jar in my hand, reading the label.

    "Make up. Just so you can go out in the light and not be noticed so obviously. You know, touch up those unsightly scars and stuff on your face."

    I growl, but Min cuts me off. "Not a bad idea, bro. Ain't that right, boss?"

    I stare down at the coloured label, clutching this glass in my left hand. "PeAcHy."

    The car quickly leaves the gas station and speeds towards the nearest freeway on-ramp. Maybe with myself as the navigator we'll get to the Evergreen State quicker and with less headaches.

    "Hey Min," Max says quietly, "you wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?"

    Oh geez. They do realize I have a gun on me, don't they?
  12. Reirden

    Jan 15, 2004
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    IC: Dick Grayson
    July 9th
    8:40 p.m.


    It takes all of my strength to open my eyes. My vision is blurred, but I can tell I'm in the cave.

    The pain. My head throbs like it's been taken apart and put back together wrong. My whole body aches with a pain that could bring the strongest man to his knees. I want to move, but I can't...the pain...Somebody...help...

    "Help," I sob.

    Tears begin streaming down my face, I can't bear it...



    I close my eyes tightly, trying to will the pain away. Suddenly, the touch of soft skin is wrapped around my hand.


    I slowly open my eyes to see bright red hair on a blurred face. I'm confident I know who it is, however..

    "..Barb?" I moan weakly.

    "Shhh Dick…. everything’s gonna be fine. Bruce is out right now…shh…"

    "What happened? I remember some things but..." I mumble, mainly talking to myself.

    "It's okay," She whispers.

    I squeeze her hand in my own, "I'm so glad you're here, Barb," She will never understand how glad I am.

    "I'll be right back." She says, and slowly lets go of me.

    No...I need you, Barb, "Barb I..."

    "I'll be right back," she repeats, and very quickly, our lips touch. She runs off into the darkness.

    "Alright..." I moan. Hurry back...

    After a moment or two of silence, I move my arm slowly toward the large red button at my bedside. With each tiny movement of the muscles, the pain shoots throughout my entire body. I manage to give it a slight push, and a silent alarm is triggered.

    Not five seconds later do I hear the clock creak open and heels click on each and every step down into the cave. The tall, thin man with gray hair rushes to my side. It hurts, but I give him the biggest smile I can.

    "Alfred..." I say in the most optimistic tone a man in my state can.

    "Master Dick, my lad! So good to hear your voice again! How are you?" He says through tears of joy.

    "Hurts...all over...Where'd Barb go?"

    A wave of confusion takes place over his grin, "What ever do you mean?"

    "Barb...she was here. She was here when I woke up, right here beside me."

    Did I...Was she really here? Was it just a hallucination?

    A look of disapproval come over him, "No, lad. Miss Gordon was not here," He says walking over to one of the glass cases in the middle of the platform

    "But someone else was."

    #212 Reirden, Jun 3, 2004
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  13. TimTwoFace

    TimTwoFace Mod, and Minotaur Bait

    Feb 11, 2002
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    IC: Two-Face
    June 26

    I drowsily look out the window as the car skirts a large glistening body of water. My eyelids droop further, even the bright lights in the distance can't wake me up. The book of crossword puzzles the boys bought for me slips from my hand and lands onh the floor with a light ruffled plop.

    "Just crossed into Illinois, boss. That's probably Chicago in the distance."

    I jolt up in my seat, as if I'm supposed to be impressed. "HuH?"

    "Chicago, boss. The Windy City. Didn't you say you had connections here once?"

    I stretch, and yawn, and rub my eyelids and jawbone. The car hits a rough stretch of freeway and the grooved pavement shakes the car and makes sure I'm fully cognisent. "OnCe UpOn A tImE." I stare out the window and can make out the faint Chicago skyline in the distance, with the Sears Tower in the distance. "GoRdOn AlSo CaMe FrOm HeRe BaCk In ThE dAy. ChIcAgO wAs HiS tRaInInG gRoUnD." And as tough a city as this place is, it couldn't prepare you for Gotham City. Nothing could.

