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World's Finest RPG Batman Beyond RPG: Part 3

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by Bird Boy, Apr 5, 2002.

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  1. Dark_Angelus_18

    May 12, 2002
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    Jason Spencer
    9 50 ish

    I watch her get up and the waitress calls her another nickname. She doesn't look happy about it either.She pays for her drink, gets up, and walks by me looking at me as she does.
    "Man I can't believe I just let her walk by."
    "I can. You always screw stuff like this up."
    " How many times am I going to have to tell you to shut up before you listen?" I can feel my heart drop as she goes by I kinda hoped that the note would at least got me a few minutes of talking to her. She walks out of the restaurant and I lose the rest of my appetite. I need the bill and call the waitress over.
    The next thing I know she is standing right in front of me
    I see her slide me the note.
    "If you keep talking to yourself, people might consider you crazy..."
    "I can't believe she didn't even want it." I start to crumple it up but as I do I notice there is some red ink next to the black I had written my note in


    YES! I throw money at the waitress and head out the door. I throw on the new jacket I got and run in the direction I saw her walkoff in hoping to catch her. I pour on a little speed and soon catch up with her.About htat time every word in my head runs away. All I can think of is "um Hi"and she turns to look at me a smile on her face.
  2. AceOfKnaves

    AceOfKnaves Why aren't you laughing?

    Feb 2, 2002
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    "Um, hi..."

    Was that his best pickup line? I save him from further embarrassment and hold out my hand.
    "Melanie Walsh."

    The corners of his mouth curl upwards, as he accepts my handshake. "That's a lovely name."


    I was hinting at a fill in the blank type answer, but he said nothing, just kept our hands bobbing lightly. Well, this is fun.

    I smile. "Are you going to tell me your name or should we shake for a little while longer?"

    Realizing our hands are still linked, he releases me, trying to throw on a warm smile. "Uh, yeah, Jason Spencer..."

    "Nice to meet you Jason Spencer, but I've places to be right now."

    I turn, walking slowly away. He follows behind me, "Perhaps I could walk you to where you're going?"

    Glancing at him, I shrug, "If you want."
    Jason grabs my hand, bringing it lightly to his lips, and kissing it. "Thank you Milady Melanie, It is a great honor indeed you have bestowed upon such as I."

    My cheeks redden slightly, this guy is so strange. "Come on Romeo, lets go."

    I start to move again, my eyes skimming the ground before me. He changes places with me, taking the side nearest to the street....okay.....
    I clear my throat,"You know, Jason Spencer, you really shouldn't be talking with someone like me."

    His face twists with puzzlement.


    He willingly drops it, "So where are you from?"
    Momentarily distracted by the synchronized sound of our footsteps, I glance up at him, his expression expecting...
    "I don't know exactly, my parents moved a lot when I was living with them."

    What are you doing wasting your time with this fool? That black suited freak could be out there right now......you have to kill him Ten....

    My hand meets my forehead, thankfully he just thinks it's the cut that I am dealing with.
    "That looks bad Melanie, I know someone who could look at that and your hand, for you."

    I was about to speak, but was cut off by a shrill ringing. He stood there for a moment, then reached into the jacket he wore, pulling out a small phone, "Excuse me for a minute."

    Gladly, now you can go hunt down the bat.
    "Shut up....."

    Why are you still standing here Ten, GO! He has to die, it's HIS FAULT.
    I clasp my ears, "SHUT UP!"

    Jason had just hung up his phone, and was wrapping one arm around me.
    "Melanie, what's wrong?"

    I push away from him, running down the street in tears. Sitting crookedly on the curb, I feel him approaching.
    He lowers himself next to me, gently rubbing my back. "What is it?"

    I bite my fist, trying not to sob. Why can't I just have a normal existence?

    Relaxing a bit, I look at him, tears still filling my eyes. "I can't tell you, you'd think I was crazy."

    He smiles convincingly, "That's not possible."
    I hesitate. "I hear things....... A voice that I can't explain.....it's always there.....I can't get rid of it."

    His arms tightened around me, "Hey.....it's okay, really."
    He laughed lightly...

    "What's funny?"

    Looking down into my eyes he spoke again, "I thought I was the only one who talked to myself........Just ignore it, okay?"

    I recall walking in on him in the cafe, talking with himself.
    Nodding, another tear falls down my cheek. He brushes it away, speaking very softly, "Stop crying....I don't want anything to ruin this moment. I'm with an extremely beautiful young woman who by sheer circumstance, I get to hold in my arms."

    Smiling, I have him let go of me, brushing myself off as I stand. "Who was on the phone?"

    He thinks for a minute, "Oh, that was my brother Elliot, he wants me to come and see the new house he got for us.....our place was destroyed in the fires."

    "I'm sorry to hear that. I guess I'll see you around then.......You can call me anytime."
    I start to leave, but am stopped by, "Would you be able to come with me?"
    My eyes meet his as I turn, "I don't think I ......"

    He interrupts me, "I would love the company."
    Why not? He seems to be the only friend I have in Gotham right now. "Just for a little while."
    He smiled so sincerely, that I myself could not resist smiling back at him.

    On the way there I make small talk, mostly just little things that most people forget immediately anyway. There was only one that I wish I hadn't, "Do you have a girl out there Jason?"

    He shook his head, "What about you Melanie?"

    The question echoed through my mind, dragging out thoughts of Will.....
    "No, not anymore."

    I was more than happy when he left it at that, and changed the subject. "So where are you staying now?"

    I sigh, another sad question, "I'm not really staying anywhere. I'm only here for a few days, and then I'm going home."

    "Home? Where's that?"
    I thought about it for a minute, deciding my old apartment wasn't really home to me anymore, how could I live there? The police tape had long since been removed, but the memory of him lying there......oh God.

    "I lost you didn't I?"

    Looking up at him I smile, "Sorry Jason......my old place is in Metropolis."

    His interest was obvious, "Superman's home?"
    I roll my eyes, that's what everyone says when you say Metropolis. "Yeah, that's his town. And no, I never saw him, I never was saved by him, and I have never met him."

    He grinned, "I wasn't going to ask."
    Feeling slightly rude I apologize again.

    "Don't worry about it...."

    We arrive on a long, clear street, the sides of it lined with large, beautiful homes.
    "How did your brother afford this?"

    "It belongs to our parents, they were renting it out, but it's been empty for the past year. Elliot called them and they insisted we have it. At least, that's what I got from his phone call."

    I nod, walking with him slowly up the stairs of the third house on the left.

    He knocks loudly, and there is the sound of movement inside. A tall man opens the door, followed by, "That was quick, you really were near by."

    His eyes shift to me, "Well well, who's this Jason?"
    He bears an amazing resemblance to someone I knew years ago, when I was a child. I speak up,"Melanie Walsh. And you're Elliot right?"

    He shakes his head in agreement. I continue, "Do I know you?"
    He smiles, "I don't think we've met before."

    I fold my arms, thinking, "You look so much like an Elliot I knew when I was kid."

    His face changed, a look of confusion and thought spread over it, Jason and him glance at each other, and then me. What did I say?
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  3. Batgirl_2005

    Batgirl_2005 Don't I Wish...

    Sep 10, 2001
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    ooc: I figure I need to post since it's morning now... I'm a bit lost on exact time, though. OK... So it's morning now, right? Am I right to assume that talia is still in the cave?If anything is wrong below, let me know. Thanks...

    Oh! And I just wanted to say Welcome Selena and welcome back bleu. You're both, like, amazing. I wish I could be half the writer you two are.


    10:00 AM

    I woke up from a dream. I remember it seemed a bit off, like it should have been scary but... yeah. I stood out of bed and got dressed, still trying to remember the dream.

