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World's Finest RPG Batman Beyond RPG: Part 3

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by Bird Boy, Apr 5, 2002.

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  1. AceOfKnaves

    AceOfKnaves Why aren't you laughing?

    Feb 2, 2002
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    IC: Melanie/Ten


    The mask feels cool as I slide it over my face, sending the feeling of a new being shooting inside of me. I was always a different person when I placed this mask over my head,
    "A change for the worse."
    I utter to myself as I push on the doors. The building that I had been sheltering in the night before was crumbling, and unused, carrying a damp, chilly draft around in it's bowels. Luckily for me, it was one of the few old structures left standing after the explosions, and made for a perfect seclusion from the rest of the city.

    Depressing a button on the back of my hand, I run stealthily down the street, leaping off of the ground as I hear the whoosh from above. My feet land gracefully on top of my ride, pulling me up further from the street, and into the skyline.
    I smile to myself, recalling the thousands of times it took me to perfect that little trick before I stopped falling clumsily on my butt. It had never upset me though, because my mother was always there to comfort me, and insist that I'd get it right someday.

    Your mother always did baby you, Ten.

    I shut my eyes, trying to stop the newly forming tears from coming, but it was useless. Hot streaks zipped down my cheeks as I flew through the air, wetting the mask that concealed my emotions. She was gone, a long way from here anyway, finding her rehabilitation at a place other than Arkham apparently.

    Pull yourself together you weakling, your mission isn't to blubber.

    "I hate you."
    I speak angrily.

    Jimmy Cracked corn, now quiet yourself and fly. Since when did you let yourself become this mass of emotion. The world wasn't built on tears Ten, it was made by solid, and well thought out actions. Such as the destruction of the Bat.

    Leaning forward, I steer the card for the ground, leaping off as it comes within reach.

    What are you doing, Ten?

    It hit me, all at once it'd just flooded my brain. I know who it is. I know who's in my mind.
    I look up at the sky, tears filling my eyes once more and shout at the top of my lungs,
    "I'm not crazy!!!!"

    "Could have fooled me."
    An old man across the street mumbled.
    I don't care what he says, I'm not nuts.

    The smile on my face faded as I stood in the center of State Street, a look more like confusion growing over my features.
    Horrible pain drilled through my skull, sending me crumpling to the concrete.
    All was black.


    The light around me began to focus, pulling me from my unconscious state.

    I was upright, and crouching on a crate that overlooked what appeared to be a darkened Warehouse.
    "Where am I?"

    Taking a harder look, the breath in my throat caught for a moment, passing as quickly as it had come.
    I knew this place, I'd been here when I first came to Gotham.....to collect some things.

    Perhaps I should get my money back for the broken Ion gun, cheap thing busted into millions of pieces the second Batman knocked it from my hands. How is that durable?

    A movement on the South side of the lot caught my eye, quickly causing me to lay flatly on the surface of the wood. A figure emerged from the side of the building,
    Who is that? It looks like....it is! It is him. What the heck is he doing here?

    I leap from the crate, and silently make my way through more, hoping that there isn't some kind of security at this place, and that he hadn't seen me. I honestly didn't feel like being very strenuous right now, not when I had a splitting head ache and I hadn't a clue as to how I'd gotten here. I slide the mask back over my head, feeling a little more protected as I do so.

    He stopped for a minute, his head tilting back, almost as if he was....smelling the air.
    How strange. Continuing on after a few seconds of pause, he made his way towards the Warehouse.

    As he was swallowed into the darkness of the large entrance, I lurked closely behind, pondering if I should go in after him. What was he doing here? What was I doing here? I felt nauseous.

    I remained a good distance away, peering into the building and watching intently as he entered a far room, casually shutting the door.

    The read outs on my suit alert me to an electrical system running through the floor by the entrance. Must be some kind of security system...
    Well, I'll skip that.

    My gaze darts around nervously as I slink around the side, matching the most possible window option for the location of the room.

    The glass is partially cracked, and extremely dirty, but I can still make him out as I stand on my tip toes. This is just ridiculous.
    I was about to knock on the window, after all, he's probably got a good reason for being here, when it happened. By the time I'd gotten to the pane, he'd reduced himself to shorts and a small T-shirt, leaving clear view of most of his flesh. But now,
    his face jerked, and seemingly moved on it's own, the tan undertones of his skin losing it's color.
    "What the?"

    His chest convulsed, as his hands pressed against his face, holding in what sounded to be laughter.

    Something deep inside of me felt as if it were drowning in it's own fear. This was unreal, I'd never seen anything like it...

    A pressure on my back sent a violent jump through me, instantly replaced by rage when I realized it was only a cat using me as a rubbing post.

    I turn back to the window, a horrible sinking feeling swirling in my throat. He was gone.
    Leaning hopefully towards the window, I look further inside.

    "I've been expecting you my dear."
    I jerk from fright, jumping away from the voice that had come from behind me.

    "Calm yourself Ten."
    His eyes struck me above everything else that was different, a crimson red resting proudly in each iris.

    "Who are you?"
    He smiled, four of his teeth proving to be much longer than the rest.

    "Please forgive me, my name is Cheshire."

    I plaster on a fake grin,
    "Like the cat?"

    A small chuckle emits from his neck, his left hand raising slowly in front of him. He brings it down, quickly striking a steel support bar attached to the building, afterwards smoothly retracting the claws that had emerged from his fingertips just moments before..
    The smile remained on his face as the once sturdy beam fell from the wall, crashing loudly against the ground.
    I swallow very roughly,
    "I guess not..."
  2. Dark_Angelus_18

    May 12, 2002
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    Elliot Spencer

    9:35 AM

    “Why did you invite her to stay?” Elliot pushes his little brother against the wall. “What were you thinking ? Do you have any idea how bad it is going to be with a third person living here. we could barely stand it around here when it was just us.”
    “Look You were the one that knew her when you were a kid. You were the one who likes to see me swear. You are the one that gave the last little nudge that got her to agree to stay. Now remove your hand from my chest before I rip it off your wrist.” Jason just closed his hand around mine and tossed me aside like a rag doll .”Look I don’t know why but I already worry about her. There is something wrong and I can’t really do anything about it. I want to though so get off my back about it and let’s just make sure she is okay. Please?”
    I can’t believe that my kid brother is bossing me around. I really don’t need this. He must really care about her though. I haven’t seen him act this concerned about anyone in years. I haven’t seen him act like this since before we got out of the orphanage. Jason never was one to go short when he talks to a girl it is because he can’t see anyone else in this World. I hope he Doesn’t get in over his head again.
    “Fine just make sure she doesn’t get into my office I am going to be in deep if anything in there goes missing before they can even be tested my boss will crucify me.” I’ve already got the security for that room on. The only people getting in is me or...” The ringing phone jerks my attention away from what Jason says and brings my attention back to more important matters.
    ‘Hello?... Yeah I can. Yeah. Thanks. I needed the hours Thanks again.” I hang up the phone and head off for the door. “Hey Jason I gotta go they need my help down at the labs I may still be a errand boy but with Mom and Pop running the show down there, at least i get to add my rather original two bits.”
    “Um Bro isn’t it supposed to be your two cents?”
    “Yeah but inflation is a pain little bro. Inflation is a pain. Don’t Do anything I wouldn’t do.”
    “I’m not that big a pervert remember?” I give him a knowing smirk and head off to the make my own legacy, at least I hope to.