    "Well why don't we stop by your old buddies' place and see if we can hook up. You were saying earlier how you needed some extra bodies for your plan to go through. Ones that are fully expendable." His voice wavers a bit. He knows that if this doesn't go through, he could be just as expendable as they.

    "ToO mUcH hIsToRy. WaStE oF tImE." I pull the coin out of my pocket and rub it between my finger and thumb, just to warm it up. I then place it on my finger and flip it high into the air; it hits the ceiling and comes crashing down far quicker than it should. "DaMnIt!"

    I dive onto the floor and scrounge about.

    "What?" Max says.

    Min hits him in the shoulder. "Shut up, he lost the coin, don't bother him when he's like this!"

    "WhErE iS iT!?" I shove my hand under the seat, feel around, and after a few seconds of raving, I successfully recover it.

    "Phew," I hear coming from the front seat.

    I look down at the coin. Good heads. This is a bad idea, I know it. "BoYs...lEt'S dO iT. aNd GeT sOmE rEaL pIzZa WhIlE wE'rE hErE. i'M fAmIsHed."
  14. AndreaBeaumont

    AndreaBeaumont The Genuine Article

    Jun 5, 2001
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    "Newsclippings and Sleep Deprivation..."
    July 9th
    10:00 p.m.

    I sit in the middle of the mess indian style. Newspaper clippings spread in a circle around me dating back to before I was born...all the same though in subject matter. Pictures of the Joker or his wrath are spread all around me. At first the grins were unnerving but I'm growing more accustomed as I read each one. I sigh and rub my eyes and reach over and grab another slice of pizza. I almost take the whole box with it as the cheese sticks to the bottom of the box. I pull it free and take a bite....

    I haven't had pizza in forever.

    I reach over and pick up a clipping I lost of piece of cheese on and pick it off.


    I read as the headline....

    ...this week...
    ...an altercation between...
    ...the Joker...
    ...many injured and food poisoned...

    I toss that one aside...I was there I don't need to read an article about it.
    I pick up the one that was beneath it. This one is old...

    Mob deaths linked?

    ...many former mobsters are popping up all over the city and not like you would think. The dead bodies of...
    ...Batman suspected...
    ...has the Bat gone mad?

    This article is accompanied by a rather flattering picture of Batman's silouette.

    I sigh and for a second I doubt my not so noble quest but images of Mum tucking me into bed at night chase those from my thought process.

    I stand up and toss the last few bites of my pizza back in the box. I wobble a little and feel dizzy as I walk towards the mirror...

    "Angela you have got to get some sleep.." I remind myself as I lean into the mirror and trace the circles beneath my eyes. Now's as good a time as any I suppose as I walk over and collapse in a heap on the bed. Just an hour or so and I'll be good. Just a little sleep is all I need....
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  15. TimTwoFace

    TimTwoFace Mod, and Minotaur Bait

    Feb 11, 2002
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    IC: Two-Face
    June 26

    The car stops on the Chicago waterfront. The lights dim, the Min pulls the keys out of the ignition, and the engine dies. We're here.

    Max is sitting there, sucking the blobs of cheese and tomato sauce from the tips of his gloves. No wonder why that guy has such bad complexion, he's been gorging on pizza for the past hour. Go figure why he doesn't gain a pound.

    "You sure this is the place, boss?"

    "I'm SuRe It WaS. wE'lL sEe MoMeNtArIlY." I open the door and step out from the back, tossing some greasy garbage on the street. "LeT's Go." The three of us step up onto the curb and walk past the corner of a boarded-up building. I remember this place well. So many memories.

    It's been about five years since I've been here. One of those mob convention sorta things that you think exists only in the movies. A number of us criminal underlords were here to discuss the state of affairs in our businesses across the country, forming new partnerships, sharing and increasing our wealth, and so forth. I represented Gotham that year - but without any notice, Scarface showed up, too, just in time to steal all my thunder and make me look like a fool. There's nothing more humiliating than being upstaged by a freakin' Muppet.