    I quickly brushed out my hair and headed for the cave. I stopped suddenly, deciding that at the moment I wasn't up on going down there.

    I ran a hand through my hair as I began to wander about the dusty manor. Jeez... If I was even somewhat into cleaning I would dust this place. It's horrible.

    I reached one of the floors that we didn't go to much and wandered around.

    I remember coming up here and hiding when I was a kid. Of course Bruce, being Bruce, was always able to find me. But it was still fun.

    It was my version of hide and go seek, although Bruce never wanted to play along. He always lectured me on disappearing. It was rude.

    There were normally sheets over all of the furniture so I would hide underneath one of the sheets, curl up into a ball and pretend like no one could see me, even though I knew they really could.

    If they couldn't see me they definitely could have heard me. I would giggle the whole time.

    I ran my hand along the dust-caked walls wistfully leaving trails.

    The sound of crying broke me from my reverie. There's a girl crying up here. I frown and walk carefully forward. I see Bruce standing outside one of the doors and walk over to him. He's eavesdropping on them. I'm not sure whether to be proud or frightened.

    "What's going on?" I whisper, leaning against the wall in front of him.

    He explains most everything, perhaps leaving out a few minor things. This girl's mom was killed.

    I sigh, closing my eyes. "That's horrible." I say. Bruce nods slightly.

    I remember how bad it was when my parents were killed. I was really too young to understand, but the feeling of loneliness and the idea that you'll never see your mum and daddy...

    I ran a hand through my hair, swallowing the lump in my throat. I start to say something, but have trouble finding my voice. Tears, for some reason, threaten to come, but I press them away.

    "Is there anything I can do?" I ask.

    EDIT: Changed it a bit at Bleu's request.
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  4. Mr. Obsession

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    May 2, 2001
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    "Would you like me to run the test again, sir?"

    "No, that's all right. At this point it's undeniable."

    The doctor covers her mouth as she yawn's. Looking at her watch, she gasps. "I didn't realize the time."

    I must be on my third wind by now, with everything that's happened I just don't feel tired. "What time is it?"

    "Just after 6 am. Perhaps I shall retire now, that is unless you require anything further."

    "No, that's quite all right. I trust you will keep this confidential."

    "Always. And I suggest that you get some rest as well. Give things time, everything shall sort out. Rest well my lord."

    I wait until she is out of earshot. "Perhaps it will, but at the time of my choosing." Frowning, I think about what I've learned and it all comes down to one simple fact. Everything I have held dear is a lie. Everything. On top of it all are questions. And while the how’s are lining up. I don't understand the why’s. Fortunately I have two first hand sources within my reach, but the third... I'll have to rectify that...

    Walking out of the lab I see what many who work down here have dubbed "The Transferor". I suppose it is as good a name as any since it was used to encode the neural patterns of one subject and transpose them on a host subject. It's quite fitting considering that Gran... "NO! Not Grandfather. He's my... what is he? My father, since I was conceived in his mind? My half-brother, since we are nearly identical genetically? What!?" For now I guess his name is fitting, the DEMON.

    I sigh and look back at the device. Perhaps a feasible idea for later.


    Walking down the hallway I approach his room when I spy Ubu leaving, probably on some errand. Sneaking up from behind I catch him by suprise. Slamming his body against the wall and pinning an arm back, almost to the breaking point, I have Ubu where I want him. "Hello old friend."

    "Young mas..."

    "Don't. We need to have a long overdue chat. Now if you'll be so kind as to lead the way to the elevator, we're going to go some place where we won't be interrupted."
  5. Dark_Angelus_18

    May 12, 2002
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    OOC Due to RL complications I will be taking over Pinhead's characters for hopefully what turns out to be a short time. So anyways without further ado here is my first post as Elliot
    The others should have posts of their own coming soon too.

    Elliot Spencer
    9:55 AM

    “Hey bro you know her?” Jason just looks at me as she keeps hoping I would answer instead I just stand there dumbfounded.
    “Uh it would be nice, But I can’t honestly say I know her, and I doubt I would have forgotten her. I flash a smile at her and turn back to my brother “ No offense but why is she with you Bro?
    “ Well actually I figured that since I knew the place I was wondering if you could maybe offer her a place to stay or I could do it but yeah come on it should be okay shouldn’t it?”
    “Yeah I guess so. It’s okay with me.” I turn back to her and look at her eyes and a light bulb clicks in my head. ”Lizzie? Oh no whatever you do don’t say my nickname I spent years trying to avoid that nickname please don’t say it Jason would never let me live it down please?”
    “ It is you, Oh my God, Elly!!!” I knew she was going to say it. I juat knew it I spin on Jason as quick as I can and give him my most evil stare. He kinda backs away chuckling and motions for me to get on with it.
    “ Um Mel I don't want this to sound to forward but you said you don't really have anywhere to go while in town and we have a few extra rooms. I mean If you want to, Uh, I mean that is if it is okay with you...”
    ”Jason shut up! SO how about it Lizzie? would you like to stay here?”
    “I don’t know won’t I be in your guys’ way? I mean Elliot what would your Folks say about me staying here I mean they were pretty strict if I remember correctly?”
    “Ummm yeah well actually I don’t remember my folks. Me and Jason are adopted and this is our adopted parents' house. I don’t remember much from when we were kids.
    Sorry, but we would really like having you around It would be nice if you would stay it is a big house besides it isn’t very often that a girl actually talks to Jason. He usually just drops off notes and never gets anywhere..” Jason throws back my evil stare and jabs me in the ribs with all his strength . It took all I had just not to yell but I managed.
    "Yeah come on Melanie we have plenty of room I mean heck there are three bathroom so you would even have one all to yourself. So what do you say will you stay? Please?” I can see Jason’’s Breathe catch in his chest as he awaits her answer.
  6. Matthan

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    Mar 4, 2002
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    The Return of the Mega Post

    OOC: Ok, to those of you shooting hours ahead of everyone else. Stop. We need to maintain at least a semblance of similar time. I know that's harsh, but you're forcing us to leave gaping holes in time and plot. Just calm down a bit. I've written this to try and make up some time difference and explain what's happened. Batgirl_2005, I don't know how the scene with Terry and Dana will end, so your post may need some slight editing, but I doubt anything major. Anyway, here's Wayne's major catch up post.

    Bruce Wayne right around 7:00 in the morning

    A beeping pierces through my sleep. I jolt awake and find myself asleep at the batcomputer. Memory floods into my mind. I sent Talia to get some sleep and said I needed to do some work. I must have fallen asleep. I’m getting old.

    Groggily, I press the button on the comlink to shut off the blasted beeping and hear Terry’s voice. "Wayne, I know it's a full house already, but I need someplace to take Dana and her Father...her mother was killed by Jazium. He's out cold now, but he'll be awake soon enough. I don't know where else to take them."

    What? Jazium? Dana’s mother dead. I need coffee. "Keep them in the manor..preferably in one of the empty floors...."

    "Thanks Bruce"

    Wait, what just happened. Dana coming here? He used the comlink that means he’s in the suit. Doesn’t he realize the message he’s sending? I made an idiot Batman. I’m going to take my cane and whack some sense into that boy. There are shelters for this kind of thing.

    I flip open the comlink. “Terry.”


    “Do you realize what you’re doing by sending them here? You’re Batman and you’re sending them to my house in the batmobile. Think about this.”

    “She knows, Bruce.”

    “What?” I bellow.

    “It happened during the fight. Look, I’ll explain later. The manor is the safest place for them. Jazium might look in the normal places.”

    “And what if Jazium is tracking them somehow?”

    “I hadn’t thought of that.”

    “Terry, when did they find out about you?”