    Jason Spencer
    Immediately after Elliot leaves

    “Crap I better get some stuff ready for when she wakes up. I really hope she is okay.”
    “She fainted you idiot of course she is okay she was probably just exhausted Even you have done it before.”
    “I don’t need to hear this form you today She’s in trouble and you get on my back about it. SHUT UP!”
    “Wow I think he actually listened. “
    “She is in trouble, You like her too it is the few things you agree with yourself about.”
    I walk into the kitchen making a quick bowl of chicken soup and a cup of coffee and head into the hall.
    ”I feel like a complete idiot I hope the soup makes her feel better” I get to the door and slip in sitting the tray next to the nightstand and sit next to the bed. I cover her back up as she starts shivering.

    A sound catches my ears as I sit next to her “"Remember what happened, remember the way you felt when he died. Remember all the things that HE'S responsible for......”

    “Stupid TV! I’ll be back Mel. try and feel better.” I squeeze her hand softly before walking into the other room and glancing at the TV before I shut it off. “It figures a soap opera”
    “As if talking to yourself wasn’t bad enough you have to talk to an unconscious girl now too.” I rush back to the room as I hear Her scream something and when I get there she is gone the window is open and the curtain are flapping in the breeze. “I thought i was the only one who did that? well this certainly sucks. I have been blown off by two girls. I need to beat on something.”
    I slip my costume on over my face feeling as the it slides over my face like silk, the blood starts pounding through my veins as I leap out the window. ”I’ll never get tired of this feeling.”

    The Messenger
    10:15 AM

    I pull the bike up to the Old T hideout and park my bike along side the building and activate the stealth mode. I push open the door and straighten my jacket as I stand there waiting. “Anyone home?” The T’s jerk around and charge me as a group before I can even get out what I needed to say. They have me pinned in a few seconds. “Why couldn’t they just let me do this peacefully.”
    I press the button in my shoe and watch as the T’s begin to jerk and spasm ass the ultrasonic waves begin to make their ears bleed. I dust myself off and stand up
    “Now if you will all just listen to me I think that you will be more than thankful of the message I have to impart. I believe you have all heard of my boss Cheshire. From the groans of pain I hear I assume that to be a yes. He is the new boss in town There won’t be any more gang Wars in Gotham if there are you will have earned his anger and I guarantee that that is not something that you want . Now listen up! Show up at this address at the time listed on the card or I will come back and drag you there myself Have a good day folks and try and clean this place or Jack will be back. See ya around gents.”
    I slip on my helmet as I head out the door and start up my bike as I head out to the next hideout to repeat the same message at all the other pocket hideaways left. This si going to take a while.

    Immediately after Selena’s Post

    "If you are smart you will follow me.” I lead her to a door and push her inside and follow her in as the descent begins. “I assume you have come to get your next shipment? I guess that Jack gave you one of our inferior toys and you had it destroyed within a few minutes. Am I correct?

    “What exactly do you mean by that?” I just smile at her as the elevator stops smoothly at the bottom. I step out and wave her out into the center of the room.

    “Don’t worry about it. All I ask is do you want to grow or shrink?”

    “What are you talking about I came to get the weapons and Leave so I can get this over with.”

    “I’m afraid that I am going to have to ask you to answer my question or leave it is as simple as that. Now answer my question do you want to grow or shrink? If you want to grow then enter the door on the right IF you want to shrink follow me. The time for choices is now. You have until the count of five. ONE. TWO. THREE. FOUR...”
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  3. Bird Boy

    Bird Boy WF Admin
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    Apr 27, 2001
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    IC (Jazium)


    A loud crash jolts me from my hibernation. My heads pounding, I can feel all of the bruises on my body..some suit this is. Or some pounding I got..one or the other..

    I look up and realize my helmets not on...and then I take in the fact there are 10 police men sitting around me, all huddled in a the compartment of a prisoner carrier. This will be interesting.

    "Stay right there. We found you on the scene of a destroyed house. Neighbors complained of commotion and when we got ther--" I cut his words short as I rip the bolted cuffs off of the side of the wall and swing them around, knocking him and a couple other officers into each other, clanging heads and dropping their weapons.

    The window cover slides back, revealing daylight from the front seat. A grenade is dropped into the back, which releases a strong gas seconds later. I begin to cough and I fall to the ground, moving my hand to one of the dropped weapons. The remaining officers are down in seconds, and the back door is blown off it's hinges with a few charged blasts from the gun. I quickly jump out onto the road, with hundreds of cars whizzing by.

    My suit responds almost instantly when a car is about to slam into me. I'm thrown into the air and then my jet pack kicks in, pushing me higher above the overpass. I charge the rifle up again and quickly target the van that held me moments ago. I let go of the trigger and watch the blast hit the oppened containment area of the van, blowing the sides out and sending the two drivers in the front through the window.

    I turn around and head back down to the docks. Time to re-load again.



    I slide the new helmet over my head, activating the visor settings and allowing it to fully kick in before popping out of the boats cockpit. I look around quickly and the duck back down..thought I heard someone.

    I take off the suit and change into a set of civilian clothes. I pull myself out of the boat and re-cloak it, and then walk down the docks, trying to find a decent restaurant..I need some breakfast.

    END (Jazium).

    IC (Batman/Terry McGinnis):

    I take Max's bag out of her hands and disappear into another room. Dana's coming down the steps--don't wanna be there for that meeting. I can already see it..

    I open up Max's laptop, and set it down on the table, allowing it to boot up. I look up at the door instantly when it opens, with Dana looking slightly miffed.

    "She knew?" Dana blurts out.


    OOC: all I could think off--I need to talk to Cyndy before I can do much more with the Terry/Dana/Max thing..