    I got laughed out of the convention. Oh, no one forced me to go, but I couldn't handle it, and despite what my heart and coin told me to do, I wasn't about to shoot up all my cross-country connections just to prove that I was the man. Especially not the host crimelord, Rob Valestra. I'd never get out of Chicago alive if I pulled something like that in his presence.

    You need to know when you can use the balls you have, and just as important, you need to know when to sit down, shut the hell up, and take it like a man.

    Max raps at the side door, hidden in the shadows. The slot in the door opens, and a pair of eyes peers through. "Who goes there?"

    The two brothers before me seperate and allow me to walk between them. "TwO-fAcE. i'M hErE tO sEe RoBeRt."

    The eyes from the door slot are replaced by a flashlight beam, shining directly into my face. "Well, so it is. What business do you have with him? He wasn't expecting you back in this town for a long, long time." And I hear him snort to stifle a chuckle. "The puppet thing, ya know."

    "He DoEsN't KnOw I'm HeRe. BuT wE dO hAvE bUsInEsS tO dIsCuSs."

    A beat. "Very well. You oughta be happy that the boss is a night person." The slot on the door closes, and the door itself is soon after opened for us.

    "CoMe On, BoYs." I wave Min and Max to follow me into the dark recesses of the building.

    "Follow me, I'll escort you to Mr. Valestra's quarters," says the big brute at the door. The three of us follow him, me behind and the two brothers behind me abreast, wandering further into Valestra's darkened den.

    The coin had better have been right about this.
  16. AndreaBeaumont

    AndreaBeaumont The Genuine Article

    Jun 5, 2001
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    CURRENT DAY: Saturday, July, 9th...........................<--Don't forget to
    CURRENT TIME: 10:00 p.m........................................... include this in

    .................................................................................your posts!

    A reminder to those of you who haven't posted in the last two pages...try to get a post in sometime soon even if it's a post about nothing so as you fit into the time here. Otherwise you will have done nothing in almost a month of RPG time. YAY! Joker scene is getting closer by the day. People we need posts from and in any order really...

    KyleWayne- Selena Kyle/Catwoman
    BleuUnicorn- Harley
    SelenaKyle- Renee Montoya/Poison Ivy
  17. TimTwoFace

    TimTwoFace Mod, and Minotaur Bait

    Feb 11, 2002
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    IC: Two-Face
    June 26

    The doorman pushes open an already ajar door open; a ray of light blinds me and the boys as the door creaks. "You got some company, sir."


    I step into the room, taking a moment to let my eyes adjust to the light.

    "Harvey...Dent, is that you?" The wheezy voice says. My vision clears and I see Rob Valestra sitting at a wooden table at the side of his bedroom. A steaming cup of tea rests in its saucer to the side. A cigarette tray on the other, in which two butts are already placed.

    "SoRrY tO iNtRuDe At SuCh A lAtE hOuR. yOu KnOw HoW tHe CoIn Is. CaN't ArGuE wItH tHaT."

    "Forget about it," he says, standing up and walking around to shake my hand. "I couldn't sleep, anyway. But tell me, what the hell are you doing in Chicago?"

    I shake the older man's hand. He's about fifty, and still has a good grip. "JuSt PaSsInG tHrOuGh On BuSiNeSs, ThOuGhT i'D lOoK uP aN oLd FrIeNd. SoRrY aBoUt UnClE vAl AnD aLl. ShOuLdA rEaChEd YoU sOoNeR."

    "Yeah," Rob says, sitting back down while dusting off his smoker's jacket. "I heard that clown in Gotham did it. You know him?"

    "OnLy ToO wElL." He nods. I look over my shoulder at Min and Max and wave them over to stand in the corner by the window. I then seat myself at the table and lean in to talk with the Chicago crimelord. He's still holding his head in his hands.

    Rob looks up at me, almost sheepishly. "Sorry, you were saying."

    "ThE bOyS aNd I aRe HeAdInG oUt WeSt To FiNd SoMeOnE. wItNeSs PrOtEcTiOn PrOgRaM. yOu StIlL gOt FrIeNdS aT tHe ChIcAgO pD, rIgHt?"