    “Just a few minutes ago, why?”

    “I have a drug. It should wipe out their memories for the past few hours.”

    “No! I won’t let you drug her. She was going to find out one way or another.”

    I run my fingers through my hair. “Were you going to inform me about you divulging our secret?”

    I can almost see the grin on his face as he replies, “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.”

    “I see you’ve had some conversations with Dick.”

    “A few here and there.”

    “Fine, Terry. You’ve earned this one. I’ll let you explain all of this to Dana. I’m still drugging her father. You get to explain that one to her as well.”


    “Bring them to the cave. I need to sweep for tracers then we’ll put them in a room.”

    “Thanks, Bruce. This means a lot to me.”

    “We’ll see how thankful you are when you see the training that you owe me.”

    Terry groans. “Fine. We’re approaching the cave. I’ll see you in a minute.”

    I stand up and grab my cane as I make my way over to my chemical lab. I take the drug and load it up in hypospray. It should knock Mr. Tan out for an hour or so. That should be enough time to brief Terry and Dana on a cover story for why he’s here. Hopefully, Dana won’t be hysterical after she puts all the pieces together. Terry has no clue what he’s putting himself into.

    The batmobile lands and Terry sets down beside it. They made it faster than I thought. Doesn’t matter. I signal Terry and toss him the hypospray. He looks at it and nods. He jumps up and injects Dana’s father. Dana screams. Her father must be unconscious by now. She’s probably panicking. I load a sedative into another hypospray and toss it to Terry.

    Over her screaming and pounding on his chest, Terry shakes his head no at me. I shout back, “It’s just a sedative.”

    Dana stops shouting and begins backing away from him. I can only imagine the fear in her eyes. You wanted this, Terry. She’s begging him not to touch her. Terry doesn’t listen. The hypospray connects and she goes unconscious.

    Terry looks at me. “Why do I feel so dirty?”

    “I know. Come on, let’s run those tests and clear this whole mess up.” I start to walk towards the equipment. Behind me, I hear Terry muttering, “What have I done?”

    The tests come up negative. Jazium doesn’t have any tracers on them. He killed her mother in cold blood. It’s no wonder she’s in the condition she’s in. Her face is still red from all the tears just on the short ride in the batmobile. Terry has changed out of the costume and is kneeling beside her, cleaning her up.

    He looks up at me, “Bruce, she was scared of me. I never wanted her to be scared of me.”

    I open my mouth to respond, but can’t find the words. I simply nod and let him continue.

    “I had this dream, you know? I would tell her about Batman and she would be shocked. She wouldn’t believe it. Then, I would show her and take her on a flight over the city where she holds on tightly around my neck. I would be her hero. She would love me for doing what I do, and forgive me for all of those times that I hurt her. It was going to be perfect.”

    I bite back the tears. I’ve known the sting of similar dreams dying all to well. It seems the legacy of Batman is destined to destroy dreams.

    Terry shakes his head and beats his fist against his knee. “Now, look at this. Her mother is dead, and I couldn’t save her. What kind of guardian am I? What kind of Batman does that make me? She’s so frightened of what I am, that I had to drug her to calm her down. What kind of a monster am I, Bruce?”

    I kneel down beside him ignoring the pain and the creaks of my old body. I lay my hand on his shoulder. “You’re not a monster, Terry. You’ve saved countless lives tonight.” He begins to interrupt and I shush him. “Listen to me, we can’t save everyone. Think about this though. If not for you, Dana would have lost more than her mother. She would have lost her father and more than likely her life tonight. She’s had a hard experience tonight. Do you remember how you felt when you lost your father?”

    Terry’s eyes close and he begins to nod weakly. A whispered, “Yes,” creaks out.

    “We’ve both been there. We both know the anger and the pain. You have a chance to help her through this. Are you willing to be a man and accept what she thinks of you?” He nods. “Are you willing to help her no matter how much it hurts you to hear what she might say?” A tear rolls down his cheek as he nods again. I give his shoulder a slight squeeze. “Love is never easy, Terry. But if you love her enough to share your secret with her, then you have to trust that she loves you enough to see past her anger and accept you.”

    He looks up at me through reddened eyes, “What if she doesn’t?”

    “Then, we hope that she keeps your trust about our secret and gather up the pieces of your heart and carry on.”

    “You make it sound simple.”

    “It’s not. It never is.” He looks away again. “Come on, let’s see if we can’t move them to a comfortable room upstairs.” He weakly nods and we go.

    We lay them down on the bed carefully. The room is dusty, but so is every room in this mansion. It’s the best I can do. Terry stands over Dana lightly stroking her cheek. “Terry, you have to be hungry after tonight. Let’s get some breakfast.”

    He shakes his head. “No, I want to be here when she wakes up.”

    “I understand. I’ll bring you up some food.”

    I make my way down the hall and quietly check on my guests as I go. Talia seems to still be sleeping as well as Katharina. I walk past Dick’s door. I can’t bring myself to check whether he stayed or not. I finally end up in the kitchen.

    What would Alfred make at a time like this? Let’s see here. Some bread for toast, some jelly for the toast, and a glass of orange juice. It might not be Alfred’s famous English breakfast, but it should be good.

    I make my way back to the room and slip inside. Terry barely notices me entering. I set the tray down and he nods his thanks. I hear Dana mumbling. I step outside as she comes to. I stand outside the door and listen. I know I’m eavesdropping, but Terry might need me to explain things. That’s it. Terry needs me.

    OOC:Take it away BB and/or Bleu. Now as for time, it would be let's say 7:15 when the batmobile arrived. Let's say the tests and stuff takes until 7:45. They manage to move them to the beds by 7:55. Bruce brings the meal and steps outside right at 8:15. That leaves enough time for everything to happen before Batgirl's post.
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    A shorter post

    OOC: This will keep Blue Dragon busy until roughly nine. At ten in the morning, I'm going to have Sepher make a press conference (just like he has in the past). For those of you already past ten, you weren't near anywhere with a tv so that bit of continuity should slide. I'll see what I can do for Sepher in between now and then though this is just a little warning.

    IC: Blue Dragon let’s shoot for 8 in the morning. Sound good?

    A knock at the door rouses me from my sleep. Strike that. A pounding on the door woke me up. Who in the world could be here at this ungodly hour? I glance towards the clock on the wall. It’s eight in the morning? Screw work. I’m calling in sick. That is if I even have a place to go back to. Who’s to say the lab wasn’t blown up too?

    Another round of pounding on my door wakes me from my silent conversation. I stand up and idly stretch. “Hold on a second, I’m coming.” I look at my bright bandages and shrug my shoulders. Right now I could care less what people thought of me.

    I open the door to have Paul rush past me. “We need to talk, Jack.”

    I turn around and watch him plop down on the couch. For the first time, he actually looks at me and bursts out laughing.

    “Cut it out, man. It was the only bandages I had.”

    He keeps snickering. “That’s fine, but pastel blue? You’re sure to strike fear in the hearts of villains with that. Watch out evil! Pastel Dragon is here to hug you until it’s all better.”

    I pick up a pillow and throw it at him. “Shut up!”

    Taking deep gulps of air, he manages to mutter, “I’m sorry. I’ll stop.”

    I sit down as his snickers die down. I look at him, “What’s up, Paul? I thought you were angry with me?”

    That sobers him up. I start to realize how shaken he must be to have such an emotional swing. I finally get a good look at him. He looks like crap warmed over. His body is covered with ash. The dark circles under his eyes are visible under the gray ash as well as two streaks underneath each eye where tears have stained his face. “I’m sorry about that, Jack. I understand now. Last night made me understand.”