  4. Bleu Unicorn

    Bleu Unicorn \ (^v^) /

    Mar 22, 2002
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    [color=63B8FF]OOC: Well, it's rather dead in this thread. But it is nearing that time of year where we're in the middle of mid-terms, or us poor college folk are knee-deep in finals. But I just wanted to apologize for my very long deadness. I've been extremely sick with a sinus infection (I didn't get out of bed for almost a week at its worst point). I am feeling a lot better, though I'm still not 100%. Unfortunately, that isn't the only reason I haven't posted. I've needed to speak with Matthan, who seems to be very much dead in this rpg, since a lot of what I have planned out hinges on him. The last time I spoke with him, he was having a stretch of severe business that was keeping him from the boards...and offline. Regardless, I'll be done with finals on Thursday and hope to get posts up, most definitely for Mas, at the very least.[/color]
  5. AceOfKnaves

    AceOfKnaves Why aren't you laughing?

    Feb 2, 2002
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    OOC: S'okay Blue, I myself need to make a post sometime pretty soon as well. The one I'm working on now is just so long, and I have been struggling to find time for it.
  6. Dark_Angelus_18

    May 12, 2002
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    Don't worry It seems a few of us are eagerly awaiting Matthan's return to begin working on our posts again. So I can imagine that he will be still busy when he gets back, just in a fun way :D.
  7. The Guitar Slayer

    The Guitar Slayer 1965 to Eternity

    Dec 29, 2001
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    OOC: It's good to know this place is cared about, even though we are all busy. Hopefully, by Christmas, I won't be looking at shrubbery anymore ;)
  8. Blight

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    May 3, 2001
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    Hey Bleu, it's good to hear from you. I'm really sorry about your infection, but I'm glad you're feeling better now. Yeah, I'm waiting for Matthan as well. I can't continue with that Charity Event plan until he posts. I am glad to see this place awakening, though. We just need Matthan, now. Come on, Matthan, get your butt over to your computer chair and start typing! :p :D

    See ya!
  9. AceOfKnaves

    AceOfKnaves Why aren't you laughing?

    Feb 2, 2002
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    OOC: Okay, I cut it shorter than I had wanted to, because I didn't want to write a story on here. :D

    IC: Melanie/Ten


    Was he serious? This guy is nuts!

    "Shrink!" I spit out.

    "Very Well." He stretches out his arm, leading me through a weathered steel door that shuts loudly behind us, leaving me momentarily stranded in pitch darkness with a pair of gleaming red eyes. I don't think I've ever been more unnerved by a sight.

    A bright light blinks on above us, revealing a room lined with metal shelves, all sporting black velvet cases with matching artillery. Typical freak's ammo room.
    He reaches for a familiar looking gun.

    "Don’t worry, here is a replacement for you..and your next toy as well. IF you want to pick out a third you may but it won't come cheaply. Either way I hope you enjoy them and do drop in again. Remember Alice, if you are going to follow the little white Rabbit down the hole make sure that you can awake from the dream at the end."
    With that, he turned on his heel and vanished out of the door, leaving me alone, and confused...not to mention surrounded by weapons.

    Pulling out a card, I look at it for a long time, knowing the balance that it held. Far more than needed to buy any of these gadgets. Heck, I could buy Gotham, not that it’s worth much anymore, with the four that I had. Though I wouldn't verbally admit that. For the moment, I needed to stay alive, and invisible.

    My eyes scan over the metal of each gun, fascinated by each individual design.
    They stop on one, the possibilities of what I could do with it are endless...

    "What am I doing?"
    I don't want to do this, do I? I have another Ion gun on my waist, my other weapon in my hand, and I was picking out one more to kill a man that I had no real anger towards.

    No matter how hard I thought, I couldn't recall why I was feeling this... before I can react flashes of a horrible pain tear my mind apart.

    'My dear Ten, let me take a load off of your shoulders.'
    I remember why only long enough to scream in agony, falling to my knees in tears.

    Somewhere inside of me was the feeling of loosing my self control, my mind being overrun by an unseen force. I scream one more time before another lapse into blackness.


    The whiteness in my eyes fades as I come to, revealing me to be standing in the middle of State St..

    People all around me stare, watching me as I lower my hands from my head, the pain slowly throbbing to a low thud.

    How did I get end up here?
    A loud honk pulls me from my confusion, my instincts too slow to move me out of the way in time.
    The truck slams full force into me, sending me a good 40 feet into the air, and spiraling back down onto the concrete below.

    I gasp as the pain finally hits me, pinning me to the ground in shock. I could only imagine the damage that had just been inflicted on me, but the urge to continue breathing was more important.
    It was broken ribs, it had to be, my chest exploding with stabs every time I inhaled.

    One of my eyes refuses to open as I gaze at the citizens hovering over me, a look of awe, concern and terror stricken on all of their faces.

    "That’s Ten..."
    I heard one woman whispering. Another man indicated I was from the Royal Flush Gang. One other woman remembered my name, and was by far the loudest gossiper.
    "I think her name is Melanie, though she hasn't been on the news for quite some time. Last I heard her family escaped from Arkham and was robbing upper class in a new city."
    Another set of women were screaming about calling for help, while a man on a cell phone dialed 911.

    A jabbing sensation brought my attention to the ion gun that was still attached to my waist. I pull it from it's position, and rest it and my hand on my stomach.

    The whispering turned into a slight panic, people assuming I was going to start shooting. I raise one of my hands, trying to assure them that I wasn’t planning on killing anyone. At least, I don’t think I am.

    The crowd around me starts to dwindle, some fearing me, and others giving me space as I try to stand. I ignore the worst pain ever, pushing myself as balanced as I can, from the road. I quickly slide the gun back into my holster.

    Something flashes in my eyes, but vanishes just as quickly, leaving an odd worried feeling in my gut.
    I step on my right foot, almost falling back where I came from. I was worse off than I thought. The trucker runs up to me, not even stopping to think twice about the costume I was wearing.
    "Are you all right miss?"
    I look at him, a small line of blood leaking from the corner of my mouth.
    "Yeah, I’m sorry...I.."
    He shakes his head, placing his hand on my shoulder.
    "I think you should rest, hon."

    Again it flashes, only this time I can make out some of it. My breath catches in my throat.
    Turning to the driver, I try to yell in urgency, but only manage a choked command.
    "Where’s the Durham Hotel?"

    The trucker looks at me wild eyed, not understanding the importance of what I was asking him.
    I repeat myself,
    "The Durham Hotel, WHERE IS IT?!"

    He stutters, pointing his finger west.
    "About three blocks that way."

    I nod at him, and begin to limp in that direction. I have to stop it, or hundreds of people will die.


    Bursting through the hotel doors, I scan the lobby, searching for the doorway. It was no where in sight. Had I imagined it all? Am I really going crazy?

    I pay no attention to the groups standing in various places, staring at me endlessly, and wondering why I look the way I do.
    I don’t care, I have to find the generator.