    "Yeah, who do you need to find?"

    "GrAcE lAmOnT. tHe FeDs MaY hAvE mOvEd HeR tO wAsHiNgToN sTaTe."

    "Isn't that your wife?"

    I snort. "WaS gOnNa Be OnCe UpOn A tImE." Maybe still can.

    "Whoa whoa whoa," he says, dragging on a cigarette and coughing up some phlegmn in his lungs, "you can't just waltz in here and make these demands, Harvey."


    "Whatever. Yeah, I'll help you, but if you do a little favor for me." I can see a twinkle in his eye.

    "WhAt Do YoU hAvE iN mInD?"

    His crusty lips curl up into a faint smile. "Get that clown and bring his head to me. Capiche?"

    Growling deep within my throat, I reply. "EaSiEr SaId ThAn DoNe."

    "I know, my men will help you. Just say when."

    "TwO wEeKs. In TwO wEeKs I'lL bE bAcK iN gOtHaM aNd We CaN pUlL tHiS oFf tHeN. SoUnD gOoD?"

    "Excellent." He sips some tea and dabs at his lip with his sleeve. "We'll call you with your information in a few days about Lamont."

    We shake hands and I'm escorted out of the room. The boys exchange cell phone numbers and we're on our way.

    And not one mention of that puppet incident.
  18. AceOfKnaves

    AceOfKnaves Why aren't you laughing?

    Feb 2, 2002
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    OOC: Okay, everyone, I'm sorry to do this again, but I don't think I'll be coming back. Not a lot of time lately, and the play isn't being very much fun...so I'm gonna bow out of this one. Ivy and Renee are now open.

    I'm not trying to bail on you guys again and again, but it's really disheartening when you've been trying to get into the storyline for two years and have only been mentioned six times...in two years...most of the time I was RPing to myself, and this hasn't just happened with me. There are a few members that are excluded, and feel this way.
    While I understand busy storylines, I've been trying to get involved since before some of them were created, but the storylines I wanted to plot were replaced with others and again I was left to myself and my corner. :sad:

    I'm sure there are reasons I haven't thought of to justify someone being left out of an RPG for so long, but I just wanted to let you guys know what was going on, and ask if you realized you were doing that or not.

    Thanks for letting me at least try to play.

    ~Selena Kyle~
  19. Kylewayne

    Kylewayne Mrs. Outlander00

    May 1, 2001
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    Chase IC
    Thursday, July, 7th 1 :00 pm
    Selina Kyle/Catwoman IC
    Thursday, July, 7th , 1:00 pm

    As I carry the packages from level to level behind Selina, I catch up to her and smile. “So, I take it this is a light day for you” I say to her in a joking, sarcastic tone.

    “We haven’t hit the other stores yet” I say, grinning.

    I laugh, replying, “True… true. You have me there.”

    I stand just behind her with the packages in my arms, saying to her “You haven’t asked me what I did or where I’m from yet.”

    “The question to ask here Chase is ‘Do I care what you do or where you are from?' To be frank with you…I really don’t care. Can’t we just go on, as we are now. The last guy I asked that question turned out to be a playboy millionaire...Careful for that last step, I don’t want any packages falling down. Those items are pricey you know.” I say in a singsong voice.

    I look at Chase and he seems a bit annoyed about my answer to his question. He will cool down sooner or later. Wait until he sees the dress I bought for dinner tonight.

    “Stop falling behind servant boy” I say amusingly.

    “You know Chase, a girl like me can get used to this kind of treatment.

    I slyly smile as she goes on with her shopping spree, replying to her “Well, Selina… I definitely don’t mind the exercise, so I guess you have your servant boy” with a wink and a nod.

    “So! Where to next, your highness” I ask sarcastically.

    “Silence! Servants do not speak, they only obey orders” I say as I approach him. “Now stop falling behind”

    “Fine” I exclaim, seeing her life slightly at his gesture. Just as we leave the building, my cell phone goes off. I check the display on it and I immediately get pale and worried.


    I look at her and put a fake smile on my face. “Just give me one minute for this, Selina… Need to take this call. Very important.”