    I pale at the memory of last night. Taking a deep breath to steel for what I can only assume is the first of many horror stories, I ask him, “What happened?”

    His voice is cold and impassive as if all the emotions had been torn out of him. “They’re all dead. My mother, my sister, even her little daughter are all dead. My whole family is dead. Even Dawn is dead.”

    “Slow down. Tell me what happened from the beginning.”

    “I was trying to forget about what happened earlier at the lab so I was doing some grocery shopping down at the corner market. Dawn was there. Do you remember me talking about her? She’s lived in my parent’s building. I met her when I visited them a few months back. We hit it off. We’ve gone out a few times and I was really starting to like her.”

    I nod trying to get him to move on. Finally, he continues, “Well, she was there and we got to talking and checked out together. I put my few groceries in my car and offered to carry her groceries home for her. She was just a block down from the market. It wasn’t to late to be on the streets either. It was perfect. We walked and talked. I left her in her apartment right before nine. I walked out of the building whistling to myself. I was so happy. I had only made it a short ways before the explosion knocked me to the ground. I looked back to see her building collapse upon itself in those hideous flames.”

    “My parents were in there too, Jack. I had lost them all in less than a minute. Jack,” his voice lowers to a whisper, “I ran away. I was so scared that I didn’t do anything. I just ran. Every street I looked down was another fire. People were going crazy. There were people everywhere. Ash filled the air. I spent the rest of the night trying to see if my family was ok. None of their buildings survived. They’re all dead.”

    I put my hand on his shoulder, “I’m sorry, Paul.”

    He looks up at me as emotion returns to his face. His eyes go wide and I can see the fury burning behind them. “I want them dead, Jack. I want whoever did this to suffer and pay for what they did. It’s high time we gave the punks who have done this to our city what they deserve.”

    I nod. He finally understands. “Welcome back to the team. Come here, I’ve got some things to show you.” I stand up and walk to the counter where I stashed the freeze gun. I toss it to Paul. “Look familiar?”

    “You got the gun? How?”

    “I needed it for the fires so I went and took it. Think we can figure it out?”

    Paul smirks, “You had doubts?”

    That’s my boy. “I’ll call work and tell them we’re skipping today. Grab my tools out of the spare room, would you?”
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    OOC: I have an ultimate destiny for this character, but in the meantime, she's kind of wandering aimlessly in the RPG. If anybody has any ideas or suggestions, send 'em over.

    IC: Talia
    8:36 AM

    I awaken as I hear voices through the walls of the manor. A man and a woman...I think the first one is the young Batman. I pull myself out of the bed and creep out.

    Bruce and I had worked well into the night, gathering data regarding the gunman who had lashed out at the girl, investigating the fires (they were obviously no accident), and, of course, filing and going over the information I brought with me. This included maps of the complex, overrides, and a good section of Father's library. After Dick Grayson had stormed in and out, I had asked Bruce what would happen. "He'll adapt" was the answer. We then went to work silently like a well-oiled machine, as the ancient phrase goes, only speaking when something needed clarification.

    Bruce told me to get to sleep sometime after the three o'clock hour to rest. I didn't fight his decree.

    I exit the bedroom and look up and down the long corridor. Bruce stands beside the room where crying eminates from. I close my door quietly, but loudly enough that he hears it. He sternly looks over his shoulder, and I get the idea to remain silent. He's eavesdropping.

    I mouth to him, "What happened?" We both have the skill of reading lips, and a silent conversation ensues.

    "The assassin returned and killed the girl's mother at their home."

    My jaw drops slightly with surprise. "Why...?"

    "We're not sure...yet...but I have a few ideas." He listens carefully. "He's going to tell her everything."

    I know what 'everything' means. I stare at him. He returns the stare with an "I'll explain later" glance. I press my ear to the wall to get some idea of what happened while I was sleeping...a recurring theme here.

    I hear much emotion, much fear...and a lot of love mixed with agony. Her mother had been killed. He couldn't save her. The secrets will come out. The hysteria of murder's aftermath... I hear the girl pouring out everything between sobs. I hear the voice trying to console her, trying to pour out everything in himself at the same time.

    A sudden memory surges forward. I'm a child again...and I just saw my father kill my mother.

    Odd. It took me over half a century to finally make the connection. The man. The anger. The silence. The vials. A glass drops at the table. The desperate attempts to help her. His screaming for the guards. The lynching...

    I remember weeping with my father after that...

    A fantastic actor...

    I feel my second breakdown coming on. I suck up my gut as I notice Bruce watching me and listening to the conversation at the same time. He knew my mother was dead, and we had spoken of both of ours on a past occasion or two. His concern and curiosity are seen on his face. It's my turn to mouth 'I'll tell you later.'

    I silently leave him at the doorway and head down to the cave. I comb through the history files to the date I want. I find what I never wanted to know. I take a shower. I go out to the Englishman's garden to think and to wait for 'later.'
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    OOC: Okay, in order to smooth things out time wise, I backed up a bit, ten minutes or so away from the last.

    And Batgirl, thank you so much for the welcome and the compliment! Although the feeling is mutual, I also love reading your sections of the RPG's story! :)



    Stay here? Are they serious?

    I look back and forth at them both, seeing the sincerity in both of their eyes. "Look, I um..I."

    Elly puts his hand on my shoulder, "No Hurry. decide later. It is fun watching Jason sweat.." I smile up at him.

    Jason chuckles halfheartedly and speaks up, "It's cold out here, so lets all go inside shall we?"

    Nodding, I step into the doorway Jason's hand gently presses the small of my back, and his foot slams down hard onto Elliot's. Shedding our jackets as we enter.

    Wow, what a beautiful place! Jason grabs my hand, and leads me to the couch. Elliot finds a seat across from me. "What did you mean, you don't remember your parents?"

    Elly sighs standing from the couch pacing slightly around the room, "Well, that's pretty much what it means. I have no recollection of them or my early childhood at all."

    My mind flashed with thoughts that quickly were suppressed. I rise up next to him and put my hand on his cheek, pulling him into a hug. I smile, rubbing his back, "It's really good to see you Elliot."

    Squeezing back for a moment, he releases me. "So what brings you to town, Lizzy?"

    My words catch in my throat.

    To kill Batman. Tell him that Ten, to kill the bat.
    I try so hard to ignore it, "Just to see an old friend."

    Elly chuckles, "Looking for an 'old friend' huh? And you found me...hmmm when it rains it pours."

    It's gotta be the freak. Find the rat Ten, you have to destroy him!!!
    God, I just have to block it out. Pasting on a smile, I try to keep an even voice when I respond. "Yes, I have. But I was actually looking for a specific friend."

    Jason finally speaks up, "What's your friends name?"

    Batman, but he's no friend of yours!

    I clear my throat, "Terry McGinnis." Jason kinda sags again but catches himself.

    Yeah, you ditched him, but instead of doing what you came here to do, you walked off with this moron! Come on TEN! I thought you loved Will, you aren't just going to sit here and let him fly around out there...let him do it to someone else! Kill him now, before he kills you!

    I begin to cry, catching the immediate attention of the other two.
    "No, I won't...I can't." My voice is loud, but I can't control it.

    Before Jason or Elliot can come near me, I race towards the door, falling hard onto the floor as, what felt like, an explosion shoots through my head.

    The world around me grows fuzzy as the pain throbs in and out, but I can faintly hear Jason in the distance, "Melanie! Can you he...a...r.....m........e.....

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    OOC: Thank you, Batgirl, I appreciate it! :D Props to Matthan and Bird Boy for their help in writing this -- and for listening to me whine and complain. It was a pain to write, that's all I'm saying. :) Go take a bathroom break now, kiddies, this is gonna be a long one.