    A man in a red overcoat, with a nametag that reads "Bill", comes closer to me than I’d like.
    "Can I get you some help miss?"
    I wish people would stop calling me nicknames. I can’t even escape them as a criminal.
    "The generator room, where is it?"

    He stares unblinkingly at me for a moment or two, before coming up with what to say next.
    "Mamm, perhaps I can call you an ambulance, you don’t seem well."

    My line of sight wasn’t on him, but on the large amount of people around us, old, young, any and every age, all going to die if I didn’t find that bomb before it went off.
    "I need to get into your generator room. Call the police if it makes you feel better."

    He doesn’t move, trying to see any sign of sincerity in my eyes. I shove him out of my way, desperately searching for the door. I slam my eyes shut, trying to see what I had in the street just minutes before.
    "WHERE?" I yell at myself.

    A little girl standing next to her mother begins to cry, afraid of the woman in black and white, that had seemingly gone mad.

    The bellboy behind the counter clears his throat at me.
    "It’s down that hall, all the way to the end, your immediate left."

    I shout a quick thanks as I run as fast as my injured leg would let me. There’s not much time left...

    Right before reaching the door it hits me. I race back to the desk, looking squarely at the boy that’d helped me,
    "There’s a bomb in your generator room that‘s timed to go off in ten minutes. It’s loaded with serious explosives so you need to find someway to evacuate all of these people to a two block radius...use a cell phone and call the police. Inform them of what I just said to you, okay?"
    He wastes no time, running and yelling, effectively scattering the men, women and children in the lobby and flooding them outside.

    Grabbing the arm of the manager, I pull him along with me.
    "I need someone with me to make sure I turn it off."

    He chokes,

    I limp faster, heading back down the hallway.
    "If I black out, I need you to connect the black and white wires with the red one. The blue, orange, purple and green wires are the dummy ones...if you cut those, you’ll kill everyone, got it?"
    He noticeably swallows as I continue,
    "The switch on the front of the box is a trap, there’s a lever underneath that can access the main connector. Once you flip that, you can open the lid. Inside is your basic setup of booby traps and false detonators. Pick the wrong power switch, and it goes off."

    He interrupts me,
    "I can’t remember all of this!"

    I stop, swinging around to face him,
    "Step one, flip the white lever underneath the silver case. Step two, open the lid, and deactivate the booby traps with one simple switch, the one second to the far right. Step three, check the detonators, they’ll be in the gum looking things on the left, if they’re connected with the fuse, then I need you to pull it out. Step four, the last one, the black and white and red wires need to be stripped of their coating, not cut, and connected together to stop the timer from going off."

    "How do you know there‘s a bomb in the generator room?" He asks as I pull him towards the room again.

    I stall in answering, waiting until my hand is resting on the door handle to say anything.
    "I put it there."

    A small squeak escapes him as I kick in the locked door, my ribs complaining with a painful stab.
    "If you put it there then why the he-"

    I silence him by placing my hand over his mouth, trying to remember where exactly in this room I had just put it. But it wasn’t me that put it here, that’s the part that had me puzzled. I couldn’t recall why I’ve been hearing the voice in my head, but I’m certain at one time I had known. Now the voice had ceased almost entirely, except just before the migraine like bursts of lightning in my head, resulting in the two times that I could account for, that I’d blacked out and had awakened some place like in the middle of the street, or in a warehouse parking lot. I AM nuts.

    "Over there!" His mouse like tone tore me from my mind. There, sitting in the far corner was the device that I had purchased at Cheshire’s. Why, I had no clue.

    "Stand by the door, if you see anything going wrong, I want you to do what I told you to, you got it?"
    He nodded dumbly while backing away, leaving me to take care of the ticking object that held our lives in it’s depths. This sucks....

    Creeping forward, my fingers come within inches of it before the pain strikes me down again. I turn as best as I can as I begin to fall, but the man is gone. The bomb was going to go off, and I’m here with it.

    My eyes blur, the room around me spinning while more thuds course through my head. This is it, I’m going to die here in this smelly little room, alone and in pain.

    Laying down on the floor I curl up into a fetal position, and wait for the ticking to stop.
    At least I had saved the people in the hotel, I had one thing to be proud of before I was blown sky high.
    My eyes dart to the timer, 28 seconds left. A large knot forms in my throat, the decreasing numbers counting down to something that I wasn’t prepared for. At 4 seconds I cover my pounding head with my hands, knowing that it won’t do any good.




    I lift my gaze, a small look of confusion and wonder on my face. Before me stood a man in a suit that much resembled my own, tight fitting and well designed, though covered almost completely with red.
    He smiles at me, offering his hand to help me up.

    I accept it, wobbling a bit as I straighten out.
    "Are you all right?" He asks.

    I nod, trying to fake it the best that I can,
    "Yeah, I’m fine."

    I don’t think he bought it, but he didn’t ask me again. I was about to ask just who he thought he was supposed to me when I was struck once more with agony. My eyes rolled slightly back as I fell unconscious.
  10. AceOfKnaves

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    Feb 2, 2002
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    OOC: I know this is technically double posting, but it's another character, so it's not all bad. :D

    IC: Ruby


    I awaken from that dream again. The burning feeling of the bullets eating through my shoulder and chest a dark, distant memory I had tried to suppress.

    Those wounds had long since healed, sprouting a new form of life for me. What if I had chosen a different path, where would I have ended up? Already at twenty, I am gracefully skilled at almost every fighting technique known to man, and I am by far one of the world's most deadly hired hunters.

    My pondering is cut short as the concrete bird by the fireplace chirps loudly, informing me of an intruder roaming my compound. Oh well, old thoughts that I didn't want brought up anyway.
    I'd installed a very well camouflaged security system in my house after a few assassination attempts at my life. Not that they would ever succeed, but I like to be aware of my surroundings.

    The monitor's doors open, showing me three masked men heading up and over my rose bushes. I hope they don't ruin them, I won first prize at last year's rose competition with those babies.

    Hooking my gun holster to my chest, I slide on my mask, making sure my weapons are completely loaded before heading out to take care of some business.



    "Danny? I've made another mess, could you be a dear and tidy up for me?"
    I smile, hanging up the house phone with a little laugh. This seems like it's going to be a good day.



    Already in my outfit, I head out to the track, timing myself for twenty laps around my half mile course.
    I think that I'll have Danny raise the hurtles tomorrow, give me a little more to work for. They were at 8 feet right now, and I needed to first test out my new skills on courses that didn't present dangers for me. Then I'll move to jumping buildings. Should be fun.

