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World's Finest Writer's Corner Batman Beyond: Legacys Part 14

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by witness, May 5, 2001.

  1. witness

    witness I am always watching.....

    May 4, 2001
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    By the way, this story has a rating of PG-13. Mostly because of violence, but a couple curse words too. This part of the story was posted a couple of days before they revamped all of the boards. A couple of you have already read this, but I still LOOOOOOOOVE
    to hear other's responses. So go ahead, post what you think of my story! And without further ado.......

    Part 14: The Legacy Lives On

    "Bruce......you still there?" Terry whispered over the reciever.


    "The Joker's virus has affected the entire city. I can't just drop Phantasm off at the police station. They won't be able to hold him if he wakes up."

    Silence was the only thing that Terry heard. He knew Bruce was thinking. The silence was interrupted by a moan though.

    "Mom? Are you ok?"


    Batman stopped the car and turned his head around. He saw Phantasm crouched on one knee. His sickle was pointed at Mary, ready to strike. Mary couldn't take it anymore. She kicked Phantasm's shin, causing him to yell.

    "I've had enough of this!"

    Phantasm slapped his free hand across Mary's face.


    Mary sat still after that.


    Batman pushed a button. The top of the car opened up. Phantasm stood up, but was rubbing his head with his free hand.


    As Phantasm was saying that, smoke began to fill the compartment. Once the smoke cleared, Phantasm was once again gone. Batman pushed the button again and headed for Wayne Manor.

    As the Batmobile had come to a stop, Bruce stood up out of his chair. He walked towards the car. Terry got out first. Bruce was surprised to see Terry only wearing the mask. He wondered where the rest of the suit was. Then out walked Mary. Bruce cursed silently to himself. He never wanted this to happen. The few people that knew who the original Batman was would probably take the secret to their graves. Now, an innocent person was going to have to carry the weight of that responsibility.

    "Mrs. McGinniss, it's good to know that you're safe."

    "Safe? You call this safe? I've never been put through so much pain, torture, and risk in my whole life! How did Terry get involved in this anyway? How many times have you put him in danger? How many more times will I be put in such danger?"

    "Mary, please. Try to calm down."

    "Calm??? How could I possibly be calm?!?! My son, Matt is still with that lunatic! Who knows what he'll do to him? I....I.....ohhhhhh....."

    Mary fainted from all of the stress her body had recently gone through. Terry quickly rushed to her side and helped her up onto the medic table.

    "Get some rest mom. I'll take care of everything."

    Terry turned towards Bruce. He took off his mask and threw it to the ground. He then walked back to the Batmobile and took out the rest of the suit. He placed them with the mask.

    "The Joker infected the suit with his virus. The suit is completely paralyzed."

    "It'll take some time to come up with an anti-virus."

    "We don't have time! My brother is still the Joker's hostage! I have to get him, and it has to be now!"

    "Where's Phantasm?" Bruce asked.

    "He got away. I had to let him go. He was going to kill my mom."

    "Well, what do you suggest we do?" Bruce asked, hoping that Terry was learning to come up with his own plans.

    "I have to save my brother! That's the first thing I would do."

    "And how would you go about doing that? You don't know where the Joker is."

    "Actually, now that you mention it, I think I might have a clue."

    Terry ran back to the car and pulled out the bone. He handed it to Bruce. After a quick examination, he asked Terry another question.

    "Did you examine this?"

    "I've been a little busy," Terry replied, a little irritated.

    "Look at this."

    Bruce turned the bone over. Terry saw something carved into the bone. It was a simple message: HA HA HA HA HA!

    "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha? What do you think this means Bruce?"

    "I think that the Joker has just left you an invitation to his hideout."

    Bruce went back to the computer. He typed a few keys and brought up the search mode. He then typed in the words funny bone. The search revealed nothing. He typed in similar words, until he got what he wanted.

    "There. The Funnibone Shipping Co. I'll just bet that you'll find the Joker and your brother there."

    "Bruce? There's just one more thing."


    "Well, the suit is not operating properly and we really don't have much time left. So I was thinking that maybe you'd let me...."

    "No. Absolutely not! That's out of the question!"

    "But Bruce, it's the only way I can save Matt!"

    Again there was silence. Bruce never thought in his wildest dreams that this would happen. If only there was some other way.....he thought. But there wasn't. Finally Bruce reluctantly agreed.

    "Alright. Go ahead. Since there really is no other choice."

    ::Funnibone Shipping CO.::

    "Well, kid, it's been quite a ride hasn't it? You've done well. Much better than I expected you to. Now, there's just one more thing to show you," the Joker said.

    "Follow me."

    Matt willingly obliged. He got up out of his chair and followed the Joker to the room with all of the computers.

    "Have a seat, kiddo."

    Matt sat in the chair in front of the computer. The Joker leaned over him, tapping on the keys.

    "Aha! I knew it!"

    The Joker continued to type until he had what he wanted. He turned on the vidscreen. What appeared on it was a surveillance tape. It was from the power plant that the Joker had just come from. He had set the tape to just before Batman showed up.

    "Watch this kid, you'll love it."