    7:16 am

    The Batmobile lands and the canopy lifts open. Everything is happening so fast I can hardly comprehend it. Batman, I mean Terry helps my father and I out of the cramped cockpit. The sound of bats squealing and wings flapping fills my ears as I gaze around. Where are we? A cave of some sort. I turn towards Terry to ask and watch in horror as he injects my father with some drug.

    “What are you doing?” I scream, staring at my unconscious father.

    “Dana, calm down, he’ll be fine.” Terry’s holding another hypo spray now and I stare in disbelief.

    I back away, shaking my head vigorously. “Why are you doing this?” I ask, panic and fear rising inside of me. He doesn’t reply but follows me relentlessly. “Please no,” I practically beg as he reaches for my arm, “don’t—don’t touch me.” The cool metal of the hypo spray is the last thing I remember before everything goes black.

    8:18 am

    “Hey,” Terry says, running his thumb along the back of my hand. My body feels as if it is weighted down, pinning me to the bed. I lift my heavy eyelids, trying to focus on where I am. Home? No. Everything is so unfamiliar. The hospital? No, the air is quite literally stale in here as if the room had not been occupied in many years.

    I try to lift my hand to wipe the sleepiness from my eyes, but I feel so weak and groggy that I barely manage to raise it from the bed before I give up.

    My eyes start to focus and in a sweeping gaze, I take in my surroundings. Where am I? I wrack my brain trying to remember, but everything seems so foggy and distant and nothing seems to make sense.

    “Terry?” I ask, my voice sounding distant and frail even to my own ears.

    “Yeah, I’m right here.”

    “Where are we?” I croak out, my throat feels so dry and raw.

    “Wayne Manor. You’ve—you’ve been—asleep.” He stammers. Duh! I knew that, but why are we here? What’s going on?

    “What’s going on? I—I—nothing seems to make sense.” I push myself up to a sitting position and my shoulder screams in protest.

    Oh, God. I was shot. At the restaurant. Last night. My head starts to spin and the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach returns. I remember I woke up in the hospital and the fires outside my window.

    “Dana?” Terry asks, concern veritably dripping off every syllable.

    There’s more, I’m sure of it. I just need to clear my head from this thick blanket it's under.

    “Dana,” he repeats more firmly, “there’s something we need to talk about.” He takes a deep breath.

    I sit motionless on the bed, trying to force myself to function. I feel almost numb. Is this normal when a parent dies? To have no emotion at—

    My mouth falls open at the thought. My mother! The memories come rushing back full force. Coming home from the hospital with my parents. The man shooting her. The blood. Oh, God, all the blood. Then, Batman rushing in and fighting the gunman. No! Not Batman—Terry.

    “Oh, God,” I breathe. Terry is Batman. I lift my gaze to meet his. What’s happened here? How did everything change so drastically? Terry takes a step forward and I instinctively cringe, remembering the horrible incident from earlier.

    He stops, shoving his hands in his pockets. He stares at the floor for a few beats before lifting his gaze back to mine, “Dana, look, I’m sorry.” He takes a deep breath. “I’ve wanted to tell you...for a long time, but-but I just couldn’t.”

    “Is that why you drugged my father?” I ask bluntly.

    “No!” He says looking shocked at the thought. “I can’t have everyone knowing that I’m Batman.”

    “Mmhmm.” I nod, “Including me.”

    He shakes his head, “I wanted to tell you, Dana. I knew I was going to have to eventually; I was scared to, honestly. I was scared that it would put you in danger...and I just couldn’t live with doing that to you.” He pauses, takes a breath. “And I didn’t know how you would react.” He looks almost ashamed to admit it.

    The panic and fear melt away and a growing rage replaces it. I feel my hands ball into fists and I have to fight the urge to sock Terry right in the face. “So, in other words, you didn’t trust me?”

    Terry’s mouth falls open, “That’s not what I said.”

    “No, but that’s part of it, isn’t it? You didn’t think I’d keep your precious secret. Right?”

    “No, no. I—I just—“

    “—Lied?” I interject, my voice starting to rise despite my best efforts to stop it.

    A low blow indeed, I think watching Terry hang his head. “Dana, it’s not that I didn’t trust you...it’s that I didn’t want this....” He trails off.

    This? Me finding out, you mean? Or hearing that you’ve been caught in your own lies?”

    “And you haven’t kept anything from me?”

    What? “What?” I ask, “What have I kept from you?”

    “Those notes...I saw them.” He says softly.

    I can’t help but laugh at that. “Those notes were nothing. Some,” I gesture absently, “guy I don’t even know left them for me. I was going to tell you about it later, anyway—and don’t turn this back on me, McGinnis!” I take a step forward, “I want the truth, all of it.”

    “Well, it was right after my father was murdered. I found out Mr. Wayne was Batman.” He pauses, gauging my reaction. “Anyway, I stole the Bat-suit from him.” He grins. “And pretty much from then on I’ve been the new Batman. Mr. Wayne gave me a job—as you know—to give me a cover—“

    “—So all those times you’ve been ‘at work’ you’ve really been out fighting crime?” It’s almost comical in its absurdity.

    “Well, yes and no.” He shrugs. “I do work for Mr. Wayne...I just also work as Batman.” He lifts his hands, lets them fall, “At first it was all about vengeance for my father’s murderer. Then, I finally realized it’s what I want to do.” He jerks a shoulder, “Gotham City needs Batman.”

    I roll my eyes, “This is just a huge testosterone trip for you, isn’t it?” I regret the statement the moment it’s out of my mouth. He’s right, Gotham does need Batman and I can’t help but hate that fact. He wants to be Batman. It’s almost too much to take. I want to say that I can’t believe it—that he’s insane, but the memory of his hurt and anger about his father’s death calls out like a beacon. I sigh, relaxing my hands, clenched in tight fists. “I can’t say I’m thrilled about this, Terry.”

    He smiles. “Max will be thrilled to—“ he breaks off mid-sentence. I’m not surprised, since I’m sure my face says it all. How many lies and secrets can there possibly be? I stare open-mouthed at him, unable to find words. Max knew he was Batman! What else is there I don’t know? In all the years that Terry and I have dated, I’ve never held anything back from him. I’ve been nothing but completely honest. Finding out that he’s Batman is quite a shock. Knowing that there are things that he’s never told me. It hurts. It hurts a lot. But knowing that Max knew all about this—I don’t even know what to think.

    Terry and I stand motionless, staring across the room at each other. The anger churning inside me bubbles to the surface and finally erupts. “What else is there that I don’t know about you, Terry?” I shout, crossing the room in two large strides. Without even thinking about it, I plow my right fist into his jaw. There is a solid crunch and I’m not sure if it was his jaw or my fist, but the shell-shocked look on Terry’s face tells me I hit home either way.

    I flop into a nearby chair, feeling drained and defeated. Terry rubs the side of his face, moving his jaw around, testing to see the damage I’ve done. I’m too spent to even laugh at the sight. My hand is throbbing, but I don’t care.

    Terry takes a few steps forward, closing the space between us. “There is one thing, that I haven’t told you,” he says, kneeling down and gently brushing his fingers over my cheek, “I love you, Dana.”

    I blink at him, gaping. He’s never said that to me before. We’ve never said that to each other. I’m left completely dumbfounded, tears springing to my eyes. “I—oh, God—I never thought you...” I stammer, trailing off. Terry looks remorseful, probably for making me cry, and he fidgets slightly. “I love you, too,” I say, letting myself be pulled into his arms, silent tears still racing down my face.

