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Atom Ant Reborn (Hanna-Barbera fan-fiction)

Discussion in 'The Story Board' started by hobbyfan, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Atom Ant's 1965 series only had one season's worth of episodes, replayed on and off over three seasons, and Atom was last seen in a 1-shot comic book story published by Archie Comics in 1995.

    So what has happened to the Atomic Insect since? That is the basis for our story..........

    Setting: September 1999.
    Location: A secret military installation in Arizona.

    Chapter 1:

    General Ernest Powers had told his secretary, Ellen, to hold his calls while he was in a conference, but "if the President should call, I will certainly take that one."

    While it seemed as though General Powers was in on a conference call, he wasn't. In truth, his only visitor was Atom Ant, the atomic superhero who was carrying on a long tradition that had stretched all the way back to the 60's. This was the fourth Atom, whose powers were passed on from one generation to the next every ten years. Unfortunately, for this Atom, he is the last of his line. The original had succumbed to old age 30 years earlier, but not before he'd gotten married and began the line of succession.

    "Sad to say, General, duty has been my bride all this time.", he said, "I have not been able to find a suitable mate to continue the bloodline."

    "That would mean that you might be able to carry into the new century,", Powers replied. "The longer you remain, the better your chances."

    At that moment, the General's daughter, Alison, a sexy, leggy blonde fresh from college, had arrived at the base to keep a lunch date with her father. At the same time, unbeknownst to Atom or the General, another visitor arrived on the base, but with bad intentions in mind.

    Later that afternoon, General Powers supervised the testing of a ICBM missile intended for national security use. Suddenly, the missile headed straight for the lab, veering far, far off course.

    "Atom?", Alison asked. "Can you stop the missile?"

    "I can, and I will!", Atom replied, gliding into the air. "Up and At'em, Atom Ant!"

    Seconds later, the amazing insect rocketed toward the missile, and fitted his tiny body inside. He corrected the wires, which had been scrambled by a saboteur of some kind, and directed the missile back toward its target. However, it was moving with such speed, that Atom couldn't get out in time. The missile reached its target, and the impact brought a horrific explosion.

    General Powers & Alison raced to the scene of the crash, and found Atom sprawled on the desert sand, half conscious, his helmet damaged. Alison cradled Atom in her hands.

    "Oooh, Atom! Please don't die!", she pleaded.

    "It's....all....over for me.", Atom said, slowly. Seconds later, he died. No one noticed at the time, but Atom had been emitting a glow ever since he had escaped the missile.

    Atom Ant was laid to rest the next day. Alison was sobbing uncontrollably through the service. Returning to her home, she discovered that she, too, was glowing. What if.....Atom had been irradiated with radiation? By touching him, Alison now was also infected. Suddenly, she began to wobble, and finally collapsed on the floor. 2 hours later, General Powers found his daughter lying unconscious, and called for an ambulance.

    Is this how it all ends for Atom Ant? Of course not! In chapter 2, Atom is, in fact, reborn, just as the title implies!
  2. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
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    Chapter 2:

    Alison found herself in the military hospital, surrounded by doctors & nurses in radiation-proof suits. An IV was hooked up to keep her fed & hydrated. She was still woozy from having collapsed hours earlier at home.

    "She needs her rest.", one of the doctors told General Powers. "You can come back in the morning."

    Some hours later, there was a commotion coming from Alison's room. Two security guards and two nurses heard the noises, and, peering through the window, saw a strange sight. Alison was levitating, some three feet above the bed. There was, again, a radioactive glow surrounding her body, but this time, Alison began to change. Her skin turned fiery red, and, finally, her long, blonde hair disappeared, as her face took on the appearance of----a giant, female ant.

    Frightened, the nurses fled. One security guard put in a call to summon the general. Moments later, General Powers returned to find Alison, now half woman-half ant, standing beside her bed, trying to grasp her surroundings. She sat down on the bed, and within minutes, the transformation reversed, enabling Alison to resume her human form.

    The next morning, General Powers and Dr. Simon Shapiro met with Alison and ran some tests. They also asked her about her transmutation into an ant-woman.

    "I don't entirely understand it myself.", she said. "I remember dreaming about that explosion that killed Atom Ant. When I heard Atom's battle cry in my mind, I must've said it out loud. Next thing I know, I'm a b-movie monster! This just can't be happening!"

    Later that day, Dr. Shapiro came back with the results of the tests.