    The Joker pressed the play button and he and Matt watched the drama as it unfolded. Matt watched in awe as he saw his mother. He cringed when he saw the Phantasm for the first time.

    "My thoughts exactly kiddo."

    The tape suddenly stopped. Matt turned around to see the Joker at the keyboard again. The Joker had rewound the tape to the point where he takes off Batman's mask. He then enlarged the face that was under the mask. Matt's mouth dropped open when he saw that face.

    "As you can see, Batman is none other than your older brother! Funny, isn't it?"

    Matt began to laugh nervously.

    "Heh, heh, heh, heh...."

    "That's the spirit! laugh it up!"

    Matt continued to laugh nervously as he stared at the vidscreen. he did think it was pretty funny that the one person he sort of looked up to turns out to be his brother.
    Then the sound of the Joker's laughter was mixed with his.

    ::across town::

    Smoke began to fill Katherine's apartment. Phantasm appeared outside the window. He stumbled inside and fell on the floor. When he woke up, the mask was off.

    "So, you're finally awake."

    "What...what happened?"

    "I was taking a shower. When I came out, I found you lying on the floor in front of the window. I told you that you should never EVER come in through the window. What if someone had followed you?"

    "I wasn't thinking clearly."

    "I can see that. How did you get that bump on your head anyway?"

    "The Joker. I underestimated him. It won't happen again."

    "What now?"

    "I'm going to finish what I started. You know that I'd do anything for you Katherine."

    "Yes, I know. I just wish I hadn't dragged you into this. My grandma told me not to tell anyone, but under the circumstances, I didn't see any other choice. Tom, I love you. Just make sure that you don't get caught off guard again."

    ::Funnibone Shipping CO.::

    "DEEDEE!!! Let's go! I don't like waiting!"

    The twins raced inside the building. They almost ran into the Joker before stopping.

    "Finally! Let's go and pay her a visit, shall we? I'm sure she'll love her new family member. Heh, heh."

    The Joker ushered Matt outside to a waiting vehicle. The girls were close behind. They all piled into the vehicle and raced off towards thier destination. Within minutes, they had arrived. As they got to the door, the Joker pressed the buzzer. He left his finger on it until someone opened the door a crack.

    "Who is it?"

    The Joker pushed the door wide open and strolled right on in. The old lady fell onto the floor. The girls quickly went to her and helped her up.

    "Oh honey, I'm home!"

    "Mister J, what an unpleasant surprise..." said Harley.

    "Oh, come now. Be happy that I'm here. I have one more little favor to ask of you."

    "Oh yeah? Well, I'll tell you where you can stick your favor!"

    "Nana Harley!" the Deedee twins replied.

    "Harl, has it really been that long? Have you actually forgotten just what I'm capable of? Perhaps I should refresh your memory."

    "No! No, that won't be necessary..."

    "Good! Now about that favor...I need you to look after something for me. All you have to do, is take care of it for me. Sound good?"

    "Yeah, sure," Harley replied sarcastically.

    "Hey kid! Come in here and meet your grandma!"

    Matt timidly walked inside the house and into the room where they were talking. He stayed behind the Joker.

    "Come on, don't be shy. She won't bite."

    Matt slowly walked out from behind the Joker. As he stepped into the light of the room, Harley gasped.

    "Oh my God," she said.

    "God had nothing to do with it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I can see that you two will get along just fine! I've got some unfinished buisness to take care of. See you around."

    The Joker left with Deedee following behind them. They headed back to the factory.

    ::back at the Batcave::

    Bruce stared at the cases holding the costumes. He couldn't believe that this was happening. But it had finally come to this. All of the cases had their costumes inside. All except one.

    "Well, how do I look?"

    Bruce turned around slowly, fearful of what he would see staring back at him. He just blatantly stared at Terry for what seemed like hours. His legacy was staring right back at him. Terry had put on the one suit that Bruce never thought anyone else could wear. That anyone else deserved to wear. He was slowly coming to terms with the fact that Terry was deserving enough. He had the right to wear that costume.

    Terry was Batman.
  2. Eve

    Eve Guest

    Wow, the more i read the better it's getting
  3. Daughterof_Evil

    Daughterof_Evil Soul meets body

    May 2, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Matt, that poor little dude. He gets victimized in every BB fanfic I read. But I liked where Joker said, " God had nothing to do with it," That line was awesome.
  4. The_NewCatwoman

    The_NewCatwoman Oh you've got to be kidding me

    May 2, 2001
    Likes Received:

    :D That was just shocking, and jaw-dropping, it's both shocking AND jaw-dropping. Ehhhh, I watch too much t.v., NEway, that was so cool when you had Joker show up at Harley's house, sweet!!! Pure genius, too bad Harley's dead in my story.:(
  5. SilentBob173

    SilentBob173 Yes, a world screams.

    May 5, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Well, the bone wasn't what I thought it would be, but that's probably a good thing. Only I have a mind quite as twisted as to have come up with the solution I did. But, hey, that's okay.

    All in all, reall good. I think my favorite aspect of the story is having Terry put on the classic Batman togs.

    Keep it coming.

    Jason S

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