    My silent tears of joy are gradually overtaken by wracking sobs and I take solace in the warmth and strength of Terry’s arms. Time passes, I don’t know how long and eventually I’ve no more tears to shed. My mind still races with everything that’s happened. My anger now spent, I force myself to put the fear and worry behind me. I can’t say I completely understand it all, but I silently pray that will come as well.
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    [color=63B8FF]OOC: Generally, I don't like posting after myself, but as this is a new character (and no one else is posting), I'm making an exception. <takes deep breath>

    9:45 AM

    Derek Powers exits the elevator, walking to his desk in long strides. He crosses his arms over his chest and gazes outside the window. “Did you get the chips, as I requested?” He asks.

    “Of course,” I reply, dripping down from the ceiling at my leisure. “I trust the payment has already been credited to my account.” I say, morphing slowly into my human form from my feet up. I drop the handful of tiny microchips onto his desk. He seems outwardly unimpressed, not that it matters – it was all just a job, after all.

    “Certainly, my dear,” he says, turning slowly around to face me as I take a seat on the edge of his desk, crossing my legs. “I’m wondering if you’re interested in another job.” He states. Job participation with Powers never is a question of “if,” but more a fine-tuned game of chess in how much it is worth. I allow myself the pleasure of a slow grin and await the explanation patiently. “Foxtecha’s been a thorn in my side for sometime now. And I intend to put an end to that.” He pauses, “I hear they have a new ‘toy’ in development. Something you might be familiar with, I think.”

    “And that would be?” I hate it when he chooses to be vague like this it tries my nerves. But with a man like Powers, one must learn to bide one’s time.

    “You had some experience with a ‘particle de-stabilizer’ or so I’ve heard.” He turns back towards the window, not waiting for my response. “Foxtecha has a prototype device, barely the size of a person’s hand. They’re developing it as a molecular rejuvenation device – a healing machine as it were.”

    “Sounds promising.”

    He clenches his fists, his face growing hard. “And I want it for myself,” he says calmly, still facing the window. He remains quiet for a moment, before continuing, “I assume double our previous amount should cover this ‘assignment?’” As an afterthought, he adds, “And do try and be discreet. We don’t need Batman interfering this time.”

    “Agreed,” I say, morphing again and slithering across the floor to the exit.[/color]
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    OOC: I really tried to keep this PG, but some parts might be
    PG-13. Mods let me know if I need to change some of it.



    ****I place my finger in my mouth, a strong taste of something metallic covering the tip of my tongue. Waiting a few more minutes for the blood to stop, I walk over to the sink, washing my hands carefully under the cold water.

    Pulling a small blue bandage from the first aid kit, I make my way back over to the salmon, cutting it a little more gently this time.
    Finishing up with the lemon marinade, I slide the large pan into the oven, setting the timer for 35 minutes.

    "How's it coming along Mel?"

    I look up at my smiling manager,
    "Great Sergio, all done."

    Leaning over, he glanced into the window on the oven door.
    "Looks delicious, you can head home now Melanie, the rest of us can take it from here."

    My smile grows,
    Walking over to the employee counter over in the corner of the kitchen, I grab my coat, heading quickly for the swinging doors.

    "Oh and Melanie?"
    I turn around, meeting his eyes,
    "Happy anniversary."

    Walking back over to him I hug him,
    "Thank you Sergio. Don't work too hard, the costumers don't tip us enough as it is."

    He nods as I push the large silver doors open, exiting the kitchen of "The Hub."
    I had worked here for about year now, and it had really grown on me. I actually didn't mind culinary arts anymore. I perfected my skill as a chef. Granted it was in a small, practically dust ridden restaurant, but still a job. An honest living.

    Tucking my blonde hair behind my ear as I step up to the curb, I call for cab, giving him my destination as I climb in....home.

    The lights pass by so slowly as I gaze from the window, smiling at all the last year had given me. I love him, more than I ever have loved anyone. Tonight was our night, and nothing was going to ruin it. Nothing.

    Lost in my own world, I am torn from my memories by a loud raspy voice,

    I look up,

    The cab driver rolls his eyes,
    "You owe me $43.50."

    Oh right, I reach into my jacket pocket, pulling out a $50 cred card. I hand it up to him, my mouth curved into a wonderful grin.
    "Keep the change."

    Casting my eyes upwards as the yellow car pulls away, I rest my stare up on the third floor, the fourth window from the right. A year ago, this date, Will and I had met at the local cafe, causing a spectacular change in both of our lives. God I love him.

    My feet feel as if they're floating up the stair well, touching each stair like air, gently whisking it's way across it.

    Finally reaching the top floor, I stop, seeing the door slightly cracked. He left it open for me.
    I sneak quietly inside, hearing nothing but the sound of my heart.
    My breath catches in my throat, the apartment decorated beautifully with rose pedals, ribbons and scented candles. This is perfect.

    With a dreamy smile still etched onto my face, I peak around the corner, seeing my wonderful love, wearing a red shirt, and black slacks, laying stretched out on the couch. I stand in front of him, the darkness in the room sending out true romance with every shadow.

    He lie still, his hands hung limply over the edge. Is he sleeping?
    As I approach him, my stomach rips apart, extracting the meal I had eaten for lunch. OH GOD!

    The shirt he wore was not a red fabric, and was in fact originally white. His eyes hung open, a look of utter panic driven onto his dead face. A loud scream rips through the room, and it takes me a moment to realize it's coming from me.

    I fall to my knees, screaming his name. No, this isn't....my gaze falls onto a small black velvet box, left open on the coffee table. Inside lay a small, white gold ring, the base of which was filled with diamonds. I reach for it, my hands shaking uncontrollably.
    A small post it inside is a poem, speaking of my everlasting beauty, and him never wanting to live another day without me.

    Wrapping my arms around his cold chest, I shriek from grief, long hysterical sobs escaping from my throat.
    "WILL! N-n-nn-noooo!"

    My tears wet his cheeks as I shake him violently, mindlessly convincing myself that he'll wake up.
    "Will, please, oh no, you can't. Pleeeaase."

    I rise from him, looking down the front of my uniform. Red now stains me as well, I can't breathe. Taking large gasps for air, I run from the room, flying out of the apartment. My fist slams into the door across the hall.
    My cries choke my words, causing me to stutter as the sleepy woman opens her door.
    "What's the matter hon-"
    She stops mid sentence, viewing the blood that is all over the front of me.
    "P-p-p-please, W-w-will, he'sss b-b-been shot."

    Mrs. Benson pulls me inside as she races for the phone,
    "You just sit down Melanie."

    I nod, but instead of sitting, I begin to hyperventilate, the last thing I hear before passing out is the sound of Debbie calling the police.


    "Melanie, can you hear me?"

    I open my eyes, staring blankly into the face of Sergio. Had I been dreaming?

    By the look sprawled across his face I realize the likely hood of that.

    He shook his head, a small wet streak running down his cheek.
    "I'm so sorry Melanie."

    Tears fill my vision,
    "No, he's okay right? He just has to be."

    Sergio's large arms wrap around me, supporting me as I again brake down. This is NOT happening to me.

    A monitor beside me beeps lightly, bringing my attention to just where I actually am. I try my best to compose myself,
    "How long have I been here?"

    He pulls away from me,
    "A little less than a day, the doctors say that you'll be fine."

    Funny, I don't feel FINE.
    "You should get some rest Melanie."

    I'm not tired, how could I be? I shake my head, looking weakly up at him. A large tear fell from my eye, causing me to blink the rest of the water that had been building over the past three seconds.
    "He was going to propose."

    Sergio's eyes met mine, a look of shock and pity blended together into a sickening combination.

    I turn away from him, not wanting to see his feelings about my problems,
    "He was going to ask me to marry him."

    "How do you know?"