    My last employer had offered me a surgery instead of payment. I had laughed at him. But after seeing the strength and agility it gave a person, I had to try it out. The only downside is that it's not reversible. At the moment, that seemed more like a perk to me. Now I'm ten times faster, stronger and for the most part, one hundred percent accurate in my aim.

    It's a shame that I had to kill him, he was a very intelligent man.

    About to begin my race with myself, I lift my backside into the air, posing my feet at a kick off position.

    "Miss Ruby?" Danny heads out onto the course with something small and black on a tray. It's my cell.

    I reach for it, "Thanks. Hey Danny?"

    He looks up at me, his face the normal white that is was after disposing of unwanted guests.
    "Yes ma'am?"

    I grin at him, "Take the day off. You look like you need it."

    He nods, "Thank you, Miss."

    Patting him on the shoulder I put the phone up to my ear. There is little I wouldn't do for that man.

    The voice on the other end is not one that I recognize.
    "Is this Samantha Phillips?"

    A small bit of rage comes over me. Samantha isn't my real name, it's been so long that I've heard my actual name, that I couldn't honestly recall it. I speak nastily.
    "Who is this?"

    "A very rich customer."

    A customer? I don't think I like working for someone that can hunt even me down.
    "Forget it, and this number."
    I hang up, tossing the phone on the grass. Two seconds pass before it rings again. I open it, knowing that it's him.
    "I suggest you listen. It's worth your while." He insists.

    I sit on the ground and stretch. Five minutes, and if he hasn't said anything good by then, I'll track him, and kill him.
    "How much?"

    There is a brief pause,
    "10 million credits each."

    I sigh quietly. I could buy a lot with that.
    "What did you have in mind?"

    A light laugh comes from the other end. It chills my spine as it rolls from his lips. This guy is even creeping me out.
    "Good. I see your priorities are the same as my own. Both targets are located in Gotham City, have you been there?"

    The sound of bullets tearing from a gun rings through my ears. My body jerks from the memories.....'Just once.' I think to myself.
    "Rings a bell."

    We continue to chat for a good twenty minutes before saying our good-byes.
    Twenty-million credits, this won't be such a bad haul.

    I head back to the house. I'll need my supplies.



    I step out of my car, looking at the wreckage around me.
    Looks like my targets my already be dead.

    I head to the spot that I was told, picking up a small yellow envelope that rests at the foot of a phone booth. Inside are two photographs, one of a man that looks almost familiar to me, and the other of a young woman. I've seen her before as well, though where escapes me at the moment.

    The rest is up to me.



    I set myself up in one of the handful of hotels still left standing. I'm surprised they're still in business, though it looks like a lot of these people are left without homes. Most of the rooms were free, but the suite I asked for was going to cost an arm and a leg. The clerk's lucky I didn't take his. I paid, headed up to the room, put my things in order, and changed clothes.

    Looking in the mirror I sighed at the large scar on my shoulder. I don't know why I wear a blank tank top if I don't want anyone to see it. My uniform consists of all black material, making sure I am nearly invisible at night time. When the sun goes down, I'm as dark as pitch, starting with the form fitting pants and matching leather boots, all the way down to the black holster across my chest and mask I wear over my face. I always took pride in this, it's appearance deceiving. From the onlookers point of view, it was a solid velvet covered face mask, but from the inside was a clear view of everything, and an adjuster for the night sky. I love this thing. Made it myself.
    Let's not forget, what gives me my name, the dime sized ruby resting on the forehead of my facial gear. It's just for looks, I thought it gave me more character.

    While I finished getting ready, I had my laptop search for information on my next victims.
    Not much on the man, though he still looks familiar to me.
    The name of two contacts rest below his. Hmm, I wonder if they'll lead me to him.

    The girl however turns up with two pages worth of information. I'll have to go over it later. Right now, I'll concentrate on the difficult one, and move to her after I get some solid info on this mystery guy.

    I head out the window, climbing up the building, and onto the roof. My jumps are perfect, and well practiced.
    I think this might be fun after all.
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    Sorry for the delay

    OOC: This isn't that great for all the time that you guys have been waiting for it. I've lost track of the time. I think if most of this happens around ten with Bruce at the end being on the eleven o'clock timetable that Bleu setup. Hopefully, I'll be more regular now, but I can't guarantee much with my thesis looming over my head. So Bleu wake up from your heart attack that I posted and read would you?

    Oh, and Selena don't worry about double posting as long as its different characters. We haven't tarred and feathered anyone in a long time. I'm still alive so that shows you the tolerance level of these fine folks in the rpg.

    IC: Blue Dragon probably just before ten am

    It’s so cold that I can feel my skin turning blue. My teeth can’t seem to stop chattering. Ice is everywhere. I can’t turn without seeing my reflection in the many-mirrored surfaces.

    “Paul, what in the world did you do?” I manage to bark out through my chattering.

    Paul stands there brushing off the thin layer of ice that covered him. “Well, I think I figured out what the little red module does.” He smiles as he talks cracking the ice gathered around his face.

    “How exactly are we supposed to clean this up?” I ask as I sweep my arm around to take in the entire ice covered apartment.

    “Got any ice scrapers and buckets?”

    I walk to a closet and yank to break the ice seal. I reach in and grab the mop bucket and a couple of scrapers that I keep for winter. I toss Paul one. “Get the vid screen first. I at least want to watch the news if I’m going to be cleaning.”

    IC: Luke Sepher again just before ten am

    “Is the press gathered, Kyle?” I ask as the makeup artist puts the final touches on my face. Staying up all night didn’t get me quite haggard enough, but a little magic here and there and no one will doubt the sincerity of my, “troubled mayor,” look.

    “Of course, sir. You are currently finishing a meeting with the city council right now before the press conference.”

    “Perfect. Kyle, my boy, I would be lost without you.” I say as I stand up.

    Kyle nods. “Thank you, sir.”

    I slump my shoulders to prepare myself and then set them back almost too much. Body language has to be subtle. I need to appear as a warrior facing overwhelming odds that refuses to give up. It’s the picture portrait of a hero. Just the kind of hero that can take power over everyone while they cheer him on.

    “Is Cahill ready?”

    “He’s standing with two of his men on the opposite side of the stage. He’ll come out and the officers will flank you as planned.”

    “And then I’ll shake Cahill’s hand and we’ll have the perfect photo opportunity. This is going to be the newsbite of the decade.”

    Kyle nods. “Quite, sir.”

    I step out onto the stage and stride to the podium. My unkempt look has been carefully designed down to the length of my unshaven facial hairs- not to long and not to short. I step up to the podium and grip the sides. I pause with my head bowed and eyes closed before the crowd as if gathering strength from a prayer. I count to seven slowly in my head. The perfect time to seem strong enough to have weakness, but not to weak to be able to be strong. I open my eyes and stare out over the crowd of press. I set my jaw in a show of strength and defiance against the odds. Then when all the whispers have quieted, I speak.