    "This much we know for certain.", he said. "Atom Ant's body was imbued with a large dose of radiation from being inside the rocket. When you made contact with him, Ms. Powers, some of that radiation was passed onto you, along with Atom's powers. In effect, he's passed his legacy to you. You, dear child, are the new Atom Ant."

    "But that's impossible!", Alison cried. "I'm human, not an ant!"

    "That may be true, but as you described yourself, you said his catchphrase, and that triggered a change. Just picture Atom in your mind, as you remember him, then say the phrase, and we'll see what happens."

    Alison paused and thought about it.

    "Okay, I'll give it a shot.", she said. "Up and At'em, Atom Ant!!!!"

    Within seconds, four rings of radioactive energy surrounded Alison, and, then, she transformed again, this time into a female version of the Atomic Insect. More humanoid in appearance, and the telltale antennae sprouted on her head. Next, Alison shrank down to ant size and glided back up to the bed.

    "Can you see me now, daddy?", she asked.

    "Yes, I can, dear.", General Powers replied. "Dr. Shapiro has a little something for you."

    "Our tech people managed to replicate Atom's helmet, and designed a costume for you to wear. It'll change shape right along with you.", Shapiro said.

    "All well and good, but is this a permanent condition?", Alison asked as she got dressed.

    "I can't be sure of that", Shapiro replied, "but the military does need Atom Ant to find the saboteur that nearly ruined the launch. Come nightfall, you'll be able to search for clues. Right now, though, since you're in ant form, we can run some more tests and see if you've inherited Atom's super strength."

    That night, Alison, on her first mission as the new Atom Ant, returned to the rocket test site and examined the debris, searching for clues that would lead her to the saboteur. What she didn't count on was someone else on the scene, looking to collect the debris.

    "Can't let the Army find any of this.", the hooded man said as he approached the rocket. Alison was on the other side, walking toward the nose. Seeing the intruder, she backed up, and glided down to the ground.

    "I think he needs to be scared off.", she thought. Removing her helmet, Alison closed her eyes and concentrated. Seconds later, the giant she-ant had returned, with an additional pair of arms emerging from her sides. Her more gruesome appearance frightened the intruder, prompting him to reach for his gun.

    "Ohh, no, you don't.", he said. "No horror movie reject's getting the better of me!"

    He fired two shots, but Alison dodged them both, and was on him in seconds. She emitted a low growl as she locked eyes on her opponent.

    "Who sent you?" she hissed, disguising her voice, as if she really needed to. The intruder fainted.

    A short time later, Alison, back to Atom Ant size, carried the intruder back to the base, then flew away, leaving a note behind for her father to find. Reverting to human, Alison returned home, only to discover that the house was being checked for radiation. She then headed back to the base, where her father filled her in.

    "I should've told you before you went out.", he said. "The Army decided to close down your home, and moved all of your belongings here. I've set up a little hideaway for you. Come, I'll show you."

    Soon, father & daughter walked through an abandoned shelter that had been converted into Alison's new home. Included was a home gym where she could work out, a jacuzzi, all the comforts of home, and a secret closet where Alison had spare Atom Ant costumes stashed just in case.

    "Because of all the work Atom has done over the years for the Army, we had set up a bunker for him. For you, this will replace your house, and you'll find a convienent space where you can work out as Atom in your spare time."

    "So, what about the intruder I captured?", Alison asked.

    "Thought he was a salvage hunter, but the documentation we found on him confirmed that he was an enemy agent. He's being bound over and will be sent to Washington tomorrow. Seems to me you really gave him a fright."

    "I did. I'm finding out that being a shape-shifter gives me advantages that past Atom Ants didn't have."

    "And that makes you even more of a secret weapon than your predecessors. The Pentagon doesn't know about the fact that Atom was killed. They only know that he's passed the torch. You were like a sister to him, Alison."

    "And I treated him as if he were my brother.", Alison replied. "I guess that explains everything, doesn't it?"

    "It does."

    In chapter 3, Alison heads to Washington for a final showdown with the saboteur and his boss.
  3. hobbyfan

    hobbyfan Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2002
    Likes Received:
    Chapter 3:

    A few days had passed, and Alison had returned home to Washington with her father. Less than an hour after arriving, General Powers received a message on his answering machine, requesting that Atom Ant report to the Pentagon, as they were awaiting information on the sabotaged missile test.

    "Ali?", he called. "We have work to do."