    Glancing back at him, more sobs escape my throat. I can't even find the words to continue the conversation, instead I again bury my face into his chest.
    "He's really dead..."

    A warm hand rubs up and down my back,
    "I'm so sorry Melanie."

    His apology didn't help me at all, it instead made me feel worse, as if I had done something to make him feel guilty.
    "Hey Mel, maybe you should get away for a while. How about a paid vacation?"

    I shake my head, I don't want any handouts from my boss, whether he's my friend or not. My arms make their way around him,

    He nods,
    "I understand."

    No, he doesn't. I whisper a response before falling back into blackness,
    "Thank you."


    Two weeks have past since Will's murder, and the Metropolis Police Department had determined the killers to be Jokerz. I hadn't believed them, I myself having tangled with those freaks before, and this is NOTHING like one of their hits, but cops had the fingerprints and DNA samples to prove it, and had arrested the three men just days before. I hadn't gone into it, just deciding to deal with one thing at a time.

    Shakily sliding my key into the lock, I step inside, images of that night flooding back to me.
    I had been instructed to take what I wanted, stay away from the crime scene, and to leave. Of course Sergio had offered to come here for me, but I had stupidly refused. I regretted that decision now though.

    I almost crumple to the floor, seeing the couch that he and I had spent so many movie nights on, surrounded in yellow tape. On the coffee table still sat the ring, and the small white post it that had been rolled up inside of it. A fresh flow of tears ran down my face as I passed it, rushing in and out of the bedroom, and grabbing only what I needed.

    Taking large steps, I quickly reach the door again, but stop just short of the hallway. Turning on my heel, I slowly walk back inside, inching very slowly around the corner. I halt, my waist gently resting up against the police tape. My fingers wrap carefully around the engagement ring, shutting the still open lid as I slide it into my pocket. I know it's not right, but I couldn't bear to leave it there.

    As I head back out into the main hallway, a voice from behind me sends a jump through me.
    "Where are you gonna go?"

    I turn around, fighting a fake smile onto my face.
    "I'm not sure Mrs. Benson."

    Gotham, you're going to Gotham Ten.

    I look around, a sudden chill surrounding my soul.
    "Did you hear that?"

    Debbie looks at me oddly,
    "Hear what dear?"

    Silence fills the area around me.
    "Nevermind, I guess it was nothing."

    She smiles, giving me a small hug before quietly shutting her door.
    What the heck was that?


    I sit on the train, hiding my face from the other passengers. The last thing I need right now is a bunch of strangers asking me if I'm "all right.", because the truth of it was, I wasn't. I was falling apart inside, feeling as if a serious part of my puzzle was missing.

    A book! I could read. I dig in my bag, moving around things that I had mindlessly stuffed into this duffle in my lap. My body freezes, the feeling of dread boiling through me as my eyes land on something that I know I hadn't put in there. The black and white fabric stuck out boldly through all of my other clothes.
    Why had I brought this?

    So you could kill the Bat!

    I snap my head up, turning to the woman sitting next to me.
    "Excuse me?"

    She looks up from her magazine,

    "Did you just say something?"
    She shook her head, eyeing me fiercely before returning to her world of travel guide.

    I must be hearing things. I reach even further in my bag, pulling out a small bottle of antidepressants that the doctor had prescribed to me.

    That won't get rid of me Ten.

    Darting my gaze around the car, I start to panic, feeling a sudden surge of rage build up inside of me. What is going on?

    Batman murdered Will.

    The lady next to me smiles uneasily, scooting just barely to the side of her seat, and away from me.
    I don't understand this, maybe taking those pills weren't the best idea. What were these things?

    It's not the pills Ten. You can't just push me aside with pills. Do you know who I am?

    A figment of my imagination? I honestly was feeling afraid.

    You're voice of reason. Why else would you be going to Gotham.

    I put my hand on my temple. I had chosen Gotham so I could see my mother, talk with her about all that had happened.

    Keep telling yourself that Ten, but we both know why you're really going to Gotham City. He has to die.


    The Bat, imbecile! Come on now, Ten, haven't you been listening?!

    Trying not to actually.

    You hate him anyway, it's his fault the family broke up.

    I shake my head. No, it's our own fault. The lady beside me had moved about halfway into my nodding and shaking of the head.

    Just listen to me Ten. It's his fault.

    The train rolls sluggishly to a stop, and a voice over the loud speaker announces the occurrence of a disaster in Gotham City.

    I bet you he had something to do with it.

    "Shut up!"****

    "SHUT UP!!!"

    I sit up, sweat pouring off of my forehead. Looking around franticly in a momentary loss of memory, I finally calm down, remembering all that had happened. I was dreaming....of the past.

    Flipping the blankets off of me, I stand up, stretching for a minute or two.

    Now do you remember Ten?

    My eyes lose all emotion, as I nod.

    Batman deserves what's coming to him.

    Opening the window, I look around the room quickly before slipping outside into the sunlight. I had to get my suit.
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    As I'm sure you're all aware of the situation, I feel no need to say anything other then that Shriek is gone from the RPG.

    Batman/McGinnis is up for grabs for a full week--but if after a week nobody takes him, I'll retake control, just so the RPG doesn't drag.

    In the same thing, if any of you want to take over Batman/Terry, I IMPLORE you to make sure you can handle it. I've had fun doing Terry/Batman so I know I can still do it, but I wanted to make to make it clear..:

    Do NOT ask to take Batman/Terry unless you have time and the ability to handle him.

    With that said..may the RPG resume..as much as it can without a Batman..

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    I think you were doing a wonderful job as Terry, Bird Boy, and that you should keep the title. I know I'm pretty new to this RPG, but I don't think there's anyone else who can handle the role as well as you can.

    Just my thoughts anyway. :)
  15. Batgirl_2005

    Batgirl_2005 Don't I Wish...

    Sep 10, 2001
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    Re: ALL OOC

    I agree. Bird Boy your Terry is awesome. I think you should keep it...
  16. Blight

    Blight Walking radioactive biohazard

    May 3, 2001
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    OOC: WOOHOO, I'm actually posting IC tonight! :eek: You all must have just fainted from pure shock. :D Oh, and I'm with Selena and Batgirl, you're Batman/Terry is great BB, and I can't think of anyone better than yourself to play him.

    Derek Powers

    IC: I sit back down at my desk as Inque slithers out of my office. I smile to myself as I think of the all of the possibilities of that particle de-stabilizer. The ideas are quite appealing, and I know I'll put it to good use. But right now, there are more important matters to deal with.

    I look out the window at the ravaged city below me. Something will have to be done about this, and not just in one way. While I search for the culprit who's done this so I can personaly eliminate him from the game, I'll also need to look good to the public. I think I know just what to do.

    I push a button on my desk, signaling my secretary.

    "Yes, Mr. Powers?" her voice comes through the intercom.

    "I wan't you to send a message to Bruce Wayne. Tell him I'd like to set up a charity event for rebuilding Gotham. This city needs all the support it can get." I speak into the intercom.

    "Yes, sir." she says.

    "And when he calls back, I want you to transfer the call to me, so we can discuss the matter personally".

    "I understand, sir. I'll send the message immediately".

    I let go of the button and lean back in my chair. It will be hard to convince the old man to agree to this, as he'll obviously suspect another reason for my wanting to set up the event, but I'm sure I'll be able to get him to see things my way, one way or another. And then, I can concentrate on the real matter at hand. Finding the person who's behind these attacks on Gotham, and killing him.

    OOC: There, I just set the gears in motion. Matthan and Dark_Angelus_18 will know what I'm talking about, but for those of you who don't, well, you'll just have to wait and see. ;)

    See ya!
  17. Bird Boy

    Bird Boy WF Admin
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    Apr 27, 2001
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    OOC: Ooooh Kay, nobody even seemed remotely interested in taking over Batman! For shame! :p

    With that said, I'll be posting as him, hopefully, later today...