    “I want to thank all of you for coming this morning. It is with a heavy heart that I stand before you today. Last night our city was gutted in one terribly efficient stroke. The people behind this attack have destroyed large portions of our city, irrevocably destroyed families, and have placed fear into the hearts of those of us who survive.”

    “I won’t dance around this issue with fancy words and propaganda. This attack was purposeful and premeditated. As the reports began to flood in last night, my support team and I sifted through them to try and find a pattern amidst the chaos. It was difficult with the massive spread of the fires to pinpoint the original targets, but we were able to find a pattern.”

    I pull out a remote and click a button bringing up an overhead projection of Gotham on the wall behind me. “There were sixty-five buildings destroyed in the initial attack. Reports on the total damage are still being calculated. However, the original sixty-five buildings targeted were targeted for a reason. The people behind this crime wanted to leave their signature. You can see for yourself.” I click the button again and red dots began to appear on the projection.

    “As you can see for yourself, the attacks were mainly in the residential areas of Gotham, and they spell out, ‘Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha.’ Five different laughs on our fair city. This confirmed our suspicions that these attacks are the culmination of the Jokerz plans that were referred to yesterday by the captured Joker in the murder of General Reyna Hall. It is with that in mind that I point to the ineptitude of the Gotham City Police Department. Even with forewarning, they were unable to stop this catastrophe from happening.”

    “Some of you may have already received word of the changing of the guard. Shortly after the attack, I met with the council to rush one of our plans into fulfillment. It has long been my dream to stop crime in Gotham. To that end, the council and I voted to begin training a new squadron of officers to supplement the GCPD in its task. With the failure of the police department those plans have changed. Effective immediately, the council has voted to make the Gotham City Police Department relegated to the menial tasks of law enforcement. The GCPD will maintain traffic laws, petty crimes, and similar functions. This paves the way for me to proudly introduce you to the force that will bring the Jokerz to justice. Allow me to introduce the Gotham City Strike Force.”

    Three of the new officers strode out. Two flanked me and a third came up to stand beside me. They all stood at perfect attention. “These men and women are more than officers. They are soldiers. Our city has been at war with its gang element for years and it is time we recognized that. These soldiers are highly trained with the finest of equipment to help us bring an end to the tyrannical grip of fear that these gangs have placed on our city.”

    “To lead these soldiers, I would like to introduce you to the City Council’s unanimous appointment to chief of this new strike force, William Cahill.” At that Cahill lifted his helmet off his head and tucked it under his arm. “Cahill was one of the few competent officers in the police department and it is with pride and certainty that we place him over this new strike force. They will bring the Jokerz responsible for this to justice.” I stop and shake hands with Cahill as cameras flash. “To speak more on this, I proudly hand the floor over to Chief William Cahill.”

    I turn and walk away as Cahill begins to recite his speech. Kyle is waiting in the wings for me. “Sir, we have the reports ready for you.”

    I loosen my tie and ignore him. “Did it go well?”

    “Perhaps a bit short and not very flowery, but people have very short attention spans nowadays.”

    “Very true. The important part is the sound bites. No one will ever watch the complete speech after its first airing. They’ll just hear what we tell the news to play.”

    “Exactly, sir. Now about the reports.”

    We reach the car and the driver opens the door for us. We take out seats and I wait patiently. Kyle nods to give the clear.

    “What’s the status on the rogues?”

    “The situation has its ups and downs, sir. There are more showing up almost everyday. Batman remains an enigma. We can’t effectively track him or his movements without being seen. His car seems to resist tracking as well. We have our best people working on it currently. Batman has also been seen with a female accomplice recently. No information on her either.”

    “Good, keep me informed, Kyle. Batman is a loose cannon at best. He has a history of cooperation with the police department and I want to be able to force him to bow down to the new order or to get rid of him.”

    “Agreed, sir. We also have very preliminary reports on another rogue. Probability points to being male. Seems to call himself Phantasm, but we’re actually unsure. He has kind of gotten lost in the midst of Alpha, but we do have a few unsubstantiated reports of him working during the fires last night. We’re hoping to pinpoint an area that he may be working from and tracking him down.”

    “That’s disturbing news, Kyle. I don’t need more rogues. These costumed characters have a way of capturing the public’s imagination. I need to control the public’s imagination. Find this new guy. I want him in my stable. Who’s next?”

    “There have been a few reported sightings of Ten from the Royal Flush Gang. If she stays true to form, she’ll pass on to the next city soon enough. Her threat is minimal.”

    “We have all of her information from the police records, right?”

    “Correct, sir. She was arrested prior to this. Apparently had turned over a new leaf until these sightings.”

    “Any activity during the fires?”

    “None that have been catalogued yet, sir. We’re still sorting through a lot.”

    “I understand. That leaves us with Mr. Dragon. What news?”

    “That would be the good news, sir. Blue Dragon was very active during the fires last night. He apparently teamed up with Batman to fight an unknown assailant before alpha. They then fought fires together before becoming separated. Blue Dragon next appeared at an old police evidence warehouse. We detected him and pulled any resistance away from him. He broke in and stole an old freeze gun of Mr. Freeze’s apparently to aid in fighting the fires.”

    “Wait, we still have stuff like that lying around?”

    “Yes, sir. Most evidence concerning super criminals gets caught in bureaucratic tape.”

    “You have to love our system of government. Do we have evidence?”

    “Yes, sir, we activated emergency reserves to activate the surveillance system. We have his theft recorded.”

    “Perfect, that will serve nicely. Anything else?”

    “Yes, shortly after the theft, he and Batman encountered one of the new officers.”

    I perk up. “What were the results?”

    “Batman and Dragon escaped mostly due to the freeze gun. The officer remains active. Without the freeze gun, the fight seemed to be a stalemate.”

    “And I have an army of them. You can’t freeze them all. That’s good to know. Anything else?”

    “Yes, sir. We have a positive ID on Blue Dragon.”

    “You’re kidding me.”

    “No, sir. After the fight, we managed to tail him back to his apartment. Blue Dragon is one Jack Cross. Jack Cross is a scientist working for Wayne/Powers Industries. He is currently working in prosthetic equipment. He is widowed. His wife was raped and killed by the criminal named Big Time. Mr. Cross was present at the event, but unable to stop it according to police records. Initial conjectures points to that event being the focal point of motivation for the Blue Dragon persona.”

    “Yes, that would explain his rather violent attitude towards gangs and rape in general. Most of his sightings have been to save a female, hasn’t it?”