    “Fine, fine I’ll just be busy over here trying on stuff”

    I put the packages down and walk to the corner of the building, accepting the call. “Chase here!”

    “Agent Grandier, this is Assistant Director Thompson. Your handler and I have been going over your recent reports you sent. Needless to say, I am disappointed in the amount of information you have collected on The Batman.”

    I look over at Selina in the immediate distance and smile, replying, “Director, I am sorry for the lack of data. My surveillance of the Batman began at a point where he soon disappeared after an altercation with the known criminals Lock-Up and Two-Face. I may have to resort to alternative means to flush him out.”

    “What about your contact, the one known as Catwoman?”

    I look over at her, his heart fluttering slightly as he replies, “I have… secured Ms. Kyle again. Though she has yet to slip any information about her dealings with the Batman, or the other vigilantes who associate with him.”

    “Agent Grandier, may I remind you that this project was fast tracked by the president to get all vital information on these so called ‘World’s Finest’ heroes in order to keep the citizens of this nation secure.”

    I look over to Selina and smiles again, seeing her starting to walk over, the doorman loading the packages into a car. Quickly, I reply, “I understand! I will see you back in the office once I am done here, Al!” I quickly close the phone just as Selina walks up to me, smiling at her.

    “Such mysterious behavior, all this due to a phone call ” I say as I observe him closely.

    I quickly and hesitantly reply, “Oh… It was my friend Al, the VP of R&D. Apparently there are issues with a system that need to be resolved before I go back. Nothing to worry about.”

    I take her hand and smile at her, walking with her to the car, continuing, “So, off to Tiffany’s!”

    I smile at her, keeping my cool composure around her, despite what she does to him on the inside. I reply to her query, “Well, I am a vice president of accounts for a security company I started with a few friends from the military. We handle security and security systems for those who need it… mostly large companies, governments, and organizations with a lot to protect. I’m originally from Keystone City, but moved to Metropolis when we started the company. Today, I was at Waynetech meeting people regarding their security systems when I thought it was worth stopping by here to get an apology gift.”

    “Fun job” I say drully.

    So he is in the security business. He isn’t doing a good job since I robbed so many places. Pfft! But...He may come in handy. I look his way and flash him a smile. Might as well be a good kitty for now.

    “Anyways Chase, thanks for the fun day but I must be getting home, stuff to do people to see. You know, it’s called having a life too. So please take me home and I’ll see you whenever we meet again.”

    I nod in agreement, relieved she would say that... mostly due to being so attracted to her. I smile at her, replying, "Your wish is my command, Ms. Kyle."

    We finally pulled over to my place. I signal the doorman to come and aid with the bags. I lean over and kiss him on the cheek as a goodbye. Tata!
  20. TimTwoFace

    TimTwoFace Mod, and Minotaur Bait

    Feb 11, 2002
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    IC: Two-Face
    June 26

    We got into the car a couple of minutes ago. It's starting to smell like a dumpster back here. I roll down the window and toss out some garbage - cellaphane, old food wrappers, crumbs and specks of dirt on my sleeve - such pigs. This is why I hate road trips.

    Just like back when I was a boy. Dad was always such a terror on the road. Screaming at mom for not giving good directions, screaming at the others on the road when he managed to get stuck in the slow lane, swatting at me over the top of the seat when I was "making that noise that he hated so much"...I hate these damned road trips.

    "Boss, I'm still hungry."

    I smack my palm against my forehead. What a pair of whiny beggers they are. "YoU jUsT aTe, ShUt Up AnD dRiVe."

    "But we're gonna be leaving the Chicago city limits any time now. Come on, one more pizza for the road. That's what this city is built on." We turn a corner onto an empty street, just as a light drizzle of rain begins to fall. I stare back at them in the rear view mirror; our eyes connect, and Min, the driver, jolts in his seat. "I bet we can still find a place open at this hour."

    "Speak of the devil, there's a place now!" Max exclaims, tapping his finger on the glass.