  18. AceOfKnaves

    AceOfKnaves Why aren't you laughing?

    Feb 2, 2002
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    Well, it was pretty obvious that we all wanted you to keep on being Terry! :D

    Glad you're still the hero of this RPG. ;)
  19. Bird Boy

    Bird Boy WF Admin
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    Apr 27, 2001
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    OOC: So it's a day late..sorry bout that..

    IC (Terry McGinnis):

    Blight? What’s he doing back. I can’t think about that now, I have to move. I flip back and fling out a bat-a-rang which Blight counter-attacks with a ball of radiation. Great. I run around to the corner of the room where..Shriek? Blight AND Shriek? What’s going on. The floor breaks up into tiny cracks and then the wall begins to crumble around me—first starting out as dust then ending with chunks of rock. A shadow surrounds me, and before I can look up, I’m covered with a slab of concrete, completely pinning me down. Blight walks over and puts his full body weight on top of me and begins to power up a ball of radiation.

    “Say goodnight, McGinnis”. My eyes go wide. He knows who I am? Still? And Shriek…where’s he. I look back up but all I see is a flash of light, and my eyelids becoming hot..hotter….

    “McGinnis”….I feel my body being shaken. “McGinnis”. I slowly open up my eyes and see sunlight. “McGinnis”.

    I open my eyes up all the way and see Dick standing in front of me. “You ok? You seemed to be having a pretty rough dream..”.
    “I’m fine” I reply, still waking up and looking out the giant windows with the light pouring in. “At least I know where the light was coming from..” I say outloud.

    “Light?” Dick asks. I shake my head and mutter a “never mind”. Dick shrugs his shoulders and walks into the kitchen.
    “So I heard some commotion last night. Yelling.. screaming.. haven’t heard it that bad since Barb and I went out” he says, with a slight laugh. “So, who’d you bring over?”

    “My girlfriend, her dad and dead mom” I reply, grabbing for a bowl and looking at the clock. 11:06..man I really slept. I roll my eyes and open up the fridge to find nothing but a block of cheese. I shake my head and put the bowl back in the cupboard. Can’t stand dry cereal..

    “So wait..you brought your girlfriends family in here? And what happened to her mom?”

    “Well, you know Jazium? He wanted to complete his bounty, and Dana’s mom got in the way.” I say, trying not to relive much of the night “They didn’t have any place to go.... so I brought them here.”

    “Does she know…about it now?”
    “She exploded. I think it’s all settled though. I need to talk to her dad though..” I trail off, looking up the steps to see Dana quietly walking down. I get up and motion her over to where Dick and I are sitting.

    “Dana..this is Dick Grayson” I say. Dick nods and lets out a muffled “nice to meet you” through a mouthful of Raisin Bran. Dana smiles slightly and nods back. She looks over at me and opens her mouth. “Terry…where’s my Dad? I would’ve looked, but I don’t know where to start..” she says, looking around the gigantic mansion.

    “He’s a couple rooms down from you. Come on, we’ll go see him, hopefully he’s awake by now.” I reply. We walk up the stairs and I stop midway.

    “I’ll be right back..I need to go see Mr. Wayne for a second. Can you find your way up there?” She gives me a smart look and I smile back. “All right, see ya in a minute..” I say, walking back down.


    “Where’s Dana’s mom?”
    “I had the hospital come by and pick her up. I filled them in with all the details..”
    “All of the details?” I say, raising my eyebrow.
    “Most of them anyway. They want Dana and her father to come by later for all of the paperwork and the usual”
    “Usual? Sounds like you’ve done this stuff bef—“ I realize what I’m saying and shut my mouth. “Uh right. I’ll tell her.”

    I turn back around and head up the stairs.


    I knock on the door and it opens seconds later, with Dana behind the knob. She motions me in and I sit down on the chair.

    “All I can remember is Laura being shot and me holding her..and then Batman. Whatever happened after that is just a blur…” Mr. Tan says, putting his head in his hands. “Where are we?” he finishes, looking up at me.

    “Wayne Manor. We needed someplace safe and I arrived at the house” I pause for a second, realizing I’m going to be letting out more lies. I ignore the feeling that Dana’s watching me, and probably thinking how it’s unbelievable I can lie to peoples faces like this.

    “You were there, Terry?” he says, looking at me. “But..why?”
    “I wanted to see if Dana was all right..I got there after Batman and that guy were done fighting. He told me to take them someplace safe…and I could only think of this place.” I look over at Dana, and the look on her face is either slightly angry at me for lying to her dad, or just still trying to take in all that happened. I get up and open up the door.

    “I’ll let you two talk for awhile. Mr. Wayne told me to tell you that Laura’s at the hospital and they need you to go there later today. Let me know of a good time and I’ll drive you there myself..”

    I close the door and head back down the steps. This is going to be one heck of a day..


  20. Bleu Unicorn

    Bleu Unicorn \ (^v^) /

    Mar 22, 2002
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    [color=63B8FF]OOC: Due to a stroke of brilliance, I’ll be reprising my role as Max – I think you all will enjoy the outcome. Please forgive the liberties I’m about to take in this post (and probably the following Max post), though. Mostly it’s my own fault for just dumping Max, but I’ve got a few loose ends that I’m trying to tie up as well. And Matthan, this is your official wake-up call – get cracking on the, uh, you know. ;)[/color]

    11:18 AM

    I pull up in front of the gates to Wayne Manor and glance around. This place is seriously in disrepair for being owned by a multi-billionaire. The unkempt and overgrown grounds only add to the gloominess. Seems almost fitting with Gotham City, especially after last night. I can’t help but groan at the thought. Luckily my house, and the surrounding buildings were away from all of the disaster, but so much of the city ended up in flames, it’s really little solace. I glance at the passenger seat, where my black leather bag lays, safely concealed within are the copies of all the documents and articles I researched yesterday. As luck would have it, just when I had worked up the courage to call Mr. Wayne, one of the students I tutor walked in. And from there I haven’t had a moment of peace. School was cancelled today, so I finally decided that it was time to visit the Old Man and find out what he knows about Sepher and the attack last night.

    Attack. Yeah, I guess that’s fitting, with what I’ve found out. A shiver runs down my spine at the thought. Very twisted people in this world, that’s all I’m going to say. I take a deep breath and press the button on the door to roll down my window. Leaning forward I press the intercom button and listen to the crackling static emanate from the small speaker.

    “What?” Mr. Wayne asks gruffly, as if he ever talks any way but.

    “It’s me, Mr. Wayne. Max.”

    “Not now, Max. This isn’t a good time.” He replies, and the static dies.

    Oh, no, not today. I narrow my eyes and press the button again. “Mr. Wayne this is important. I think the mayor is going to—“

    I break off as the gate slowly swings open. Wow, that was easier than I thought. I grin and steer the car up the winding road towards the large house.

    11:25 AM

    I walk through the huge front door just as Terry reaches the bottom of the staircase. He looks taken-aback for a moment, but recovers quickly and wraps me in a big bear hug.

    “How is everyone?” He asks, pulling away to look me in the eye.

    “They’re all fine. Our housing development was pretty much untouched.” Terry nods, then glances down at my bag. A slow smile creeps across my face, “And you won’t believe what I found out about Sepher.”

    “Terry?” calls out a voice from upstairs. No, not just a voice—it’s Dana. I glance at Terry and he flashes me a grin, then yanks my bag from my hands and dashes out of the room. Before I can react, Dana’s walking down the stairs, looking none-too-pleased, I don’t mind adding.
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