    "So soon?", Alison asked. "We just came home!"

    "I realize that, dear, but the Pentagon doesn't like being kept waiting."

    Reluctantly, Alison retreated to her room. Seconds later, she flew out as Atom Ant, wearing a tiny voice modulator in her helmet that Dr. Shapiro had given her, enabling her to speak in the voice of her predecessor, the better to prevent the high-ups from learning her secret.

    Meanwhile, Melvin Collins, who'd been captured by Alison in Arizona, had returned to Washington as well, after having been released on bail, and said bail posted by a unknown bondsman. Upon arriving at a suburban diner just outside the city limits, Collins was shot three times by an unknown assailant.

    "We can't take chances. The missile cannot be launched at all, and we will send someone else to sabotage the next test!", a hooded man hissed as he stepped over the prone body of Collins, who died in a pool of blood.

    Later that afternoon, having reverted to her human form, Alison went shopping with some friends. A call on her cellphone from her father prompted her to head straight for home.

    "What's happened now, Dad?" she asked.

    "Remember the looter you captured?", General Powers inquired.

    "Yes. The last I knew, he'd been released on bail."

    "He was here in town earlier. Police just found his body in an alleyway by the Roosevelt Diner. Dead. Three bullets to the heart."

    "Someone's desperate to cover their tracks, that's for sure."

    "Perhaps, but not as much as we'd think. You'll recall there was someone who was late to the meeting this morning."

    "And he had a bunch of excuses, none of which seemed real.", Alison said. "I think Atom Ant had better check on him."

    D. Wayne Corbett was a senior Senator from Delaware, but was tired of all the anti-American rhetoric coming from different corners of the Middle East. He wanted to make a run for the Presidency the next year, taking on a stance that while the US would remain a global protector, it would otherwise remain neutral, like Switzerland, unless threatened first. Corbett maintained a private office about six miles from the Capitol, and there, he met with three hooded men.

    "Collins failed and paid the price.", he said. "We cannot have that missile test take place under any circumstances. We need to live in peace and let our friends overseas do the same. They need to fend for themselves."

    "That is impossible", one man said. "This country will always heed the call of its weak friends, like Israel. We will not be like France and shy away from danger. We will stop the missile, but only to convince the government who our real enemies are."

    "Are you crazy?", Corbett asked, his eyes widening with shock, but also registering anger. "That goes against this entire mission!"

    Outside, Atom Ant hovered just above the window, and heard everything.

    "As much as Corbett deserves it, I can't let him share the same fate as the man he killed.", she thought. "Time for action!"

    The masked man raised his weapon at Corbett.

    "You think your money and influence can convince the sheep? You're just as stupid as the rest!", he said. Abruptly, Atom flew through the open window and disarmed the man.

    "Atom Ant!", Corbett shouted. "Shoot him down!"

    "They still think I'm my 'brother'", Alison thought, "that gives me the advantage."

    She swirled around the four men, disarming them all, and, using her super strength, defeated them all, including Corbett. Activating her voice modulator, she confronted the dazed Senator.

    "Missiles are tested in peacetime for a reason.", Atom said. "You just never know if someone takes a shot at us for past indignities."

    Corbett lunged, but Atom flew out of the way, and struck the Senator in the head, knocking him out.

    Some time later, police recovered papers that incriminated Corbett for his involvement in the attempted sabotage of the missile. Meanwhile, Alison had returned to her apartment in Washington, and had finished a workout when Dr. Shapiro arrived with General Powers. A routine radiation check showed........

    "Nothing! Not even a trace!", Shapiro exclaimed. "It's a miracle!"

    "Are you serious, man?", the General asked.

    "I'm afraid he's right, Dad.", Ali replied, wiping some perspiration off her leotard. "I tried answering a general distress call, but couldn't change. All the work I've done the past week has drained the radiation---and Atom's powers----from my body, as if I was meant to fulfill Atom's last mission for him."

    "Perhaps it's for the best.", the General replied. "I guess we can say Atom has retired."

    After her father and the doctor left, Alison retreated into the comfort of her hot tub. A short time later, in her bedroom, Alison picked up a picture of herself with Atom, taken before his death.

    "It is finished, my brother.", she said softly. "For now."

    Alison laid the photo down on her bureau, face down, and walked toward her closet. There, she found her costume and helmet.

    "One day, Atom Ant will fly again.", she said to herself. "When it's time."

    The end.

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