    “At least two. Each attack has left casualties.”

    “He sounds perfect. He should be easy enough to manipulate. What about his armor?”

    “Remains a mystery, sir. We have no evidence of its origin or its hiding place.”

    “That shouldn’t be a problem. Any more news?”

    “Yes, sir. There seems to be some issues arising on the internet. Apparently, someone has gathered information about you and is making theories that sound far to close to the truth.”

    My eyes go wide. “Have we traced them?”

    “Yes, sir. Her messages have been intercepted and deleted. A few have slipped past before we became aware, but damage is conjectured to be minimal. No one would believe the ravings of net junkies shouting conspiracy.”

    “Still, we should take care of the source.”

    “Agreed. We have tracked her down. Her name is Maxine Gibbons. She is a teenager living in Gotham, African American, and currently in line to be valedictorian at her school.”

    “I take it the assassin has already been dispatched?”

    “Awaiting your order.”

    “Have him hold. I have a plan to kill two birds with one stone. Contact Mr. Cross and tell him that I wish to have a meeting with him. We have business to discuss.”

    IC: Bruce Wayne this would be right around 11:18 am

    I watch the newsreel with disgust. To blame this on the GCPD is unthinkable. There is something wrong here, and I don’t have a blasted piece of evidence. All I have is a hunch. This is to explosive for the Jokerz themselves. They either have gotten a leader with big plans or are being set up. Either one is far too viable. The wake of the attack hasn’t cleared enough to see who profits the most. Sepher or Cahill both seem to be coming out well. There’s also the matter of most of the destruction being residential. It could be a developer wanting to move in. Heaven knows I’ve seen that before. I need a lead. I need to see the one slip up.


    I push the intercom. “What?”

    “It’s me, Mr. Wayne. Max.”

    Why of all the meddling people to show up, does it have to be her? “Not now, Max. This isn’t a good time.”

    I turn off the intercom sound system. I don’t need to listen to this. I have work to do. I see the light blink. She must still be talking. Then I see the green light flash. The gate just opened. Terry. It has to be Terry. He’s the only one who tolerates that girl enough to let her in my house. I push a button to seal the batcave. I don’t need to deal with the likes of her right now.

    OOC: Bleu I was going to have Max and Bruce meet, but you left her about to deal with Dana and I'm not about to write over that. I'm going to pop some popcorn for that catfight.
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    Due to time constraints and other responsibilites, Mr. Obsession would like me to inform you he will not be participating in this RPG anymore. *steps down from the box*

    Now that that's said, I wish you best on your new voyage, Mr. O! You were a excellent RPG player, and I hate to see you go. :)

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    RPG Player Bleu Unicorn has opted to drop out of the BB RPG, due to time constraints and the ultimately more important thing: her education (and the 2 ton loads of homework that ensue from it). She sends her apologies for just dropping out, but other things have taken more priority than a simple game online. She'll still participate in the Batman and Worlds Finest RPG when her schedule allows, so those of you looking for a place to find her latest, can seek her out there.

    With two members having dropped out in 2 days, I'm not sure this RPG can survive, but lets try our best. It's been dragging of late and I'd hate to see it die out after being on it's 3rd part.

    -Bird Boy
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    Wow, 2 RPG players have left in less than two days! I'm sorry to see you two go, and I really hope this RPG can survive. I intend to post with Powers this weekend, so hopefully things will start moving again.

    See ya!
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    A sad day

    *This is completely OOC and I apologize for that, but I want to public about this*

    When, I saw the rpg had new posts, I was happy. I was really happy. I had held up the rpg for quite a while, and I thought that it was getting back up to speed again. I was disheartened at what I saw.

    Mr. O, I don't know if you'll ever read this, but you have my respect. You have been with this rpg since the very beginning. You always had plans going on, but you were always quick to give someone else the spotlight. I always looked forward to your posts and your plots because I knew that there would be a level of quality and depth there that I couldn't touch. This rpg has always been great because of the people in it. When other rpgs stalled and died, you kept it alive. There were points when there were only three people doing the whole rpg. I came in long after that, but I remember as I spent those few days reading the old threads that you were the silent rock of the rpg. You never had a need to be vocal. You simply led by example. You are a man that exemplifies a quality rpg player. You have my respect and admiration. If you ever have the notion to join us again, it would be our honor for you to pick up your characters and play with us once more.

    Bleu, I'm sure that I'll see you around or online sometime. I count you among my friends, and consider myself blessed to have had the chance to share the rare opportunity to write this amazing collective story we have with a writer with as much talent as you have. This rpg will not be the same without you, and I am sure we will all miss you greatly.

    As for the rest of us left, we may be fewer in number, but I believe that we still have what it takes to pull off a killer story. BB, Blight, DA_18, Guitar Slayer, and Selina Kyle (my apologies if I've forgotten someone), all of you have proven to be exceptionally creative people. Let's pull together and make this rpg great again. This is the longest running rpg at Toonzone. We have a distinct honor to be counted among the players of it. Let's have fun.

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    Wow Matthan, great speech! I agree, not for no reason is this the longest running RPG at Toonzone. It's time for us to all pull together and make sure it continues on. And if you were expecting some kind of big speech, just remember, not everyone has as good a knack for words as Matthan. :) You can expect an IC post from me tomorrow.

    See ya!
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    [Talia gets eaten alive by a giant shrubbery sculpture of a duck]

    I need a plotline. Badly.

    I need someone to get me out of the garden. Badly.

    Please? [bats eyes]
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    OOC: Sorry I'm a little late, but here's the post I promised you all.

    Derek Powers


    IC: I pace about my office restlessly, waiting for my celphone to ring. It's been a few days since my secretary sent the message to Bruce Wayne, but there still has been no response. He's probably been spending the past few weeks in that Batcave of his. The wretched old fool probably has no recollection that he even has an answering machine.

    Ms. Winston walks in at that moment, interrupting my thoughts. "You wanted to see me, sir?"

    "Yes" I respond, "Has Mr. Wayne returned the call yet?"

    "No, sir" she says.

    I snarl in anger and bang my fists against my desk, "What the hell is taking that old man?" I shout, though it isn't that hard to figure out. He's obviously too busy trying to protect his beloved city with his little Bat protege to check his answering machine.

    I calm myself down and try to rationalize, "Well, I suppose it hasn't been that long. And while I'm waiting, I might as well think about something else, like the death of Batman. My charity event will go alot smoother without him swooping around".

    "I agree, sir" says Ms. Winston, "In fact, I have a suggestion".

    "Really?" I sit down at my desk, "Tell me".

    "I know of someone, a Bounty Hunter. You've heard of them?"

    I nod and gesture for her to continue.