    I look through the window and see a restaurant with the signs turned off, but I can still make out a light inside, probably in the kitchen somewhere. The boys pull a U-turn and swing into the parking lot. I squint to read the darkened sign on the street: Donato's Pizza.

    "You sure you don't want anything?"

    "I'm GoOd, ThAnKs."

    They both shrug and prance out of the car like giddy schoolgirls. They're confronted by a young woman sitting on the stoop, mopping her eyes with her apron. She's young, probably still in high school.

    "Outa the way lady, we're hungry."

    "We're closed," she sobs, blowing her nose.

    Min stomps his foot. Max starts to whine. "But you obviously work here so you obviously have keys to get us in. Come on, we're starving here, lady."

    "No," she says. "We're closed."

    Max pulls a gun on her and presses it against her temple. "I'm gonna ask you nice one last time, girl. Open the damned door."

    Oh, this is enough. I swing the back door open and step out of the car, reaching into my waistband for a gun of my own. "BoYs, YoU'rE a ReAl PaIr Of IdIoTs, YoU kNoW tHaT?"

    As the light from within the restaurant hits my face, I can see the young girl's eyes make contact. A terrified scream erupts from deep within her chest and echoes off of the vacant landscape, probably for miles around.

    "Shut up!" Min says, grabbing the girl from behind, clamping his hand over her mouth and holding both her hands behind her back. "You brought this upon your self, lady. We're just doing what we gotta do, you made us." Just as Max is about to pistol-whip her, I speak up.

    "JuSt WhAt Do YoU tHiNk YoU'rE dOiNg?" I say, in a deep, but calm voice. The young lady doesn't appear too impressed, but rather, quite distressed. I couldn't care either way.

    "We was hungry and, come on, you heard her, if she keeps screaming everyone's gonna wake up and everyone's gonna notice us. Get with it, boss."

    I don't even care which one is speaking, they're both the same. I shoot at the pavement before them; that gets them to shut up and jump a step back. "No, YoU gEt WiTh It. We'Re On A mIsSiOn HeRe AnD yOu TwO hAvE bEeN mEsSiNg It Up tHe MoMeNt wE lEfT gOtHaM. yOu'Re NoT eVeN mEn EnOuGh To StOmAcH nOt ChOw dOwN oN tHiS gReAsY sTuFf EvErY tEn MiNuTeS. AnD nOw YoU'rE gOiNg To KiLl ThIs GiRl?"

    They both look at me, smirking. The girl looks at me, like a deer caught in the headlights.

    "You're going soft, boss," Max says.

    I step in closer, smile at him, and then smack him across the face. A spew of blood shoots out of the corner of his mouth and lands on the poor girl's cheek.

    "ThE cOiN wIlL dEcIdE." I pull it out of my pocket and flip it into the cool night air. After a few seconds, I snatch it in my hand and look at the results. "ShE lIvEs."

    "But Two-Face, she's seen us!" Min stammers to find logic to counter mine. "I mean, no offence, but your face sticks out like a sore thumb, even outside of Gotham." And yet he just keeps giving us away. Thanks, you ingrate.

    I pause for a moment to think. "We'Ll HaVe To BrInG hEr WiTh Us FoR nOw."

    I walk back to the car and recline in the back seat, all limbs spread out. A few minutes later, the boys shove her in the back with me and lock us in. I stare over at her. "I mEaNt In ThE tRuNk, YoU iDiOtS." Min and Max slink into the front seat, tummies still rumbling, and pull out of the parking lot.

    The girl looks back at me and pushes into the farthest reach of the back seat, cowering in the corner. Just like I did when trying to get away from dear old dad. "HeLlO," I say, uncaringly.

    She says nothing.

    I roll my eyes. "WhAt'S yOuR nAmE?"

    She stammers. "Em...errr...Emily."

    "WeLl, MiSs EmIlY," I stretch, trying to twist my hips to feel that satisfying cracking sound, "iT aPpEaRs YoU'vE gOtTeN yOuRsElF iNtO a BiT oF a PiCkLe."

    The car hits the freeway - the I-90 - continuing our sojourn west.
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