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Baby Looney Tunes Animation Studios Guide (need help)

Discussion in 'toonzone Animation Wiki' started by cheril59, May 3, 2016.

  1. cheril59

    cheril59 Member

    Mar 9, 2015
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    A guide to animation studios for Baby Looney Tunes. But I may need help identifying which animation studios animated what episodes.

    All I know is that Yearim Productions animated the opening titles.

    The only episodes and song sequences I can list right now, judging by the more fluid animation, are the ones done at Wang Films Productions and Cuckoo's Nest Studios:
    School Daze/Things That Go Bugs in the Night
    Cat-Taz-Trophy/Duck! Monster! Duck!
    Spinout/Snow Day
    Flush Hour/I Strain
    Band Together/War of the Weirds
    Daffy Did It!/The Pig Who Cried Wolf
    For Whom the Toll Calls/Cereal Boxing
    Loose Change/Act Your Age
    Born to Sing
    John Jacob Jingle Elmer Fudd
    Ten Looneys in a Bed
    Does Your Tongue Hang Low

    The Easter special "An Eggs-traordinary Adventure" was animated at Yearim Productions and Yeson Entertainment, and the opening titles for the special by Wang Films Productions.

    I also know Yearim also worked on the following song sequences during the final season:
    He'll Be Zooming Around the Mountain
    Oh My Daring Coyote
    Vive Le Pew

    But which episodes and song sequences were animated at Yearim Productions, Yeson Entertainment, Rough Draft Korea, Dong Woo Animation, Big Star Enterprise, and Toon Town Animation?

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