    "Well, there's this one Bounty Hunter I've heard of, and from what I hear, he's the best of his kind. His name is Jazium, and I'm sure he would be able to eliminate Batman easily".

    "That sounds encouraging. You have his number?"

    "Yes, sir. It's 268-689"

    "Excellent" I smile, "Call this Jazium and set up a private meeting for the two of us".

    "Of course. Right away, sir".

    Ms. Winston turns and walks out of my office. My smile grows wider as I lean back in my chair. If what Ms. Winston says about Jazium is true, then it looks like my Bat problem will finally be taken care of. Then old man Wayne can concentrate on more important things, like checking his answering machine. Finally that thorn in my side Terry McGinnis will meet his end.

    OOC: Take it away, BB! Oh, and Matthan, hopefully you got the message that Bruce still needs to check his answering machine. :p By the way, why don't you all try to figure out what Jazium's phone number spells out in phone letters. I'll give you a hint. It starts with b and ends with y. I once tried this trick with Bird Boy, and he couldn't figure it out, so lets see if the rest of you can. ;)

    See ya!
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    IC: Melanie/Ten


    The world around me flashes back into place, my fist slamming into the nose of an unfamiliar face. His body is jerked backwards, the extra strength in my suit doing large forms of damage. Recovering quickly, and too fast for me to apologize, he tackles me, sending us both rolling off the roof of a building I don't recall scaling.

    I land first, slamming head first into a dumpster lid before bouncing onto the pavement. He lands on his back, immediately rising to his feet.
    "Wait..." I whisper, the second knock to my head in one day taking more than it's normal toll on me. The cut on my head throbs enough for me to reach my fingers up to it....crimson stains my white glove. Just fabulous, I'm bleeding again.
    "Why..." I stop my question, realizing he can't answer it for me.

    There's only one thing to do in a situation like this.......run.


    IC: Ruby


    "Help me!!! Somebody PLEASE!!!" A woman in the alleyway below me screams, seven or eight jerks chasing after her and her child, each armed with something.

    My mind plays a memory before my eyes, the sounds of my sister's screams echoing in my ears.

    "Help us!!! Somebody PLEASE!!!" She clutched me tightly, the group of punks quickly closing our chance of escape.

    The guy upfront, big and hairy, speaks loudly. "Give me the purse, lady."

    She tosses it, still shielding me from them.
    "Take it...."

    They pick it up, sorting through it with disgust.
    "There ain't no money in here, girlie."

    "Maybe the little one has it." I'm pulled away from her by my hair, something cold sliding under my chin.

    "NO! Please! All right, here!" She pulled it from her jacket pocket, throwing it at the man that held me. "Please...let her go."

    "See? I knew you was lying, woman." He shoved me, aiming his gun at her chest. "I don't approve of liars."


    The sounds scare me, sending horrific shivers down my spine. Sometimes it feels like it happened last night.

    I leap from the building, my foot landing firmly on the nose of one of them. What followed that was like a well choreographed dance, each blow a graceful, and yet effective force against the group I faced. It was all too easy, my body movements lethal and invigorating all at the same time.

    After all had been dealt with, some dead, others just unconscious, I walked towards the two quivering masses pressed up against the crumbling wall.
    "Are you all right?" She nodded, thanking me over and over under her breath as I leapt back up onto the rooftops.

    I'm not a hero, but for that, I'd always make an exception...
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    Jason Spencer

    I land on the rooftop overlooking one of the Joker headquarters that survived the explosions when after hearing the scream and tinkling of broken glass. I watch him throwing them around but notice that he isn't really hurting them just throwing them around a little bit.
    "Wonder what this guy is about? It's obvious he doesn't like them, but why isn't he hurting them? Even from back here I can tell he could do some serious damage. That bike is nice too."
    "That guy is down there beating the stuffing out of them and you are sitting here doing nothing get Down there and get him!"
    "Shut up I really don't want to hear it from you right now. I don't know nothing about this guy right now and I sure don't want to listen to you rant stupid nonsense when I could be figuring out what to do about this guy."
    "When did you grow a set?"
    "You done?"
    the silence in my head speaking volumes
    "Good stay that way." I watch him leave and drop a card at the Doorway. After a few minutes I swoop down and pick up the card it reads
    Cheshire's Garden Gotham City Park The 25th 8 AM or Jack N will be back for you.

    I kick off of the ground and am flying in roughly the same direction I hear his bike going and start jumping from roof to roof as soon as it is viable. I can hear people screaming about a crazy woman planting a bomb then trying to disarm it.
    “What was the point in that ? Why would you set a bomb then try and defuse it?”
    Just get down there and find out what is going on so we can finish chasing that guy back to his hideout.”[/I]
    I jump down at the front of the hotel and burst in through doors knocking a few patrons over in the process.
    “Sorry” I shout back knowing they won’t hear me and plow throw the crowd trying to get to the bomb that they are all crowded around. “Get out of the way.” I look down seeing a girl hands pressed to her face probably saying her last goodbyes as I yank the bomb up and fling it into the air outside.
    “I hope the bat mobile was out there.” I kinda chuckle to myself at that thought and head inside to see if everyone is all right. I walk back to the girl and put out my hand and yank her up checking her out in the standard way making sure she is fine. I can tell she isn’t but I will act as to let her bravado pass until I see her near pass out from some unknown pain.
    I grab her in my arms and we are out in the street again going from Roof to roof until I can get her to the hospital. The last thing I needed was the uppercut that causes me to bend nearly half over from the force.
    "I really need to start paying more attention when I get caught in the moment"
    "Just tackle em and ask em why later okay?"

    I can feel my arm wrap around the body, the female body, and realize I may have just used a little too much strength this time as we tumble over the edge. I try and flip her over but her struggling keeps me from doing so and she slams hard against the dumpster as her legs kick me against the wall and I land face up in the dirt.
    "I am really starting to dislike this girl."

    I jump up quickly as I watch her run.
    That’s it! I jump up and vault myself off of the wall and take out her legs as I hold onto her arms not letting her go.
    "Why did you do that. I was chasing someone and you decide to mess with everyone’s head and plant a bomb them fail to disarm it. On top of that you pass out and I race you to the hospital but half way there you flatten me. Worse yet you didn't even get a good job of that done. Now leave me alone and if I ever get hit by you again I will not be so nice as I am this time." I pull out a little capsule that Elliot had given me and watch as it oozes over her hands effectively welding them together behind her. I leave her there struggling hoping she is likes waiting a half hour for the "cuffs" to dissolve.
    I have long lost the sound of the bike roaring in the distant and instead head home and see if I can figure out what to do about the 25th. Who was that Girl anyway?
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